Issue 25

Corruption scandals that bubble to the surface often have a political element. For politicians to be accused of corruption, the previous network of patronage must have crumbled. — Wolfgang Schaüble, Chairman of Germany’s Christian Democrats


The Saud family Ministry of Interior known as the Ministry of Torture/Murder is directed by Prince Nayef. As we have reported in the past Prince Nayef is personally responsible for the rape and torture of British and US men. Nayef is allegedly the upholder of Islamic beliefs as the protector of the two holy places. In actuality, Nayef is known by Saudi citizens as a degenerate drunk and sexual deviant who continually tortures/murders powerless foreign workers for actions of Saudis rebelling against the Saud family dictatorship.


The Times of India reports: “Saudi Arabia and Kuwait played no role in the deadly US and British air strikes around Baghdad earlier this month, despite the use of their bases, Iraq’s neighbors in the Gulf insisted on Monday. ‘They (Iraq) can say what they want,” Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz said. ‘But the reality is that the kingdom was not implicated, directly or indirectly’ in the February 16 raids, which Baghdad said left three dead and 30 wounded, Prince Nayef was quoted by the official Saudi news agency SPA as saying. ‘Making Saudi Arabia entertain such a question is unacceptable because it is contrary to reality,’ the prince said. ‘Saudi Arabia wants all the best for the Iraqi people, our Arab and Islamic brothers.’ The US and British warplanes that carried out the strikes, triggering widespread international condemnation, took off from Saudi and Kuwaiti bases as well as aircraft carriers in the Gulf.” Y201 We are not arguing the merits of bombing Iraq but we do have a problem with the Saud family continuing its attempts to disavow itself from the alliance policies when it is inconvenient. How can Minister of Interior Prince Nayef say with a straight face that his family are not in accordance with alliance policies, for good or for bad, in the strategic bombings of Iraq? But, then again, what else is his family going to say to those who worship in the Islamic religion. It is perplexing how Abdullah uses Nayef and other vulnerable Saud family members as spokesperson for such onerous statements. We have seen before Abdullah distance himself from the more dubious enterprises of the Saud family. Perhaps he is setting up Nayef as well as Fahd’s and Sultan’s children as future scapegoats. We see that Nayef, Sultan, Fahd and the other Saud family members are caught in the bigger lie theory, whereby they have to keep telling bigger lies to cover past lies. We have seen historically with other dictatorial regimes that this cannot last forever. Abdullah seems to be in the background on these matters ready to sacrifice the others if called upon by future circumstances.


London Times reports: “Damning charges against Japan of chicanery, influence-buying and ruthless diplomatic deception are made in an account by Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to London of how he was out maneuvered by Tokyo for the job of Unesco Secretary-General. Ghazi al-Gosaibi all but accuses Japan of outright bribery in persuading dozens of smaller countries to support its candidate, Koichiro Matsuura, who was elected by a wide margin. … Dr al-Gosaibi’s pamphlet, The Unesco Experience, details the way Japan mobilized its campaign ‘as though it were a real war’, starting long before the election in October 1999. ‘This is a war Japan cannot under any circumstances lose,’ the Japanese Prime Minister said in April 1998. A Unesco spokesman said in Paris yesterday that neither Unesco nor the office of the Japanese Secretary-General had any comment. The pamphlet says Japan began by changing the Unesco election rules so that those casting the vital votes ‘could not depart even a hair’s breadth from official instructions’. It then set about creating bogus candidacies. Dr al-Gosaibi says that candidates were secretly encouraged, co-ordinated and even funded by Japan to mask the support for Mr Matsuura. As they dropped out after the first rounds, their votes went to Japan.” Y202 Ambassador Dr al-Gosaibi has long been in complicity with Saud family princelings like Bandar in corrupting London to suite their goals. It is ironic to see al-Gosaibi complaining about alleged misdeeds of others similar to his. This does nothing but further isolate the Saudi Arabian government from the more credible world governments. Furthermore, credible governments are outwardly commenting on Washington’s hypocrisy towards it’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Lee Kuan Yew as the blunt inspirational leader of Singapore said: “Americans have become as dogmatic and evangelical as the Communists were … They want to promote democracy and human rights everywhere, except where it would hurt themselves [strategic interests/special relationships] as in the oil-rich Arabian peninsula.” Y203 Washington hypocrisy has been challenged by Yew and others. Unfortunately, he does not go far enough in vetting Washington’s relationship with the Gulfies in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. It is an Embassy Row open secret that Bandar’s Washington retainers keep the “special relationship” label on Saud Arabian government even though it is a dictatorship and human rights violator.


