Issue 40

I said it serves no purpose to continue engaging in discussions about fairness of another nation's courts after one has availed oneself of them. --- Ambassador Prince Bandar, in a letter to US Congressional House members.

The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience. ---Arthur Schopenhauerr

There are two ways you can manage reporting. One way is to make sure that reports are balanced. The other is to steer people away from reporting on certain topics and lie about what is going on. ---Burghardt - East-West Center in Hawaii.

Tell the truth and you won't have to remember your lies. --- Louis Vincenti

The American press can be silenced but not the British press. --- Dr Parker, FBI


The Washington Post reports: "In the world's oldest democracy, pressure on investigative journalists is usually exerted in sophisticated, non-lethal ways, under the public radar. Every day in Washington, D.C., thousands of government and corporate public relations flaks and lobbyists purvey their 'talking points' with a friendly smile, no matter how odious the client, no matter how intellectually dishonest or morally dubious their message. Journalists must trudge through the shameless 'spin'-that vanilla word admiringly used these days instead of 'lying', which has a harshly judgmental, jarringly rude ring in Washington power circles." I334 As representatives of the Saud family dictatorship, Ambassador Bandar and his consort Adel have taken maximum advantage of onerous spin, especially when dealing with US parents of children they assisted in kidnapping. They even had the capability of stifling notice of and subsequently shutting down a scheduled Washington National Press Club press conference by the parents, until the last moment. Saud family associate lobbyist Hill & Knowlton then invited the parents to their Washington office to explain what had happened in accidental terms. That is, to the best of their knowledge. Hill & Knowlton would neither confirm nor deny Saud family government lobbyists Michael Petruzzello of Qorvis was either present or received a video of the meeting.


Center for Public Integrity says: "The Justice Department's Foreign Agent Registration Unit (FARA) ... said it was unable to copy its records electronically because their computer system was 'so fragile'. ... The database details millions of dollars spent on lobbying activities by foreign governments, companies, and foundations. ... As the primary collecting point of information on foreign lobbying, the database is vital to tracking the actions of foreign governments. ... (Justice Department) says: 'The basic mandate of the office is to provide information to the public.' ... The General Accounting Office ... has found that FARA lacks the resources to fulfill its responsibilities. As a result, several former high level federal officials lobbying for foreign interests have not adequately disclosed their activities. ... Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press says: 'I have never heard anything like this ... It sounds crazy. They have an obligation to give you this information. It's as simple as that.' ... All individuals and firms who represent a foreign interest and engage in political activities before a U.S. official or conduct public relations are required to register with the office. ... Law firms, such as Patton Boggs (representing Saudi Arabia) ... Giant public relations shop Hill & Knowlton Inc. is shown representing Saudi-controlled international petro-chemical company based in Riyadh. ... While the FARA office may be under-funded, the lobbying activity it is supposed to track and make freely available to the public is extravagant. One of the chief beneficiaries of the Saudis' largesse has been Qorvis Communications L.L.C., a public and government affairs consulting firm located in the Washington, D.C. area. Qorvis's Saudi business has spiked since the 9/11 terrorist attacks as the kingdom and its ruling royal family have battled against negative public opinion. In 2002, Qorvis was given at least $14.6 million to raise awareness 'of the Kingdom's commitment to the war against terrorism and to peace in the Middle East.' Qorvis representatives then fanned out to Capitol Hill, the White House, as well as to major newspapers and television networks to spread the kingdom's message. 'We help them manage a public affairs and government affairs program in design to support the U.S.-Saudi relationship,' said Michael Petruzzello, managing partner at Qorvis. 'We are in an environment now where the pillars of this relationship need to be reinforced.' The breadth and intensity of the PR campaign is remarkable. From April to September 2002, Adel Al-Jubair, an advisor to the Crown Prince and chief Saudi spin doctor, made more than 80 media contacts, appearing more than 50 times on television. Petruzzello and a colleague met with the White House communications staff as well as aides to the House Government Reform Committee. Pat Roush, whose daughters were allegedly abducted by their father to Saudi Arabia, believes the firm's representatives coached her children through a television interview that aired while Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., visited the kingdom in 2002. Qorvis also produced issue ads and conducted focus groups, Broadcast during weekend talk shows, commercials showed a variety of Saudi royals shaking hands with American presidents, past and present. The ads were fronted by the Alliance for Peace and Justice, which was funded by the Saudi Royal Embassy and the council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry's Committee for the Development of international Trade in Riyadh." I335 When are these Saud family lobbyists going to be exposed for what they really are to their families, neighbors, private clubs, churches, synagogues and the world?


Associated Press reports: "An Iraqi-American businessman, accused of pocketing millions of dollars through the UN oil-for-food program with Iraq, pleaded guilty to acting as an illegal agent of Saddam Hussein's government. ... Vincent faces up to 28 years in prison on charges that include conspiracy to act as an unregistered Iraqi agent, actually acting as such an agent, violation of Iraqi economic sanctions and related violations of US tax laws. ... According to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, 'Vincent lobbied former officials of the United States government, who maintained close contacts to high-ranking members of both the Clinton and Bush administrations.' " I336 Vincent just backed a foreign government which the Neocons wanted to overthrow. Hence, he was made a fall guy open to US prosecution. The illegal agents for the Saud family government ply their trade in Washington without fear of exposure let alone arrest.


Center for Public Integrity says: "from 1998 to mid-2004 ... 550 lobbying firms and teams of 3,800 lobbyists, more than 100 of whom were former members of Congress. ... foreign governments, political parties and politicians complete a more intensive disclosure of activities under the Foreign Agents Registration Act at the Department of Justice." I337 The Washington industry of Influence peddling nets almost $13 Billion per year with shadowy lobbyists ignoring rules and exploiting connections. At least one in five companies lobbying fail to file required forms and those papers filed often disappear. There are many unregistered agents in Washington, especially for the Saudi Arabian government. Through their political patronage they have been successful in sabotaging the Justice Department agency charged with overseeing foreign agents. Both the Bush and Clinton families have received monies indirectly from the Saud family government. Clinton had to chase down then Crown Prince Abdullah in Houston to fulfill a reneged promise of money while President of the United States. Among other things, former Presidents Bush and Clinton have been handsomely rewarded by the Saud family government with, among other things, substantial monies for their respective presidential libraries.


Little Rock, Arkansas Sun reports: "President Clinton's new $165 million library here was funded in part by gifts of $1 million or more each from the Saudi royal family and three Saudi businessmen. ... Clinton White House aide, Harold Ickes, spent millions airing television commercials in swing states with scripts such as, 'The Saudi royal family...wealthy...powerful...corrupt. And close Bush family friends.' Perhaps as a result, the Saudi donations to the Clinton library are raising some eyebrows. ... A Washington Post editorial on Thursday decried the lack of disclosure of the Clinton Library's funders, calling it 'outrageous.' Said the editorial, 'the presidential libraries, though built and endowed with private funds, are public property, run by the National Archives. The public has a right to know who's underwriting them.' " I338 FBI director Freeh, a devout Catholic and member of the Opus Dei became deeply disturbed at what he deemed criminal lapses of President Clinton. In one instance Clinton was to address the Saudi Arabian terrorist problem with Saud family princelings. Instead, Clinton spent just a few minutes on that crucial subject and the rest of the time shaking down the Saudi princelings. Upon leaving the presidency he wanted large sums for speaking engagements, consulting fees and millions for his presidential library. All this was for work he had done for the Saud family while President. What did the Saud family buy? They purchased the right to torture powerless US citizen guest workers. They purchased the right to kidnap US children. They purchased the use of US military personnel to protect Saud family princes from the Arabian citizens they control. As we have seen in prior issues Saud family princelings publicly denigrate the US military personnel as "hired help" and "white slaves". It is sad to see US soldiers forced to defend these degenerates from their suborned Arab citizenry just because of their excessive Washington political payoffs. We believe all members of the Saud and bin Laden families should be permanently deported from the US.


Eyewitness News says: "Eyewitness News broke the story of alleged political corruption last year, and although it's been quiet of late, Eyewitness News has obtained new information. ... Eyewitness News got an exclusive look at documents related to the investigation, documents which reveal the true depth and breadth of what the FBI has been offered by its central witness ... While his business was incredibly lucrative, by the end, ... told the FBI he was quote held hostage by the politicians, and that everyone, it seemed, had their hands out. ... officials are also named in the documents Eyewitness News read, and we will look at some of that information in future reports." I339 We think it remarkable that this legal defense was allowed for fear of setting a precedent. Since the Saud family is known for their political payoffs, whenever they appear in Washington there is a frenzy of politicos and lobbyists with their hands out. It is uncomfortable, let alone embarrassing, for them to be blatantly known as corruptors. They have bought the capability of kidnapping US children and now are purchasing US asylum upon being deposed. We are watching their reprehensible moves.


The US State Department in How to Identify Misinformation pronounces: "How can a journalist or a news consumer tell if a story is true or false? There are no exact rules, but the following clues can help indicate if a story or allegation is true.

