Issue 26

Corruption scandals that bubble to the surface often have a political element. For politicians to be accused of corruption, the previous network of patronage must have crumbled. — Wolfgang Schaüble, Chairman of Germany’s Christian Democrats


The New York Times commenting on the al Khobar US deaths reports: ” The minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz, when asked if any of the suspects held by Saudi Arabia would be sent to the United States to stand trial, responded: ‘No. Never. Impossible.’ He added, ‘We have nothing whatsoever to do with the U.S. court, and we are not concerned with what has been said or what is going to be decided by the U.S.’ … At the time of the indictments, Mr. Freeh said efforts were under way to get the defendants to stand trial in the United States, though the United States does not have an extradition treaty with the Saudis. Mr. Freeh, for whom the investigation had become a personal priority, stepped down as F.B.I. director days after the indictments. … After the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, Saudi-Iranian relations were tense, largely because Tehran often accused the Saudis of being unfit guardians of Islam’s holiest shrines. Since the Khobar attack, relations have been on the mend, with Prince Nayef himself signing a security pact with Tehran in April. The interior minister would not specify whether Saudi Arabia believed that Iran had organized the attack. ‘We can never point a finger of accusation at any side until we are sure they were involved,’ he said. But the prince said he did not agree entirely with the picture that was painted in the United States indictment. It said Shiite Muslims, disaffected by discrimination they faced in Saudi Arabia, had been recruited for military training in Iran and Lebanon and eventually carried out the truck bombing. … ‘What has been published is partly true,” the prince said, “but the details are not exactly as what they made public.’ He said only Saudi Arabian investigators could have had full access to all the information. Prince Nayef said the details of the case, ranging from the accusations to what the Saudis believed happened, might emerge only after the court proceedings. No specific date for those has been set, but the prince said it would be ‘very soon.’ Saudi Arabia’s legal system grants wide powers to individual judges. The accused will be assigned lawyers only at the discretion of the judge, and the courts are not open. Any public record of a case is extremely rare, although convicted murderers are usually beheaded in public squares and the reason for the verdict is announced.” Z210 What is intimated is that Nayef and the other princelings sold justice in the US al Khobar killings to Iran for Saud family “security”. We have been told by a reliable source Ambassador Bandar has been in secret deliberations with President George W Bush and his inner circle to dismiss any further FBI prosecution/investigation of the US al Khobar killings in favor of Saud family justice. FBI Director Freeh’s indictments interfered with this secret agreement.


The New York Times reports: “Some analysts argued that Saudi Arabia turned to foreign companies for the gas projects as a kind of political insurance, ensuring that the Western powers would be there to defend them. … Weighing more heavily is the kingdom’s slow pace of job creation, it manages about half the 100,000 new jobs needed annually to absorb new entrants to its labor markets.” Z211 What this really means is that the Saud family are afraid of internal unrest because of the lack of jobs for the idle young. By allowing foreign oil companies to invest their capital in Saudi Arabia, foreign companies will have a vested interest in perpetuating the status quo of the Saud family dictatorship. The Saud family know these foreign based companies will lobby their governments to intercede on behalf of the Saud family and suppress any internal dissension. This would necessitate Washington and London further meddling in the internal affairs of Saudi Arabia. Eventually, more US troops will be sent to buttress the preexisting contingency defending the Saud family from the Arabian Gulf citizens they control. The Saud family and their retainers in Washington and London will benefit while the Saudi “commoners” and the US military personnel will do the dying for them. This scenario has been played out in history time and time again.