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights says: “Article 4. No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. — Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. — Article 8. Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by constitution or by law.– Article 9. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. — Article 10. Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. — Article 11. (1) Everyone charged with a penal offense on account of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense, — Article 13. (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.” Y204 The United Nations Resolution 728F says: “Communications [to violating member states like Saudi Arabia] shall be admissible only if — there are reasonable grounds to believe that they may reveal a consistent pattern of gross and reliably attested violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Y205 The Washington/London retainers of the Saud family have successfully kept the United Nations, since it’s inception, from commenting upon the Saudi Arabian infractions of the above articles. Of late, there has been such an increase criticism of this United Nations policy that it has finally been forced to comment. Associated Press reports:In a rare public rebuke, a U.N. panel criticized Saudi Arabia on Friday for discriminating against women, harassing minors who violate dress codes and ‘inhuman’ forms of punishment including flogging and stoning. The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said that ‘narrow interpretations of Islamic texts” by Saudi state authorities have led to violations of an international agreement protecting the human rights of children. The committee’s comments came after it examined Saudi Arabia’s compliance with the U.N. treaty on children’s rights. The probe marked the first time that the secretive Gulf state has allowed a public review of its human rights record by a U.N. agency. The panel urged Saudi Arabia to bring its laws in line with international standards and to create an independent institution to monitor its compliance with human-rights treaties. Saudi officials could not be reached for immediate comment. Human rights groups have long pressed for greater scrutiny of the desert kingdom, citing allegations of widespread torture and secret trials. Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law, or sharia. Courts may hand down sentences of amputation for robbery and public execution for murder, rape, sodomy and drug trafficking. Women are not allowed to drive and must be covered head-to-toe in public. ‘The committee is concerned by the persistence of discrimination,’ the U.N. panel in a statement. It highlighted treatment of girls, children born out of wedlock and Saudi women married to foreigners. The panel said Saudi law does not define the age of adulthood, leading to concern that people under 18 may be put to death. It said Saudi Arabia should ‘take immediate steps to halt and abolish by law the imposition of the death penalty for crimes committed by persons while under 18.’ It also criticized the treatment of minors while in detention, saying they `may be sentenced to a variety of methods of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment such as flogging, stoning and amputation.’The panel also voiced concern at `restrictions on the freedom of religion’ and about reports that religious police in Saudi Arabia ‘routinely harass and assault persons under 18 for dress code infractions’.” Y206 We are seeing Saud family behavior is increasingly coming under media scrutiny. As more embarrassing events unfold in Saudi Arabia there will more justification for the citizenry under the control of the Saud family to free themselves and the two holy places of this hypocritical dictatorship. This will cause the Saud family, needing outside support, to futilely spend more money on it’s retainers in Washington and London. The historical conundrum is that once the Saudi “commoners” obtain a whiff of freedom they will want it all, hence the Saud family down fall. We will then see the fickle Saud family retainers in Washington and London disappear into the background by using the plausibility of denial. All we have to do is remember the occurrences in the last days of the Shah.


The Saud family feels it necessary to corrupt politicians in countries they deem strategic to their needs. We have seen in the past episodes of corruption come to the fore in London, Washington and Stockholm. We now can add Berlin. The Saud family generally target conservative politicos but are known to work with liberals. We do not know what their world strategy is but it is obvious that there is never a dearth of politicos willing to be corrupted. In fact, it is known in Washington that the politicians without shame readily solicit Ambassador Prince Bandar for bribes. We have taken the liberty of putting the following email in our main body of text because of it’s timely implications. “Finally I found people who say the truth about Saudi Arabia. I discovered your web site accidentally and subscribe to every word you say. By the way,the situation in Germany is almost identical with its twin in the USA. The Saudis have also lots of retainers and supporters in the German power machine; in the Parliament through all parties of the country, especially in the Free Democratic Party (FDP). I was in Saudi Arabia from 1991 to 1995. … On such occasions I learned of the millions of dollars which the FDP received from the Saudis as personal gifts or contributions to support election campaigns back in Germany or silence critical voices. Former German Foreign Minister … received seventy million dollars from Prince Sultan (the Saudi Defense Minister), … Economics Minister … received fifty million dollars from Prince Salman (the Governor of Riyadh), the Chairman of … received forty million dollars also from Prince Salman. … I could actually fill up volumes with facts about the corrupt Saudi-German relationships. During my stay in Saudi Arabia I experienced directly and indirectly the despotic rule of the Al Saud family.” Y207 We see a pattern in the Saud family spreading their degeneracy to targeted Western politicos. This can be a very dangerous game indeed for the Saud family since those not participating become resentful. We must assume Saud family retainers in Washington, London and Stockholm are receiving comparable sums of money. If they are not, they will in turn become resentful. This game cannot last forever.


