Issue 18


Saudi Arabia has Kings, Princes and Princesses but no queens. Sociologically this is perplexing. Saud family princelings are brought up by their mothers and other women until their formative years, rarely seeing their fathers. Ambassador Prince Bandar did not even know who his father was when growing up. We are told he would wander around the palace asking: “Whose my daddy? Whose my daddy?” Prince Sultan would not recognize him as his son. Because of this sociological aberration, some say that there are so many males who are effeminate in the Saud family that there is no place for a female queen. A second answer could be that the Saud family does not want to create a rivalry among the women which has plagued other ruling families throughout millennia. A third answer is that women are held in such low esteem, being treated like chattels, that they could never be considered in parity with males. The third answer begs the question of why the Saud family have princesses. The princes must realize there is no such thing as being half pregnant. If you have kings you invariably have queens. Oh yes, female queens should not be considered a redundancy but a qualifier considering the proliferation of Saud family male queens.

We believe the royal fiction was created to manipulate the Arabian Peninsula citizens controlled by the Saud family. What better way to detach yourself than call yourself different than others you dominate. Bandar’s right hand person Adel Jubair was quite serious when he called himself a “Saudi commoner” inferior to a Saud family prince. We will expound on Adel’s unusual life style and his servile dedication to his “royal” masters,especially Ambassador Prince Bandar, in a later issue. Contradicting Adel’s view of the Middle East, the Saud family prince/princess titles are a synthetic creation imposed upon other tribes of the Arabian Peninsula by British hegemony as the maharajas were upon Indians. This is just one tool used to suborn all other tribes to al Saud. The Saud family foreign advisors are succeeding in suborning Arabian Peninsula tribes the Saud family control by abolishing non-Saud tribal recognition and labeling them all as “commoners”. The Arabian Peninsula Arabs best wake up to what is happening to them and their oil resources.


Several of the speakers at the Saudi Arabian Government anniversary Washington symposium dealt with the wishes of the Saud family to abolish tribal identifications within the Arabian Peninsula they control. This should be considered suspect by the other “commoner” tribal members. It is a time worn fact that it is easier to manipulate people when you take their heritage away from them. Adel Jubair said the people will all be known as Saudis and not from another particular tribe. Mr Jubair further stated it is just like the United States where people do not say they are Virginians or New Yorkers. This is faulty logic which only would be true if George Washington had called the United States Washington and its citizens Washingtonian commoners while installing his family as royalty and absolute rulers. Even the name Saudi Arabia is a fiction synthetically created by the Saud family British advisors after the Saud family ruthlessly conquered other tribes of the Arabian Peninsula with British aid. For the suborned tribes to call themselves Saudi commoners in perpetuity should be considered the final degradation of the once proud tribes.


Often police in the European Union and United States use a Saudi prince disguise when attempting to arrest drug dealers. We have reported similar episodes in Issues # 3 & 5. The police use Saudi princes as a cover because it is well known within international drug circles that Saudi princes are some of the greatest consumers of illegal drugs. These Saudi princes not only ingest these drugs themselves but use them on unsuspecting or naive young Western girls and boys at prearranged parties, presumably to lower their inhibitions for immediate sex or to kidnap them. London Times reports: “A former star of the television series London’s Burning was secretly filmed supplying drugs to a bogus Arabian royal during an ‘elaborate’ charade to expose him as an alleged drug dealer… the News of the World’s investigative editor … had allegedly been tipped off that he was supplying drugs at parties.” R156 Several weeks later the same sheik/prince scam was used to ensnare an earl. The London Times reports: “The 10th Earl of Hardwicke was said to have snorted cocaine, drunk champagne and boasted of the availability of drugs as he entertained a bogus Arab sheik in a suite at the Savoy Hotel in London. In order to impress the “sheik” and his partner, who was posing as an Arab businessman, the earl took both of them on a guided tour of the House of Lords. At one stage at the Savoy, Blackfriars Crown Court was told yesterday, the earl, charged under the name of Joseph Hardwicke, said: ‘Come on, bring on the charlie. I want a big fat line. I am going to have the biggest line I have had in my life and then be sick.’ ” R157


The Palm Beach Post reports: “Alvin Malnik, the man once regarded as the heir apparent to mobster Meyer Lansky, … described by federal authorities as a top associate of organized crime figures … Among his friends, Malnik counts Saudi royalty. His son once married a princess descended from the Middle Eastern kingdom’s founding family. … The sole owner of a Georgia company, Title Loans of America, Malnik runs a national chain of loan stores that make millions of dollars from the interest charged on quick cash offered to people in desperate need of money. … Attorney General Bob Butterworth [Florida] likens the business to ‘legalized loan sharking.’ … ‘It was a known fact among the criminal underworld that dealing with Al Malnik was the same as dealing with Meyer Lansky,’ [said] Vincent Teresa, ‘a convicted criminal and frequent government witness currently in the federal Witness Protection Program,’ …When Lansky died in 1983 at age 81, Reader’s Digest named Malnik his ‘heir apparent.’ … ‘He is not welcome here,’ James Hurley, the chairman of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission … ‘He’s done nothing to overcome his reputation of being closely identified with Meyer Lansky and other organized crime figures.’ … In 1962, Malnik was listed as a director of the Bank of World Commerce, a Bahamas-based institution that involved ‘some of the nations’ top gangsters,’ … In 1978, a Bahamian company named Appolonia Investment Limited paid $3.35 million to buy the property just north of Malnik’s Ranch. … Malnik refuse to divulge Appolonia’s owners. But records from the Register General’s Office in the Bahamas show the principal shareholder is a Saudi Arabian prince who is a prominent member of the kingdom’s royal family and longtime friend of Malnik’s. … Malnik and the prince — a son of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia — once lived in neighboring condos in the Cricket Club. According to news stories in the 1980s, the pair also traveled abroad together. Malnik’s son … would later change his name from Mark to Shareef and marry into the royal Saud family.” R158 It is known that the Saudi King would frequently send his private 747 to Florida to pick up Malnik and his associate so they could conduct business on the plane away from prying eyes. We do have a sizable amount of information on Malnik and his Saud family relatives. For instance, we do not know if the children born of the marriage are living in the Saud family palaces as “royals” or in Miami. Actions speak louder than words. We see time and time again the Saud family speak one way and act another. The Saudi prince whose daughter married a Malnik’s son had complete control over his daughter actions. The Saudi prince not only blessed the marriage but works with the US organized crime associates.