The Committee to Protect Journalists, of which we are a member, publishes a book once a year on “Attacks on the Press”. In “Attacks on the Press in 2000” the book reports: “Saudi Arabia is one of the most politically closed societies in the world. Dissent is not tolerated, and there are no political parties or democratic elections. Not surprisingly, the press is uncritically supportive of the regime and its policies. … The Internet made its Saudi debut in 1999 and has continued to grow. There are an estimated 30 private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the kingdom, and there many Internet cafes. However, the government filters all Web content through a proxy server that is supposed to weed out information deemed by authorities to be socially or politically undesirable. … sophisticated computer users find many ways to access blocked sites. For those who can afford it, an international phone call to an ISP outside the country allows completely uncensored Internet use. … During the 1990’s several pan-Arab publications and broadcast outlets were founded or acquired by Saudi businessmen with links to the royal family. These outlets were noticeably devoid of programming that was critical of the Saudi regime or that reported on issues regarded as sensitive in the kingdom.” Z212 The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press further reports: “China, for example, has banned access to numerous mainstream American media outlets … use technological solutions to block access to those Web sites from within China. Nations such as Cuba, Saudi Arabia … have imposed similar restrictions. Z213 We are pleased to say that information we divulge is being used by a series of institutions, including the United Nations, to monitor Saud family behavior. The more transparency given to the Saud family abuses the more awareness within the international community. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs comments: “more than 3.5 million people in the Arab world are using the Internet. … UAE was followed in the number of users by Saudi Arabia.” Z214 Large numbers of Saudi youth on the Internet have become restive of Saud family censorship and have found ways around it. The Saud family are involved in the loosing game of attempting to keep the truth from Saudi citizens with the use of Israeli and US Internet inhibitors.


Associated Press reports: “Although the United States is disappointed at the loss of the seat on the rights commission … The United States has been on the commission for more than 50 years, using the Geneva-based forum to target perceived human rights violators especially China and Cuba. in recent years. The commission voted the United States out but added Sudan, which is on the State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism.” Z215 The UN is clearly giving Washington a wake up call for it’s past hypocrisy of denouncing alleged human rights abuses of countries it does not like while censoring overt human rights abuses of countries to which it curries favor, such as Saudi Arabia. We believe the UN could be initiating a more judicious human rights policy of allowing the Sudanese Government to clean up it’s domestic slavery issue with the likes of Saudi Arabia while stopping the US from using the commission for it’s own hypocritical policies in defense of Saudi Arabia. The UN membership is increasingly becoming uncomfortable with the Washington “special relationship” status given to such as Israel and Saudi Arabia when it contradicts reality, especially in regarding human rights.


We previously mentioned that Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz’s Grandmother was most probably a young girl from the Christian Dinka tribe bought by the Saud family. This Sudanese/Saudi Arabian slave trade is still active. Vortex reports: ” One advocate for exposing the tragedy of the Sudan is Joe Madison. He recently visited the Sudan and gives this eyewitness account of the horrific situation there. … While he was there, he participated in the freeing of 4,435 slaves. … Madison had a chance to talk with a number of the freed slaves. The stories he heard about the raids from the north were unimaginable to most Western people. During the raids, all the men are killed because the soldiers know they won’t be taken alive into slavery. The old people are also killed because they aren’t worth anything to the slave masters. The crops and huts are burned, and anything of value is taken. The women and children are marched up north — the younger the better.” Z216 With all his power and influence Ambassador Prince Bandar has done nothing to stop this slave trade in the land of his Grandmother.


We are finding ourselves in a quandary regarding naming the names of the Northern European and US child sex slaves within the Saud family palaces. We have received numerous names of the children from the Phillipino/Sri Lankan women who had been ordered to care for their needs. We have been told by reliable sources that if we give birth names to these children the State Department, do to the Saud family “special relationship” with Washington, would say; “they can neither confirm nor deny the existence of these children in Saudi Arabia”. The children would then be immediately gathered and taken by US purchased helicopters out over Rubi Kali (the empty quarter desert) and dumped. The Saud family have successfully hidden their murders in the past this way and we do not expect any divergence from this behavior. With the children expunged the Saud family will have the plausibility of denial for their London, Stockholm and Washington retainers to decree. Publicizing the known names will cause the families of these children pain but nothing more. If these children remain anonymous at least they will have a life without physical want since they must be in reasonable condition to perform for their Saud family owners. Reuters reports; “The European Union sent a clear signal on Friday that it meant to crack down on those responsible for trafficking in women and children … On the second day of informal talks in the Swedish capital, EU justice and interior ministers vowed to push for a common approach to combat trafficking and child pornography. … The European Union’s executive Commission, determined to close off safe havens for traffickers, has put forward proposals aimed at harmonizing how human trafficking and child pornography are defined and the sanctions against them. … There are currently big differences between EU member states on how they punish child sex crimes. … Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants the bloc to take concrete decisions on the Commission’s proposals by the summer.” Z216 The travesty is that the Saud family child sex slave trade in US and Northern European children will most probably continue to thrive with the aid of their London, Stockholm and Washington retainers.


