Issue 03

This edition gives us a brief window on how Washington is for sale. Nothing is sacred from the auction block in Washington. Even the human rights of Vietnam Veterans and our children are not sacrosanct. They call it selling agendas to the wealthy for money and the powerful for IOU’s. The average US citizen infrequently sees the worst unless it surfaces as BCCI, BNL or other scandals. The criminals are seldom exposed. If they are uncovered they rarely go to trial and even more rarely prosecuted. Their friends control the investigation. The second most efficient political procedure in Washington, after graft collecting, is controlling investigations. Blue ribbon panels, special prosecutors, spin doctors, shredders, etc are the tools of investigatory control. These insiders when caught invariably get to keep the money. The perplexing question is why politicians loosing the competitive edge to challengers receiving money from the likes of the Saud family remain mute? Do the leaders of the parties keep a lid upon what can and cannot be discussed in public? Are there Washington insiders who specialize in scandal damage control? Why do not different independent watch dog groups insist Washington insiders committing criminal activities get put on trial? The Saud family have spent a great deal of time and money developing confidence in Washington that their proverbial handshake is as good as a written contract. So far they have lived up to their deferred payment scheme compensation. There are many examples of retired political appointees, politicians and key careerists collecting their Saud family deferred payments. Stephen Emerson in his book American House of Saud reports: “Beyond the issue of former ambassadors exploiting their political opinions, a larger issue concerns the ever growing ‘revolving door’ in Washington. To be sure, the problem … whereby officials leave government to go into the private sector and vice versa… has been around in Washington for a long time. But the involvement of so many former U.S. officials, who were entrusted with varying degrees of control over American Middle East policy, with petrodollars has created a ‘revolving door’ of monumental and dizzying proportions.” C18


The traditions of the Arabian peninsula are that you allow another to stay at your home as long as they want. If a guest sees something they like it is customary for the host to give that object as a gift. Obviously this can be straining if the host is a Saud family prince and the guest is a lowly Bedouin. The Saud family uphold this practice but only among those of comparable wealth. To circumvent this problem the Saud family build high walls around their palaces. It is no wonder Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has built his palaces with difficult accessibility. One need just drive to the entrance of his palace on Chain Bridge Road just down from the CIA headquarters in McLean. The Saud family are very courteous and accommodating to those who are wealthy and/or powerful while disdaining the poor and powerless. This is one of the reasons they frequently run afoul of US middle class citizens and need the State Department to bail them out with such ruses as retroactive diplomatic immunity. Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has been infinitely more tactful than many other members of his family. For instance, on many occasions he has given substantial donations to various charities or civic organizations within the Aspen area where he spends much of his time hosting Washington insiders at his local palace. This has endeared him to the locals. He is allowed to live in his Aspen palace unhampered by the conflicts of the world beyond the mountains. More to the point, he is allowed to summon his Washington retainers away from raised eyebrows and prying media.


A Prince Faisal tore down an estate previously belonging to an old River Oaks family to build a marble palace. It has been nicknamed “the pleasure mausoleum” because of the Prince’s extensive use of marble. The property is constantly guarded even though the Prince left Houston when his behavior became notorious. Prince Faisal is said to have designed a swimming pool up against his neighbors border contrary to local ordinances. When told, he promptly went to the neighbor and told him he wanted to buy his estate and to name a price. The neighbor is said to have tripled the actual value whereupon the Prince cut a check providing the neighbor move out of the estate within a week. The Prince now uses this abutting estate as a guest house for his palace. During Prince Faisal’s brief time at his River Oaks palace, he had many parties night after night featuring deviant sexual behavior. He had a bevy of impressionable young US girls for whom he leased BMWs, Mercedes, etc. The girls were allowed to keep clothes and jewelry purchased on the Prince’s account when they were allowed to go shopping. A bodyguard was assigned each girl so the Prince could control their movements. They had to abide by the Princes wishes, especially during his parties. The recorded owner of the palace is a realty firm. There are several Saud family palaces most probably under corporate names around the River Oaks section of Houston. The Saud family continue to make plans for their asylum within the US when they are deposed. This palace most probably will again be actively used by the Saud family when they are kicked out of the Arabian peninsula. US citizens must keep a vigil against the chosen Washington politicians, public relations firms, lobbyists, lawyers, consultants and special interests securing this future mass asylum for a family who have enslaved and tortured US citizens. The Arab citizenry under the control of the Saud family must not let the Saud family run to the palaces they are now building within the US. These Arab citizens must stop illicit Saud family asylum seekers just as the Iranians put up a fuss when David Rockefeller tried to influence President Carter to grant asylum to the Shah. The Saud family must not be allowed to collect on their hidden IOU’s. If the Saud family’s Washington retainers are successful with asylum requests and a good part of the Saud family are firmly ensconced within the US, as seems to be the plan, they must realize they will be legally impotent having lost the Washington “special relationship” they now have. They may be in for a rude awakening. A group of corrupt Houston lawyers and judges have been looting the estates of wealthy naturalized citizens. It seems these unwitting foreign born are set upon through nebulous business schemes or staged legal conflicts and soon find themselves a lot less wealthy. We have heard this group are just waiting for the day the Saud family settles down in their Houston area palaces without the State Department “freedom from prosecution card” they have become so accustomed to utilizing.

