Issue 31

I am very careful to look after U.S. government officials when they return to private life. If the reputation then builds that the Saudis take care of friends when they leave office, you’d be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office. — Ambassador Prince Bandar


NewsMax reports: “A leading New York congressman [Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y] said … Saudi Arabia should be considered ‘almost an enemy at this stage. For years we considered (Saudi Arabia) an ally and we would sort of give a wink and a nod when they would say or do something that was not appropriate cause we felt that in the final analysis Saudi Arabia would be with us. But more and more it’s becoming obvious (that) they’re not with us. But I think as soon as we can cut loose from Saudi Arabia it’s going to be a plus for the United States, because it’s not even a question of creating problems for us,’ the influential congressman added. ‘They’re an absolute – really almost an enemy at this stage.’ ” A308 How long does Congress think it can allow the Torture/Kidnap Lobby to sell the rights of US citizens to the Saud family? The indifference of Congress to confront the decades long torture/kidnap of US citizens by the Saud family is a good example of why Congress is held in such disfavor by the US taxpayer.


A State Department official in a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says: “The abuses and injuries many innocent Americans have suffered at the hands of Saudi Arabia might never occurred had the US Mission in Saudi Arabia diligently carried out its duty to protect Americans, US commerce, and legitimate US national interests. There has been little recognition of the American officers and staff who were pointing out breakdowns in security and corruption in the US Mission in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a concealed enemy which infiltrated and subverted a variety of US institutions and installations with the purpose of undermining the American way of life, American’s security, and found willing allies. Saudi Arabia has obstructed every serious effort by the US to track down terrorists using its territory. The actions of Saudi Arabia amount to warfare not unlike the Cold War. The effort to dig out Saudi sympathizers in our government and society (the infamous ‘Torture Lobby’) cannot begin until the Americans who were alert and diligent and punished – are heard from and our government learns their lessons.” A309 This letter was ignored by the Chairman. Ironically, it was the State Department official who was investigated. To this date Congress continues to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the continuing Saud family corruption of Washington. The Torture/Kidnap Lobby continues to reward Congress with sizable campaign contributions and retirement packages. One does not know when, if ever, Congress will put the rights of US taxpayers ahead of Saud family retainers.


The New York Times reports: “In an effort to silence Saudi and American critics of his kingdom, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud embraced the United States today as a close friend and branded the Sept. 11 attacks a ‘deviant’ attempt to destroy the bonds. … ‘I have great concern about America’s credibility and I care about how America is perceived,’ he said. ‘As your friends and as your allies, we are very proud of our relationship with you. In the current environment, we find it very difficult to defend America, and so we keep our silence. Because, to be very frank with you, how can we defend America?’ … The interview today appeared to be part of a strategic counteroffensive by the kingdom to silence the strong criticism of Saudi Arabia in the United States since Sept. 11. … The prince blamed much of the ‘so-called tension’ on the media, as he has done before, and on some members of Congress. Senator Carl M. Levin, a Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, shook the status quo when he said earlier this month that the United States ‘should consider moving its forces out of the kingdom.’ … America, [Abdullah] said, ‘has a duty to follow its conscience to reject repression.'” A310 Representative Tom Lantos of California said: “The notion that we have been allies for 60 years is an absurdity, … We have been protecting the Saudi regime, which is a repressive regime living in the Middle Ages. Their values, their policies, their attitudes are diametrically opposed to ours. They have oil, we need that oil and that’s why we protect them. Their society is diametrically opposed in values to our society. They have no religious freedom. They have no rights for women. They have no political pluralism. So… to say we share the same values I think is absurd. This is a very clever PR trick and they are pouring millions of dollars into it.” A311 We believe that Abdullah’s recent openness and “very clever PR (public relations) trick” are do principally to the influence of the capable self-professed Saudi commoner, the quixotic Adel Jubair. The Saud family are very much afraid the US military will be withdrawn from protecting them. As long as the Saud family pays the Washington Torture/Kidnap Lobby Abdullah can hypocritically tell US taxpayers “to reject repression” that is the mainstay of Saud family power. We have iterated time and time again that the US military has no right being billeted in the shadow of Mecca and Medina defending the dictatorial Saud family regime.