Reuters reports: “The European Union sent a clear signal on Friday that it meant to crack down on those responsible for trafficking in women and children … On the second day of informal talks in the Swedish capital, EU justice and interior ministers vowed to push for a common approach to combat trafficking and child pornography. …Swedish Justice Minister Thomas Brostroem … said there was overwhelming evidence that girls were sold into the sex trade against their will … Many quickly suffer mental problems, he said. The European Union’s executive Commission, determined to close off safe havens for traffickers, has put forward proposals aimed at harmonizing how human trafficking and child pornography are defined and the sanctions against them. …`Safe havens exist for criminals when there are loopholes in EU law,’ said EU Justice Commissioner Antonio Vitorino. Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants the bloc to take concrete decisions on the Commission’s proposals by the summer. … But it may be difficult to win unanimous agreement among all 15 partners on a common minimum sentence for a range of child sex crimes — from producing pornography to buying or possessing it.” Z217 As we have reported in the past, the Saud family continue to be high end buyers of Northern European children. Swedish children are especially desired and shipped to order through European “safe havens’ to Saud family princes. Swedish Justice Minister Thomas Brostroem should first be looking into who is profiting from the continuing sale of Swedish children to the Saud family before dealing with the larger European child sex slave problem. It would be hypocritical for him to do otherwise.


The New York Times reports from Egypt: “Children of foreign fathers cannot go to public school here or state universities free, are barred from certain professional schools like medicine or engineering even if they are willing to pay, and cannot get jobs without residency and work permits for foreigners. The most widespread objection is rooted in the numbers. Opponents say Egypt, as a developing country with nearly 70 million people, cannot afford to suddenly add another million citizens. Many vociferous critics also claim that allowing mothers to pass on their nationality will encourage what some call thinly disguised prostitution. Every summer hordes of older men descend on Egypt from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other rich Persian Gulf states, buy a young village girl as a bride for a few months, then abandon her pregnant. A number of regulations devised to thwart the practice, like requiring a bank deposit of more than $5,000 if the age difference between the two to be married is more than 25 years, are easily circumvented. Women’s organizations say a whole network of sleazy lawyers prey on poor villages known for their attractive women, with destitute families willing to sell daughters into unofficial marriages. ‘There are brokers who the Saudi men go to and say, `I want a girl, I want her fat, I want her blond, I want her young,’ ‘ Mrs. Bibars said. ‘You end up with entire villages where many of the kids are not citizens.’ The fathers do not register them at home, so they cannot get any identity papers. With 30 percent of all marriages to foreigners involving Gulf Arabs, opponents of changing the citizenship law say it is the one disincentive to the practice. ‘Every woman wants an apartment, a car,’ said Azza al-Kashef, a member of Parliament from the ruling National Democratic Party who denounced the proposed changes. “The guy will get her these things and six months later he is gone. She is not looking for a good relationship in order to bring up children to serve the country.’ Several attempts are under way to change the law, which the National Council for Women has adopted as a priority issue. A draft law has been submitted to Parliament – even though an earlier attempt was flattened by opposition from the Ministry of the Interior. Lawyers are also trying to get one of several court cases all the way to the highest court, the constitutional court. They want to argue that the law violates the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for all Egyptians. The foreign wives and children of Egyptian men are given citizenship automatically. Opponents frequently argue that a revised law would contradict Islamic teachings, but no religious leaders have weighed in with official misgivings. Proponents of change say religion might be neutral because there were no states at the time of the Prophet Muhammad. They point out that Muhammad had only daughters, so his descendants all arrived at their status through women. And Islamic tradition holds that on the Day of Judgment, the righteous will be summoned according to their mother’s names.” Z218 We are seeing a pattern whereby Saudi Arabia is using Egypt as a playground for aberrant behavior from buying children for body parts to purchasing temporary child wives for sex. One Saudi “commoner” has told us that many of the Saudi men are copying the princes degenerate behavior, especially in Egypt. How long will the devout Muslim men in Egypt tolerate the subjugation of their daughters by Saud family princelings and those copying them?