The term bootlegger means to produce or distribute alcohol illegally. The Guardian Unlimited reports: “Last summer, for instance, customs officials in Bahrain searched the cargo of a plane that was about to leave for Saudi Arabia. It belonged to a Saudi prince and, by the rules of Gulf etiquette, the officials had no business prying. Apologies followed and the plane took off, somewhat later than scheduled. But what the customs officials had found was interesting: 200 cases of whisky that, in the puritanical kingdom, could be sold under the counter for around $300,000 (£206,033). In most countries, customs officials would probably not insist on kings, presidents, popes and prime ministers opening up their bags for inspection, but in Saudi Arabia and much of the Gulf, the number of VIPs who expect special treatment is enormous. There are, for a start, about 5,000 Saudi princes. It is difficult to see why they should all be entitled to royal privileges and why anyone should be spared the indignity of a search simply because they are in the entourage of someone who happens to be 4,723rd in line to the throne. … A further window into this murky world of privilege and bribery has been opened up by the arrest in Saudi Arabia of some 15 foreigners who are variously accused of alcohol offenses, terrorism and murder. … The Saudi interior minister, Prince Nayef, has been at pains to point out that no Saudis are involved. … Although the religious police (the mutawwa) take a much tougher line than the ordinary police, the general approach is not to persecute drinkers who keep their activities to themselves and don’t attract attention. … Although his Empire Club in Riyadh was busted three times by the religious police over a period of six years, Mr Dixon appears to have led something of a charmed life in Saudi Arabia. Former members of the club believe this was because his Saudi sponsor and a senior police officer received a share of the profits from the club. … In the meantime, Prince Nayef’s claims that the alcohol-and-bombs affair involves only foreigners is beginning to look a little thin. The arrests have certainly opened a can of worms. The question now is whether the prince will proceed to a more far-reaching clean-up, with all the embarrassment that that entails, or whether he will take the easier course and slam the lid back on.” Y208 There is clearly a moral and legal double standard in Saudi Arabia when it comes to princes and “commoners”. The princes do not get prosecuted while the “commoners” and foreign workers are held to a tougher standard. The princely corruption is so endemic that only their purge will cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of their disgrace.


The BBC News reports: ” A Scot who confessed to involvement in a series of bombings in Saudi Arabia may be innocent, according to allegations made in BBC Scotland’s Frontline programme. … Along with two other men, he faces death by beheading under Saudi law. … But in the programme, to be broadcast on Tuesday, it is suggested Mr Mitchell may have confessed under duress as part of a cover-up by the higher echelons of Saudi society. Allegations in the programme suggest the bomb attacks were political, carried out by fundamentalists in protest at what they see as an erosion of their culture. Mr Mitchell, Canadian Scot William Samson and Belgian national Raaf Schyvens were seen confessing their involvement in the bomb attacks. Saudi authorities alleged that the men were involved in a turf war over the trade of alcohol – which is illegal under Saudi law. But a leading Saudi dissident has suggested that the men are innocent. Dr Saad Al-Fagih, the director of the Movement for Islamic Reform, believes the bombings were the work of Islamic militants. He says the Saudi authorities detained 50 Islamic fundamentalists at the same time as the three westerners were arrested, and believes they were behind the bombings. He alleged that the TV confessions were a cover-up to divert attention away from the Saudi royal family – which he says is the real power broker in the smuggling of alcohol. Dr Al-Fagih, who has been an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime, said the royal family also had to present an impression of stability to western investors. Anjem Choudary, the UK leader of Islamic movement Muhajiroun, also believes Mr Mitchell and the two other men had nothing to do with the bombing. Psychologist Ian Stephen – the inspiration for television series Cracker – believes it is likely the confessions were made under duress. After watching the Saudi television footage, he said: ‘The postures of the guys in that are fairly rigid, they’re not sitting comfortably, they look as if they’re reading something. ‘Tremendous pressure’ ‘They look apprehensive, they look afraid to make any kind of comments which are contrary to what they’ve agreed with their captors.’ Mr Stephen said it appeared the men were under a tremendous amount of pressure as they were making their confessions.” Y209 A Saud family pattern of behavior has been evolving for some time whereby they implicate innocent foreigners in crimes committed by Saudi dissidents and princelings. Many foreigners falsely accused have been tortured in Saudi prisons, coerced into signing false documents and drugged before being ritualistically beheaded. It is common knowledge in the Middle East that the Saud family control the alcohol distribution in Saudi Arabia. The Saud family cannot keep murdering innocent individuals to cover deeper intrigues be it by dissidents or princelings.

