Issue 24

There is nothing to take a man’s freedom away from him, save other men. – Ayn Rand


A Conspiracy is defined as a voluntary intentional agreement or mutual understanding between two or more individuals or entities with the intent to further a common purpose. The conspirators do not have to know each other or work together. The conspirators must have the intent to engage in an unlawful act or a lawful act in an unlawful manner. The conspiracy lasts until it is abandoned by conspirators, usually upon completion. To leave a conspiracy a conspirator must have a complete and voluntary withdrawal by telling all co-conspirators, at which time the conspirator is not liable for any future actions.


There is in Washington a group of men who oversee matters which can be severely damaging to either the Democratic or Republican party. It is thought by these men that if certain irregularities are divulged it may critically injure the two party system and allow a third party to become a major political force. This would cripple the the Democratic/Republican monopoly and end the Washington status quo for which they are the supreme guardians. These men are sometimes called elder statesmen and work with United States media barons as well White House and Congressional politicos to see that any investigations are contained on a particularly sensitive issue. These men have the capability of controlling media stories and Federal investigations that they deem threatening to the hegemony of the two party system and the status quo. Each potential scandal is treated case by case by the elders. The men within this council by-and-large hide deeply within the recesses of lawyer/lobbyist or special interest consulting firms of Washington. There medium of exchange is IOUs with the play-along-get-along philosophy. There word is considered gospel. Democrat Clark Clifford was one of these men before he was disgraced for becoming an active conspirator in the BCCI scam he was to hush. Republican Henry Kissinger was caught in the BNL scam and is currently hushing his role in the Orlando Letier/Allende assassinations. The Republican Bush and Democratic Bentsen families have hushed their deep involvement in the Savings and Loan scandal. Who in Washington allowed the “forgiveness of the S&L loans”? Why does the established United States media refrain from investigating the S&L “forgiveness”? We now are being told of the recently exposed Clinton/Cuomo HUD (Housing and Urban Development) scam whose conspirators seemed to have copied the S&L scam format. No one ever goes to jail and the conspirators get to keep the money, for they control the investigation. The New York Times reports: “Is it a pattern? Who is accountable? How high up the chain of command should responsibility be placed? A basic question, always, is: How much personal knowledge did the people at the top have of the abuses in the middle or at the bottom? — Other situations are less fuzzy. — the crime was anonymous — no human was accountable. — It is not unreasonable to suggest that these episodes send signals to the public — signals about accountability. We are asked to believe too often in the color gray. We are asked to believe people at the top had no idea what was going on down there where the hired hands work.” X193 Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, yet again, has surfaced as a main player in some of the above mentioned scandals. Below is an example of one of the more outstanding international scams perpetrated upon the United States and Saudi Arabian citizenry by the likes of Ambassador Prince Bandar, his half brother Commander General Prince Khalid and their Washington retainers. The Saud family retainers in Washington and London have successfully suppressed any media or governmental investigation.


Assistant Secretary of Defense/Secretary of Navy James Webb said in a New York Times article: “The President [Clinton] appears to follow the constitutionally questionable (albeit effective ) approach used by the Bush Administration in the Persian Gulf war: putting troops in an area where no American forces have been threatened and no treaties demand their presence, then gaining international agreement before placing issue before Congress.” X194 As history has seen, April Glaspie became the scapegoat for transmitting White House comments in which the Iraqis were either encouraged or not discouraged from invading Kuwait. After the invasion then Foreign Minister Yevgeny M Primakov of Russia was about to reach a voluntary pullback from Kuwait by the Iraqis when the Bush and Thatcher regimes decided to speed up the invasion of Commander General Prince Khalid’s alliance forces. Reliable sources have told us that the Saud family feared Iraq after the Iran war and wanted “Iraq cut down to size” but strong enough to keep Iran from moving into a void. Hence, President Bush stopped short of attacking the Republican Guard or pursuing to Baghdad. This could be the reason why after encouraging Iraqis to rebel Bush double crossed them only to have approximately 200,000 massacred. We by no means condone the actions of Iraq but we believe hidden considerations played a part in Washington’s unwillingness to allow the Iraqis to retreat. Let us explain.


