Issue 29

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies. — Winston Churchill


We have received various emails from Saud family sympathizers in the past several years who have emphatically denied that the Saud family is corrupt and/or degenerate. The only way we can prove them wrong is by continually telling the truth. There is no better truth than irrefutable taped telephone conversations. Seymour Hirsh in the New Yorker says: “Abdullah has been urging his fellow-princes to address the problem of corruption in the kingdom-unsuccessfully, according to the intercepts. ‘The only reason Fahd’s being kept alive is so Abdullah can’t become king,’ a former White House adviser told me. The American intelligence officials have been particularly angered by the refusal of the Saudis to help the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. run ‘traces’-that is, name checks and other background information-on the nineteen men, more than half of them believed to be from Saudi Arabia, who took part in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. ‘They knew that once we started asking for a few traces the list would grow,’ one former official said. ‘It’s better to shut it down right away.’ He pointed out that thousands of disaffected Saudis have joined fundamentalist groups throughout the Middle East. … The N.S.A. intercepts reveal the hypocrisy of many in the Saudi royal family, and why the family has become increasingly estranged from the vast majority of its subjects. Over the years, unnerved by the growing strength of the fundamentalist movement … And yet for years the Saudi princes-there are thousands of them-have kept tabloid newspapers filled with accounts of their drinking binges and partying with prostitutes, while taking billions of dollars from the state budget. The N.S.A. intercepts are more specific. In one call, Prince Nayef, who has served for more than two decades as interior minister, urges a subordinate to withhold from the police evidence of the hiring of prostitutes, presumably by members of the royal family. According to the summary, Nayef said that he didn’t want the ‘client list’ released under any circumstances. The intercepts produced a stream of sometimes humdrum but often riveting intelligence from the telephone calls of several senior members of the royal family, including Abdullah; Nayef; Sultan, whose son Prince Bandar has been the Saudi ambassador to the United States since 1983; and Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. There was constant telephoning about King Fahd’s health after his stroke, and scrambling to take advantage of the situation. On January 8, 1997, Prince Sultan told Bandar about a flight that he and Salman had shared with the King. Sultan complained that the King ‘barely spoke to anyone,’ according to the summary of the intercept, because he was ‘too medicated.’ … Sultan’s comments became much more significant a few days later, when the N.S.A. intercepted a conversation in which Sultan told Bandar that the King had agreed to a complicated exchange of fighter aircraft with the United States that would bring five F-16s into the Royal Saudi Air Force. Fahd was evidently incapable of making such an agreement, or of preventing anyone from dropping his name in a money-making deal. In the intercepts, princes talk openly about bilking the state, and even argue about what is an acceptable percentage to take. Other calls indicate that Prince Bandar, while serving as ambassador, was involved in arms deals in London, Yemen, and the Soviet Union that generated millions of dollars in ‘commissions.’ In a PBS ‘Frontline’ interview broadcast on October 9th, Bandar, asked about the reports of corruption in the royal family, was almost upbeat in his response. The family had spent nearly four hundred billion dollars to develop Saudi Arabia, he said. ‘If you tell me that building this whole country . . . we misused or got corrupted with fifty billion [$50,000,000,000], I’ll tell you, ‘Yes.’. . . So what? We did not invent corruption, nor did those dissidents, who are so genius, discover it.’ … The Fahd regime was a major financial backer of the Reagan Administration’s anti-Communist campaign in Latin America … Oil money bought the Saudis enormous political access and leverage in Washington. Working through Prince Bandar, they have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and educational programs here. American construction and oil companies do billions of dollars’ worth of business every year with Saudi Arabia, which is the world’s largest oil producer. … The Saudis were also shielded from Washington’s foreign-policy bureaucracy. A government expert on Saudi affairs told me that Prince Bandar dealt exclusively with the men at the top, and never met with desk officers and the like.’ Only a tiny handful of people inside the government are familiar with U.S.-Saudi relations,’ he explained. ‘And that is purposeful.’ In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the royal family has repeatedly insisted that Saudi Arabia has made no contributions to radical Islamic groups. … The Bush Administration has chosen not to confront the Saudi leadership over its financial support of terror organizations and its refusal to help in the investigation. ‘As far as the Saudi Arabians go, they’ve been nothing but coöperative,’ President Bush said … A former high-level intelligence official depicted the Saudi rulers as nervously “sitting on a keg of dynamite’-that is, the oil reserves. ‘They’re petrified that somebody’s going to light the fuse.’ … The Saudi regime ‘will explode in time,’ he said. ‘It has been playing a delicate game.’ … ‘The Saudis have been indulged for so many decades. They are so spoiled. They’ve always had it their way. There’s hardly anything we could say that would impede the ‘majestic instancy’ of their progress.” A224 This article speaks for itself.

