Issue 33

Remember when you were a child and the holidays seemed to take forever to arrive? Imagine how long a minutemust seem to the parent of a missing child. — National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

When I go to the Post Office and look at all of those posters of children who are missing I cannot help but wonder how many are in Saudi Arabia as sex slaves. — Herb Mallard

What’s a few kids when the Saudi Royal family help stabilize oil prices for us. Anyway, when I retire I am up for all those juicy consulting fees the Royal family gives their friends. — Washington retainer on the Saud family deferred payment scheme


NewsMax reports: “The kingdom’s [Saudi Arabia] Internet Services Unit blocked access to on June 16, but after protest faxes and e-mails … the site was unblocked as of July 1. Among the … [several thousand] Saudi princes, at least a couple of thousand, some of them in key positions, are notoriously gay. … The Saudis still practice the draconian medieval practice of beheading gays in public, as they do adulterers. The kingdom has the dubious distinction of condemning more homosexuals to death than any other country in the world. … However, this may be the fate of only those who are highly indiscreet or do not have any connections in the patriarchal Saudi system, where clan background is still a yardstick for determining social status.( G226 ) The Saud family has a large homosexual culture with European and US boy sex slaves at the center of their dubious enterprise. It is well known that the Saud family gay Princes behead other Arab gays and child sex slaves who fall out of favor with them. We have no problem with two adults having a discrete sexual relationship. We do have a problem with the hypocrisy of the homosexual Saud family Princes who use beheadings as an intimidation to other Arab homosexuals as well as European and US child sex slaves. We do have a problem with Saud family Princes abducting male and female children from the US and Europe to be used as sex slaves for themselves and foreign dignitaries. How long are Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers going to be allowed to facilitate the abduction of US children by the Saud family? Oh yes, our sites are also banned by the Saud family government.


The Financial Times reports: “The September 11 hijackers received foreign-government support [Saudi Arabian] while they were in the US plotting the attacks on New York and Washington, the leader of a congressional inquiry charged on Thursday. The conclusion, which is hinted at in the declassified parts of the inquiry’s 900-page report released on Thursday, will raise new questions about the role of Saudi Arabia in particular. … Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the US, said on Thursday that the country was facing ‘false accusations . . . made by some for political purposes … It is disappointing that despite everything we are doing, outrageous charges continue.’ The report revealed the FBI had recruited an informant in San Diego who met Mr Hazmi and Mr Mihdhar, but did not act on his information because the CIA had not told it of the pair’s suspected links to al-Qaeda.” G267 From the Kennedy assassination onwards it is common knowledge a strong component of the CIA continues to be politicized. State Department official reports: “The American Mission in Saudi Arabia apparently invented, aided, and developed the repressive Saudi secret police. Ironically, the Saudi secret police, in subsequent years, was able to influence the conduct of American diplomacy by gaining access to key diplomats and agencies and establishing operations in the United States (Alexandria, Virginia). And, Saudi Arabia soon became a safe harbor for the staging of terrorist operations against the United States, the Balkans, Israel, Sudan, Chechnya, Timor/Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Asia.” G268


BBC News reports: “A Saudi Arabian diplomat has been forced to leave Britain following allegations that he bribed a police officer. … The Foreign Office refused to discuss details of the allegations facing the diplomat, who is named by several newspapers as “intelligence officer” Ali al-Shamarani. The FO said: ‘We raised the case of a Saudi diplomat with the Saudi ambassador and we requested that he leave the country.’ ” G269 It is sad that a British police officer is being charged for taking a bribe from the Saud family government intelligence officer when Washington and London politicos live off of Saud family lobbyist bribes as a matter of course and are never prosecuted.


BBC News reports: “Our noble Saudi people are engaged in a decisive battle against the forces of evil and destruction, represented in the oppressive deviant group of terrorists,” Prince Abdullah told security officials. He warned that those who helped “terrorists” would be considered “terrorists” themselves and would be punished accordingly. … In the struggle between forces of good and forces of evil, there is no room for being neutral or hesitant, he said.” G270 To those oppressed by the Saud family dictatorship the Saud family is the evil force. Abdullah is giving the Arabs oppressed by his family the call to arms against the Saud family hegemony.


