Transparency is a wonderful thing when allowed to occur. It is very rare indeed when the US middle class is allowed to gain a glimpse within the murky  world of Washington Deep State political operatives.  Conversely, the US middle class is a formidable force.  It rarely reacts as an entity against the manipulations  of Washington Deep State political operatives but when informed it is heard around the World.  The time is overdue to review the lopsided and odious treaty between Saudi Arabia and Washington for many of the following documented reasons  mention within this newsletter. US citizenry,  Qatar and other socially advanced Middle East countries have tried succor up to Washington Deep State but stopped at a designated point.   This has allowed them  to bare the brunt  of this unholy US/Saudi Arabian treaty.  Let us explain herein.

Two of the most distasteful Saudi Arabian occurrences that have exhibited the wrath of US middle class are the torture of US veterans and the continuing white slavery kidnappings of US children by the Saudi Arabian royal  family operatives and their Washington collaborators.   In essence, what you have are the most sacrosanct of US family values as prevention of citizen torture and protection of children  being penetrated and debased by the Saudi Arabian Royal family aided and abetted by  their bullying Washington lawyer/lobbyists and political deferred payment retainers.

Let us be reminded that more than 50% of Congress retire to become Washington lawyer/lobbyists or other odious but deemed necessary endeavors.  This directly affects the very essence of US,  its citizens inalienable  rights,  US vital interests and national security.   This has pitted US middle class and their few Washington allies  against the Saud family Washington retainers.  A Saudi Princess has willingly come forward with testimony divulging the intricacies  of  these Washington pay-to-play schemes.   We have had a press conference in front of the Capital with several Congressmen and US Saud family torture victims speaking. We have had numerous well received press conferences at the Washington National Press Club. We have had prior Congressman Dan Burton’s House Government Reform Committee give a series of hearings on US kidnapped children in Saudi Arabia.   At these hearings Saudi lawyer/lobbyists from Gallagher Group, Patton Boggs, Qorvis Communications et al were allowed to  hide from subpoenas.   Through “Deep State”  intrigue they  then were absurdly allowed by  US  Congress to  refuse speaking   under the Vienna Convention privilege.  These men are an integral part of the US Deep State sacrificing US citizens’ Constitutional rights for money.  Nothing is sacrosanct to these US political operatives.   Some children abandoned by their Saudi Fathers are allowed to be kidnaped at puberty by Saudi fathers only to return to  US as festering college student jihadists willingly harming  innocent middle class US citizens as revenge.  It is an open Washington secret that the kidnapping continues with Saudi Washington lawyer/lobbyists still collecting  their facilitator cash for obstructing tearful parents from ever seeing their child again.  The deferred payments were then  tallied up to Bush I/Clinton/Bush II/Obama for receipt upon leaving office.

During the Obama Presidency it became much easier to acquire children  in US from  addicted US parents in desperation  known to  sell their children to acquire  opiate drugs.   If anything, the number of US children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia has increased due to the current destabilization of  parental opiate addiction and unemployment vulnerabilities.    This Saudi white slave industry is unknown in Qatar and more advanced  Middle East countries.

The surge in  Washington lawyer/lobbyists partaking in odious have created three of the five  wealthiest US counties that  surround Washington.  Lawyer/lobbyists and other Washington Deep State members inhabiting these counties can be considered the enemy of  US citizens by there willingness  to sell inalienable rights of US citizens for cash.    We now see Deep State collaborating with others to destabilize  President Trump and the will of US citizens who voted him into office.  Middle class US are angry.  Donald Trump won the US election because he was willing to “drain the swamp”.

The primary purpose of this newsletter will be to expose the Saud family’s inordinate influence on Washington during the  tenures of Ambassadors’ Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and  Adel Jubair et al.  As now Saudi Arabian Foreign minister Adel is in the thick of the liberal policy advancements within Saudi Arabia.  During Bandar’s unduplicated tenure as US Ambassador it has been said that because of his access to large amounts of money Prince Bandar was one of the seven most powerful people in Washington. To his detractors he was known as Bandar/Bush.  Documented material will center on how various Presidents have received Saud family deferred payments  for illegal activities while Congress willingly turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their actions.  We will document the deferred payments  the Saud family extracted from Presidents in consideration causing immeasurable harm to US and Saudi citizens. We believe it is important to reveal at this time the blatant behavior Presidents and their political appointees have been exhibiting. Saud family manipulation has been  out of control in Washington since the Bandar/Bush collaborations. We will display US palaces to which Saud family members known to have committed atrocities against US citizens plan to flee seeking asylum within the US when the Saud family is endangered in Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps te time  is overdue for a circumspect overview of the US.