Washington Post, regarding a book written about Desert Storm, reports: “It was a line in a book filled with script ideas that inspired David O. Russell to write ‘Three Kings,’ a war movie that is also a comedy, a tragedy and a searing indictment of American conduct abroad. But the political substance came largely from Russell’s discussions with veterans, most significantly with Sgt. Maj. Jim Parker, a Special Forces veteran of Vietnam, El Salvador and the Gulf War. He recounted the frustration of not being permitted to help Iraqi rebels and civilians after the fighting was over. Parker, who died of cancer while the movie was being made, told stories of an airborne division illegally bringing rebels food–despite their orders–and staging illegal ambushes. Russell says most veterans he interviewed were left with mixed feelings at the end of the war. ‘I’m just saying that this is what it feels like at a human level,’ he says. ‘It did seem ironic that we had a huge army there, and for geopolitical reasons, for balance of power reasons,’ American troops arrayed to liberate Kuwait stopped short of Baghdad.” X195 It should be obvious that there were other agendas played out during Desert Storm with Saddam Hussein playing into the hands of the war profiteers.


One of the most recently shutdown Washington scandals is dwarfed by the S&L billions upon billions of loans which have been “forgiven” but it is never-the-less important enough to mention. The legacy significance of the Pentagon Dessert Storm logistical supply scam lies in the fact that the hierarchy of the White House as well as State and Justice Departments were active members of the conspiracy never thoroughly investigated by Washington media. International media is acutely aware that the Saud family continually look for a credible scenario to use in stealing the Arabian oil reserves they control. Reliable sources say Washington has strongly advised the Saud family to steal indirectly since direct theft like that of the Shah of Iran reduces the plausibility of denial and leads to unrest among the citizenry.


Past newsletters have noted that the US military in Saud Arabia is demeaned by the Saud family. US military have been called “our new slaves” by the Saud family. We saw that even King Fahd defamed the US soldiers who defended his family. The Saud family and their associates congratulated themselves for the Desert Storm victory ignoring the US military contribution. Fahd gave his brother Sultan’s son Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud command of the Saud family military during Desert Storm. Commander General Prince Khalid was given by then President Bush media exhibitions to show his strength, resoluteness, bravery etc. In actuality, US military high command considered Khalid a pest who got in the way of the conduct of the war. The media staged events went to Commander General Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud’s head to such an extent that he even had a book ghost written about his Desert Storm exploits called “Desert Warrior: A Personal View of the Gulf War by the Joint Forces Commander” telling about his military prowess in single-handedly liberating Kuwait. We do not know how many of these books were ever sold or how many Khalid purchased himself. We do know that Commander General Prince Khalid foists a book copy into the hands of anyone he comes upon. As a principal in the United States military logistical support conspiracy, he certainly made enough with his share of the loot to buy the best seller list of all time. Khalid, the brilliant military tactician and hero of Desert Storm resides primarily in England at this time, pondering over his military exploits and comparing himself to other successful military notables such as Wellington and Napoleon.


The Saud family demands that foreign businesses have a Saudi agent. The more lucrative agency representations are taken by the higher ranked Saud family royals declining to the less lucrative commoner agencies. Although one senior Saud family prince may be appointed to a profitable agency, he may be asked to spread the usual inordinate commissions (bakshish) not only to other princes but to the foreigners making the agency commissions possible. During Desert Storm Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud was contracted as Saudi Arabian agent of the United States military during Desert Storm by United States Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush. (Let us not forget that Prince Khalid is the half brother of President Bush’s intimate friend, Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud.) Commander General Prince Khalid as commander the allied forces during the Gulf War was made the sole supplier of every drop of water and every meal for over 750,000 soldiers and support staff for seven months. Among other arrangements, Prince Khalid was given the United States military logistical support concession and is said to have made approximately $4,000,000,000 from the Pentagon commissions. We do not know how much of this loot he was allowed to keep or how much was spread around to the Washington co-conspirators. We do know Khalid bought Princess Hotel in Bermuda, the London based Arab ANA TV Station and the largest plot of land available in Palm Beach.


The New Yorker said: “When George Bush sent the American military to Saudi Arabia to fight Saddam Hussein, he prevailed upon a pliant Fahd to pay seventeen billion dollars to the United States. The Saudis like to say that their over-all bill for the war … they put at fifty five billion dollars… Nor did the whole fifty five billion dollars leave Saudi hands … The Saudi military commander, Prince Khalid bin Sultan, for example, is reported to have made as much as seven billion dollars in the traditional princely fashion – by extracting a commission on every contract for food, transport, or water for the allied troops. The United States for its part, received huge contracts and fees for sending troops to defend the country and for insuring, through sanctions, that Iraqi oil does not reappear on the market.” X196 The New Yorker neglected to report that much of this Desert Storm commission scam money went to grease palms of those in Washington who had a direct role in Desert Storm policy. Commander General Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud not only spent his time during Desert Storm trussed up as Napoleon of the Saud family but he also had time to become one of the most successful “businessmen” of all time. Truly, Khalid should go down in the Guinness book of records for his duplicitous feat! Let us explain.

