Issue 32

May God be the witness that you are martyrs … You died to honor God’s word. (You) committed suicide? We committed suicide by living like the dead. — Ghazi Algosaibi Saudi Arabian Ambassador to London in “The Martyrs,”

Politics is about interests. Politics is not about morals. — Iraq UN Ambassador Mohammed Douri

Moslems are 20% of world population but control only 4% of the trade, primarily made up of crude oil exports.


The Financial Times reports: “Saudi investors had pulled up to $200bn out of the US in a signal of deep alienation from America, amid rising tensions between Washington and Riyadh. Analysts in Riyadh said the conflicting reactions might be due to a lack of precise data and suggested the Saudi royal family was keen to distance itself from any action that might affect the US. ‘The royal family has a lot of money invested abroad and they don’t want to be seen as fighting America on the economic front, or as people who are driving this situation,’ said one analyst. ‘But there can be no doubt that the political sentiment is pushing many investors away from the US.’ ” F254 We find the numbers being bandied about as to how much the Saud family has stolen from the Arabian Peninsula oil reserves mind boggling. One only can imagine how much money they have given their Washington retainers over the years. At least the Arabs they control will know approximately how much and where to look for hidden off-shore accounts when the Saud family dictatorship is overthrown.


A University of Texas professor comments upon oil politics and Saudi Arabia by saying: “For all the talk of a ‘special relationship’ between the United States and Israel, it’s clear that for American policy makers there’s nothing particularly special about their support for Israel or rejection of Palestinian rights. … To the degree that U.S. policy makers believe backing Israeli conquest and aggression in Palestine advances U.S. long-term business interests, support for Israel continues. … The central principle of every U.S. administration since the end of World War II has been that the resources of the region do not truly belong to the people of the region, but instead exist for the benefit of Americans. It is not simply a question of who owns the oil, but who controls the flow of oil and oil profits. … One component of this policy is support for the oil-rich countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi rulers take their cut of the profits, channeling what remains into investments in the West and the purchase of U.S. weapons. In exchange, Saudi Arabia — a monarchy that could not exist independently — gets U.S. protection. … It is common practice for empires to set up client regimes in a region and then play them off each other, which not surprisingly produces tension, especially when the governments are not representative of their people. That’s what U.S. diplomatic and military officials are paid to do — manage the tensions, always keeping an eye on the ultimate goal. U.S. control — not peace — is that goal. … the U.S. policy makers shape foreign policy to benefit U.S. elite economic interests, not those of another country. … The more the United States overplays its hand in the Middle East, the more the rest of the world sees clearly U.S. intentions. The question is, can we the American people see the same, and demand of our government a policy geared toward justice not domination.” F255 It could be said the US State Department works for the elite and not for the US taxpayer. How many times have we mentioned the pattern of State Department officials trampling US torture/kidnap victims for the benefit of the Saud family Washington retainers.It is perplexing that this University of Texas professor be allowed to speak in such frank terms about oil politics when his paycheck is contingent upon oil royalties from a Texas foundation and Houston oil interests.


The Washington National Press Club Record reports: “The NPC was astounded by the detention of a reporter (National Review’s Joel Mowbary) by the Diplomatic Security Service … The apparent intention was to ascertain the source of classified cables relating to embarrassing problems with U.S. visas in Saudi Arabia … such tactics, if employed regularly would make a mockery of our constitutional guarantees of press freedom.” F256 The Wall Street Journal reports: “National Review writer Joel Mowbray had the temerity at Friday’s press briefing to question State spokesman Richard Boucher about ‘Visa Express,’ a program that has made it easier for Saudi Arabian citizens to enter the U.S. without interviews. Mr. Boucher had denied that the U.S. ambassador to Riyadh wanted to terminate Visa Express, even though a classified cable had clearly said otherwise. … State’s instinct is always to attack Americans who raise questions, instead of pressuring the Saudis on behalf of U.S. interests.” F257 The Associate Press reports: “Fifteen of the 19 airplane hijackers responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks received their visas from the U.S. consular office in Saudi Arabia. The State Department has defended the decision to issue those visas, contending that it had no information from U.S. law enforcement agencies on which to reject the applicants. Amid widespread complaints from members of Congress, the State Department has ordered a review of procedures at all 207 U.S. posts worldwide that issue visas.” F258 Neither the State Department not any other law enforcement agency has ever interviewed employees granting visas to 9/11 terrorists about who gave them permission to issue the documents. Congress will only deal with the “fast track Visa Express” given Saudi commoners by the State Department. Congress will not address why non-governmental Saud family princelings neither require visas nor emigration checks upon entering and leaving the US. This subject has been avoided by all Congressional oversight hearings. Perhaps it is because if Congress mentions this Saud family princely “special relationship” perk, it will open to onerous behavior like US child abductions via uncontested Saud family airplanes. How many US children will be kidnaped by the Saud family and their associates before the US establishment media expose this continuing behavior.