NewsMax reports: “Harvard University, a recipient of more than $5 million in donations from the family of Osama bin Laden, says it won’t turn the money over to any of the charitable funds set up for the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks. Soon after the attacks, the City Council of Cambridge, Mass. – home to Harvard – passed a resolution 8 to 1 calling upon the university do the right thing and give the money to those who need it most. But the very liberal university has quickly rejected the resolution. A source close to the Cambridge City Council told NewsMax the university feverishly lobbied behind the scenes and tried to have the resolution killed. The council passed it anyway. Harvard officials told the council they had no plans to return the bin Laden money.” G271 Prior, the Harvard President’s office was involved in selling human rights violations for donations. In one case King Fahd gave approximately $3,000,000 to Harvard Law School after their Human Rights Committee discontinued representing US citizens tortured by the King Fahd’s nephews and the Kings prior business partner. We do not know what the bin Laden family got in return from Harvard, perhaps the long arm of Harvard’s Washington influence. We do know the Bush Administration allowed the bin Laden and Saud family members to flee the US by after 9/11, thus avoiding FBI interrogation.


Associated Press reports: “The top Republican senator on the inquiry, Richard Shelby, said Sunday that 95 percent of the classified pages could be released without jeopardizing national security. The 28 pages or 5% classified portion of this report deals solely with the Saud family financing the 9/11 terrorists.”( G272 ) We have commented in the past that Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers have been able to purchase US “special relationship” and “vital interest” status for the Saud family. We never believed that they would be able to purchase the ultimate label of ‘national security interest’. We know in the past Bandar has been given more than $70,000,000 by his family to curry favors from their Washington retainers. It is mind boggling that Saud family retainers have been able to make the Saud family corrupt authoritarian rule over much of the oil reserves of Arabia a matter of US national security. The implications are horrific. At very least this means US military personnel will be called to protect and die for the Saud family reign of terror which has kidnapped, tortured and enslaved US citizens. The Burton Congressional investigation of Saud family kidnappings of US children shows the extent to which the Saud family will go to keep their US security label privileges, the most ghoulish being the freedom to kidnap US children.


Senator Edward Kennedy has received the 2003 George Bush award for excellence in public service. President George Bush Sr solely makes the decision who receives the award. Senator Kennedy received a Steubens trophy and $20,000 from President George Bush Sr at ceremonies near the Bush Presidential Library. The Washington Times reports: ” ‘Actually, it is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,’ said Allen Saxe, political science professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. ‘This is an international award,’ Mr. Saxe said. ‘It seems as though there were so many others they could have given it to.’ “( G273 ) A reliable source has told us this award was given at the urging of Bush family patron Ambassador Prince Bandar. We do not know if Bandar was present for the award ceremonies. We do know Bandar has been indirectly aiding the progeny of both the Kennedy and Bush families in their business endeavors for some time. We believe the Saud family, like the Pahlavis before them, is initiating a scheme to insure they will have a port of refuge within the US when they are deposed, especially in the Orlando and Aspen areas. Unlike Iran, we hope the new rulers of Arabia will not allow this to happen. We hope Moslems throughout the world will not allow this to happen.

Bandar has garnered secretive relationships with both Senator Edward Kennedy and President George Bush Sr during his long term stint in Washington. Bandar secretly tapes gossip from both men and others to insure his position within the Saud family. Teddy Kennedy and Bandar were booze and broads buddies when they were neighbors on Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia. We reported Senator Kennedy to the Senate Ethics Committee after he abused his franking privileges in order to abandoned constituents tortured by Bandar’s family. In consideration for his malfeasance, palace neighbor Bandar assisted Kennedy in a pump and dump scheme on Kennedy’s abutting estate. Kennedy is said to have netted in excess of $1,000,000 more with Bandar’s bidding.

Like a baton in a relay race Senator Edward Kennedy, in accepting the trophy and money, could be transferring the Kennedy family curse to the Bush family at Bandar’s bidding. Notorious oligarchic families usually self destruct within the US. Only time will tell.