  • Does the story fit the pattern of a conspiracy theory?
  • Does the story fit the pattern of an 'urban legend?'
  • Does the story contain a shocking revelation about a highly controversial issue?
  • Is the source trustworthy?
  • What does further research tell you?
  • Does the story claim that vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events? If so, this fits the profile of a conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theories are rarely true, even though they have great appeal and are often widely believed. In reality, events usually have much less exciting explanations." I340 We find it quixotic, condescending and hypocritical the US State Department has to repeat the basics of journalism to establishment media. We know from our reliable internal sources the US State Department Arabists are worried their Saud family retirement consulting fees scam may have to be investigated by the establishment media. We find it ironic US State Department tells others how to identify misinformation when they are one of the greatest perpetrators. Perhaps some of the State Department Arabists are worried about World Court disclosure of "crimes against humanity". We do know the World Court has an outstanding warrant against prior Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for that very reason. In any event, and substantiate each and every statement made.


Former chief of staff to Secretary of State Powell Lawrence Wilkerson in Los Angeles Times says: "In President Bush's first term, some of the most important decisions about U.S. national security ... were made by a secretive, little-known cabal. ... Its insular and secret workings were efficient and swift - not unlike the decision - making in a dictatorship. ... such departures from the process have in the past led us into a host of disasters, including the last years of the Vietnam War, ... Watergate ... the Iran-Contra scandal and now the ruinous foreign policy of George W. Bush." I341 The foreign policy conspiracy segment relating to the Saud family has been going on since the Iran-Contra and has yet to be addressed. At some point the US establishment media will be forced to report the issue. It is hard to fathom that the Saud family Washington retainers have been able to quash lengthy media coverage for such an extended time.

Herb Mallard and Jim Baker conversing
Herb Mallard and Jim Baker conversing

Herb Mallard is talking to former Secretary of State Jim Baker and now leading Washington lobbyist for the Saud family. Jim and Herb belonged to the exclusive Bayou Club in Houston. The Bayou Club has approximately 200 in membership. Other members include Bob Mosbacher, Will Farish and George Bush Sr. Neil Bush has been a guest of Herb. Ken Ley has been a guest of George Bush Sr. Herb believes Jim Baker is one of the most astute individuals he has ever known. It seems the Saud family feels the same.


Daily Reckoning says: "See, during the first Gulf War, we came over to Saudi Arabia and planted military bases to protect our vital energy interests and our way of life. What we didn't count on was what happened next. In Saudi Arabia, formerly the country with the most oil in the world, hundreds of billionaire princes live in stunning luxury... while the vast majority of the population barely scrapes by. The princes ship in whiskey and women, laughing in the face of Islam. They rule the people with a tyrannical, unforgiving grip. But because it's America that pays for the oil... and American soldiers on the bases... it's the Americans that fundamentalists blame for all the excesses. (Let's not forget... 15 of the 19 madmen on September 11th were Saudi-born.) But in a Dark-Age society... where the only way a woman can escape near-slavery is to become a blow herself up... what's the connection to oil? The bottom line: at the grassroots, poverty-stricken level that 95% of Saudis (and other Middle Easterners) live in, that's a compelling 'reason' to fight America and take control over Saudi oil supplies. And, Bin Laden and his discontented minions would not hesitate to try to overthrow the Saudi Royal family. They don't like that the princes are allies with America. And they don't like the debauchery such massive riches have brought to the royal family. And they don't like living in disastrous poverty when they live on trillions of dollars worth of oil. ... Suicide bombers have repeatedly struck Western compounds in Riyadh and Jeddah. These attacks are one step away from being a strike on the royal family... and the family now lives in a complete panic. We can't coddle the evil Saudi regime any more." I342 It is only a matter of time. Let the US citizens stop the Saud family Washington retainers' secret Saud family US asylum scheme.


World Tribune reports: "The United States has raised the prospect of a military invasion of Saudi Arabia. The House Armed Services Committee considered the possibility of a Saudi coup and U.S. response during a hearing on Oct. 26. Saudi Arabia, with 200,000 military and National Guard troops, is the largest oil producer and exporter, with an output of nine million barrels of oil per day, according to Middle East Newsline. The Arab kingdom is the third largest supplier of oil to the United States, with more than 1.55 million barrels per day. ... The response could include the deployment of three U.S. Army divisions backed by fighter-jets and airborne early-warning and alert aircraft. In all, the U.S.-led mission could include up to 300,000 troops. Congressional sources said the House hearing ... marked increasing U.S. concern of Saudi instability. ... The House committee was told that U.S. concern of a Saudi coup appears greater than ever." I343 We do not know how Saud family Washington retainers could justify meddling into the internal affairs of another country. But, then again, look at how the Neocons invaded Iraq for an unjustified reason. This is indeed a very alarming concern for the United Nations. Perhaps the likes of Interior Minister Naif could be brought to the World Court for torturing US and British citizens. Perhaps the new government of Arabia would free, as a goodwill gesture, the US children kidnapped by the Saud family regime allowing them to be reunited with their US families. This may be too great an embarrassment to the US State Department as well as Saud family Washington retainers. We would not like to see them executed for such a reason.


The World Tribune reports: "princess is suing American Express for £1.2million for 'letting' her spend £600,000. Wall Street worker Antoinette Millard, 40, cannot afford to pay the debt. She says the credit card firm should have spotted her 'irrational' spending reports The Sun. Millard, from Buffalo, US, claimed to be a Saudi princess on her application. She faces trial on fraud charges." I345 Saud family members so consistently squander money stolen from Arabian oil reserves that merchants throughout the world have no compunction against giving credit to those impersonating Saud family members. We see the likes of Prince Bandar confidant, Adel Jubair, bandying about his American Express black card so what is an enterprising US girl to do? Right on Antoinette!

From the Readership:

I don't object to good intelligence efforts. (I was both a tactical and
counterintelligence officer in the Department of Defense and had a massive dose of the culture of intelligence work.) The professional lacking of some U.S. intelligence personal in the Middle East combined to literally enable both World Trade Center disasters, and empower Osama Ben Ladin (the kidney dialysis patient wandering around Afghanistan/Pakistan whom CIA can't put a glove on).
Keep the pressure on the degenerate Saudi Royal family and their corrupt retainers in Washington. We are quietly routing for you.
I was told of your newsletter by a friend who thought I could add something to your information. I worked for Bechtel at the Taiff secret city mentioned in one of your issues. This is truly a massive structure but has one thing that the Saud family did not pay for. Like you mentioned how the Washington sells strategic military equipment with self destruct chips imbedded in them, Taiff has the same.
We heard you on the radio two days ago and liked what you said. It ties a lot of the child kidnappings together. We hope you send the word throughout the U.S. via these radio shows. You people are a breadth of fresh air telling it like it is in Washington. We see how a small group in Washington is profiting from the sale of our children to the Saudi Royal family. These people are the "Great Satan" which the Moslems refer, not the suffering U.S. citizens.

Dear Readership:

The treatment of Moslem Middle East countries by Washington is strangely reminiscent of the US policy towards Latin American banana republic dictatorships. Each dictatorship was forced to hire Washington lobbyists for political payoffs. House Speaker Sam Rayburn would literally pay other politicos in the hallways of Congress. When the dictator was challenged by democratic events he would declare the proponents communists with his Washington retainers ordering in the US military. We now see the Saud family calling democratic proponents in Arabia terrorists and extremists. This gives their Washington retainers the justification to order "over the horizon" US military to invade and suppress the democratic wishes of the Arab citizens in favor of the continued Saud family dictatorship. Interestingly, we have heard from our reliable sources that now King Abdullah is reducing the inordinate amount of money allocated by drug addicted Ambassador Bandar to the Washington Saud family retainers. Saud family Washington retainers were dependent on Bandar's extreme largess and are unhappy with the cutbacks. We have been told the Washington retainers have been threatening to reduce the US military defense commitment protecting the Saud family if the baksheesh is not increased.

Herb Mallard has recently joined the London Press Club. We are adding a bureau in London. This is out of expediency since many of our sources emanate from London, especially the Saud family members assisting us. Of late, we have found immediacy necessary. There have been calls for help and, unfortunately, we were not there to aid. Herb has also been elected a fellow to the Royal Society of Art and Commerce in London for our publications exposing the Saud family's and their Washington retainers' human rights infractions against US and British citizens. We are honored at the accolades we are receiving from foreign press. This allows for more capabilities at combating Saud family dictatorship abuse against the powerless US and British citizens, especially children. It is sad to find Saud family Washington retainers suppressing US establishment media coverage of their atrocities committed against US, British and Saudi Arabian citizens.

Herb will continue availing himself to the US media, especially radio talk show hosts. He has already been approached by British presenters for interviews.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club Member

Issue 39

I have often wondered how "commoner" police and military under the control of oligarchs can justify killing their neighbors and relatives. What demonic power do the Saudi Royal Family Princelings have over these manipulated enforcers? How can any Arabian Peninsula police/military officer under the dictatorship of the Saud family justify their actions? --- Herb Mallard

The greatest danger to a state is when it starts to reform. --- de Tocqueville


We have been informed by Saud family sources that Bandar's drug addiction to cocaine has gotten increasingly worse. This has manifested itself in abandoning his Ambassadorial responsibilities for the seclusion of his US palaces. We reported he has recently committed several indiscretions during public functions, one instance noticeably accosting a young blond woman. We do not know what Bandar and his associates do behind his Aspen palace security. We wish Ambassador Prince Bandar the best at his new job, after detoxification.