A pattern of international illegal body part sales is becoming evident as it becomes a growth industry. Generally, children from poor countries either sell a body part or are murdered for their body parts. These body parts are then purchased by those from wealthy countries. As we iterated in newsletter #17, the Saud family, as in the child sex slave industry, are active participants in the illegal international body parts industry. They are prime purchasers of body parts due both to their degenerate behavior and interbreeding. The New York Times reports: “Israel, which happens to be one of the more active nations in the international organ-trafficking market. The market, which is completely illegal, is so complex and well organized that a single transaction often crosses three continents: a broker from Los Angeles, say, matches an Italian with kidney failure to a seller in Jordan, for surgery in Istanbul. Though hearts and livers and lungs are occasionally sold, the business deals almost exclusively in kidneys. … The sale of human organs, whether from a living person or a cadaver, is against the law in virtually every country … and has been condemned by all of the world’s medical associations. … Pope John Paul II, in a recent address, said that the commercialization of organs violates ‘the dignity of the human person.’ … Yet in Israel and a handful of other nations, including India, Turkey, China, Russia and Iraq, organ sales are conducted with only a scant nod toward secrecy. … Relatively few transplant operations, illegal or legal, take place in Israel. Every proposed kidney transplant in the country between two unrelated people is carefully screened for evidence of impropriety by a national committee. Therefore, almost all of these illegal surgeries are performed elsewhere, in nations where the laws are easier to duck, including the United States. Israel also does not contribute much to the supply side of the equation. Organ donation is extremely low; an estimated 3 percent of Israelis have signed donor cards. Though several rabbis have declared that donation is permissible, there is a deeply ingrained belief in Judaism that the body must be buried intact so that it will be whole when it comes time for resurrection. Islam has a similar doctrine. (Christianity does not.) Neither Islam nor Judaism, however, has an edict against accepting transplanted organs. This situation makes the transplant waiting lists in Israel distressingly long. … Instead, these patients have decided that purchasing a kidney from someone they’ve never met — in almost all cases someone who is impoverished and living in a foreign land — is a far more palatable option. … ‘Where I went, families were so poor they didn’t even have bread to eat. The money I gave was a gift equal to the gift I received. I insisted on seeing my donor. He was young and very healthy, very strong. It was perfect, just what I was hoping for. A dream kidney.’ ” Z219 A reliable source has told us that child body parts are being readily used by hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The doctors are told not to ask questions as to the body parts derivation. What is perplexing is the fact that Saud family members, as we mentioned in the issue #17, have been purchasing body parts taken from Egyptian Muslim children which is directly against the tenets of Islam.