Teddy’s Estate Abutting Bandar’s Palace
Teddy's Estate Abutting Bandar's Palace
An infuriated Hong Kong Billionare Eric Hotung destroyed Senator Kennedy’s estate after finding he paid an inflated purchase price. Eric said the estate had negative “feng shui” or spiritual balance, most probably from the Bandar/Teddy alcoholic/sex bouts.


NewsMax reports: “Saudi Arabia [Saud family dictatorship] as spent $17.6 million on public relations, advertising and lobbying since Sept. 11, 2001 … The Saudi strategy to win the hearts and minds of American citizens and lawmakers is clear: Spend large amounts on media advertising, book time with television’s news shows, lobby congressional leaders, and monitor policies coming out of Washington. … The Saudis have hired three well-connected Washington lobbying and law firms to advance their case in the capital. One firm, paid $420,000 so far this year, is headed by former Rep. Thomas Loeffler, a top contributor to President Bush when Bush was governor of Texas and a major fund-raiser in Bush’s presidential campaigns. … The Saudis also paid $456,000 last year to one of Washington’s best-known law firms, Patton Boggs, to lobby on Capitol Hill. They paid the law firm Dutton & Dutton [Freddy Dutton was a prior Kennedy aid.] $625,000 to monitor congressional and administration policies regarding their country and the Middle East. … ‘The main purpose of the campaign is to get our voice out to the American people’ and counter voices critical of the Saudi government, religion and culture, said Nail al-Jubeir, spokesman for the Saudi Embassy. … An open letter to Bush from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah … expressed sympathy and solidarity to the United States … Along with the ad campaign, al-Jubeir joined Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on a tour of the United States that hailed the Saudi commitment and contribution to the war against terror. … The Saudi ad campaign is being managed by Qorvis Communications, a Virginia public relations firm that was hired in November 2001. Qorvis has arranged media appearances by Saudi officials on several U.S. news programs and has prepared press releases and op-ed pieces to promote the Saudi perspective. … Al-Jubeir said: ‘this is what we’ve done; this is what we’re doing; and this where we’re going in the future.’ ” G274 How we forget history. This is the same behavior as the Shah in his last days. We just hope the new rulers of Arabia remain principled and do not allow the Saud family to use the US as a port of refuge.


The Ohio Beacon Journal reports: “When the New York Times broke the story last summer of Richard Perle’s invitation of Laurent Muraviec to brief the Defense Policy Board on Saudi Arabia as the next enemy of the United States, this briefing was news to the Saudi desk officer. He even had some difficulty getting a copy of it, while receiving assignments related to it. In terms of Israel and Iraq, all primary staff work was conducted by political appointees, in the case of Israel a desk officer appointee from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and in the case of Iraq, Abe Shulsky and several other appointees.”( G275 ) Ambassador Prince Bandar is looked upon within Washington as a court jester with a bag of bribe money stolen from Arabian oil reserves controlled by his family dictatorship. The Saud family may think Bandar has bought control of the Washington Middle East military agenda but the real control rests with those NeoCons such as Perle, Feith, Shulsky, Wolfowitz, Washington Institute associates et al. In reality, Washington insiders despised by Muslims are in control of the Saud family destiny. The shadow of the Shah looms heavily over the oblivious Saud family.

STATE DEPARTMENT CONTRADICTS ITSELF, AGAIN reports: “Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said Islamic insurgents have infiltrated Iraq from Saudi Arabia, but cleared the royal family of involvement. … al-Qaida operatives have entered Iraq over the last three months. Financed by deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Gulf Arab princes, they’re establishing cells and joining attacks on U.S. military forces.” ( G276 ) There seems to be another State Department contradiction benefiting the Saud family. How can the State Department clear the Saud family when princes are funding the terrorists? We see this as a typical example of State Department officials on the Saud family deferred payment scheme using Mr Armitage to manipulate US foreign policy to their patron’s advantage. How much more of this patent Saud family corruption can the US taxpayer take?