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said: "driver at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. to secure fraudulent Saudi diplomatic visas to help aliens enter the United States illegally. ... Allan Doody, ICE Special Agent-in-Charge for Washington, D.C. 'Anytime you have an individual exploiting his post at an Embassy to smuggle people into this country, it raises serious homeland security concerns." H319 The World Tribune reports: "The United States has ordered the expulsion of dozens of Saudi diplomats suspected of helping promulgate Al Qaida ideology, diplomatic sources said. The State Dept. has refused to either confirm or deny the action. ... an effort to crack down on Saudi efforts to promote Al Qaida interests in the United States. ... They did not include Saudi ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the longest serving diplomat in the United States. The Washington-based Saudi Information Agency ... said Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has refused to take responsibility for the Saudi embassy in Washington. The agency cited a source as saying he hasn't entered the embassy in years. 'Many diplomats have not seen the ambassador for years,' the source said. 'Bandar spends most of his time at his mansions around the U.S. and the world, instead of carrying on his ambassadorial duties.' " H320 Ambassador Bandar was allowed to neglect his duties as ambassador allowing for criminal activities at the Saudi Arabian Embassy which, in turn, endangered US citizens. We believe he was allowed to be an absent drug addicted ambassador because he continued to give his Washington retainers money. Washington retainers continue to sell the inalienable rights of US citizens to the Saud family. When will this behavior stop?


UPI/Arnaud de Borchgrave reports: "They are brothers-in-law who have known more secrets and embarked on more secret missions than anyone else in the world during the last quarter-century. One is Saudi Arabia's outgoing ambassador to the U.S., the other, his successor, who headed Saudi intelligence for 24 years. ... Bandar accumulated a multibillion-dollar fortune during his 20-year Washington diplomatic reign. He was unfailingly helpful to U.S. defense industries, advising them on where to turn in Saudi Arabia for lucrative after sales services. His legendary 55,000-square-foot, 200-acre mountaintop "Hala Ranch" domain outside Aspen includes a replica of a British pub. It has 19 bathrooms and is larger than the White House. Bandar and his wife Princess Haifa, the late King Feisal's daughter, are seldom in Washington, where his vast nine-acre compound on Chain Bridge Road overlooks the Potomac. It has one 26-room house for staff and the main residence with 15 bedrooms. Some of his other homes include a country mansion and the entire village of Glympton ($90 million, including renovations) near London, a palace in Morocco, a palace in Riyadh and a palace-cum-beach house in Jeddah. ... Bandar's successor as ambassador to the United States is Prince Turki bin Feisal, ambassador in London for the last three years and formerly head of Saudi intelligence for 24 years. ... One of Turki's assets was Osama bin Laden, ... He also took under his wing Arab and other Muslim volunteers funded to fight in Afghanistan by Turki and wealthy princes and private sector entrepreneurs. ... Bin Laden told Turki the royals must not invite the U.S. Army to the kingdom ... Bin Laden became convinced the royal family was conspiring with Washington to facilitate the occupation of Saudi Arabia and control of its oil production facilities and that Saddam had been entrapped into invading Kuwait to provide a pretext for U.S. occupation. ... A yet unsolved mystery was when Turki resigned as intelligence chief after a quarter-century at the helm -- just three weeks before September 11, 2001. He says it was merely coincidence. Conspiracy theorists believe Turki knew something very big was in the works and that some Saudis were involved. ... He has many friends in the United States and will be a welcome change after Bandar." H321 Herb Mallard knows Arnaud and his subtle sense of humor. They have many friends in common and Herb has been a guest at Arnaud's residence. Arnaud has exposed many secret dealings during his Washington career. Herb says Arnaud is a "read between the lines" "can do" kind of guy who has had a remarkable continuing career.


London Times reports: "Diana Bilinelli's offer to sell lion's share of a $250-million judgment comes with a hitch ...The ex-wife, Diana Bilinelli, has battled for two decades to collect the assets of her former husband, Mohammed al-Fassi, an eccentric Saudi sheik best known for angering his Beverly Hills neighbors by painting his mansion and its outdoor nude statues garish colors. ... his sister, Hend, married Saudi Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz. ...Under Saudi law, sheiks and others may have as many as four wives. Bilinelli was expecting her second child by al-Fassi when he married aspiring American actress Victoria Sosa, who weeks later alleged that he had bitten her and held her prisoner. ... The sheik died in Cairo of an infected hernia in 2002 before settling the debt and after claiming he had transferred everything he owned to members of the Saudi royal family, including Saudi King Fahd and Fahd's brother, Prince Turki. In April, King Fahd and Saudi Arabia were removed from the case, leaving Turki liable by default after he failed to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court. ... In the meantime, Bilinelli's attorneys and private investigators have failed to find Turki's assets in U.S. financial institutions. A request to examine records at the Carlyle Group... was countered with a terse "No records to report." ... Bilinelli and her team are considering a plan to offer 1% of the take to anyone who can direct them to any Turki asset anywhere in the world." H322 We reported Prince Turki was implicated with al Fassi importing to and torturing slaves in Miami. During this episode Turki was instrumental in obtaining retroactive diplomatic immunity for al Fassi from the US State Department Arabists who were, in turn, given Saud family consulting fees upon retirement. Is this the type of man US citizens deserve to represent the corrupt Saud family dictatorship? How can Washington politicians, readily knowing his blatant criminal behavior, justify accepting Turki's credentials?


Intelligence Whispers reports: "The bank, Al Taqwa ... ceased operations after its assets were blocked by a US Treasury Department order, its assets were frozen by the Swiss government, and its banking license was revoked by the Bahamas. ...
Al Taqwa ... reportedly involved in funding terrorist operations around the world, including the procurement of nuclear material from the former Soviet Union through Baltic intermediaries. ...
The Al Taqwa connection to weapons of mass destruction proliferation, Bin Laden, and George H. W. Bush and his business associates stands as another reason the George W. Bush administration leaked the CIA's Brewster Jennings & Associates counter-WMD network. The CIA counter-proliferation team was getting uncomfortably close to tying members of the Bush family and their business associates to the same financial networks that fund Osama Bin Laden and his "Al Qaeda" network. According to Williams, reliable sources indicate that these bombs may already be in the possession of al-Qaeda operatives [in the United States]." H323 Intelligence Report states: "In 1996, in Grozny, Chechen mafia members negotiated the sale of 20 nuclear 'suitcase bombs' to representatives of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden paid for them $30 million, and added 2 tons of heroin." H324 Reliable sources have told us it is well known in Saudi Arabia that Prince Turki was involved in these illicit operations as intelligence director for the Saud family government. Is this the man who is to be accepted as ambassador to Washington from Saudi Arabia without proper Congressional due diligence.


UPI in comments: "while the Israeli lobby [AIPAC] has a powerful influence on the American Congress and media, the Saudi lobby is just as powerful and successful. The apostate al-Sauds send their smiling English-speaking sons like Ambassador Bandar to America - he owns the Congress -- and Prince Turki to Britain and our infidel enemies believe they are dealing with true leaders of the Arabian Peninsula. And even more, the al-Sauds buy the loyalty of retired ambassadors, generals and intelligence officers to lobby the Congress and White House on their behalf. All the while, and for this all praise is due to the Lord of the Universe, our blessed Ulema in the Land of the Prophet (peace be upon him), are using funds from the al-Sauds to finance and preach the spread of God's word around the globe, and nowhere more aggressively than under the nose of the Bush administration right here in the United States. Islam's huge coming generation of Muslim youth is being educated by our Ulema in what the Americans call Wahhabism -- an Islamic theology more martial and ruthless than the Salafism of al-Qaida. The American elites take the al-Sauds' word as they would take a hallucinogenic drug. It denies them contact with reality and they believe -- they truly do, Brothers -- that Saudi Arabia is their ally, and all the while Saudi clerics are lighting a worldwide anti-American fire. God is great." H325 AIPAC and the Saud family have repeatedly secretly colluded to deny Arabs and US citizen's human rights. We do not know how much longer Saud family Washington retainers will be able to sell the rights of US citizens, including children, to the Saud family. Has Washington past the point of no return? When will the US citizens be told what Middle East citizens already know? The US establishment media charade must stop? The planned Saud family US political asylum must be stopped.


UPI/de Borchgrave reports: "Mr. Bush indirectly referenced Iran, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar (where the U.S. Central Command has its advance headquarters), Pakistan, China, and most of sub-Sahara Africa as countries that must opt for free elections and democratic institutions or our own freedoms will be imperiled. One can argue, equally convincingly, that if these countries followed Mr. Bush's prescription, our freedoms would indeed be imperiled." H326 We find it curious that President Bush would cite Saudi Arabia as a country on his radar in need of a governmental change, considering the Saud family dictatorship is a long standing patron of his family. Saud dictatorship undisclosed Washington foreign agent retainers could be concocting another ruse to ply more monies out of there benefactors. This is a common scheme with Washington lobbyists whereby they will perpetrate a crisis against their client in order to increase billings. We reported a similar scheme perpetrated by Clinton/Brown/Richardson during their human rights shakedown of foreign oligarchs.


