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  • Show the hypocrisy of the Saud family in its relationship with Presidents Bush I, Clinton, Bush II/Obama.
  • Trump has yet to join the  pattern of deferred payment collusion between the Saud family.  Clinton/Bush II/Obama are allegedly still receiving deferred payments in collaboration with UBS AG (Switzerland).  This is blatantly apparent through the secret but legal Presidential library secret   UBS AG  account manipulations.
  •  and Washington since US is now oil independent.  There is no US vital interest in Saudi Arabian oil since the advent of  US domestic fracking and shale oil.
  • Terminate the one sided skewed perennial defense treaty between the Saud Family regime and US.
  • Stop the use of US military by the Saud family and Washington special interests for other than US vital national interest policy.
  • Ban from entering the US Saud family members who have committed human rights atrocities directly or indirectly against US citizens.


The Carter Doctrine, established under the tenure of Ambassador John West, said: “any attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and any such assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.” A1 During the Bush years this doctrine was blurred whereby the US vital interest in Persian Gulf oil and the interests of the Saud family became one in the same.  We will document how this policy has continued under Clinton.


The 6,000+ or so Saud family princes get a base allowance of approximately $1,500,000 per year. They supplement their allowance with vast sums made through a sophisticated form of theft. The Saud family princes commonly use three scenarios to steal money from the oil reserves they control. Firstly, the commission scheme to which the Washington Post reports; “royal family members serving in the government, or as brokers in business deals with foreign companies, take as commissions on contracts … as high as 40 percent of the … contract value”.A2 Secondly, the subcontractor scheme which launders princely payoffs and kick-backs through off-shore shell companies to avoid U.S. anti-corruption laws. Thirdly, the land scheme to which the Washington Post says; “seizing quasi-public emeri, or royal lands that are needed for industrial or real estate projects. The lands are registered in the names of princes who then sell them back to the government at exorbitant prices.”A3 Some of this privatized money finds its way to Washington in the form of national campaign contributions, deferred payments as well as fees for lawyers, lobbyists and consultants. These
Washington retainers then facilitate the perpetuation of the Saud family regime at the expense of the Arabs they control as well as the US military sent to protect them.


The Saud family have always been afraid of their predatory neighbors. Although they have been relying on the US military for some time to defend them, historically they have seen US Presidents drop their commitments to other rulers. They have seen in their own neighborhood the Shah cut loose by President Carter. Therefore, Saud family rulers have developed a deferred payment scheme into an elaborate procedure whereby the Saud family obtain an extra assurance to their continuing rule. Retired Presidents, political appointees and high Washington careerists who have done Saud family bidding during their active years are rewarded through the use of consulting fees, speaking fees, gifts etc.  These schemes have been endemic throughout Bush I/Clinton/Bush II/Obama regimes.


Worth magazine says; “religious ulemas, long silent, have begun to protest the corrupt and profligate ways of the monarch [King Fahd] and his huge and ever growing family. They were particularly galled in 1987 when Fahd gave $300 million in spending money to his 14-year-old son. King Fahd sits atop the world’s largest family business. Yet it is a business in disarray –The man himself is known to be terminally lazy – he sometimes doesn’t look at urgent state papers for months on end – and he is widely recognized as a drunk, a womanizer, a gambler, and a man greedy for yet more billions. – The House of Saud enjoys no real affection from Arabians. Ibn Saud and his sons simply grabbed off and held the country’s oil wealth to do with as they saw fit. … In 1902 when Ibn Saud took control of Riyadh, the capital, he burned 1,200 people to death and spiked the heads of other political and tribal enemies as a lesson to the populace. … Ibn Saud, Fahd’s father, not only personally executed 18 rebellious tribal chiefs, but also chose his provincial governors for their fealty and their brutality. To tighten their grip on the kingdom, these governors executed 40,000 people and amputated the limbs of another 350,000 – out of a population of 4 million.”A4 It is no wonder the Saud family have a desire to enslave and torture vulnerable US citizens as yet another example to others of their willingness to commit human rights atrocities. The perpetuation of this behavior must cost the Saud family incredible fees from Washington lawyers, lobbyists and consultants over and above their deferred payment scheme.


A tabloid says; “World’s richest boy has seven Cadillacs and three jets, gets a mind-boggling weekly allowance of $6 million – and boasts a bulging bank account of $1.6 BILLION! … Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd Al-Saud … accompanied his dad [King Fahd] on a trip to London – where … he tried to buy Buckingham Palace, and was disappointed when he was told it wasn’t for sale. … Abu … who is plump and shy … thinks he can buy anything he sees. … Abu asked … if he could buy the guard’s who’d paraded on his arrival! … he gets a ‘pocket money’ allowance of $300 million a year … and that $1.6 billion has been stashed away in a Swiss bank account for him by his father … He said he had his own personal terminal at his family’s private airport … dozens of servants … Abu revealed he has 200 video games”.A5 Abu seems to be off to a good start in life. We see his father may only have confidence in off-shore banks for a reason.

