Issue 22


Associated Press reports: “With as many as two million women world wide forced into sexual slavery, the sex trade seems to have replaced narcotics as the favored illegal trade activity. … Harold Koh, assistant Secretary of State for democracy, human rights and labor, said international criminals are moving away from ‘guns and drugs’ to marketing women. ‘There are weaker restraints and growing demand.’ Koh told the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Near Eastern and Southern Asian Affairs. Sen. Sam Brownback R-Kan., who chaired the hearing, spoke of meeting some women victims during recent travels Asia and called the trade ‘the greatest manifestation of slavery in the world today. … ‘We are only beginning to learn the methods of this industry.” V177 As we have reported in the past, the Saud family princelings are high end buyers on the international sex slavery market. The State Department has been reluctant to act against Saudi abductions of US children because of Ambassador Prince Bandar’s powerful Washington retainers. Senator Sam Brownback need not go to Asia to look for sex slaves. He need only read our material and ask for our documentation of US child kidnappings by Saudis. We even have video tapes of our press conference at the National Press Club on parental and nonparental US abductions by Saudis. One grandmother told of her male and female grandchildren abducted from the US by Saudis and used as sex slaves in Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers have successfully suppressed any action by Washington. We are also reminded of the old Washington maxim: “The one who controls the investigation wins.”


AFP reports from Rihadh: “Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz said Friday that Riyadh would continue to apply a version of strict Islamic law, or sharia, which he claimed did not violate human rights. ‘The respect of human rights is present in Islam and sharia, and no other law on earth could be more just to man than Islam, ‘Prince Nayef said, quoted by the official SPA news agency. Prince Nayef also dubbed the Amnesty International report released March 28 on human rights ‘violations’ in Saudi Arabia as ‘clearly a tendentious campaign against Islam to misrepresent it.’ ‘We can discuss their (Amnesty`s) claims that we do not apply sharia, but we reject outright their opposition to Islam as a dogma and source for our laws, and reaffirm our attachment to Islam and its principles,’ he said. ‘Does the fact of applying sharia to guarantee security violate human rights? Do we also have to pardon criminals and ignore the victims?’ he asked. The prince also called on Amnesty to present proof to back up its accusations and stressed that the Saudi kingdom had ‘nothing to hide. ‘Amnesty accused Saudi Arabia of arbitrary arrests, torture and executions, the persecution of political opponents and religious minorities and cruel judicial punishments, including amputations.” V178 It is believed Crown Prince Abdullah is positioning Saudi Arabia for, at very least, a seat on the United Nations Council for Human Rights. In conjunction, we have been informed Ambassador Prince Bandar is successfully pressuring his Washington retainers to erase evidence of Saudi human rights violations both within and without the United States. Prince Nayef is right when he says Islam is just and human rights friendly. He is wrong when he hypocritically applies it to Saud family international human rights atrocities. What we are seeing is Crown Prince Abdullah and his half brothers attempting to hide behind the banner of Islam to justify their odious human rights violations. We have seen throughout history that anybody can do anything in the name of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism for their own purposes.


AFP reports from Amman that: “Anti-narcotics officers seized 107 kilograms (246 pounds) of heroin with a street value of 7.5 million dinars in the largest haul of its kind in Jordan,” the press said quoting the head of the public security department, General Zaher Fawaz. … In recent years Jordan has become a favorite route for drug smugglers coming into the kingdom from Syria, Turkey and Lebanon on their way to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel as well as Europe and the United States.” V179 The Saud family princelings are some of the largest purchasers of drugs in the world. Interior Minister Prince Nayef is hypocritically allowing Saudi princelings to purchase sex slaves and drugs while punishing, through the Saud family “version of strict Islamic law”, Arabian Peninsula citizens under his family control for the same behavior.


The Saud family decided to build a theme park near Riyahd called Al-Adhirayah to display their history and justify their dictatorial rule over the Arabian citizens they control. King Fahd’s 28 year old son was put in charge of the project. There are replicas of such things as the ancient Riyahd fortress, a Bedouin encampment and other reproductions. Now that the project is almost finished rumors of waste and fraud are starting to surface. Even though Abdullah was to be a reformer, abuse of royal power continues. Will the Saud family institutionalized thievery ever stop?


The New York Times reports: “For more than four years, Saudi Arabia, a famously insular country, has been negotiating for entry into the World Trade Organization, the Geneva-based group that makes the rules for global commerce. Membership in the organization improves a nation’s ability to export goods and services. The Saudi Arabian application for membership has been hindered by the laws, regulations and traditions that favor Saudis, impose high tariffs and subsidize exports like petrochemicals. Until now, foreign investors in the country needed a Saudi national in order to do business — first as a sponsor in order to obtain a work visa and then as a majority partner in any project. Foreigners were allowed to hold a maximum stake in any business of 49 percent and could not own property, or engage in distribution or internal commerce. A common method for members of the country’s extended royal family to gain extra income has been to act as a paid sponsor for foreigners, who must relinquish their passports to the sponsor while in the country.” V180 Recently, Michael Moore as Director General of the controversial World Trade Organization (WTO) spoke at the National Press Club in Washington. In conjunction with our conversation, we are sending the WTO documentation as to why it should not consider Saudi Arabia for membership.


Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdul Aziz’s has a home in Bolney Gate, Kensington, London. The house has a dark blue front door with a driveway next to it. The garage area of the town house has been converted into a sitting area for staff. Inside the lobby area directly opposite the front door is a mirror fronted door containing the elevator. An “official House of Commons question time paper” was seen in one of the rooms. The contents had to do with a plan HRH King Fahd had regarding the Middle East and wanted certain questions brought before the House of Commons without their derivation being known. These questions were asked by a member of the British Government who is known to have been on retainer with the Saud family. The “official House of Commons question time paper” questions asked were subsequently highlighted by the retainer.


Legal Times says: “booming wealth of Washington lobbyists. It counts 89 firms with least $1 million in lobby fees in 1997, up from 83 in 1996. … {lobbyist firm A) topped the list with 1997 billings of $18.9 million and that {lobbyist firm B} came in second with $16.5 million. … {lobbyist firm C did} jump from 15th to 8th place … $6.3 million from $3.5 million.” V181 Washington Post reports the Peruvian Foreign Minister, regarding getting things done in Washington, saying: “He who has no lobby loses.” V182 Ambassador Prince Bandar has some of the best paid lobbyists in Washington on retainer. He also frequently uses US corporate Saudi suppliers to do his dirty work. Recently, we have been informed Ambassador Prince Bandar is successfully pressuring his Washington retainers and special interests to erase evidence of Saudi human rights violations both within and without the United States. The Washington Post reports Michael McFaul, senior professor of political science at Stanford University, as saying: “Many of the large American corporations have mobilized to check criticism of human rights violations in countries such as China, Saudi Arabia or Nigeria” V183 It is believed Crown Prince Abdullah is positioning Saudi Arabia for a seat on the United Nations Council for Human Rights. One wonders how long it will take those within the US who go against Saud family wishes to realize Washington reality. Fortunately, we have not received any negative repercussions from Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers other than one attempting to sabotage our initial press conference at the National Press Club.


We have received countless emails from citizens of Arabia suffering under the oppression of the Saud family. They have been most helpful in obtaining information heretofore unknown pertaining to the Saud family dictatorship. These Saudi citizens are also spreading the word of our newsletter to other Saudis. To facilitate those Saudi citizens we have added several new domain names linked to

M/E embassies 1

*We have registered these domain names in expectation of the liberation of those Arabian citizens suffering under the Saud family dictatorship. We intend to make these domain names a gift to them when they again control their land.

M/E embassies 2

M/E Interior departments

Independent entities

** We have registered these domain names in order that the religious of Saudi Arabia can access the irreligious behavior of the Saud family princelings. We hope by revealing the truth that the religious who have contacted us through these respective sites will be given impetus to lead other Arabian citizens suffering under the domination of the Saud family to freedom.

Some of these international domain names have been linked to for some time. We have many more linked to our sites in non-Middle East countries and frequently used by their citizens. As such, we have received numerous favorable emails and other communications from government officials, international institutions, human rights groups as well as media throughout the world. We hope that our international exposure of the Saud family dictatorial abuses has been instrumental in the continuing media releases from such entities as Amnesty International. We have received only praise throughout the world for our candid reporting, especially from the Middle East.



“I often read your reports even though I disagree with much. As a Saudi Prince I have been disgusted with my own family harsh dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. Even though I believe my family has a divine right as the protectors of Mecca and Medina to rule Saudi Arabia, we should allow the commoners some control over their lives. I doubt very much that our commoners have the capability of a democratic government as other oil exporter Norway.”


Are u guys part of the Saudi Royal family plotting to get your own back or something. It is soooooooooooo cool what u have written about them and it’s the truth many people would be afraid to exploit them. All I can say is I respect and keep it up.

Dear Reader:

Crown Prince Abdullah has been attempting, since he was given control of the day-to-day operation managing Saudi Arabia, to add credence to the family dictatorship. In order to do such he and his half brothers have to continue to lie before international forums. Of late, we have seen Abdullah’s “coming out” party to attract international investment stall. Fortunately, we are there to thwart their schemes by reporting the truth. As our newsletter becomes increasingly influential within the international community, we expect repercussions from Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers. We do not know what form this will take but we are ready for that eventuality. We know, through the few disaffected Saud family princes disgusted with their family hegemony, that the Saud family hierarchy is concerned about the truth being known. Within the United States it is difficult for a “special interest” group to suppress the media from telling the truth, unless there is media cooperation. We have communicated with groups who defend the media purveyors of the truth from those who would corrupt it, just in case.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member