The New York Times reports: "The episode has been retold so many times in the last three and a half years that it has become the stuff of political legend: in the frenzied days after Sept. 11, 2001, when some flights were still grounded, dozens of well-connected Saudis, including relatives of Osama bin Laden, managed to leave the United States on specially chartered flights. Now, newly released government records show previously undisclosed flights from Las Vegas and elsewhere and point to a more active role by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in aiding some of the Saudis in their departure. The F.B.I. gave personal airport escorts to two prominent Saudi families who fled the United States, and several other Saudis were allowed to leave the country without first being interviewed, the documents show. ... The material sheds new light on the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, and it provides details about the F.B.I.'s interaction with at least 160 Saudis who were living in or visiting the United States and were allowed to leave the country. Some of the departing Saudis were related to Osama bin Laden. ... The Sept. 11 commission examined the Saudi flights in its final report last year, and it found that no Saudis had been allowed to leave before national airspace was reopened on Sept. 13, 2001" H327 Intelligence Whispers reports: "Financial ties between Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, and American banks do not end with the Texas payments. A former chief of Mossad confided that Israeli intelligence was well aware that Al Qaeda funded its activities through the top six U.S. banks; including Nation's Bank ... The copies were provided by Israeli military intelligence. The source of the funds was Saudi. Furthermore, a U.S. intelligence source recently confided that Florida Governor Jeb Bush was heavily involved in the spiriting of members of the Saudi Royal family out of Florida on a U.S. government plane after the attacks of September 11, 2001. A third check provided by Israeli military intelligence is drawn on the Saudi American Bank, which has an office just across the street from the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC in the Watergate complex. The former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki bin Faisal, who acted as the Saudi government's main interlocutor with Osama bin Laden, is due to take up the post as Saudi ambassador to the United States." H328 It is disparaging to see the actions taken by the Bush family after 9/11 bounced and twisted around by Washington bureaucrats whose present salaries are paid for by US taxpayers. Plain and simple, Ambassador Prince Bandar and prior President George Bush Sr arranged to have members of the bin Laden and Saud families sequestered in certain areas of the US by flying them around within the US when all other flights were grounded. No one was allowed to interrogate them. After the US airspace was reopened they were secretly allowed to fly out of the US. The Saud family is the prime patron of the Bush family and has the ability to demand such preferential treatment. With bagman Bandar's corrupt Washington reward scheme, it is assumed those Washington bureaucrats who questionably assisted the Saud and bin Laden family members will be rewarded with Saud family lobbyist consulting fees after their government service retirement. We cannot believe Washington will accept Prince Turki as ambassador when his complicity in overt criminal acts against US citizens is so apparent. We can see how citizens of the US should be finally given the information about the "Great Satan" members lurking in Washington. It is a travesty the US establishment media will not divulge the acts of these people to US citizens.


London Sunday Times reports: "The Philippine government has warned young women going to work as maids in Saudi Arabia that they will be sexually harassed by Saudi men and slapped about by their Saudi mistresses ... a life near slavery. The Philippines labour ministry has also told young male workers heading to Saudi Arabia that they must expect to be at risk of rape." H329 The Saud family government has manipulated Sharia law so as to make it easy for the princelings to rape foreign boys without the threat of legal recourse. The Saud family, being rife with homosexual princes, contorts Sharia law to mollifying aberrant sexual practices of the princes. We do know that Naif has a partiality towards male guest worker rape as a torture by his Department of Interior, witness British Scotts Guards veteran Kieth Charmichael. We have been told by reliable sources he frequently watches the rape videos as amusement.


BBC News reports: " 'We can confirm that Mr Idi Amin died from complications due to multiple organ failure,' the source at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.' ... Amin, one of the bloodiest despots in Africa, has been living in exile, chiefly in Saudi Arabia, since being ousted from Uganda in 1979. He was in his late 70s. ... Exiles accused him of having kept severed heads in the fridge, feeding corpses to crocodiles and having one of his wives dismembered. Some said he practiced cannibalism." H330 One torture that especially delighted Idi was to put a hot pan over a rat on a man's torso. The rat then digs a hole through the man's torso in an attempt to escape. Idi was granted lavish exile by the Saud family in a palace outside Jedda in order to teach his tricks of the torture trade to Naif's Interior Department. Many of Idi's tortures have been applied upon prescribed British and US foreign workers. We do not know how the Saud family protected Amin from prosecution in the World Court from "crimes against humanity".

Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abd al-Aziz


Mark Hollingsworth author of Saudi Babylon "Saudi Babylon: Torture, Corruption and Cover-up in the House of Saud" says: "Sandy Mitchell ... working in a hospital in Saudi Arabia as an anesthetic technician ... was kidnapped by Saudi Arabian police ... taken to an interrogation room in a prison in Riyadh. ... Their response was to start hitting me with a pick-axe handle. They beat me all over my body. They brought in a huge 22 stone Saudi to sit on me while they beat the soles of my feet. They forced a metal rod between my knees and hoisted me upside-down, and beat me on my exposed buttocks. ... they wanted him to confess to planting a bomb that had killed another Briton ... They kept on hitting me. The only time they broke off was when they went to pray. ... 'Try to relax more,' the doctor suggested ... When Mr. Mitchell protested that he was being tortured, the doctor calmly replied: 'They all say that. You'll just have to cope the best you can.' ... 'because I had assisted anesthetists twice when Prince Naif was being operated on. I had had him prone on the operating table twice. He had even given me a gold watch as a present for my work. But I was tortured because of the orders of that man.'... he had been taken out for a trial in a building on 'Chop-Chop Square', the notorious location of Riyadh's public beheadings. The trial lasted 10 minutes. ... Saudi lawyers came in and said I would be released if I signed a letter to the King apologizing for the bomb. I refused. ... We had to wait nearly three years. ... They'd (London lobbyists and politicians) rather help British businessmen sign arms deals with the Saudis than stop British people being tortured by them. 'What irks him most is that the Foreign Office still hasn't made a public statement in which they proclaim Mr. Mitchell and the other men's total innocence and criticise the Saudi Arabians for framing and torturing them. 'They won't do it,' " H331 It is evident the corrupt infrastructure of lawyers, lobbyists, politician's et al in both London and Washington are complicit in such human rights infractions. These perpetrators of evil are well paid by the Saud family for their dubious services. One cannot argue when voices of Islam call this cabal Satanical. We know the World Court would like to bring some of these human rights abusers to trial.


Makka Time reports: "The US agency that owns the World Trade Centre site ... The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said in a statement on Friday it was joining a $7 billion lawsuit filed last week against the Saudi government ... accuses the Saudi Arabia Government of providing "funding and material support and substantial assistance" to al-Qaida and Usama bin Ladin. ... suit specifically names four Saudi officials, saying they organised and controlled a network of financial institutions and charities that aided al-Qaida for at least seven years before September 11. The four are the Saudi Interior Minister Nayif bin Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud, Defence Minister Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud, the governor of Riyadh Salman bin Abd al-Aziz and the former intelligence chief Turki al-Faisal. Al-Qaida has also been named as a defendant, along with a number of Saudi corporate entities and charities." H332 US lawyers have a penchant for casting a wide net and bringing as many deep pockets into their court case as possible. This behavior is highly effective in forcing out-of-court settlements from those who cannot afford legal discovery upon their questionable behavior. We have been told by reliable sources many these lawyers purchase litigious information from the Saud family Washington retainers, the very people allegedly defending Saud family issues. This should be very disturbing to the Saud family "old ones" who rely upon their Washington retainers. These lawyers would like nothing better than for the Saud family princelings to be granted US political asylum and have their degenerate behavior subject to US juries. It will be a virtual feeding frenzy.


Observer reports: "Outrage! had merely linked to a report from al-Jazeera which stated that Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, foremost theologian of the Muslim Brotherhood, had ruled that the an Arab princeling (Saud family) should be stoned to death if claims that he was gay were true. Outrage! checked. Al-Jazeera hadn't withdrawn the report, nor had Qaradawi's Islam Online website condemned it. The best test of the veracity of any story is to ask if you would be taken aback if it was true and, in this case, neither Outrage! nor anyone else who has followed al-Qaradawi's career was at all surprised. The cleric has been clear and consistent about the punishment homosexuality deserves. The death penalty only seems cruel, he argues, until we understand that it is necessary 'to keep [Islamic society] clean of perverted elements'." H333 If the homosexuality of the Saud family princelings is to be exposed to Islamic scrutiny the vast majority of princelings would be susceptible to harsh Islamic laws. This will never happen. The old Washington maxim of "the one that controls the investigation wins" applies since the Saud family contorts Sharia law.

From the Readership:


We are parents of a child kidnapped by the Saudi Royal family. We were confidentially told our daughter is in a Saudi palace by a U.S. State Department official disgusted with the kidnappings of our U.S. babies. We were told the Washington politicians had to circumvent the Hague Convention to facilitate the Saudi Royal family kidnappings.

When the USA ratified the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, it was put into force by I.C.A.R.A. The terms of the Convention state that the government had to establish a Central Authority that would handle cases of abducted children. In 1988 the U.S. president told the State Department to create an office that would serve as the "Central Authority". Office of Children's Issues was formed. This office handles international child adoption as well as international abduction [only cases were children taken from the U.S.]. Now it gets interesting. OCI has the power to contract with and work with other agencies it sees fit. So...OCI asked that any cases of children abducted to Saudi Arabia out of the USA not be handle by them, but rather by NCMEC [National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]. While this is supposed to be a private non-profit, it is funded and supported by Department of Justice (DOJ) and has support of U.S. Presidents. No problems with NCMEC.

Back to OCI...OCI works to protect all Saudi cases from possible recovery by the U.S. parents. They inform the Saudi Royal family of parent's intent to recover their child. In our daughter's case, they actually brought the Saudi prince into the embassy telling him to keep her hidden to avoid exposing State Department complicity. The USA is the only Hague country that has designated their Central Authority out of their State Department. All other 60 countries designate their Central Authority out of their Justice Departments. This is just like when you mention logistical supply for our Iraq War I troops was taken from the Pentagon and given to the State Department just before that scam.