King Fahd bin Abdul Azziz al Saud Protector Of The Two Holy Places
King Fahd bin Abdul Azziz al Saud Protector Of The Two Holy Places


The New York Times reports: “And in many ways, according to Arab and American diplomats interviewed by reporters for The New York Times and the PBS program ‘Frontline,’ Mr. bin Laden tries to exploit rage over corruption and poverty to gain support in Muslim lands. The United States ‘should ourselves do what we can to eliminate the causes which seem to give some justification to the cause of someone like bin Laden,’ said Richard L. Armitage, the deputy secretary of state. … He acknowledged that the root of some of the rage in radical Islamic circles is economic, and that human rights was a luxury some Arab states cannot afford. ‘We want the right to eat for a lot of people,’ he said. ‘Let’s first finish that. Then we get to all your fantasies in America.’ … Today, as then, the Saudis’ coalition with the United States is a delicate balance. Like the 19 American soldiers killed in 1996 in the bombing of the Khobar Towers complex, American troops in Saudi Arabia guard the power of the royal family, but remain targets of radical wrath against the Saudi house. ‘In a Western democracy, you lose touch with your people, you lose elections,’ Prince Bandar said. ‘In a monarchy, you lose your head.’ ” A225 Ambassador Prince Bandar makes a perfect spokesperson for Saud family corruption since he is one of the best examples. The victims of his corruption are Arabs under his family control, US taxpayers and particularly US military personnel who have died in defense of his family.


Since Saudi extremists have put the spotlight on the Saud family, the princelings are frightened that further truths as to the extent of their corruption in Washington, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Cairo et al will be aired by the international media. Those complicitous in Washington have already initiated damage control. They do not want their side deals investigated. Arab News says: “As reported by Abdullah, Bush apologized to him ‘for what is carried by the newspapers which are trying to drive a wedge between the kingdom and America and damage its reputation.’ The prince said he told Bush that American newspapers had attributed their reports to ‘some officials,’ to which Bush reportedly replied, ‘This I know. I am now looking for them, and when I find them, things will be straightened out.’ He said that Bush further asserted, ‘We will not accept this, and I will not accept it, and most American people will not accept it.’ … Abdullah sought to reassure his audience of the commitment of his government to Islam and Saudi Arabia. ‘The rights of the kingdom, Arabs and Muslims is our primary goal,’ said Abdullah. ‘God willing, we will live and die maintaining the supreme goal, because the Islamic faith is the cornerstone of Arab pride.’ He stressed the uncompromising nature of this commitment and emphasized that Saudi Arabia’s ruler, King Fahd ­ commonly referred to in Saudi Arabia as Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques ­ ‘will not accept any bargain on two points: the religion and nation.’ ” A226 The issue will be whether or not the international media truly investigates the extent of the 9/11/01 implications or is cowered by those who have economically profited from Saud family largess. We hope the international media will not fall prey to the usual Washington smoke screens and obfuscations as the US media has in the past.


The New York Times reports: “foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, … held out hope for progress that might help to soothe anti-American feelings in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that he said had made for a fertile environment for terrorism. ‘The terrorists want the injustice to be perpetrated so they have something with which to propagandize about their activity,’ Prince Saud said in an interview at his home in the Saudi capital. … ‘Remember, 10 years ago people in Saudi Arabia was naming their sons for Bush, the president,’ he said. ‘And 90 percent of the people supported the American presence. What change happened from then to now?’ … In conversations here, many Saudis have in fact pointed instead to the presence of some 5,000 American troops in the kingdom as the main reason for anti-American resentment. That presence, in a kingdom that is home to Islam’s two holiest cites, has been cited repeatedly by Osama bin Laden, whose Saudi citizenship was revoked in 1994, and by some militant Saudi clerics as the main justification in their calls for a holy war against the United States and its Saudi allies. But Prince Saud said the concerns about American troops would be greatly diminished were it not for concerns about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. And while not specifically endorsing the conclusion of American investigators that 15 of the 19 hijackers in the Sept. 11 attacks were Saudis, he said he believed that those who planned the attacks had deliberately enlisted a large number of Saudis to ‘drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and the United States.’ ‘This was their intention,’ he said, ‘to make it seem that Saudis were responsible for this act, and therefore that Saudi Arabia is not a friendly country to the United States, and therefore to convince the Saudis that they should be part and parcel of some kind of struggle against the United States.’ ” A227 We have been told by Saud family reliable sources the Saud family will use the Palestinian/Israeli issue as a smoke screen for their domestic problems. It will be interesting to see if the international media will succumb. The fact is that the Saud family dictatorship is being defended by a US military praetorian guard. Why not release the US troops and allow the subjugated Arabs deal with the Saud family? Saud family Washington retainers should be precluded from allowing history take its course.