Meyer Lansky was known as the treasurer of the US Mafia. He would launder Mafia money through Bahamas companies and send the money to Israel to purchase Israeli defense bonds. It is well known in Washington that the Saud family have had a long term covert relationship with Israel which has evolved into Israel being the Saud family defenders of last resort. In turn, the Saud family have shown good faith by investing in Israel through, among others, Bahamas front companies. We do not know if Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz brokers this relationship.


Retired CIA Director Schlesinger said; “debacles in American intelligence resulted from the political prejudgments that precluded looking at the intelligence that had been collected … covert operations should take place only when there is a direct threat to the United States and its interests, and that these actions must remain ‘unconnected to the President.’ ” R159 Schlesinger’s prophetic statement should have included vice presidents as well. We saw Vice President Gore ignoring CIA reports regarding Russian corruption in Issue #4. We have seen US presidents recently discard intelligence reports in favor of self interest political moves, especially regarding the Middle East. We could see a grateful President George Bush Jr ignore substantiated Middle East intelligence reports to please Ambassador Prince Bandar, as did his father.


The New York Times reports: “The [US] embassy bombings, they note, took place eight years to the day after G.I.’s, were ordered onto Saudi soil. … but business associates of Mr. bin Laden said his family cut him off years ago and are managing his share of his inheritance for him as long as he is disowned. Business associates say that Mr. bin Laden has been living on a generous allowance from his eldest brother and that his assets in Saudi Arabia are now frozen. … ‘He himself was very much wary about America.’ said Saad al-Faqih, a Saudi exile living in London, who worked as a surgeon for wounded Afghan fighters, ‘very skeptical about America and the Saudi regime.’ … To Mr. bin Laden the deployment of Americans in the land of Mecca and Medina smacked of the Crusades, the Christian religious wars against Islam that began nine centuries ago. His rage transformed him into a stateless outlaw. … In 1995, after the Saudi Government rescinded his citizenship, he began sending scathing attacks on the royal family from Khartoum. … Saudi Interior Minister, Prince Nayif ibn Abdel Aziz, has absolved him. … ‘He does not constitute any security problem to us.’ … Mr. bin Laden’s criticisms of Saudi repression and corruption closely corresponded with State Department reports and C.I.A. analysis. But Mr. bin Laden blamed the United States. ‘The root of the problem is the occupying American enemy,’ he proclaimed, ‘and all efforts should focus on killing, fighting and destroying it.’ ” R160 In essence, we see that Osama bin Laden’s money is being held in a trust for him by his family for some future date. He presently gets a “generous allowance” from this trust. We do not see any encumbrance for Osama bin Laden in this arrangement. We also see Interior Minister Prince Nayif say Osama bin Laden is not a Saudi threat. Another words, only United States citizens in general and the US military garrisoned in Saudi Arabia defending the Saud family in particular are in danger. Nayif intimates that since neither the Saudi Arabian government nor the Saud family is jeopardized by Osama bin Laden the Saud family will yet again become indifferent if US military personnel are yet again killed. It appears some sort of arrangement has been made between Osama bin Laden and the Saud family. If Osama bin Laden keeps from going after the US military garrisoned in Saudi Arabia the Saudi Government will not criminalize his prior yet to be proven indiscretions in Saudi Arabia. The Washington Times reports: “There are other signs, though, that his network is growing stronger, backed by tens of millions of dollars in funds from members of the Saudi elite. U.S. Treasury Department and CIA officials recently went to Dubai to investigate reports that a bank there was funneling millions of dollars to bin Laden through Arab companies in London. There are also reports that Saudi banks are involved in facilitating money to bin Laden’s group, Al Qaeda.” R161 This corresponds to the shoddy treatment the Al Khobar Towers victims’ families have received from the Saudi Arabian Government. If this reliable source is correct the Saudi Government has sold out past US military victims’ families as well as those in future US military personnel killings. It is astounding that the Saudi princes, their Washington lawyer/lobbyists and special interest groups are yet again able to sacrifice US military personnel garrisoned in Saudi Arabia protecting the Saud family.

Dear Reader:

We have found through our communications a definite and growing antagonism towards the Saudi Arabian Government by US entities and citizens. The international media are needed to further enlighten the US and European citizenry to what those in the Middle East already know of the Saud family. Our first Saudi Arabian/American press conference last September was well received by international media. Many asked for videos and made queries. As we have said, our next press conference will be triggered by events within Saudi Arabia or by Saudis. We have to create enough influence as to supersede Ambassador Prince Bandar and his Washington retainers. We do not see why US military need to be garrisoned in Saudi Arabia other than to protect the Saud family. Nevertheless, the Saud family will remain on the Arabian Peninsula until the last US military personnel defending them either leave or are killed. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers behind the scenes lobbying for the continued garrisoning of troops in Saudi Arabia must be exposed by the media.

Again, we thank those within the Washington Middle East community who have given us information of interest.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member