Why would the U.S. President designate the U.S. State Department as Central Authority and protect Saudi interests? Saudi Arabia is NOT a Hague country to start with. How much money has been given to the Bush and Clinton families by the Saudi Royal family? How much money has the Saudi Royal family given to their presidential libraries? What about our poor babies?

Dear Readership:

We are collecting an impressive amount of information from the Middle East, especially from our Saud family reliable sources. It is appalling that the Saud family Washington retainers have been able to keep information about Prince Turki's past from being vetted both in the media and in Congress. We have been informed Turki was told to resign as longstanding head of Saud family intelligence just before 9/11 in order to give him a plausibility of denial during ambassadorial scrutiny. What we have is a rendition of the bigger lie theory whereby the Saud family is continually muffled in the media. We cannot believe the US establishment media has allowed this sham to go on for as long as it has, foreign press prints it. It is sad to hear of US child sex slaves in Saud family palaces protected by "over the horizon" US military personnel. A past issue noted how US Marine Maes was ordered to Saudi Arabia during Iraq War I to protect the Saud family government after his Father had been poisoned by King Fahd's nephews. He said: "I have been ordered under threat of court martial by the Pentagon to protect the murderers of my Father." How many US military personnel have had their or their friends US children kidnapped by the Saud family princelings while protecting the Saud family regime? We are receiving more and more information from our reliable sources on these matters and we thank them very much.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club Member

Issue 38

Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely, or to think sanely, under the influence of a great fear. ---Bertrand Russell

The great darkness is the Islamic interpretation of the United States. --- Dar al harb

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. --- Socrates


Reuters reports: "Saudi Arabian billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said Tuesday he now holds a 5.5% voting stake in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and is ready to raise his stake... Investment vehicles controlled by the prince's Kingdom Holding Co. have converted what was last reported to be a 3% non-voting stake in the entertainment conglomerate into the new voting holding." G310 To successfully stifle reporting detrimental to their wishes, the Saud family have been purchasing media in countries they wish biased support, US and Britain. By and large this has worked very well. Adel Jubair traipsed around the US espousing Saudi Arabian Royal family propaganda without one opposition voice allowed. This is media influence par excellence. Unfortunately, the US citizenry have been not given contrasting views. This has left a US citizenry ignorant of issues effecting their and their children's' welfare, especially when voting.


The Observer reports: "The Saudi Arabian embassy in London is to advise its nationals to boycott British universities in protest over financial irregularities, exorbitant fees and poor teaching. ... The Observer revealed how degrees were being sold to failing foreign students in return for lucrative tuition fees. ... Of the 33,000 international students who come to Britain every year, generating an income estimated at £600million, 2,500 are Saudi nationals." G311 We have seen Saudi students given inflated marks within US universities as well. Harvard, among others, provides what are called "touchy feely" courses for Saud family princelings who then tout them back home. This enables the CIA through the universities to keep a control on these style without substance pseudo sophisticates. For wealthy commoners the jist seems to be that citizens who cannot defend their own rights from a dictatorship have no redeeming qualities worth teaching.


Daily Pennsylvanian reports: "Nance, a counterterrorism specialist says 'terrorists' primary goal is the overthrow of the Saudi government, but the United States stands in their way.... 'You have to respect' terrorists, Nance said. 'We are just a speed bump in the road to their ultimate objective,' " G312 It is no hidden secret that the Saud family is most vulnerable without US "over the horizon" military protecting it from Arabs it controls. If the few "old ones" in charge of the dictatorship were to be purged the citizenry would be able to assert themselves, ostensibly. Washington dependent dictatorships like to call any democratic events opposing them acts of terrorism.


It is alleged US and Israeli mercenary security personnel working for private contractors are being used by the Saud family dictatorship to guard Saud family princelings. This Praetorian Guard use balaclava and other disguises during security operations which allows for anonymity. The Saud family propaganda tells their deceived Arab citizens these mercenaries are Saudi Arabians nationals. The anonymity gives the Saud family a plausibility of denial if confronted by either citizen groups or media. We saw these Israeli private security forces effectively used to protect Jewish property in New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina aftermath

Herb Mallard moderating a press conference in Washington, DC
This picture depicts Herb Mallard on behalf of moderating a press conference at the US Capital for parents of US children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia. Also present were several Congressmen who gave brief speeches on behalf of their constituents.


BBC News reports: " 'We are Iraqis and we are responsible for solving our problems, we will not allow anyone to interfere,' said Mr Jabr, who sits in Iraq's parliament for the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a Shia party.

Prince Saud al-Faisal has said Iranian groups are infiltrating Iraq

He added: 'This Iraq is the cradle of civilisation that taught humanity reading and writing, and some Bedouin riding a camel wants to teach us.' ... Mr Jabr rounded on the Saudi regime, which he accused of treating millions of women and Shia Muslims as second-class citizens. ..."' have one god, he is the king, he is the god, and he rules as he likes. A whole country is named after a family.' " G313 The charismatic Prince Faisal is one of the more competent Saud family members. Unfortunately, he attempted to assert the influence of the Saud family onto Iraq without the use of the Saud family Washington protectors. This caused the ire of at least Mr Jabr. When there is anger displayed a glimpse of truth usually is displayed for all to see.


The Guardian reports: "Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) - the US agency which governed Iraq between April 2003 and June 2004. The inspector general's job is to make sure that the money the authority spent was properly accounted for. It wasn't. In just 14 months, $8.8bn went absent without leave. ... The authority, the inspector general found, was 'burdened by severe inefficiencies and poor management'. This is kind. Other investigations suggest that it was also burdened by false accounting, fraud and corruption. ... Contracts to US companies were awarded by the CPA without any financial safeguards. They were issued without competition." G314 Again, we had predicted when investigating Iraq War I Bush/Saud family logistical supply corruption that there would be rampant Washington war profiteering during the Iraq War II campaign. We were ignored but not disappointed. We do not know how much the Saud family benefited off of defeated fellow Arabs but we do know US corporations working with Saud family interests continue to benefit handsomely from Iraq War II. In the tried and true Washington ways, the guilty are anonymous, no person is blamed and the culprits get to keep the money. We do not know how much of this money ended up for, among other things, presidential libraries. The Saud family corruption of Washington is unprecedented and may be to the point of no return.


Daily Reckoning reports: "How the Saudis manage to boost their proven reserves by 150 billion barrels since taking over ARAMCO is still a mystery. To complicate matters further, for the past 25 years, Saudi proven reserves have remained constant at 260 billion barrels. How can Saudi reserves stay the same at 260 billion barrels when it has pumped almost 60 billion barrels of oil since 1980? This is one question, which begs an answer. ... Not many people realize that over 90% of Saudi oil comes from only six oilfields, which were all discovered before the 1970's. So, all these fields are now extremely old, and experts argue that they are now well past their prime. Ghawar oil field is the super -giant and has provided 55-60% of Saudi oil over the past five decades! According to experts like Matthew Simmons, Ghawar is past its peak already and likely to enter into a major decline." G315 Rude Awakening further comments: "Even the world's largest oil producer may be running low on 'cheap oil' ... or any kind of oil, for that matter. Saudi Arabia pumps 13% of the world's oil and is responsible for 23% of the globe's reserves, making it the most important player on the supply side, followed by Iran with 11% of the world's reserves and Iraq with 9%. According to official Saudi state calculations Saudi Arabia could produce at current levels of 10 to 11 million barrels per day for 50 years. However, we view that number with a certain degree of skepticism. Matthew Simmons, chairman of Simmons and Company International - an investment bank specializing in the oil industry says the official Saudi numbers are too high and that Saudi fields are aging much faster ... According to Mr. Simmons, the Saudis need to strip water out of nearly every well and this is a sign that Saudi fields are aging much faster than the industry has planned for. ... In other words, most of the easy-to-get stuff is gone and only the hard-to-get stuff remains." G316 The Saud family continues to skim an ever increasing percentage of the oil revenue profits. We have heard forebodings that the "old ones" are keeping the marked depletions secret. Once these oil reserves get more noticeably depleted the Saud family members have their prearranged asylum within the US.


Rude Awakening reports: "Saudis reveal they won't be able to meet oil demand - first time ever they've admitted the awful truth. ... Drilling for oil underwater is very expensive. You'd expect the Saudis to be drilling out their cheapest oil first. Don't they have a desert full of this stuff? So why are they suddenly digging deep for underwater oil, and willing to pay a premium to do it? Unless... maybe the Saudis don't have as much oil as they say they do. We already know that the Saudis have confessed that OPEC won't be able to meet western oil demand in 10 to 15 years. I'm starting to think they might come up short a lot sooner than that. Are the Saudis lying? Well, at least it seems like they're not telling the whole truth. What's more, I believe there's a whole lot our own government isn't telling us." G317 We do not know what the Arabian citizens will do when they find out that their stolen oil reserves have been almost completely depleted by the Saud family regime. We have mentioned the Saud family Washington retainers have already prepared for asylum within the US similar to that given the Shah's Sephardic merchant class not living in Bel Air, California. Planned Saud family asylum within the US has to be stopped.


