Transparency is a wonderful thing when allowed to occur. It is very rare indeed when the US middle class is allowed to gain a glimpse within the murky world of Washington political operatives. The US middle class is a formidable force. It rarely reacts as an entity against the wishes of Washington political operatives but when it does it is heard around the world. Two of the most distasteful occurrences that have exhibited the wrath of US middle class are the torture of US veterans and the kidnapping of US children by the Saud family dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. In essence, what you have are the most sacrosanct of US family values (prevention of torture and protection of children) being penetrated by a foreign element (Saud family and their associates) with limitless amounts of money to pay Washington political operatives for that privilege. This has pitted US middle class and their few Washington allies against the Saud family Washington retainers. We have had a press conference in front of the Capital with several Congressmen and US Saud family torture victims speaking. We have had numerous press conferences at the Washington National Press Club. We have had Congressman Dan Burton’s House Government Reform Committee give a series of hearings on US kidnapped children in Saudi Arabia. (At these hearings Saudi lobbyists from Gallagher Group, Patton Boggs law firm and Qorvis Communications hid from subpoenas and then refused to speak under the Vienna Convention privilege.) At the end of it all, nothing happened. No US child has ever been released from Saudi Arabia. The Saud family and their associates still purchase harvested US children from the US sex slave industry. The Saud family is still allegedly assisted in their kidnapping of US children by their Washington retainers. If anything, the number of US children kidnapped has increased due to the current destabilization of US middle class families.