NewsMax reports: “During a recent ceremony at Saudi Arabia’s Public Institution For Military Industries, Saudi Defense and Aviation Minister Prince Sultan bin Abd Al-Aziz reportedly blamed his country’s growing unpopularity on Capitol Hill on ‘a number of congressmen wearing Jewish yarmulkes.’ Prince Sultan bin Abd Al-Aziz is the father of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S., according to the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute, which reported the outburst on Tuesday. When asked about U.S. criticism of Saudi Arabia, bin Abd Al-Aziz told the London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, ‘It is enough to see a number of congressmen wearing Jewish yarmulkes to explain the allegations against us.’ The Saudi daily Al-Hayat, also based in London, said bin Abd Al-Aziz ‘cut off’ a journalist who asked him about the congressmen who had criticized Saudi Arabia, remonstrating, ‘Say ‘Jewish congressmen. It is enough that in the pictures you see some congressmen wearing Jewish yarmulkes. That is sufficient,’ he complained. The Saudi daily Al-Jazirah carried similar quotes from the Saudi defense chief, MEMRI said.” A312 We do not know where the Saud family is going with this hypocritical diatribe. Remember, we reported high minded Sultan being exposed for kidnaping Swedish girls for his palace sex slaves. Few in Washington do not know the criminal acts the Saud family are allowed to perpetrate upon US citizenry. President Bush Sr coined the expression “the Washington two-step” of saying one thing and doing another. The Saud family are looked upon with disrespect, other than by Bandar’s unprincipled retainers.

Prince Walid bin Talal given his first boy!
Prince Walid bin Talal given his first boy!


US State Department has consistently covered up Saudi Arabian kidnappings of US children. As recently as the 6/14/02 Congressional hearing chaired by Congressman Dan Burton State Department officials stayed the course by denying the Committee information on Saudi abductions of US children. We are collecting information from those who have witnessed US and European child sex slaves in Saud family palaces. We believe that there should be a “remote possibility scenario” in place among police within US and Europe regarding Saud family child kidnappings. Could Elizabeth Smart of Utah or Amanda Dowler of Surrey, England have been victims of the usual “special ordered” by a Saudi Prince? We believe the US taxpayers should demand the secret statistics from their Congressmen of US children disappeared over the past three decades. Worldnetdaily reports: “after years of kowtowing to the Saudis, we have sacrificed many of the principles that have defined this great nation of ours: religious freedom, due process of law, civil liberties and human rights. The biggest losers are American women and children trapped in Saudi Arabia, whose lives are considered cheap and expendable. The biggest winners are corrupt diplomats and government officials who are profiting from our wine, beer and alcohol. The ugly untold story in our relationship with Saudi Arabia is that we have put booze over babies. … every other month, a 40-foot cargo container of alcoholic beverages was shipped under diplomatic seal to the Jeddah port. Alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Imagine Hunter’s surprise when he discovered his assistants were involved in dividing up the lucrative cargo among Saudi police, ‘special branch’ security officials and corrupt U.S. personnel.” A313 When the perpetrators are discovered the Saud family drag out the powerless US or British innocent guest workers to be sacrificed to the Saud family public relations torture machine. At home, Washington and London Saud family retainers obfuscate any repercussions. This duplicitous ruse allows the Saud family to say they are not puppets of Washington while perpetuating their criminal ventures. All the while, Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers continue unabated in selling access to innocent US torture victims as well as US child sex slaves. These foreign dignitaries and their Saud family partners also profit by importing illegal alcohol and drugs into Saudi Arabia in direct contravention to the tenets of Islam. Again, these connivers are allowed to operate in the very shadow of Mecca and Medina.

Emails to the Editor


As a Muslim it is essential for us to believe in the divine commandments of Allah Almighty. To understand His holy words and then find Him through reasons the website is a humble step to seek His divinity. I hope and pray that this website helps for your success in the life here and hereafter and also putting the advancements made by you in the right perspective.


I am a Saudi Royal and would like to correct many things which will stop some hypocricys. I have read your newsletters completely and partly agree with your honesty but you unfortunately blame Saudi Royals for things clearly the fault of our London and Washington advisers. The Saudi Royal Family are victims of corrupt governments in especially Washington and London. Let me tell about slaves which have been a part of our heritage for hundreds of years. It was decided many years ago by our advisers we should keep our slavery traditions. Our boys needed girls and boys from outside our country to keep our boys calm and easy to control. The ones at all meetings deciding these policies were advisers from Washington and London paid to help us with our problems. We were given this right. If you look in early State Department public documents you will see Washington accepted this tradition. Sure we buy girls and boys but ones from Europe and the U.S. get good treatment. They probably get better treatment than in there own countries. Sure those from Philippines and other countries like that get treated a different way by our boys but they are treated that way in there own country. I am sick that you dont tell how Mafia leader Lansky bought Israel defense bonds with billions of dollars made from U.S. prostitution and drugs. Lansky and other overseas Israeli criminals are allowed to escape to Israel as safe haven from U.S. and European justice when they are caught. Overseas Israelis control pornography in magasines, movies and internet. I read in June World Magasine how Israeli Government forced more than 10,000 Russian girls into sex slavery to feed degenerate men and women of Israel. This is financed by U.S. taxpayer 3 billion foreign aid to Israel. I read in July 1 Chicago Tribune Illinois is now #16 US State treasury to be looted by overseas Israelis. Do taxpayers of the 15 U.S. States know there taxes are going for Israeli defense bonds rather than local businesses? Why does U.S. media keep these crimes from U.S. citizens? Hypocrisy, hypocrisy. Lets get the record strate and tell both sides. I dare you to print this truth.