Plump Abu or Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd Al-Saud at age 14


Princess Salwa Qahanti let the effects of the free alcohol in first class get to her head as she became a one person terrorist team on the TWA Paris to Boston flight. The 43 year old Saud family princess was charged with making death threats, choking and scratching the stewardess who asked her to sit down during takeoff, turbulence and landing. The stewardess said the most traumatic events were the death threats from the Princess. For 7 1/2 hours Princess Salwa said she would have “the royal family kill you”.A6 The stewardess took her seriously and rightly so since the Saud family have murdered US citizens knowing the State Department would call it an accident or suicide. Although it is not known if the State Department made the usual behind the scenes intervention on behalf of this Saud family member, the local court gave Princess Salwa Qahanti a $500 fine and six months unsupervised probation. She was given this sentence most probably so she could beat the gathering reporters to the next plane for Saudi Arabia. The flight attendant and her union were so furious at the light criminal sentence that they are developing a task force on airline assaults. Perhaps we have not heard from a true terrorists frequenting international flights in some time for fear they may run into a Saud family princess who could embarrassingly upstage any self respecting terrorist. Right on Salwa!

Princess Salwa Qahanti


Prince Bandar in a letter to a Senator reports; “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and respectful country which is guided by the laws of Sharia. It believes strongly in human rights … The Kingdom most surely would not condone abuse of those rights nor, more specifically, the torture of individuals no matter what their nationality.” A7


Fulbright Scholar Jim Smrkovski mentioned before the House Committee on Judiciary the treatment he received from the Saud family government when they accused him of “being a spy for Israel, trafficking in weapons, and smuggling alcohol with the Mafia”. A8 He says; “I was thrown into a filthy, insect infested cell with no furniture, mattress, toilet or sink. The oppressive heat, hordes of mosquitoes and glaring light from a bare fluorescent bulb which shone twenty-four hours a day made sleep impossible. … Handcuffed and often blindfolded during the interrogations, I was brutally beaten, subjected to electric shock torture, and forced to do deep knee bends until I collapsed from pain and exhaustion. … interrogators tied my feet to the underside of a steel pipe and repeatedly beat them with a bamboo cane causing pain so excruciating that I could not stand for days. … I was repeatedly drenched with hot and cold water to keep me exhausted and disoriented. … dragged to a tiny cell where I was held in solitary confinement for the next 164 days. The concrete cell was only six feet long and three feet wide with a small toilet area in the back of the cell consisting of a hole in the ground and a faucet. … no mattress or furniture. A light burned continuously making sleep difficult, and mosquitoes inflicted painful sores and rashes all over my exposed skin and scalp. … blindfolded, handcuffed and taken to the interrogation room, My interrogator showed me a picture of my son wearing a Star of David, called me a “fucking Jew” and demanded that I give the names of my Israeli contacts. When I denied these accusations, I was beaten brutally and threatened with execution in twelve hours. I was then blindfolded again and shocked repeatedly with an electric prod on my arms, legs, neck and feet. … I was forced down on a cot and felt a hard, cold metal object grab my small right toenail. I felt unbearable, excruciating pain as the toenail was slowly extracted from my body. This was repeated with five other toenails … I was threatened with execution and deprived of water until I became so thirsty that I drank my own urine. … For the next five months, I was kept in total isolation and not permitted out of my cell … During the winter months, the temperature in the cell dropped to near freezing. When it rained, water would often cover the floor, drenching my blankets and causing intense cold … a guard sprayed insecticide directly into my eyes and mouth. U.S. Consulate General … had been informed by the Saudi Government that my arrest had never taken place. … My family and I were told that because I did not give the U.S. Government written permission to lodge a protest during my imprisonment, the State Department could not raise the issue with either Saudi prison authorities or higher government officials.” A9 We will see in a later issue where the State Department pulls the same stunt. The State Department denied Vietnam Veterans entry into the consulate in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Alvin Paul Drischler, Acting Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations said to a Senator; “we have no record that Mr. Keene (Marine Vietnam Veteran) sought the assistance of a U.S.consular officer.” A10We wish you the best Jim in obtaining satisfaction from the State Department. Perhaps it would be easier to go to Aspen and wait to speak to Washington politicians, lobbyists, consultants and special interest groups on their way to Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz’s palace.


The London Guardian reports; “The US state department calls al-Hair and other prisons high quality institutions, with air-conditioning, good nutrition and regular exercise.” A11

60 MINUTES interviewed a Saud family US torture victim and found his mind to be unreliable for national TV. This citizen had suffered a nervous breakdown as a consequence of his torture by the Saud family. After the Saud family found out about this, they then centered their torture of US citizens to destabilizing their minds. This renders the US victims useless to US media. Above is an example of a torture used upon US citizens whereby the water in the ears, shock of the stick percussions and gasping for air combine to damage the brain.


The New Yorker reports; “There are stories circulating in Israel that he [King Fahd] is not above drawing on the skills of their medical experts. One eminent Tel Aviv specialist is widely believed to have grown wealthy as a result of his attention to the royal testicles … a treatment that has given rise to Israeli jokes about ‘the Custodian of the Two Holy Places’.” A12


What better place to start our tour of Saud family palaces located within the United States than in the Washington area. The residence of Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz on Chain Bridge Road, Mc Clean, Virginia is palatial. In fact, it is a palace under any normal definition. Prince Bandar spends little time in the Washington area of late preferring to meet Washington politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, consultants and special interest groups at his palace in Aspen. This is most probably because it is out of the glare of Washington media and those who envy his retainers. Ambassador Bandar has been a very successful Ambassador due in part to his secretive life behind both the scenes of Washington and gates such as these which are guarded night and day.

Dear Reader:  Perhaps future revelations of this newsletter may have an impact on the US presidential election. If you have any relevant information which would interest the Committee, please do not hesitate in sending it or calling us. We will be having a series of press conferences at the National Press Club regarding these issues. Our book will be published soon on this topic. This publication will deal more comprehensively with the matters summarily mentioned within the news letters and press conferences. The book will contain extensive unpublished documentation.

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