During the August, 1990 Desert Storm buildup of US military personnel the US Defense Department liaison office purchased goods and services on a need basis from Saudi Arabian Host Nation Support (HNS) suppliers. For the most part the US Defense Department supplied their own goods and services. This was changed in November 1990 when the US State Department directed all US Defense Department purchases of goods and services in Saudi Arabia to a newly created Saudi Ministry of Defense Agency (MODA). The contracts were taken out of the hands of the Defense Department. The Defense Department did not have HNS contract control after November 1990. HNS contract allocations after November 1990 were between the US State Department and MODA. The US military personnel were at full capability in Saudi Arabia January 1991 when the first incursions were made against Iraqi positions. A US military ordinance officer said: “It was a mysterious change in procedure when we were told that we no longer had control of the potable water and other logistical allocations for our troops in Saudi Arabia. The White House changed the procedure in November and gave the contract to the State Department to control. We had no idea what happened after that, it was weird.” X197 Prior to the State Department machinations Commander General Prince Kahlid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, his half brother Ambassador Prince Bandar and the Washington co-conspirators commissioned a secretive Harvard trained Middle East international fugitive from justice as conspiracy controller to run the proposed operation liaison with the State Department out of a London office. This Middle East businessman has successfully run or been a conspirator in many international scams such as BCCI and other controversial endeavors noted previously by the international media. He declared to the media at one time that Russian officials friendly to Vice President Gore had asked him for a bribe of millions for a business deal. The Russians knew of his reputation of implementing successful scams. Unfortunately for them, they did not realize their media exposure as “corrupt friends of Gore” was more valuable than the proposed conspiracy profits. We do not know if the Russians either have a contract out on his life or have been warned by Washington insiders not to do anything against his person. We do know he is alive and traveling somehow on a US passport. His Middle East passport has been revoked with an international criminal warrant for his arrest.

The Middle East fugitive purchased a Scottish potable water company among service oriented shell companies to supply the US military with the agreed upon potable water and food. We do not know if the Middle East conspirator obtained a letter of credit using the State Department contract as collateral. After implementing the conspiracy the Middle East international fugitive and the other conspirators had Saudi subcontractors inflate the Pentagon costs for Desert Storm logistical supply. General Prince Khalid as supreme Commander of the allied forces then shook down each of his subcontractors after telling them to inflate the logistical supply contracts price by 100%. Commander General Prince Khalid then kept the inflated “commissions” he received from his subcontractors. This part of the conspiracy was said to have netted the conspirators $4, 000,000 000 – $7,000,000,000. Khalid, Bandar and Fahd’s youngest son Abdul Aziz were also principle conspirators in the Yamamah military contract, along with the Saud family London retainers. We previously reported in a cartoon that anything purchased by the Saudi Arabian Government from Washington or it’s allies that flies has a v-chip rendering it useless with the proper satellite beamed computer code. We now have been told that all sophisticated Saudi military hardware has an immobilizing v-chip.


History must past before a perspective of what happened can be evident. If the Desert Storm Syndrome Poisoning victims had ever found out about the personal economic relationship between the Saud family and their Washington retainers during Dessert Storm it would have created a furor throughout the United States. The United States State Department would have had to explain why they assisted in the swindle. If the State Department entered the conspiracy even from the time the money was transferred to Khalid’s shell company until it was covered by the Saud family government, it still shows complicity in an illegal act. We can add to the long list of Saud family theft the approximately $4,000,000,000 to $7,000,000,000 stolen from the oil reserves owned by the Arabian Peninsula Arabs controlled by Commander General Prince Khalid and his co-conspirators. The net economic winners of operation Desert Storm were the Saud family and their Washington conspirators. The net losers were the Iraqi citizens, the Arabs controlled by the Saud family dictatorship and the United States Desert Storm Syndrome Poisoning veterans.