Emails to the Editor


I collected my experience in a book and had it published by Rowohlt, one of the largest publishers in Germany. The book is in German, but so far I could not find an English-medium publisher that is willing to publish it in English. The Title of the book is “Saudi Arabien: Die Tyrannei der tausend Prinzen” which would translate “Saudi Arabia: The Tyranny of Thousand Princes” The book reports about how the government of Saudi Arabia abuses elementary human rights. It contains authentic reports mostly of women who were abused by the religious police, the Mutawas, and sentenced to death by stoning by princes of the country. Not only the Taliban are ill treating women, the Saudi Princes have been doing so for years.
Women from South East Asia, who work as maids in Saudi Arabia, have to serve 24 hours a day, very often for months or years without any pay, and on top of that they get raped. Prince Salman, the Governor of Riyadh and Prince Nayef, the Interior Minister sentence them to death by stoning. Viola, a maid from Bangladesh was convicted to death by stoning because she wanted to flee the slave-like treatment of her employer. She was raped by the son of her employer and got pregnant. Thereafter she was accused of adultery. Prince Salman followed a recommendation by the religious police, the Mutawas and signed Viola’s verdict. Nila, also a maid from Bangladesh, suffered a great deal because she married a Saudi man. She was raped by a policeman and later deported to her home country against the will of her husband. The policeman who raped her was hailed by a verdict issued by the Ministry of the Interior as a brave innocent Moslem. Women from other parts of the world are also exposed to excessive abuse. Samira, a Moroccan woman, who was recruited as a wife for Prince Sultan, the Defense Minister, (who almost weekly marries and divorces) had to go through a traumatic experience. Because she refused to be used as a sex object, she was held under house arrest and raped by a security man of the Prince. She managed to flee the country via Bahrain. Eva, a German woman was raped by a religious policeman and then incarcerated under appalling conditions. She had to go through all that because she took a cab alone. She was not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia without the approval of her Saudi husband. Eventually, she managed to leave the country, but was forced to leave her infant son in Riyadh. Najat, a Saudi mute-deaf girl was waiting for her brother to pick her up after doing some shopping. As her brother came back to take her home, three religious policemen arrested both of them and accused the girl of prostitution. The police believed that Najat did not want to admit her “sin” and therefore did not want to speak. They hit her and sentenced her to be stoned to death. Prince Salman signed the sentence. Awad, a Saudi officer in the Saudi Army has disappeared. No one knows if he is imprisoned or has already been executed. His “offense” was that he was helping his father and other shepherds to regain their gazing land which was confiscated by an influential prince of the country. Awad’s father was beheaded. His family, mother and siblings were burned alive together with their animals. Prince Miqbel, the Governor of Hayel, a province in the north of Saudi Arabia signed all of the sentences. Mohammed, an illiterate truck driver from Syria, who commuted between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, had his both arms amputated. He had been robbed in Jordan on his way to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis accused him of having sold his load in Jordan. He was also accused of having stolen the truck. Mohammed did not know if that was true. The truck belonged to someone in Damascus, he only drove it. These and other experiences are not individual cases. Similar suffering is inflicted on many other men and women day in and day out in Saudi Arabia. It must be stressed that not all jail and death sentences in Saudi Arabia are issued by courts. They are simply signed by influential princes in the country based on police reports. Saudi Arabia does not have law, courts or lawyers in the western sense. The government claims that its verdicts are based on Al Shari’a, the Islamic law, a 1400 year old script. The rulers of Saudi Arabia interpret this law as it suits them. If you want to have a copy of the book, I’d most delighted to send you one. I’d also appreciate it if you a way to get the book published in English. I wish you all the best in your endeavor to disclose the truth.


I learned about your organization through the David Icke website. In another article there, I was able to read of John DeCamp’s investigation efforts. He mentioned that missing children are not included in the FBI’s UCR forms completed each month by most police departments in the US. There is a National Incident-Based Crime Report form (NIBCR) which does include child abduction as a class. There appears to be a national missing persons roster, etc. However, I seem to be encountering difficulty simply accessing the black-and-white numbers of cases, year to year. Such “cold” statistics should tell a story about the size and trend of such crimes. Where should I look for such a report, specifically?


Dear Sauduction,
The Saudi scandals and crimes everywhere even in Spain and Morocco they support Prostitution by Millions…Last Months we hear that someone from the Saudi Princess buying Moroccan Virgin Girls under 17 and Children take them as sex slaves (during the visit of Sultan ben Abdul Aziz). I wonder that no body can say No for them!
Yours …


I come from Jonkoping Sweden. My young daughter was met by some Saudi Arabian Royal Prince in Stockholm and was promised many things by him. I asked authorities to find her when me and my husband did not hear from her. They would not tell us which Royal Prince it was or where he had taken our daughter. Me and my husband realise your group are very busy but if you could help us we give you our address and number. We love our daughter very much. We pray for you and your efforts.