These are but a few of the many kidnapped US children with the desired Saud family product female profile. Many of these children end up in Saud family palaces as child sex slaves, never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, Ambassador Prince Bandar carries on the Saud family tradition of lusting after the young. As we have noted in prior issues, US girls and boys are considered high end product and are special ordered by the Saud family. Congressman Dan Burton’s Congressional Hearing into the Saud family US child kidnappings is on record saying Ambassador Prince Bandar’s office is instrumental in US child kidnappings. Washington is well aware of these kidnappings orchestrated by Saud family princelings but are thought to consider it a part of the Saud family “special relationship” perks protected by Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers. It is sad to think that each US child abducted by the Saud family has a perpetually grieving mother and father with no government to turn for help.


A reliable source within the State Department has told us that during the 1980s there was a marked increase in the number of unsolved US child abductions. We have mentioned in the past that gangs, modeling agencies, acting agencies etc were recruited to satisfy the ongoing need for special ordering of US child sex slaves, especially for Saud family princes. During the late 1980s the State Department was inundated by requests from state law enforcement officials and parents of kidnapped children. The State Department decided to create the Office of Children’s Issues to obfuscate those requesting assistance. During the early 1990s, the Office of Children’s Issues was created by Washington to mollify state law enforcement by telling them to consider all child abductions local, even though state police had hard evidence of organized international kidnapping organizations. Further, the Office of Children’ Issues was told to lower the expectations of parents of ever finding their children. Associated Press reports: “Thirty-five conservative and family value groups are challenging the appointment of Maura Harty, a veteran foreign service officer, to run the State Department’s consular affairs bureau. In letters to the White House, the groups said her appointment would continue the “courtesy culture” of U.S. diplomats not protecting American children who have been taken to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. … ‘Unfortunately, under her leadership, the office had a reputation of capitulating to the demands of foreign states in cases of child abduction,’ the groups said. ‘Now is not the time to continue the status quo,’ they wrote President Bush. ‘We encourage you to take this opportunity to nominate someone with strong and insightful leadership.’ State Department officials defended Harty, meanwhile, as a dedicated officer who expanded the children’s office to provide support for parents seeking to be reunited with their children.” F259 The Washington Post reports: “when Harty was in charge of the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues, ‘the office had a reputation of capitulating to the demands of foreign states in cases of child abduction. Now is not the time to continue the status quo.’ … The conservative campaign against Harty’s nomination also appears to have a broader target — what critics consider an insular State Department culture more concerned with maintaining good relations with countries that host U.S. diplomats than with reuniting American families.” F260


A State Department reliable source has old us that the State Department exported a procedure by which child sex slaves could be used to blackmail foreign diplomats. Our issue #13 depicts the Sultan of Brunei’s sex slaves used to entertain dignitaries, including US. The State Department allows all Saud family princelings free passage under the “special relationship” rubric in and out of the US. This facilitates, among other amenities, abduction of US children. US child sex slaves are used by the Saud family to entertain foreign diplomats, including Washington dignitaries. There is said to be a library in Riyadh containing pictures of world elite in compromising positions with male and female child sex slaves. The Washington Post reports: “The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years old. As shocking as this may be, some say it’s routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, ‘The Sex? That’s done all the time. If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that.” Another former NSC [National Security Council] official who requested anonymity says other countries also do it. “I was offered every sexual favor you can imagine. I turned it down all the time. After a while they left me alone and stopped offering me.’ ” F261 Herb Mallard says: “I have personally talked to two girls who had been given to Bandar within the US. One had difficulty rebuffing him in the presence of a prior president. It is well known in Washington Bandar requests blond blue eyed girls for sex.” The State Department usually supports the dignitaries at the expense of the US citizens by saying:: “We can neither confirm nor deny these matters.” What should parents do when the State Department recruits their children for sex with the likes of Ambassador Prince Bandar and his associates? Who do the grieving parents go to for criminal justice?