We have in prior newsletters especially emphasize how the United States citizens have been repeatedly exploited by the Saud family as patrons of Washington’s highest officials. Some of these citizens are the 40,000 or so Desert Storm Syndrome Poisoning veterans. They may also be the vulnerable United States countrymen sacrificed into enslavement and torture by Washington so that the Saud family can say they are not puppets of United States special interests

It became clear there were US military casualties during the Iraqi war, despite Washington’s reluctance to acknowledge the Desert Storm Syndrome Poisoning. As time passed, it became more and more evident the numbers of United States military casualties were mounting and the extent of their afflictions becoming more severe. As the amount of victims increased Ambassador Bandar and former President Bush became less conspicuous. It is now evident these United States Syndrome Poisoning veterans and afflicted family members are suffering a long slow death and thus making the “supreme sacrifice”.


Commander General Prince Khalid as the weak link of the Desert Storm logistical supply conspiracy continues to be within the cross hairs of the media with his ostentatious spending. London Times reports: “A Welsh artist is selling 125 paintings chronicling the Gulf War for £17 million. Andrew Vicari, 62, who was born in Port Talbot but now divides his time between a penthouse in Monaco and an apartment in Riyadh, has already made millions of pounds as court painter to the Saudi Arabian royal family. When the Gulf War broke out in 1991, he flew to Saudi Arabia and, with the backing of Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul al-Aziz, Commander of Joint Forces, embarked on a grand scheme to record the conflict and eventual victory. It is a project Mr Vicari refers to as “my War and Peace”. He set up a one-acre studio in a bus factory outside Nice, where he needed a specially modified forklift truck to to reach the top of the paintings. They include portraits of the senior British Commander, Sir Peter de la Billière, and General “Stormin’ ” Norman Schwarzkopf, both of whom sat for him. The American presented him with a khaki cap that he wears while painting. The artist estimates that the paint alone cost £150,000. ‘The brushes cost a fortune. Most of the paintings are on panels especially designed in Marseilles, made of marine wood and with steel supports.’ As the cost of the project increased, Prince Khalid appeared to lose interest. He terminated his contract with Mr Vicari in 1992, taking seven portraits of his family and compensating the painter with a payment of “several million dollars”. Mr Vicari still had 125 paintings but said that storage and insurance costs were eroding his profits. Now he has heard that Prince Khalid will, after all, buy the 125 paintings some of them 35ft tall, for [lbs]17 million, to put them on display in a new museum in Riyadh.” X198 It is only a matter of time before international media pick-up on the conspiracy which allows Commander General Prince Khalid be such a prolific spender.



Commander General Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz assembled with his share of the Desert Storm commission scam the largest property in Palm Beach through a shell company based in the Bahamas. The Palm Beach Post reports: “Islands’ high priced real estate sales (third most expensive in history of Palm Beach) is Saudi Arabian Prince Khalid bin Sultan’s 1990 purchase of Wilson Lucom’s estate at 9110 South Ocean Blvd for $14,380,000.” X199 Khalid planned to build an approximately 147 room 53,000 square foot palace extending from the the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Worth. It would have been the largest edifice ever built in Palm Beach. We were told by a confidential source that Khalid was called back to a meeting in Saudi Arabia at which he was told, in no uncertain terms, to sell the property “at once” for fear of embarrassing Saud family Washington co-conspirators in the Desert Storm logistical support scam. The above property has been divided into smaller parcels and sold anonymously in hopes that no international media would pick up on the story. At a recent dinner party Chuck Lucom said that Prince Khalid purchased his Palm Beach estate because the princes were afraid they were going to be kicked out of power and needed safe havens. When this did not materialize the Saud family went on a Middle East media buying spree to prop up their tawdry image. Commander General Prince Khalid purchased the newspapers Al-Hayat, al-Wasat et al . Al-Quds al Arabi reports: “The Saudis have bought up or are trying to buy up every single journalist, author and independent thinker in the Arab world.” X200


In the aftermath of President Bush’s defeat by Clinton, Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan has spent most of his time away from Washington at his palaces in Aspen and Glynbourne entertaining his Washington and London retainers. He dislikes President Clinton because he likes President Bush. (The enemy of my friend is my enemy.) Clinton is thus handled by a “financier” from Arkansas, long known for his international chicanery, regarding Saud family interests. Bush family members frequently visit their patron at his Aspen palace. George Bush was at Bandar’s Aspen palace during June of 1993 when the London Observer broke the story that Bandar had given money to the Thatcher Administration retainers through Michael Hazeltine. George Bush brought his friends to Bandar’s palace at the beginning of October 1995 to ostensibly celebrate Desert Storm and its side deals to which they benefited. Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has pleased his Saud family hierarchy so well in quietly further corrupting Washington, he was made a minister in the Saud Arabian government during the summer of 1995.