Prince Faisal’s Houston palace


A Prince Faisal was arrested in England for possession of drugs, allegedly heroin and cocaine. Prince Faisal has had several internationally noted criminal brushes with the police. This time his extended family did not put any bail up for him. Obviously the Saud family have decided to allow the vagaries of the common folk rule Prince Faisal’s destiny.


Vietnam Veterans enslaved and tortured by the Saud family were approached by a CNN producer who said he was investigating the abuse of US citizens in Saudi Arabia. The Vietnam Veterans worked with him for approximately two years giving him documentation and leads to other Vietnam Veterans enslaved and/or tortured by the Saud family. Approximately 200 hours of video were taken of US citizens discussing their traumatic tortures at the hands of the Saud family. The producer aired a small segment on CNN in the Washington area. Shortly thereafter the producer was no longer with CNN and ended up working for a small trade magazine. After waiting a reasonable time for an airing of the planned documentary, the Vietnam Veterans asked for their documents and photographs back from CNN. These documents included a photograph of a Saud family torture chamber similar to that allegedly used by the Iraqis in Kuwait as well as one depicting a palace prison for sex slaves. Turner Broadcasting Assistant General Counsel reports; “we are looking through the files in the CNN Washington Bureau, also in an effort to determine whether CNN has in its possession any of Mr. Mallard’s materials.” C19 CNN Assistant General Counsel later reports: “Although I have not heard from you concerning particulars of any documents and/or photographs which Mr. Mallard believes are still in CNN’s possession, CNN has expended a great deal of effort in looking through its materials and has been unable to find anything which belonged to Mr. Mallard. … it is our understanding that all materials of Mr. Mallard’s were returned to him quite some time ago.” C20 Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin in their book False Profits say: “Through this long-secret relationship, the Saudis have even brought themselves close to – perhaps directly into – an ownership position in Ted Turner’s Cable News Network (CNN). At the center of this scheme was a group of Saudi intelligence operatives with intimate ties to both BCCI and the CIA.” C21 Several pages later they go on to say: “In the mid-1980s, Turner was desperately short of capital and on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1987 … [there was] a 0,000,000 rescue of Turner’s company. …Were BCCI and its friends in Saudi intelligence behind the bailout of Turner Broadcasting? If so, were they seeking to influence public opinion in the United States and other countries where CNN operates?” C22 The Vietnam Veterans also incurred another case of missing documents when slides depicting Saud family atrocities against US citizens disappeared from The Boston Globe. An Associate Editor of the Boston Globe reports; “I wish to inform you repeated efforts have been made to locate the slides … without success.” C23 Soon after disappearance of slides, photographs and documents from CNN and the Globe, the Saud family government severely restricted visas for foreign photographers. This policy continues to this day.