The Guardian reports: “A growing number of adolescent girls from eastern Europe are being sold into sex slavery … Those falling victim to people-traffickers are becoming younger … Turkey is now the staging post for women on their way to the Middle East.” F262 The Saud family facilitate this mode of sex slave trafficking for their commoners since it is cheaper. Since the Saud family are high end buyers on the child sex slave market, their “product” is more expensive and affords more delicate handling. This is why the Saud family child sex slaves are usually brought into Saudi Arabia via private plane.

Uncle Bandar Advising!
Uncle Bandar Advising!

“Uncle Bandar” has been an intimate of the Bush family ever since he achieved influence. When a Bush is President, Bandar is given control of the Arab Washington agenda. Of late, Ambassador Prince Bandar has been in deliberation with President George W. Bush in an attempt to close down Congressman Dan Burton’s Congressional investigation into Saud family US child abductions. We believe Bandar and his Washington retainers will again be successful. In their timeworn tradition the State Department says; “we can neither confirm nor deny” that these Saud family child kidnappings are occurring. Each kidnapped child leaves a perpetually grieving family behind without recourse.


Associated Press reports: “A Saudi prince smuggled a 4,400-pound load of cocaine from Venezuela to Paris on his personal aircraft under diplomatic immunity, U.S. drug investigators charged Wednesday. Nayef bin Sultan bin Fawwaz Al-Shaalan, a prince who prosecutors said is not in the line of succession to the Saudi throne, was indicted along with three others on two drug conspiracy counts. Officials said they don’t know the prince’s whereabouts and it is unclear, because of his diplomatic immunity, whether the prince could be prosecuted if he were located. A woman at the Saudi embassy’s information office in Washington after business hours Wednesday said diplomats were gone for the day and no one was available for comment.” F263 Ambassador Prince Bandar and other Saud family princelings have the capability of not only smuggling kidnapped children but other contraband on their private airplanes as well. A reliable State Department source says Saud family princelings frequently arrive at US airports with drugs and leave with abducted US children, all protected from US customs by Bandar’s Washington retainers.


The Wall Street Journal reports: “A federal prosecutor said that Amr Elgindy, a short seller charged with conspiring with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to make money by manipulating his children’s $300,000 fund on Sept. 10 and may have had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks. … Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Breen also cited Mr. Elgindy’s dual Egyptian and U.S. citizenship, his travels to the Middle East and a series of wire transfers from accounts in Canada and the U.S. to Lebanon beginning last October as reasons to suspect the investor had ‘prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks’ and was a flight risk. … Accusations that Mr. Elgindy knew about and profited from the terrorist attacks have for months swirled around stock-market message boards on the Internet.” F264 Common Dreams comments: “In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 a number of news stories appeared concerning investments in “put” options in United and American Airlines. Put options are shares that are bets on falling market prices for specific stocks. In the week before September 11 put options in United and American Airlines went through a furious and unprecedented spasm of investment. In addition put options for Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, two of the biggest occupants of the World Trade Center, also saw abnormal activity. Most of the investments in these put options originated in Germany through the Deutsche Bank. Deutche Bank had earlier acquired Banker’s Trust, a investment banking firm whose Vice Chairman in charge of ‘private client relations’ in the late 1990’s was A. B. ‘Buzzy’ Krongard. In March of 2001, Krongard was appointed Executive Director of the CIA. Certainly, the CIA has a history of laundering money and dealings with shady investment characters. What becomes particularly relevant in the lead-up to 9/11 is the August CIA briefing of Bush concerning the potential threat of attacks by bin Laden using hijacked planes on certain sites, such as the Pentagon and World Trade Center, and the fact that the CIA had bugging equipment on bin Laden messages and international banking operations. Although no one has apparently claimed the money from the put options, questions remain about Krongard and the CIA’s involvement.” F265 Perhaps the Washington operatives linked to the Deutche Bank short selling were just using their unused knowledge to make a buck. One cannot castigate them since the Saud family Washington retainers have done worse, especially their torture/kidnap lobbyists. We will not know until somebody claims the Deutche Bank money. We see a continuing cloud over the legal action against the Saud family and their government until a resolution to profiteers as well as those forewarned not to go near the World Trade Center 9/11/02 is determined.