For their distinguished service in Desert Storm and as adherents of the new world order Margaret Thatcher awarded:

  • President George Bush an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Bath after espousing a new world order. He is now Sir George Bush.
  • Sir Henry Kissinger is Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and Sty George.
  • Sir General Brent Scowscroft is Honorary Knight of the British Empire and partner in Kissinger Associates.

Desert Storm syndrome poisoning soldiers are still suffering slow agonizing deaths. The Arabian Peninsula citizens controlled by the Saud family are still suffering economically because of the large commissions paid out to Commander General Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and his cronies during Desert Storm. The Iraqi people are still being bombed by the US air force garrisoned near Mecca and Medina and kept there at the insistence of Ambassador Prince Bandar through his Washington retainers.


We have used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to retrieve relevant material on many occasions. Washington bureaucrats are under a legal obligation to acknowledge and disclose the documents requested under FOIA within certain time limits. In the past we have received timely responses to our FOIA requests. We have at this time numerous FOIA requests outstanding in Washington which will have a bearing on history when divulged. One of our most important FOIA requests outstanding is the State Department’s Desert Storm logistical supply contract for potable water and other services between MODA and the State Department. The State Department has refused to give us eighteen pages of incriminating evidence readily available within their files. Below is our last request.

October 10, 2000

David Andrews
Legal Advisor
State Department
2201 C St #6423
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Mr Andrews:

We have taken the liberty to send a press release to pertinent international media detailing the reluctance of both you and Mr John Livorness (Office of IRM Programs and Services) to fulfill my FIOA request dating back to December 16, 1998. Follow- up registered mail letters were written by me April 13, 1999, October 21, 1999, December 10, 1999, January 14, 2000, April 13, 2000 and August 1, 2000 regarding the fulfillment of the FOIA request.


Herbert K Mallard
PO 3762
Arlington, VA 22203

cc: John Livorness, Office of IRM Programs and Services, Department of State, Room 1512, 2201 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20520-1512 et al

Emails to the Editor


I often read your reports even though I disagree with much. As Saudi Prince I am disgusted by my own family harsh rule of Saudi Arabia. Even though I believe my family has divine right as protectors of Mecca and Medina to rule Saudi Arabia we should allow commoners some control over there lives. I doubt much our commoners have much capability of democratic government as oil exporter Norway citizens. Our commoners are not advanced enough to govern themselves.


Why not a Female president in USA??? Because Saud family pay salary to US slaves. hahaha Because Saud family is Knoledge friendly. hahaha Your are going mad and jalous. Saud family already sell oil just like water. They don’t need money to steal just like american. hahaha. Saudi Arabia is dear to God. Any solid proof??? No? hahaha I love saud family even if they are really so as you are stating. Because it is question of heart. hahaha


I am part of devout Islamic Saudi group. We wish more sex info. and pictures about saudi royal family. Our people know Sweden, Europe and American children sex slaves are in princes palaces. We hate satanic princes and those American military who protect them.

Dear readers:

We see from the introductory definition that conspiracies are well formulated before hand and just do not happen. The minds which initiate conspiracies are generally exceptional although criminal in intent. The Middle East international fugitive is an example of an individual who makes a very good living implementing conspiracies. He has become so influential that he has been able to receive a coveted US passport from the State Department. Perhaps he would have become more compliant if the Russians mentioned in the above scenario had offered him a Russian passport!

I heard first hand of the Pentagon logistical supply scam while talking to two high ranking Middle East diplomats attending a Washington black tie event. I was astounded at their knowledge which has most probably been hushed by the Washington council of elders. This chance meeting initiated the investigation which has led to this news letter. We have not divulged a substantial part of the information since it specifically implicates individual Washington insiders. We leave the matter to the more experienced international media who have heretofore been remiss in covering the conspiracy. But, then again, when exposed the conspirators will control the investigation, not go to jail and get to keep the money. This is the norm in Washington.

We thank those within the Middle East who continue to assist us with our investigations regarding the indirect theft of Arabian oil reserves controlled by the Saud family. Indirect theft of natural resources through the use of conspiracies has been the bane of the third world for decades. Frequently, these conspiracies are hatched and/or assisted by conspirators in Washington and London. The noted Desert Storm Pentagon logistical supply scam is but one in a litany of indirect Arabian oil reserve thefts by the Saud family. This conspiracy differs from others in that there is a paper trail leading directly to the Washington conspirators. We need the cooperation of the State Department in order to obtain our above mentioned FOIA request made almost two years ago.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member