Ron Brown should be considered the typical Washington insider. Ron Brown had many titles in Washington. He was at one time Chairman of the National Democratic Party appointed to that position by others who saw nothing wrong with his behavior. He ended his career by being Secretary of Commerce constantly looking for side deals that were personally rewarding. Again, by virtue of being appointed to these prestigious positions, the Democratic Party and the Clinton Administration saw nothing wrong with his behavior. New York Times reports: “Mr Ly Thanh Binh … [has been] telling reporters, Congressional staff members and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation … that Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown had sought a bribe from the Vietnamese Government in return for his help in lifting the trade embargo against Vietnam.”C24 Mr Binh who reported the alleged solicitation said; ‘My motive purely is that I do not believe in unethical government conduct.’ … Mr. Brown seem to contradict statements put out earlier by his aids. … Mr. Brown flew to South Florida on a private jet, met with Mr. Hoa and told him he wanted to be ‘the exclusive lobbyist’ for Vietnam … Mr. Brown wanted 0,000 and other economic concessions. Mr. Binh said the money was to be placed in a Singapore bank account controlled by a friend of Mr. Brown.” C25 Through the Freedom of Information Act we have found Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown in his trip to Saudi Arabia met with a number of Saud family members and their associates. The Summary Schedule says Secretary Brown also met in a country team briefing with CEO of AT&T Network Systems International and the Managing Director of AT&T Saudi Arabia. The New Yorker says: “Fahd had agreed to give a four-billion-dollar telephone contract to A.T.&T.. European competitors complained that the American bid had been far higher than theirs – twice as high, in fact. Fahd was prepared to pay dearly for his relationship with the United States.” C26 For more on the Brown/ATT relationship please contact this newsletter. ATT gave 5,763, to the Democratic Party between 1993 and 1995. King Fahd also placed a .6 billion order with Boeing. Boeing gave ,000 to the Democratic National Committee. Clinton is forcing a pliant King Fahd to accept the US corporations over their European competitors. What could be the reasoning? Assistant Secretary of Defense/Secretary of Navy James Webb reports in a New York Times article: “The President appears to follow the constitutionally questionable (albeit effective ) approach used by the Bush Administration in the Persian Gulf war: putting troops in an area where no American forces have been threatened and no treaties demand their presence, then gaining international agreement before placing issue before Congress.” C27 The Europeans persist on backing a “questionable” Presidential policy while continuing to lose out on the resulting Saud family contracts. During Secretary Ron Brown’s first months in office he was responsive to the plight of the Vietnam Veterans enslaved and tortured by the Saud family, that is until he returned from a trade mission to Saudi Arabia. Upon returning Secretary Brown called the plight of the Vietnam Veterans a negative and refused to aid in the negotiations to settle this dispute. At this same time he was actively and successfully pursuing negotiations between large US corporations and the Saud family. The Washington Post reports: ” Clinton yielded to ‘resurgent mercantilism’ and allowed Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown to become the U.S. government’s human rights spokesman, Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth said: … ‘So thoroughly did the quest for foreign markets eclipse human rights that Secretary Brown made the audacious claim, without presidential contradiction, that … the public stigmatization of repressive regimes – for decades indispensable to the defense of human rights – is a mere ‘feel-good policy’ that accomplishes nothing,” C28 The Washington Post reports: “A Brazilian businessman arranged a large loan to a friend of Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown, which was used to buy a Washington town house now occupied by the friend and owned by Brown, according to U.S. News & World Report. … [The businessman] is an adviser to Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. … [The businessman] held a dinner party at his home in Sao Paolo for Brown when he headed a trade mission to Brazil” C29. It has been learned that Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown left an estate which is said to include a sizable cache of monies in a Grand Cayman off shore account. This off shore account is said to be in his own name. He did not make any effort to hide it under a number, shell corporation or one of his associates names. The behavior of Secretary of Commerce Ronald H Brown should be considered the rule and not the exception in Washington. Usually Washington types do not meet with an untimely death and are able to pass their hidden accounts to others without notice during their retirement years. At this time it is not known whence these Cayman monies could have come or how much if any came from foreign countries, US corporations or the Saud family. It is believed that Ron Brown never registered as an agent of a foreign country or a lobbyist for corporations either before of after he became Secretary of Commerce. This is better left to the world media to track.


The Committee Against the Sauduction of Washington has been told the Treasury Department keeps records of the more substantial foreign investments made within the United States. Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) we hope to obtain a list of Saudi Arabian investments within the United States.Treasury reports:”The Department of Treasury regulations … require that before a FOIA request can be processed, requesters must state how the records released will be used. This information is used to determine the requester’s category for fee purposes, not to determine the releasability of any records.” C30 We hope to determine the official amount of monies invested within the United States so that we may then find any monies secreted by the Saud family covertly under shell companies. We believe this will facilitate the repatriation of these monies by the new government when the Saud family are deposed.

Dear Reader:

Again, we do not believe any US military personnel should be in Saudi Arabia to aid the perpetuation of the Saud family regime at the expense of the Arabs they control. These are internal matters better left to the citizens. The only ones to benefit from preserving the power of the corrupt repressive Saud family are the favored Washington politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, consultants and special interests who have a vested interest in perpetuating the Saud family regime. Washington insiders seek out any loose money. We have seen in this news letter insight into what a corrupting force the Saud family can be with vast wealth skimmed from the oil reserves they control. If allowed asylum within the US they would most probably be a morally and ethically destabilizing force to the entire US society, more so than they are now.

We thank those who have contributed documentation.

Herb Mallard

National Press Club member
London Press Club member
Royal Society fellow