BBC News reports: "Adul Sani al-Thani was tried in Prague after a Czech judge turned down a request from Qatar to have him sent back home to face trial. Al-Thani was found guilty of paying to have sex with four girls aged under 15 between 2001 and 2004. He was arrested after one of the girls told her mother about the offer of sex. Czech officials have admitted that the refusal to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar could strain relations between the two nations, which do not have an official extradition treaty. Al-Thani has lived privately in the Czech Republic for 10 years and has no diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Czech prosecutors accused him of arranging for young girls to be brought to his home for sex. He allegedly paid three Czech women to offer girls on the street Kc2,000 ($84, £46) to visit his apartment for sex. The women, described by the presiding judge as 'both guilty and victims', were allegedly paid Kc1,000 for each girl they provided. Al-Thani was arrested last year and has spent 10 months in custody awaiting trial. In April, Czech Justice Minister Pavel Nemec agreed to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar after receiving assurances he would face prosecution in his homeland. But prosecutors objected and he was forced to stand trial in Prague." G318 We admire the Prague authorities for defending the human rights of their citizens, especially their children, in the face of readily available lobbyist bribes; unlike London and Washington.

Emails/Letters to the Editor

Dear sir:
I work at ARAMCO and have something to say about it. Ghawar and other few good oil fields are almost gone. My boss Ali Niami was told by the Sauds to tell the world there is much more oil to be pumped. It's a lie by him and the Sauds. I work with the numbers. We have to secretly pump more salt water to get pressure everyday. The Sauds don't want Arabians to know their stolen oil reserves have been used up. At some time when things get hot for Sauds they will get on their planes ready at Saudi airports and sneak out to America. It is all planned for them with Washington friends. There will be many palaces like Bandar's in Aspen all over America. Saudi Arabian citizens should get the Sauds to give back money they stolelike you say. Me and others like reading these things you write on the internet. It gives us hope.
Good friends.
Would you be able to put me in touch with these vulnerables as I am also thinking of writing a book on the matter so as to expose these Princes and their dealings? You are doing a great job by exposing these people and their corrupt practices. Your site possesses tons of info which could not be found anywhere else as everyone seems to be frightened of the Saudis. I have a few contacts as well and they have given me some info. Anonymously. The things that these Saudis are doing to your country and its citizens are appalling and would not be tolerated here in Britain. Our government here would have shown them the door unlike in America. You are doing a great job exposing. You are also a brave man. Keep up with the great work you're doing. Do let me know as I need to get writing this project. Many Thanks.

You know saudi royals only have given money to U.S. Jewish torture victims and its no chance that they were supported by AIPAC Neocons and you have told about it. We are sorry for Christian and Moslem U.S. citizens tortured by Saudi royals who never received payments. Many of us don't like old ones dealing with U.S. Neocons and Israelis. They make it look in media like they are enemies but secretly deal. They try to hide it from us but we are not stupid.

Dear Readership:

A cartel like that in oil is never a pure cartel. There is always one member that has more individual control. The Saud family "old ones" have become covetous of their power over prices. They like to be able to add or subtract a certain quantity for price stability. They keep their oil statistics secret because they have almost depleted the Arabian light crude and are left with world abundant heavy crude. They play with illusions to please Washington. This allows them their needed perks from their handlers in Washington. The perks include, among others, the capability of torturing prescribed powerless US guest workers and kidnapping US children. The advertised torture of sacrificed US citizens allows the "old ones" to say to their Arab constituents they are not stooges of Washington. The sanctioned kidnapping of US children mollifies the lesser sexually deviant degenerate princes. In both of these cases the Saud family Washington handlers and retainers obfuscate the US victims and their families from any recourse. The closest the US victims have gotten to any exposure was a brief Congressional hearing chaired by Congressman Dan Burton on Saud family US child kidnappings.

What the Saud family does not know is that some of their Washington retainers have been selling them out to class action lawyers. They do not realize that when they are deposed and receive the planned political asylum within the US they will be vulnerable to loosing the money accrued from the Arabian oil reserves they have worked so hard to steal. At that time they will have little power with many legal schemers after them. The rumblings are getting louder and louder.



Herb Mallard
National Press Club Member

Issue 37

History has become too subversive. The past has too much knowledge embedded in it. --- Tariq Ali

Everything secret degenerates ... nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity. --- Lord Acton


Reuters reports: "Wan Usman, head of strategic studies at the University of Jakarta in Indonesia [says]... 'The network [Al Qaeda] had penetrated institutions, and managed to fan destructive radical anti-Western teachings in some Muslim schools ... He said a sense of unfairness was the force that motivated terrorists, who seek to destroy the modern globalize system they regard as unfair.' 'The fight against terrorism can only succeed when the ideology upon which it is based is shown to be wrong,' added Maj. Gen. Zhu Sheng Hu, a Chinese expert and former director of the Institute for Strategic Studies at the University of Beijing. 'Double standards in fighting terrorism will not work,' he said. 'The focus should be on removing the root causes of terrorism.' Pakistan Defense Minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal said political and economic disparities and the denial of the right of self determination to the people ... were key causes of terrorism." G301 There is definitely unfairness in a world with 97% of the population close to destitution controlled by wealthy 3% oligarchs. In no other country is this inequality so glaring than Saudi Arabia where you have a one family dictatorship stealing the oil reserves of the citizens. These are the matters that President George Bush Jr, at the seeming behest of his Father, is attempting to address. How can the Bush family confront the Saud family dictatorship when it has been the primary patron of the Bush family? Saud family Washington retainers cannot continue their double standard in dealing with the Saud family dictatorship, no matter how much they like Bandar's largesse. We will see what happens as history unfolds.


The World Tribune reports: "The United States has ordered the expulsion of dozens of Saudi diplomats suspected of helping promulgate Al Qaida ideology, diplomatic sources said. The State Dept. has refused to either confirm or deny the action. The State Department revoked the diplomatic credentials of the Saudi diplomats in Washington over the last month in an effort to crack down on Saudi efforts to promote Al Qaida interests in the United States. ... They did not include Saudi ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the longest serving diplomat in the United States. The Washington-based Saudi Information Agency ... said Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has refused to take responsibility for the Saudi embassy in Washington. The agency cited a source as saying he hasn't entered the embassy in years. 'Many diplomats have not seen the ambassador for years,' the source said. Bandar spends most of his time at his mansions around the U.S. and the world, instead of carrying on his ambassadorial duties." G302 Why are Bandar's Ambassadorial credentials not canceled? His only job description is Washington and London bagman for his Saud family. It is a disgrace that Bandar is allowed to ply his dubious trade of bribery in Washington and London while ignoring his diplomatic responsibilities.


An Egyptian national made his initial appearance in federal court today in Alexandria after being arrested last month for using his position as a driver at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. to secure fraudulent Saudi diplomatic visas to help aliens enter the United States illegally. ... Yakoub was known to individuals in Egypt as an employee of the Saudi Embassy who had the ability to secure fraudulent Saudi diplomatic visas to help Egyptian aliens get into the United States. ... Yakoub wrote letters on Saudi Embassy letterhead falsely stating that a Saudi diplomat was requesting an A-3 visa for Egyptians to work for the Saudi diplomat in the United States. These fraudulent letters, complete with Saudi government stamps, were then sent to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to help Egyptian aliens receive U.S. visas for entry into this country, the ICE affidavit alleges. ... the U.S. Embassy in Egypt approved the visa applications, believing that these Egyptians would be working for Saudi diplomats in the United States." G303 So much for US Embassy due diligence! The Saudi Arabian Embassy has been out of control for some time with an absentee ambassador. Reliable sources say Saudi Arabian Embassy officials regularly purchase drugs in Washington and transport them through diplomatic pouches to Saudi Arabia for the Saud family to consume as well as ply foreign officials at their sex slave parties. We believe the Saud family corruption of Washington will only end upon overthrow of their dictatorship and denial of the secretly planned asylum.


Picketing the Saudi Arabian Embassy

These are parents of parental and non-parental kidnappings of US children to Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Prince Bandar and his confidant Adel al Jubair give the perpetrators visas to expedite the US child kidnappings. The US children are then used either for procreation or as child sex slaves within Saudi Arabia. The US State Department will neither confirm nor deny these occurrences.


The Guardian reports: "Police officers from Stockholm are flying to Bangkok amid reports that a 12-year-old survivor of the tsunami has been kidnapped from a Thai hospital. Fears are growing that Kristian Walker has been taken by those involved in the sex trade ... (Father) said police had told him that similar kidnappings had taken place near Khao Lak and the kidnappers may have been taking advantage of the chaos after the tsunami to try to fly Kristian to another country without a passport." G304 This is evidence of how fast the child sex slave procurers can respond towards a destabilizing family crisis. Again, they know the Saud family will pay dearly for the high end child sex slaves. This should put every parent in Northern Europe and the US on notice. In one moment of crisis their children can be gone forever.