Emails to the Editor

I am writing on behalf of myself and others at the U.S. State Department. We realize that there are many countries which have state departments, none of which can declare exclusivity to the name. Your newsletter is a riot. We enjoy it very much because it tells of truths that we would be fired for saying. The reason we are writing is that we agree so much with the U.S. State Department officer whose email you printed in issue #30. The morale of careerists who have the slightest Saudi Arabian workload is very low. This includes the U.S. military. We know we are pawns to the “Saud family Washington retainers” you mention so much. We would like the world to know what the Saud family has done to our government and our citizens. Saud family Washington retainers have kept a lid on this for much too long. You are our outlet to such information. We see you have many reliable sources such as the Saud family princes giving you information. We would like to become reliable sources as well by using your anonymity capability. Our last note, to clarify one example of Washington politic, suffice it to say that Senator Pell, because of his compromising involvement with Senate Page Boys, sold out his principles to blackmail. He was ordered to play along the Saudi victims he vowed to help.
Keep telling the truth.
Concerned U.S. Department of State careerists


I am a private investigator that is currently looking into a disappearance of a juvenile that I suspect has been taken to KSA [Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]. I was making progress when I ran into a brick wall in the form of an American “private security” firm that is actively blocking my efforts. I am curious. In your issue #17 you make reference to an American-Saudi private security concern. Can you identify this concern to me? I suspect that I am being interfered with in my investigation. I would not be surprised if it wasn’t the same firm. I certainly would like to put a face on who is blocking my progress. I am convinced that there is a prospering underground of “procurers” that are “harvesting” our young for the deviated and perverted concerns of the Saudi Princes. One Pakistani (gangster) that I interviewed intimated that “American Virgins” are in high demand fetch a “healthy” price (upwards of $50K apiece) and that influential Saudis and the “Princes” literally have catalogs of photos that are taken at school functions, playgrounds and that orders are given and abductions take place. I was also informed that there is a small but highly competitive group that strives to fulfill the “orders”. I do not believe that my clients daughter is still alive. It has been over 13 months since her disappearance. But, I have taken this on as a crusade. I am currently trying to collate abductions to ship and/or cargo plane movements. I believe that I have identified a transshipment route that goes through Mexico to Panama, to the Colon Free-Trade area, where the “products” are shipped via cargo ship to various “controlled” ports. Colon has a thriving Islamic community with little law enforcement control. I am getting deep into this and I want to know who my enemies are. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I thank you for your uncensured printing of my first email to you. You give us chances to make some corrections to your newsletters. My family has recently been criticized for taking our money out of U.S. investments. My family has enough power to invest or not to invest our money where it will benefit Arab interests. We are not thieves as some people say and also we are not fools. Sure we take some oil money and put it in private investments but we do this so we can defend our Royal Kingdom if we are threatened. Our Washington advisers told us this method many years ago. Even U.S. politicians do the same thing. We see now U.S. investments are bad for Arab causes. We are pleased some U.S. students are forcing there universities to stop making Israeli investments. The Israeli group Peace Now says 60% of the West Bank settlers would move back to Israel if they were given the same U.S. aid subsidies. A respected U.S. Congressman named Hilliard even said that U.S. citizens cannot continue to take $6 billion and $10 billion on an annual basis out of the U.S. economy and give it to Israel. Lets hope Congressman Hilliard is not attacked by the Jewish lobby like Congresswoman McKinney and others who say things they dont like. It is political and economic war to overseas Israelis who are robbing American people. They even took some stolen Enron money to Israel. They are the hidden evil of America. We dont see why we should invest in a U.S. that takes part of our investment and gives it to Israel. We also think U.S. people dont like seeing there money controlled by overseas Israelis in Washington and New York. Overseas Israelis were behind suing our family in Washington in 1988-1990 area just as they are doing now in New York. They were representing U.S. guest workers injured in Saudi Arabia. President Bush with Mr. Scalia helped us with the Supreme Court and it stopped. All our Ambassador had to do was pay bribes to overseas Israeli lawyers and one Jewish man injured in our country. The overseas Israeli lawyers abandoned all of there Christian clients. This is how they work there class action scams. We expect them to do the same in there World Trade Center class action against us. We know few overseas Israelis went to work 9/11 near the World Trade Center so it will be the same thing again. When are U.S. citizens going to be given only truth.