From about 50 miles north of Little Rock, Ar. Just spent the best three hours reading your newsletter. I now have a new name for University of Arkansas, Saudark University, I have recently moved here and what a bunch of dumb ignorant uninformed —- toting, —- reciting, do gooders, two face showing people, ugh!. Also I have a new insight on the Bushsaud relationship. One more thing before I close, Mr.. Bandar whatchamacallit… (He somehow does not live up to my idea of what a real prince is, so I will leave that off.) Anyway, after seeing him for the first time on the O’Riley Factor, it took me about midway thru the segment to see thru him. Perhaps the Saud’s better watch out for him, he’s out for the best deal! I really like your newsletter, hope you continue the good work and let all the STUFF OUT, and maybe enough people will be informed to all that is going on and then start putting pressure on those responsible and make them accoun !! table for this stuff, namely Washington. Perhaps since we already have our military in Arabia, maybe we should do an Afghanistan, but then again there’s too much money here, we had nothing to lose in Afghanistan.
Thanks DS


Dear Sauduction:
I have been a grass-roots Republican operative nearly all of my life, and being of retirement age at this time, it is very difficult for me to comprehend all that is going on, especially with what happened on 9/11/’01. Frankly, there is no way that I would ever become a Democrat, so the only other alternative is to become a “Freedom Loving Conservative.” I read the 30 article’s ….. it seems to me that Arab Oil Interest and with the Saudi’s in charge, have not only sent 17 out of 19 Terrorist to destroy the WTC & Pentagon , but it seems that they have corrupted and influenced themselves into the highest circles of our Legislature,Senate and Executive Branch. In Spanish Harlem, where I was born and raised , they had an expression ” Money Talks”. It seems that somebody better start asking questions about some of the issues that your WebSite has raised. e.g. “Missing / Kidnapped Children” etc. These Saudi’s have clay feet , and I hope your WEbSite brings them down post-haste..WOW!


Dear Sauduction:
I was researching another site the Saudhouse. It appears that Saudi Princes have a taste for young girls and boys. Is it possible that the search for this young U.S. girl Elizabeth Smart isn’t broad enough? Maybe we should be looking outside of Utah and inside the compounds of these Saudi princes here in the US or abroad. Are there any statistics on how many U.S. girl and boys have never been found? About how many U.S. children are captive in Saudi Princes’ palaces here and abroad? Is Washington so corrupt that they sell access to our children and then cover it up?
Something to consider.

Dear Readership:

We believe the US taxpayers should demand the State Department secret statistics from their Congressmen of US children disappeared and US citizens tortured in Saudi Arabia over the past three decades. The State Department country report statistics on Saudi Arabia continually misrepresent of the truth. It is deplorable that Ambassador Prince Bandar and his Washington retainers have the capability of suppressing Washington torture/kidnap statistics from the US taxpayers.

We are receiving information tracking Adel Jubair from a Saud family insider. Adel commutes back and forth between Washington and Riyadh. He is a loner envied and shunned by less capable princelings. Adel was an architect of the Saud family Palestinian peace accord coupled to the President Bush Jr two-step. It seems this accord was put forth primarily to distract from investigations into Saud family terrorist connections. While in Washington Adel can be seen dining at the Capital Grill, Mortons or Busara Tai Restaurant. He is well liked as a patron since he treats the personnel as peers and rewards them with substantial tips.

Media statements by Fahd, Abdullah, Nayef, Sultan and other Saud family notables belie the truth when speaking of Jews. The Saud family by and large are secular hedonists who flail away at Jews while intermarriage as well as financial and political relationships with them are not uncommon. We reported the doctor taking care of King Fahd’s sexual organs is an Israeli based in Tel Aviv. King Fahd’s personal financial adviser was of Jewish heritage. We reported Lansky’s second-in-command and heir apparent’s son amicably married the King of Saudi Arabia’s daughter. The King gave his personal jet to Lansky associates to use as they wished. Bandar has been known to contribute to Jewish causes. Bandar has several Jewish confidants who, as stalwart Israeli activists, have intervened with him on behalf of Jewish issues. In the only two US class actions brought by Saud family torture victims the Jewish plaintiffs were the only ones to receive a settlement. The Christian and Moslem plaintiffs were ignored by the Saud family. We believe the media sham by the Saud family in openly castigating Jews in general and Israelis in particular is an attempt to gain credibility within the Islamic community. After all, the Saud family are the self professed protectors of Mecca and Medina, but from whom?


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member