Middle East Quarterly reports: "For a while Washington was pleased with the appointment of Horan as ambassador, the Saudi rulers were less so. To an extent Horan was their worst nightmare. Horan's Falasha escapade may have been water off a duck's back to the Saudis, but the last thing King Fahd and his cronies wanted was a hands-on type of American in Riyadh, one who knew Arabic, who was streetwise, and who consequently would be able to challenge the rosy-eyed vision of Saudi Arabian life being peddled in Washington by the Saudis' all-powerful ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan ....Millions of young men-isolated from any normal contact with women-seethed with sexual frustration. Saudi wives, mured [sic] in nasty bungalows, suffered from depression. The tragedies of some American women married to Saudis gave the embassy occasional but instructive insights into the pathology of Saudi folkways. The U.S. was rarely of help to these women...U.S. discussions with Saudis at the highest levels often dealt with security, military sales, economic cooperation, and sometimes intelligence exchanges. But in the back of the king's mind was the belief that, so long as the kingdom remained helpful in oil production and pricing (20 percent of U.S. oil imports come from Saudi Arabia) and in purchasing billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment and training, he could deflect our requests on domestically sensitive issues (such as kidnapped American children) to an always-later time. The record has shown the Saudis to be right." G305 When will it end? When will the Saud family Washington retainers decide they have enough of the money stolen from the Arabian citizens' oil reserves? When will the Saud family Washington retainers be exposed to the world? When will the US children kidnapped by the Saud family be allowed to come home to their parents? When will the vulnerable US citizens be compensated for their tortures by the Saud family dictatorship?


Herb Mallard adressing international press in Washington, DC

Herb Mallard is shown addressing international press at the Washington Capital. Speaking were US torture victims, their family members as well as several concerned Congressmen. The Saud family and their Washington retainers have used their dirty tricks on the subsequent press conferences at the Washington National Press Club.


Prince 3 reports: "I am one of the Saudi Royal Family who has been assisting your newsletter. I wish to tell you something of intelligence nature. The information I have is scarce. Briefly, here is what I have been able to put together: Taiff is in the western part of Saudi Arabia, high in a very rugged mountain range, near the Red Sea. It is not listed on all maps. In fact, I can't even find a reference to it in Google, but it probably has several spelling variations. It is pronounced Taa'eef. From about 1973 until the late 1980's a mammoth construction project went on near Taiff, Saudi Arabia. The scale was so enormous as to defy belief. The scale was evidently so massive that my sources of this information indicated to me that they could not adequately verbalise it. In spite of the enormity of the project, it was done in almost total secrecy. Essentially, a complete underground city was built, spanning literally miles. There is also an extremely large runway which can in some fashion be hidden from aerial view and capable of handling more than even the largest aircraft. Airplanes that land can be hidden in a cavernous hanger built in an entire mountain. Parts of the runway aprons can also be lowered so that airplanes can be stored in hangers that are actually under the airport itself. All entrances to the city are hidden and impregnable. The primary contractor for this project was Bechtel. During the construction phase the area itself was closed to all access by outsiders. It was referred to by people in the know as "the forbidden city." It is clear to me that the city was built as a refuge. The question I have always pondered is a refuge for *whom*, and for *what*. A clue was given during the Gulf war. It seems Saudi and Kuwati royals waited out the war at.... (you will never guess) - Taiff! My theory is that this city was built as the destination of my family and unknown outsiders in event of a takeover of my family's government or a nuclear war. I wish you would expose this further. I have tried myself but the old ones have the secrets and I am not trained as a journalist." G306 We do not know if the Neocon allies of "the old ones" are responsible for this refuge or will benefit from it. We have heard unconfirmed rumors within the beltway of Washington.


The Guardian reports: "Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) - the US agency which governed Iraq between April 2003 and June 2004. The inspector general's job is to make sure that the money the authority spent was properly accounted for. It wasn't. In just 14 months, $8.8bn went absent without leave. ... The authority, the inspector general found, was 'burdened by severe inefficiencies and poor management'. This is kind. Other investigations suggest that it was also burdened by false accounting, fraud and corruption. ... Contracts to US companies were awarded by the CPA without any financial safeguards. They were issued without competition." G307 We have seen many within the Saud family and their Washington retainers get rich stealing from the US military logistical supply. We reported during the first Iraq invasion that Commander General Prince Khalid and his half brother Ambassador Prince Bandar made a considerable amount of "bakshish". We reported Commander General Prince Khalid bought land in Palm Beach in expectation of building a palace like the one his half brother Bandar has in Aspen. We exposed the scheme and he was told to sell the property immediately in order not to embarrass the Bush family.


Associated Press reports: "The US army bungled the planning and management of a multi-billion dollar contract with Halliburton to provide food and other services to troops in Iraq, congressional investigators today concluded. ... Separate federal investigations are examining whether Halliburton had overcharged the army for fuel and meals, and looking into allegations that former company workers could have taken bribes from a Kuwaiti subcontractor. ... Halliburton has said that Kuwait's government-controlled oil company would sell gasoline only through the firm, named Altanmia, adding that it 'did the best it could' amid the chaos of war. ... However, the report said Halliburton's staffing problems and 'antiquated accounting system' had hampered the process of finalizing costs for portions of the contract. It said the company's cost estimates were frequently inaccurate or lacked the proper documentation, and added that Halliburton was often behind schedule on its work. In a statement, Halliburton said it had 'placed continuous pressure' on itself to 'do better' and was following constantly-changing directions given by military officials." G308 This is a classic of theft through the agency scam. We have seen how Congress under funds agencies in order to allow noncompliance. In particular, we saw how the US Congress under funds the foreign agent oversight agency in order to hide their lobbyist foreign agent paymasters. Who owns Altanmia? Why does Halliburton have one of its sets of books "antiquated"? How did Halliburton attempt to do better but fail? Why are the humans behind the scam anonymous? We saw this same behavior when the Bush family and others went to Kuwait after the war to do business through newly created agencies with off-shore accounts and anonymous owners. We can recall Enron and Neil Bush involved in that particular episode. The Saud family led by Commander General Prince Khalid and his half brother Bandar followed a similar path during Iraq War I. We reported reliable sources mentioned to us a similar scam would be perpetrated in the Iraq War II but no one listened. The same will happen again if the Washington Neocons decide to invade either Iran or Syria.


Kommersant-Vlast reports: "Menatep head and Yukos shareholder Leonid Nevzlin, who resides in Israel, shares his views. 'I want the judicial investigation in our case to be targeting not some abstract government or administration, but specific people. This small group of people has been identified. The lawyers are taking care of it. ... I will not warn them, let them be warned with a court case or an arrest when they cross the border. Also, we are not the only ones that this circle of people has robbed. The time has come to coordinate our forces, and this process has already started. I am prepared to engage in this on a wider level. If these people who have suffered under the regime are prepared to defend their interests in court, this is already a position.'" G309 Nevzlin and other Russian/Israeli principles in Menatep/Yukos are in refuge within Israel plotting the downfall of the Putin regime. Nevzlin has mentioned some very interesting strategies that may be used against the Saud family Washington retainers, especially exposing them to the world. When Middle East detractors refer to the US as the "Great Satan" they should be more specific and mention the Saud family Washington retainers and other culprits by name. The world will be surprised how few their number.

From the Readership:

I would like to communicate with sheik M.H.Al-Amoudi. So if you have his address and if it is possible please help me by telling his email address. May be this is something very silly but believe me I am not harmful I need him to save my life and my family from Saudi Royals. You people understand Saudi Royals kill innocent family members of their enemies.
So many thanks

Our child is home. Our son became his own hero, and began to initiate his own way of leaving by visiting the U.S. Embassy, and began to develop friendships to help him leave. Never underestimate the power of a child who wants to be reunited with his parents. It became a "risky" plan for him, because this type of exit is 'illegal' and the U.S. Embassy could not assist our 15 year old. It is sad what he had to do, more of the same. By secretly keeping in touch, he has always been assured of his families love. We are still a bit in awe of the fact that he is back, and know there will be challenges and adjustments ahead, but know they can be solved with love, understanding and faith in our Lord. Through these long, sad, heartbreaking years we always knew it would be a miracle of the Lord if he was ever to return, and I was often reminded of the story of Moses (in the book of Exodus Chapters 1 through 14). Please have hope in every circumstance of child abduction, and trust God to "make a way where there seems to be no way"! As our boy and his family come to your mind, remember to pray for him, and that he will readapt to his family, this country, and that he will want to be continually reunited with us. Our hearts are so overwhelmed with the miracle that has happened, and we are so thankful, and so full of love to the Lord for His mighty power, shown through this might act of our boys return.
Bush/Clinton letters

Dear Readership:

One international conundrum rarely successfully addressed is why those United States detractors do not become more specific in their pronouncements? Why do they blame the entire United States citizenry for the self serving policies of the Washington few? We have commented ad nausea about the US victims of these Washington lobbyists and their political counterparts. Who in Washington sold the odious agendas to the Saud family of allowing the torture of US citizens as well as the kidnapping of US children? Who are the Neocons who "hijacked" the US Middle East agenda, "stove piped" the Pentagon and are now responsible for attacking Middle East countries? Who has put United States youth yet again in jeopardy by being ordered to fight for these anonymous men with dubious policies? The individuals within Washington responsible for these and other purportedly deceitful self serving agendas should be considered the "Great Satan", not the average US citizen. Leonid Nevzlin's strategy is correct, let us name names. We know the World Court is presently interested in some of these august men. Let the US citizenry stand up and refute these charlatans by stripping them of their anonymity. Let the World Court judge them.