Dear Mr. Mallard
I commend you on your great website that truly opened the eyes of the American public regarding the never ending scandals perpetrated by the Saudi Royal family members under cover up of our government in Washington. I hope that such relation will fall apart especially after the stiff lawsuit brought forward by the victims and families of 9/11. I really hope they win, and win big. My real motivation behind this memo is in response to issue #31 and in particular, in response to the Saudi Royal who is desperately trying to justify slavery. Slavery is forbidden in Islam, let alone sex slavery. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) set the slaves free the first chance he had power in the Arabian Peninsula. Since that day, slavery had been extinct. I am a Muslim who was outraged and sickened to my stomach after reading the Saudi Royals‚ comment, “Let me tell about slaves, which have been a part of our heritage for hundreds of years. It was decided many years ago by our advisers we should keep our slavery traditions.” My response to this person is, fear Allah you Saudi Royal you! You and your sick Royal Family are the ones who decided to trade slaves. There is neither heritage nor history behind such forbidden tradition. Again, Islam has abolished slavery more than 1400 years ago, and those who practice slavery are the wrong doers who should be punished in this life and will face the ultimate punishment in hellfire in Judgment Day.


Dear Friends:
How can a “regular US citizen” get involved in working to expose and stop the criminal activity of the Saudi/US Government on US citizens? … I took your advice and spread the word to all my mailing list (about 40 friends and family) and wrote to Ambassador Bandar. Bandar said: ” Saudi Arabia is fully cooperating with the United States and the international coalition against terrorism. We do so because we have been victims of terrorism, and because our faith and our culture reject terrorism in all its forms. — Crown Prince Abdullah recently described Saudi/US ties as excellent.‰ Cooperation and support remains very high at all levels, particularly in military, diplomatic and economic affairs. — Saudi Arabia has been a loyal friend and ally of the United States for over six decades. Our two countries have very strong ties, and we intend to keep it this way. — Osama bin Laden is a dissenter who has taken the side of evil. His citizenship was revoked in the early 1990‚s on account of his irresponsible acts and he remains unpopular among our citizens. As a nation, we are horrified by his actions and we reject what he and his followers stand for. They are deviants and criminals whose actions we strongly reject. — The Saudi government has been in existence for almost three hundred years. It is part and parcel of its culture, environment, and habitat.”


Dear Sauduction:
WANT TO BUY A U.S. VISA? I was actually very surprised to learn that American authorities were upset because some State Department workers sold visas to Saudi nationals. It seemed a very common practice in Syria. Every time I was there someone I met was on their way to the American embassy in Damascus to “buy” a visa. The same held true in other countries I was in. In Syria, they even had Syrians acting as brokers and they would charge up to $5,000.00 for am American visa and send them to the American embassy. Locals worked in the embassy and were part of the enterprise. This has gone on for years. I thought everyone knew it and it was just another leg of “American Capitalism”. I have to admit, in all the years I have been involved in this arena, I still have a hard time figuring out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

Dear Readership:

State Department Saudi Arabian officials have been for many years caught up in “the bigger lie theory”, so much so that they have resorted to criminal acts to cover up their malfeasance. The Congressional Committee on Government Reform has revealed that the State Department submitted doctored reports to the Committee. The State Department also removed reports from the Cleveland Clinic implicating State Department officials in Saudi Arabian child kidnapping as well as acceptance of false Saudi Arabian diplomatic passports to impede the Congressional investigation. We reported the State Department removed court documents pertaining to a criminal judgment against and warrants for the arrest of King Fahd’s nephews by the Massachusetts courts. We only see this criminal behavior continuing since Ambassador Prince Bandar’s retainers still control the direction Congressional investigations and the one that controls the investigations wins.

We have seen in the past few months some Congressional support under Chairman Dan Burton for US mothers of kidnaped children in Saudi Arabia. We have seen Ambassador Prince Bandar and Adel Jubair rally Saud family Washington retainers against the mothers. We have heard Bandar and Adel are throwing tantrums about bad press while not showing up for scheduled media rebuttals. This is the same behavior they have used successfully against the US Saud family torture victims. In that case their Washington retainers succeeded in stifling Congressional investigations. Despite the House Sub-Committee on Government Reform hearings Chaired by Dan Burton, we believe Bandar and Adel with the use of their Washington Torture/Kidnap Lobbyists will again be successful in smothering the human rights of the US parents and their kidnaped children within Saudi Arabia. As with the Shah, we believe only when Saud family retainers feel they have sucked the last dollar from the Saud family without establishment media exposure will things get better.

It seems the self professed commoner Adel Jubair has become in charge of damage control for Saud family princes. Of late, he has been whisking back and forth between Washington, New York and Riyadh. We do not know if Adel is allowed to use one of the Saud family princely jets or goes commoner class on commercial airlines. If he goes commoner class he could rack up many frequent flyer miles as well as get freebies on his black American Express card. We do not know how much the Saud family princelings pay Adel to do their bidding. It should be considerable but, then again, he is considered a just lowly common


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member