News Max reports: “King Fahd had left his kingdom for the safety of Switzerland soon after Sept. 11, raised serious questions about worries some Gulf states may have over the present crisis. … The movement of royals out of the Gulf is considered an early warning of a larger war. With little time to catch planes out if Saddam’s tanks begin rolling across their borders, it is widely believed, Saudi and Kuwaiti royals plan to evacuate at the earliest inkling.” A228 The Saud family has run away from their “kingdom” in the past leaving those who support them to fight their battles, including the US military praetorian guard. We have seen throughout history, most recently Iran, those supporting the deposed regime are not treated too well by their captors. We find it hard to fathom why these individuals are willing to defend those who are known to run away at the slightest provocation to the safety of Switzerland and other ports of refuge.

Emails to the Editor


Dear delusioned and small minded reader,
I have recently been informed of your insulting and bogus website, i have flipped through the various links and read your sorry attempt to throw the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia into a bad light. As an Arab, and a citizen of Saudi Arabia I find it in extremely bad taste to go about criticizing and belittling a people and a family in particular who have fought through the hardships of life in the arabian peninsula. You are spouting implications and accusations against a people who have been through much only to come out on top. Discrimination, segregation, abuse at the hands of other peoples and much more and here you are insulting the very beliefs that have been a pillar of strength and support throughout the history of the Third Nation of Saudi Arabia. We rose from the ashes of war and strife that were caused at the hands of people much like yourself, overcame the hardships of a harsh environment and the belittling gazes of peoples who saw nothing but a third world country full of savages and misfits to become a power in the world in this day and age. You claim that the Royal Family is nothing but a group of infantile, hypocritical brutes who enjoy nothing more than to drink, kill and gamble, yet our crime rate is close to nil. The guidelines of our religion, the rules which guide our every decision in this life are made fun of and attacked by people such as you who see their society racked by the very things you accuse us of. Know that what you claim to be everyday and commonplace in our (the Arab society) is more fiction and fairytale. Know also that by trying to push off the shortcomings and defects of your society onto a society of people who are more honorable and religious than you or any one you know could ever hope to become, you do nothing more than prove to us that you are beneath our level. Im not saying that all in your society are as small as you, but that if you are an example of what we should expect from your people then yours is a truly sad and loathsome society. Sad is he who plies his trade in the belittling of others.


I give you more family information with pictures. Abdullah is hypocritical just like corrupt Washington and London politicians who he has studied. Abdullah speaks with two faces in Middle East politics. I realise he has said recently to media and public that he is against war in Iraq but I know he joined Washington for invasion plans many months ago. He wants American soldiers to stay in Saudi Arabia to use for invasion purposes and to protect our family. Many al Saud family members dont like assisting Americans killing Moslems. We want Americans out of Saudi Arabia. How would Americans like Moslem soldiers living near Washington or Christian holy places? I have heard family talk about another swindle Bandar and his Washington retainers and international criminals are doing against one or more American oil companys. We cant see how Americans allow corrupt Washington officials let Bandar do these things.
You people print truthful things.


Why do Washington politicians spend money on missile defense when container ships and vans will be easy for delivery system. Do they realise this or do they spend US peoples $ for company political bribes? This is what royal family princes do in Saudi. Military companys make no $$ on airport, harbor and border security. They are all not politicians or businessmen like they think but cheap hustlers willing to sacrifice there peoples. Why don’t US people put there political criminals in prison like other countries do?
Keep up telling like it is.


I would like to say that you Royals are nothing but destroyers of the true form of Islam. This website just proves it. You call us bidat’ees (Innovators), when we visit the holy mosques, especially the mosque of the Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH), while at the same time you fail to understand and even disregard many Hadiths. We have to pray behind your corrupt Imaams who live in your palaces, follow your commands and live off the petro dollars. I would like to say that you are not the rightful rulers of this place, but have been placed by the British Government to serve their interests in the Colonial empire. The place where you people originate from (NAJD) has also been mentioned in the Hadith as the place where the Horns of Satan are going to rise from. Here is the hadith in English translation: “Imam Bukhari(R.A) quotes this Hadith from Abdullah ibn Umar(R.A) that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) once prayed for Syria (Shaam) and Yemen. It is narrated that there were some people of Najd also present in the gathering and they requested the Prophet (S.A.W) to make du’a for Najd also. The Holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) continued saying: “O! Allah, Shower Blessings on Shaam and Yemen,” The people of Najd again requested the Prophet (S.A.W) to offer prayers for Najd. The Prophet (S.A.W) said: “It is a place of tremor and Fitna (Mischief) and the horn of Shaitaan will rise from there.” (Bukhari Shareef)” Is it not ironic that King Abdul Aziz comes from there and so does his family, also Ibn Wahaab, the founder of your corrupt form of Islam and the Saudi Regime together with Saud.


