Issue 14


We have found that Washington set up offices to divert complaints from US citizens who have children kidnapped by foreign ex-spouses, especially by Saudi Arabian princes. We have been told by a reliable source at the Justice Department, off the record, that these offices are set up to condition the parents to lower their expectations of ever finding their children, to keep secret the real numbers of complaints and to tell the police to consider all kidnapping as local when in fact we know of US child sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. Some of the male employees of these offices disillusioning the parents of kidnapped children in such a disreputable fashion are said to make $100,000 or more for “hardship pay”. We were told that the number of kidnapped and/or disappeared 12-15 year old girls is almost epidemic but the Justice offices will not divulge any numbers of kidnapped children. The politicians, yet again, turn a deaf ear and a blind eye for fear of irritating the torture/slave lobbyists with their substantial campaign contributions. Remember, the old Washington maxim is: “The one who controls the investigation wins.”


Parents of kidnapped children picket the Saudi Embassy

This is a small representation of a group of parent’s who have had their children kidnapped by former Saudi spouses and taken to Saudi Arabia. Recently, they picketed in front of the Saudi Embassy in hopes their children would be returned. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s and his Washington retainers preclude this from happening.


If there is one place one does not want to be in the animal kingdom its between a mother and her babies. These mothers do not know that ethical State Department careerists who would like to help them do not for fear of jeopardizing their careers. State and Justice Department have a policy of not aiding these mothers we believe partially based upon some careerists fear of loosing their deferred payments promised them by the likes of Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan. These mothers do not know that the State and Justice Department created an office which has made it policy to teach parents of kidnapped children to lower their expectations of finding them, presumably for foreign policy expediency. We have been told by a reliable source within the Justice Department that the number of disappeared girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years old is drastically under counted for fear of causing alarm among US parents. We do know these are the desirable ages for sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. We do know that there are US sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. We are in the process of obtaining the names and whereabouts of these US children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia.


A US nationally syndicated television talk show recently had a guest who was a teenage ‘soap opera’ actress. The Talk show host asked her the most scary event in her life since becoming a child ‘soap opera’ star. She told of receiving flowers from an unknown source for many days. After a while she said; “some nice speaking Arab guys called and invited me to a big party at a Miami penthouse. It was like a palace inside. There were actresses and models everywhere. Outside on a balcony and inside rooms were Arab men drugged out of their minds all over the place. They didn’t notice me. A Spanish-speaking cook took a few of us aside after we asked him what was going on. He told us that the place was owned by a Saudi prince. Then he told of how the prince’s people slipped drugs into girls drinks and then took them to a helicopter on the roof. He said he never saw any of them again.” N123 When no one was looking the cook used his service key to let the girls take the private (locked) elevator downstairs, since the princes men were guarding the front door. They ran from the building. Later they called the police and told them all that had happened. When the girls, their parents and the people the girls worked for tried to follow up, they were told that no such matter had ever been reported. The actress, her family and others plan to continue the fight but it may be already to late for the girls are most probably sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. If they go to Washington with the story they will be ignored. If the Saudi prince had been caught he would most probably have joined other Saudi princes who have received diplomatic or retroactive diplomatic immunity from the State Department after committing crimes within the US. If the parents of the kidnapped children have their Senator or Congressman write to the State Department they will be told “the State Department can neither confirm nor deny that the children are in Saudi Arabia. The parents may be best able to pursue such matters through appropriate legal channels in Saudi Arabia. If you would like a list of Saudi Arabian attorneys who might be able to initiate appropriate judicial action, the State Department will provide one”. If the parents of the kidnapped children go to the Justice Department they will be channeled to the missing children office where several men receive “hardship pay” of $100,000 or more salary to condition the parents to lower their expectations of ever finding their children and that all kidnapping is local. Through his Washington retainers, Ambassador Prince Bandar has been able to stifle any investigations of Saudi princes committing crimes in the US, especially molesting and kidnapping of US children.


The Washington Post reports; “the enduring and institutionalized nature of black slavery in much of the Arab world has long been an accepted fact. — Arab slave trade never ended — The slaves ‘are declared subhuman’ so they can be sold without violation of the Koran — (slaves) are told the way to Paradise lies beneath the foot of their master.” N124 This article is erroneous since slavery is generally restricted to the Gulf states and not the entire Arab Middle East community. Saudi Arabia is by far the worst offender. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s mother was a child from a black slave family originally taken from Sudan. My how he has forgotten his roots.


Gannett News Service reports; “U.S. taxpayers are indirectly supporting activities of lobbyists, lawyers and public relations firms who — represent foreign interests that are persistent abusers of human rights — many former U.S. Capitol and White House figures are acting as mouthpieces for foreign states through Washington-based firms.” N125 There are a group of law and public relations firms in Washington who are paid agents of foreign governments who torture and enslave US citizens. Saudi Arabia has hired numbers of these firms. Recently, several of these firms have secured Bandar’s victory over the Loudoun County, Virginia citizens facilitating the building of his Saudi compound. These firms specialize at obfuscating replies to complainant citizens, obstructing international slavery, torture and kidnapping legislation and suppressing media coverage. They do this by rewarding Washington politicos who take care of their interests with substantial campaign contributions while in office. After they leave the White House or Congress they are rewarded hefty salaries and/or consulting fees, the revolving door of deferred payments. Saudi princes are said to be one of the most frequent abusers of this system.

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Dear Reader:

So much concern has been generated by our recent news letters on Saudi theft of US children that we will be sponsoring a press conference September 22, 1998 at the National Press Club. Some of the issues to be discussed will be: Why it is allowed to continue? Who is behind it? Why has Washington put up blockers to the parents of the kidnapped? This will coincide with Ambassador Prince Bandar’s banquet September 23 rewarding his faithful Washington retainers. We have received confirmation from several distinguished personages that they will speak. We hope the international media receiving this news letter will send a representative to the conference.

Herb Mallard
National Press Club member