Emails to the Editor


I am a big fan of your website, it has provided me with a great amount of useful and shocking material which otherwise I would not have known about the tyranical Saud’s. I would just like to ask that what would be the likelyhood of me being a Devout Muslim, but having a British Citizenship, living in either 2 holy cities of Mecca or Medina. At present I am aware of the new legislation that land can be purchased in the Kingdom, but not the holy cities. Do you think, due to your expert links and knowledge, the two cities will be made open in the next 5 years. How long do you think the saud’s have time left in their hypocritical rule over the holylands?


How can i have more sex info. and picturs about saudi royal family to show our people.


I read your website and it looks really good. Tell me,is your organization made up of Saudi-Americans,regular Americans, or both?


I am a Great Fan of Your website I would like to know if you could update me on more information on the relegious corruption in KSA.


I just returned from a two week visit to Saudi Arabia after an absence of many, many years and visited Al Adriyah as well as many other sites in Riyadh, Jeddah, Asir, Al Hasa. It was all quite wonderful… In fact, SPECTACULAR! The people, the country and their leadership are as kind, modest, friendly and good humored as they ever were and seem quite unspoiled by their extraordinary wealth and the Renaisance in healthcare, education, art, history, technology and historic preservation. I was thrilled to feel so confident concerning the future of the kingdom. There is such optimism and enthusiasm that it is quite palpable.


i am amaze to come across a site with such information concerning the SAUD family reingh. truly i did not believe to that extent they are using the arab wealth for only their own benefit. i know they are harming the arab greatly but i am not aware of their foreighn association with such influential members of the US government. please i want to know more about their say hidden agenda .please if there are other sites dealing with same matter let me have there adress as soon as possible. i am eager to know much about the SAUD family and their extravaganza.i would like to have adresses dealing more or less with matters of scandales concerning the SAUD.i know the saud have their hand on the muslim world and manupulate the islamic sharia .please i want to have proof which i believe you can be of great help.i want to have access to those sites dealing with their ways of dealing with the arabs world as well as their manipulation of the islamic sharia .it would be of great help if i can get those adresses as soon as possible. thanking you in advance for portraying the true picture of the so called saud family.


I am Egyptian and read 2 Israeli brothers are caught buying live Guatamalan babies and transporting them to New York City and Israel doctor business partners who chop them up for body part sale. Have Saudi princes copied there friends and steal Egyptian children for same reason? How can religous Muslims stop them?

Dear readers:

We are continuing to see governments throughout the world outwardly commenting upon the dubious relationship between the Saud family and their retainers in London, Washington et al whom they have corrupted. Abdullah seems to be positioning himself for the day when he will have to purge his government of the Sudeiri influence. He has already recalled Bandar’s capable albeit unusual confidant Adel Jubair. Jubair knows Bandar’s secrets which most probably will be plied from him by Abdullah’s henchmen.

Some of the most compelling information for world opinion are the emails we receive depicting incidents of Saud family machinations. We are receiving many emails from those enlightened or with pertinent information, especially from the Middle East. Perhaps, at some time, we will be able to report the theft of Arabian Peninsula oil reserves by the Saud family as it happens. We particularly find interest from those who seem to be in positions of power and/or wealth. We encourage such activism. It, in turn, makes us more popular.

The emails we increasingly accentuate give a clear picture of how we impact upon our readership. We now consider these popular emails a compelling part of our news letter format. It is of the utmost importance that we keep the integrity of these emails. It should be said many of the readership that write are using English as a second language and should not be criticized for grammatical errors. We admire their activism, be it in favor or against our articles. If we corrected the grammar we may be changing the thought and thus we would be no better than the Saud family sensors.

We rue the day when the Saud family are brought in front of a tribunal, perhaps at the world court, for corrupting the governments of Washington, London, Stockholm, Berlin et al. It is depriving not only the Arabian Peninsula citizens controlled by the Saud family of their much needed oil reserve monies but degrading the quality of life in the corrupted countries. The Saud family corruption is spreading like a cancer and must be stopped. Their ill gotten gains must be confiscated and the likes of Bandar, Khaled et al be brought to trial. As we previously reported, immeasurable harms have befallen the owners of Glympton in Oxfordshire, England. Bandar may be no different and soon be another recipient of the Glympton hex.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member