I am a Shiite Muslim and and look how Muslim Custodians of the 2 holy mosques treat Shias who are also muslims. Although many muslims like Wahhabis hate shias but me , as a shia , and reading what is truth about this shameless,indecent, pathetic, diabolic rulers who call themselves as the religious leaders and people who r close to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot restrain myself from saying all truth about them and their treatment towards our small community in Madina. Please let this email be heard cordially all over the world . Please let the truth prevail. And don’t worry about our future if someone from Saudi Arabian Government finds out, we have suffered enough that we are not afraid anymore Of them!!! First of all they have destroyed all the holy sites of Makkah and Medina where Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and his family used to live. Now Hazrat ALi was the great brother of Holy Prophet and is reverted also by Sunnis. Who in the world r they to destroy such holy places. And not only have they crushed such sites, they have also destructed Graveyards of the companions of the Prophet. How can u call them Muslims and people sacred to God. They are pathetic hypocrites and are progeny of the robber and thief Saud and Abdul Aziz Bin Saud. They have slayed many shia muslims here in medina without the outer world knowing about that. That is why they have imposed ban on non-muslims entering makka and medina. They don’t want outside world to see atrocities done on innocent shia muslims. They have done things so shameful and hellish that i don’t have words to explain except ‘abuse’ against women and children . They have thousands of slave girls around them and they force ‘purdah’ on the women of the country! This is all to show to muslim countries that Saudis are good people. And there is no law in Islam which does not allow christians or jews or other non-muslims to enter or visit religious sites. Infact Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) even allowed christians to pray inside Medina mosque and seek asylum!!!!!!!! But the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) did not allow jews to live in middle-east. That does not mean that others or even jews are not allowed to visit. And if Saudi rulers really want to follow guidance of Prophet then why have they allowed Israelis to live in Israel? These Saud princes doesn’t deserve to live they should be hanged or shooted . Please let this voice be heard all over the world. Thank U.

Dear Readers:

We have been asked by the writers of “emails to the editor” to either translate or correct them. We have decided to have the creators write them in English and then we will edit them for the the creator’s acceptance. Although the writer would like perfect English, we must bear in mind that it is usually there second language. Again, we consider this a delicate matter and do not want to change the writer’s intent in any way. Again, we treat all emails we receive with great respect.

The Center of Missing and Abused Children recently gave a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington commenting upon child sex slavery throughout the world. During the question/answer period I mentioned the Saud family as high end purchasers of child sex slaves from Northern Europe and the United States. They had failed to note this information but elaborated upon it before the cameras when I brought it to their attention.

I attended the internationally viewed Freedom of the Press day luncheon at the National Press Club featuring Vladimir Gusinsky of Moscow. I thought of the day when an Arab publisher would be the speaker on Saud family journalistic censorship within the Arab Middle East. We are working towards that day and will gladly provide a forum to make it happen. Whenever we can we expose the Saud family intrigues. We are supplying several international entities with pertinent information on the Saud family machinations. We are also working with international journalists who are giving us information on Saud family intrigues. Of late, we are seeing the UN become more assertive of a impartial human rights policy towards Saudi Arabia not dictated by Ambassador Bandar’s Washington “special relationship”.

We recently have received numerous emails as to whether or not King Fahd is still alive. All we can say at this time is to look at any unusual activity around the person purported to be Fahd during media events. In the past we reported that an Israeli doctor is in charge of Fahd’s testicles. If anyone were canny enough one could ask the Israeli doctor for authentication. Throughout history authoritarian regimes have used media doubles and, in some cases, replacements so as to quell any transitory instability. We know that Saddam Hussein uses a double which has caused the intelligence community to questions Saddam’s existence. Those surrounding an aging potentate increase their power as the debilitation continues. They do not want another to assume power and thus jeopardize their positions. They want status quo, hence the ruses.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member