I can’t understand why the American public are so ignorant about the Sauds. Maybe it’s because they reserve most of their sympathy for the women of Arabia and just can’t see what’s happening under their noses. I’m amazed that some of these royals – who came out of the desert just like everyone else there! – haven’t been murdered yet, regardless of how many bodyguards they have around them. There must be more bin Musaids out there. I think if some of these senior princes where to die you just might see a lot more people coming forward with their stories. Unfortunately, they take advantage of a lot of poor people who have no resources. Something that angers me is the way young – and often poor – girls go to the kingdom thinking that they are just going to be maids or nannies. I don’t understand why their countries don’t seem to be doing anything to stop them from going in the first place. Especially the Philippine government. What are they doing? … When I was fresh out of high school I got an offer to go work in Saudi Arabia for a year as an au pair. The only bit of warning I got was that most girls stay only a short time because they find life there too boring and restricting. This would not have been a problem for me because of my interest in Arabs. However, I realized that if anything went wrong I would be completely on my own in a male dominated world. It was a risk I decided not to take.


Dear State Department,
I find that you have many interesting things to say. I myself am half Saudi and half American. Many people do not see the oppression that many Saudi’s face. At least you report this material regardless if it is true or not, the fact that it is out there is what counts. It is nice to see that you look into both parties that are involved and got the message out. Our freedoms here rely on citizens like you relaying information to others.


Open letter:
In 1998, a handful of Loudoun County citizens with whom I and my husband were associated opposed the proposed construction of the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) in Loudoun County. It was a controversy that received national attention, including articles in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Loudoun Times-Mirror, to name a few. Our opposition to the Islamic Saudi Academy had less to do with building an Islamic school in Loudoun County than the fact that the school was being financed 100% by the Saudi Arabian government and its board of governors would be comprised 100% of Saudi government officials. Highly disturbing is that both the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and the Board of Appeals ruled that financing of the school by any United States local, state or federal government agency would be in violation of a Loudoun County ordinance which prohibits financing of a private school by a government agency, but that the ordinance did not apply to an agency of a foreign government. Or, as an American lawyer representing ISA put it, “The citizens of Loudoun County have no right to tell the Saudi government what they can or cannot do in this county,” to which my husband commented, “George Washington, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in their graves.”

Dear Readership:

We have received numerous inquiries regarding those who were told not to show up for work on 9/11/01. We received first hand information from reliable New York City sources. It would be fairly easy to facilitate an investigation by international media and lay to rest any lingering questions. We believe this will never be done leaving, yet again, world doubt.

We mentioned in issue #23 that Ambassador Prince Bandar and his family were going to attempt to shut our newsletter down. August 12, 2001, approximately five months later, we received a “stupid bomb” attack from Saud family Washington retainers. We rallied several media groups to defend us from this questionable onslaught. Upon investigation, we found their motivations predicated on neither questions of law nor fact. As we have said before, we have reliable sources within the Saud family who give us information. This, we are told, has become very disturbing to the unconscionable Saud family hierarchy. Of late, we have received information from one of our sympathetic Saud family members regarding the first attack upon our publication. It seems that Turki and an associate named Samar have been assigned the scheme, most probably by Crown Prince Abdullah. We are told Turki owes the paltry sum of $5211.54 to a Washington Saud family retainer for their part in the initial attack but has refused to pay. The Saud family retainer has told Turki and Samar that for another more substantial sum they will be able to close down our publication. We are surprised that Ambassador Prince Bandar is not handling this onerous matter personally since he usually throws a tantrum when another Saud family prince enters his perceived Washington domain. Furthermore, if the Saud family Washington retainers attempt to “stupid bomb” us again we will be ready with our rallied protective media forces. If the Saud family for some questionable reason succeeds our readership will be denied our above and future investigations of Washington/Saud family relationships. It benefits that we are known by our readership as well as the international media as, among other things, defenders of US citizens enslaved and tortured by the Saud family.

Hossein Fardoust!

Again, we thank our contributors for their unique insights which should increase perspectives onto the Saud family international corruption. We especially thank those faithful within the Saud family who bestow on us their inside information.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member