It is easier to state for whom the "secret city" of Taiff was not built. It was not built for the citizens of Arabia whose stolen oil reserves paid for it. Who benefits from Taiff? Who will inhabit it during strife? Does anyone wonder that those who will benefit, besides the Saud family, will readily give it up? Who is to defend it and from whom? It is so huge with miles living space that it was not built just for Saud family members. Who else? Does the Taiff agenda change from month to month? Is their a directorship, other than Saud family members, that control it? All of these questions should be addressed by the citizens of Arabia who should be the likely heirs to Taiff.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member

Issue 36

The record of human rights abuses and violations for Saudi Arabia still far exceeds the advances. --- State Department Human Rights Report

Ambassador Bandar and the government he represents continue to mock our requests for justice and fair play. --- Congressman Earl Hilliard


Center for Public Integrity says: "In the world's oldest democracy, pressure on investigative journalists is usually exerted in sophisticated, non-lethal ways, under the public radar. Every day in Washington, D.C., thousands of government and corporate public relations flaks and lobbyists purvey their "talking points" with a friendly smile, no matter how odious the client, no matter how intellectually dishonest or morally dubious their message. Journalists must trudge through the shameless 'spin'-that vanilla word admiringly used these days instead of 'lying', which has a harshly judgmental, jarringly rude ring in Washington power circles." G292 We and others have experienced the devious nature of Prince Bandar, his confidant Adel al Jubair and his Washington retainers. Since Bandar and his family made a secret concordat with the Neocons he has had no one to contradict him in Washington.


Globes Online reports: "Adel al-Jubeir has been selling his snake oil in Washington for quite some time. This is not the first time his polished words have rung hollow. ... On Tuesday, at a press conference at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, al-Jubeir launched a campaign to improve Saudi Arabia's image in the US, under the slogan, 'We're fighting terrorism.' The fact that someone of his stature has been assigned to orchestrate the campaign shows how Saudi Arabia's image has deteriorated in US public opinion .... Now, however, al-Jubeir wants Americans to believe that Saudi Arabia is remaking itself that what it has been is not what it will be. ... Asked how Saudi Arabia defines terrorism, al-Jubeir said that the kingdom had adopted the UN's formula, which defines terrorism as an act that causes victims among civilians, 'anywhere'." G293 If what Adel says be truthful, how does he explain the US victims of Saud family torture and child kidnappings? How does he explain the documented facts within our newsletters. Do Adel and his princeling patrons believe what they say? We only have to look at Bandar's letter in our Issue 6.


The Washington Times reports: "Iran is a totalitarian state; ask the EU3, what does that make Saudi Arabia? What is worse than totalitarian? There is even less freedom in Saudi Arabia than in Iran. Iranian women are allowed to drive. Anti-U.S., Saudi-funded pamphlets and booklets have been distributed in mosques all over the United States, advising Muslim travelers they are 'in enemy territory.' But we still talk directly to the Saudi royals." G294 Center for Public Integrity says: "Private gain from public life at the national level is legal and not uncommon in the United States and those in or around government officialdom in Washington would be shocked if anyone had the temerity to refer to it as 'corruption'. It's rather just 'business' and 'how things work'." G295 The Saud family has spread so much money around Washington that they, along with their Neocon allies, create their own US public relations. The Saud family, aided by their Washington retainers, continues to kidnap US children and torture US citizens.


Al Jazeera interview with Iraq UN Ambassador Al Duri: "A country's constitution must be national, while Iraq's interim constitution which laid the foundation for Iraq's future constitution was put forward by Noah Feldman, a Jewish American university professor. All the documents that rule Iraq today were made in the US, translated to Arabic and forwarded to Iraqis who could not even discuss them properly. How can a country adopt a constitution imposed by a foreign power? Even the elections were set by Feldman's document, and thus the elections have no legitimacy because it is based on illegal documents written by an occupying force." G296 Why have not the Neocons responded to criticisms of the Saud family repressive dictatorship? Why have the Neocons not written a constitution for Saudi Arabia? We have reported in the past the Saud family like to pay lip service to Islamic interests while secretly joining "Satan" Washington Neocons to survive.


The Guardian reports: "Four Britons who said they were tortured in a Saudi jail have won an appeal against a ruling that they could not claim damages in the UK. ... Lawyers said today's ruling by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Phillips, sitting with Lord Justice Mance and Lord Justice Neuberger, means that while the men will not be able to pursue their actions against the Saudi government, and they will be able to do so against the individual alleged torturers. ... Lord Justice Mance concluded that a foreign state cannot have any 'absolute right to claim immunity in respect of civil claims against its officials for systematic torture, even committed outside the country of suit'. ...The judge ruled that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 'has not made good its blanket claim to state immunity in respect of the civil proceedings for torture brought against the individual defendants.' " G297 We see this is a reluctant move against the Saud family torturers but there are loop holes. The Saud family London retainers will just put obfuscations in place for plausibility of denial. Their torture chambers will continue to ply their trade against vulnerable US and British citizens.


Arabian Slave Market

This old master depiction of the Arabian child sex slave market is as relevant today as it was a thousand years ago. Today the Saudi princes have gone more international purchasing Swedish and other Northern European as well as US children behind closed doors and not in a community square. The money they steal from the Arabian oil reserves allows their procurers to prowl the world is search of high end children.


"I was forced to have my nipples and what was left of my clitoris pierced. I was tattooed with Saudi Royal sign. I am bought and payed for by Saudi Royal family. I show myself and my scars to women of the world. Help us from being slaves."G 298 When are these Saudi Royal family disfigurements going to stop? When are the Saud family's Washington torture/kidnap lobbyists going to be exposed to their families, private clubs, neighbors, churches, synagogues and to the world?


The Guardian reports: "The Saudi Arabian security forces have arrested 110 men at a "gay wedding" party in Jeddah, according to a Saudi online newspaper. Al-Wifaq, which has connections with the interior ministry, said the authorities had raided a wedding hall on Monday night after a tip-off and found the men - all Saudis - dancing and 'behaving like women'. ... The raid was made a day after two men described as gay lovers were executed at Arar, in the north of the kingdom, for allegedly murdering a Pakistani who had found out about their relationship. ... Last year the Saudi police raided another event described as a gay wedding party for two African men from Chad at a hotel in the holy city of Medina. About 50 people were arrested. ... a Saudi ... said he had provided money to meet the marriage expenses. ... Despite the heavy penalties for homosexuality, most Saudi cities are said to have underground gay networks which organise parties in private villas, and sometimes in hotels." G299 The Saud family is so rife with homosexual activity that they demean real females. For the most part, they portray themselves in the girl role as "fluffies". It is not uncommon to find foreign dignitaries partaking in these deviant festivities replete, with drugs and child sex slaves. As we have reported in the past, this is one reason the Saud family government does not have real Queens. There are enough princes masquerading as females to make the need for a Queen redundant.


The World Tribune reports: "Prince Hayef bin Fawaz al Shalaan used the Saud family royal 727 to smuggle drugs with some of the profits going to fund al Qaida." G300 The Saud family cannot seem to stay away from drugs. Within Saudi Arabia they both consume and sell them. Their parties for pliable foreign dignitaries are replete with drugs and child sex slaves. Videos are taken to insure future blackmail capabilities.

Emails/Letters to the Editor
I am saudi citizen living in europe and have read your newsletter. I am pleased to know that the saudi royal family is finally exposed to the world. I am financially very capable of contributing money to help in making this effort more successful if needed. Thank you.

Dear Herb:
Thank you for helping my family by having your Washington press conference on the Saud family parental and non-parental kidnappings of US children. My kidnapped child has been so depressed and now is suicidal. I'm trying to be the strong one for my family but it has been very hard, especially with the holidays coming up. She is ready to take her life. It is so sad that I may loose my baby in Saudi Arabia when Ambassador Prince Bandar is free to play with his family in Aspen. Why can't we get our US children back from Saudi Arabia? Why is Bandar's family allowed to freely play in Aspen while he gives visas to procurers for our kidnapped US children? Please continue to give us help. We pray for you every day in hope you can get our baby back. We are a devout church going Christian family who just don't understand why Washington is so evil. They are like Satan, as our Moslems friends often say.

Dear publishers:
A friend of mine told me to read your issue 34 of about how prince Bandar and his family have kidnapped children from the US with the aid of their Washington retainers. They kidnapped my little sister several years ago and she lives in constant fear of being beaten and tortured by these Saudi men. I live in Colorado and think it is disgusting that these degenerates are able to kidnap US children just because they have money to pay corrupt politicians in Washington. My family and friends are very angry that Bandar can live with his wife, 8 children and their stolen money in an Aspen palace. We think they should get a taste of their own medicine. I would like to see that scum in Washington kept from stopping us from trying to save our children.
Help us.

Good morning;
I am from the Middle East and I live in Aspen. I saw your promotion at the newspaper, and I am interested in working for you reporting on Prince Bandar in Aspen. So I would like to check if you have any position available. Please dont hesitate to call me, if you have an available position for me.
With my best regards

Dear Sir
We are in need of your help for bringing the Saudi ambassador in US (prince) Bandar Bin Sultan to Justice. Please help us by every way that you can, and if this petition can be signed by you.
Thanking you very much.

Dear Readership:

There is an urgent procedure we would like to institute for the protection of those who are attempting to communicate with us, especially Saud family members. We realize many readers require anonymity. We would like you to call 703-979-4236 and leave an email address which you will anonymously use, such as hotmail. Then send the email to We will watch out for the email and, in turn, email you back. This is how we can communicate while giving maximum anonymity to the sender.

One can readily see a pattern emerging within our recent newsletter issues. This pattern of intelligence oriented material actually raises more questions than it answers. One must read between the lines to conjure the scenarios put forth. The Arabian citizens controlled by the Saud family dictatorship more than any other group should be concerned since it is their destiny and that of their children that are at stake. We carefully expound upon the underlying pattern of deceit and secrecy which is ominous to their future.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member