Emails to the Editor

I read the series in Soldier of Fortune magazine on your newsletter and found it interesting. Are the Washington neocons really overseas Israelis micromanaging the American military against Moslems? How are these men able to sacrifice American soldiers for their own benefit? This is good for American citizens?


Mr. Mallard:
I have been told you live in London and get much of your information from there. Is this the reason you people publish information that other’s do not? I am a Prince from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and living in London. I would like to assist you as other’s in my family seem to be doing. I would entertain a meeting at the Dorchester your earliest convenience.


Dear Mr. Mallard
I was reading your web-site before September 11 and it gave me lot of insight and knowledge of how powerful the Saudi Regime is in America. I did experience myself a lot of what you have in your Web Site, from the Saudi interference in the judicial system to putting us out of business. As the producer of Arab American Television since 1980 the Saud government tried to control the content of the program but they did not succeed. They fought from all aspects. I did not realize the danger I am facing until I ran into your Web Site. What concerns me is that all your predictions and alarming concerns materialized on September11… Why do I not see you in the mainstream media? Your Web site is not adding enough new information even though it is crucial for the American people to hear and read what you have to say. I hope you are in good health, that you are continuing in uncovering the truth and helping the victims of corruption. Sincerely Producer Arab American Television

The thing now is to see that you and the others are not xx for $ as has happened so often in the past. Herb: Theirs is usually to bully or bribe—not able to do so this time. It’s a New World and the Saud princes can’t get the message. Bandar and Jubair are still on the old track. They kicked and screamed with their new retainers about all the editorials and press from WSJ [Wall Street Journal] – pouted and wanted to meet with Editor a few weeks ago. Then they never showed!


I have scrutinised your website for several months now, and have to say, both as a Muslim, and a former resident of Saudi Arabia, that as horrific and at times, absurd, the stories of Saudi princes indulgences may sound, they are indeed true. Much of the public in Saudi Arabia is kept under tight “gestapo-style” control and is too afraid to speak out against the royal family. Abductions of young girls and boys, from as far away as America to Bangladesh, even locally, have been a favourite past-time of these sickos. This is not only a stab in the back of morality, but also a stab into the heart of our Islamic values that have been sold out by their corrupt practices. Much of the silent majority is agitated and rearing for the royal family to reap the consequences of their actions. During my time in Saudi Arabia (being a devout Muslim) I saw only contradiction and hypocrisy in the way Islam is implemented by these so-called “guardians of the Holy Land”. The problems in the mid-east concerning illegal Israeli occupation and corrupt mid-eastern governments can only be solved if such deviant practices of the royal family are brought to light in the media. All readers of this website who are able to reprint and distribute this material, inform others and especially hold eye-catching demonstrations should do so. Internet in Saudi Arabia is highly controlled, if someone who is computer-efficient can figure out a way to send excerpts from these newsletters in the form of batch emails (maybe you have a friend who can create expanding email worms, which is for a good cause in this case). Al-Jazeera tele network is much out of favour with the royal family because they highlight similar atrocities (smuggling of Iranian, Afghan and Pakistani boys), and would be a great source to contact. Send a petition, do something. In the light of the events of 9/11, and the “9/11” lived by Palestinians for the past 50 years, let there be ever-lasting peace.



Thank you for the information. And, I am sorry for being late to respond. If you have more information concerning the location of roger tamraz, please help me because I’m still swimming in the dark :-)) I’m working on a government investigative report and I would enjoy to be informed about your events.

Dear Readership:

We apologize for the delay and thank those who have sent emails querying our status. We have had difficulties with some in Washington, believed to be Bandar’s retainers. They want us suppressed. Going against the wishes of Bandar and his Washington retainers is a difficult endeavor indeed.

We commend Ambassador Prince Bandar and his Washington public relations/lobbyist retainers in their successful efforts to manipulate US media coverage pertinent to the Saud family. Through their divisive accomplishments US citizens are oblivious to the Saud family’s devious schemes. We hope to change this situation, no matter how small our contribution.

Although as a secondary news source we have centered upon primarily assisting Middle East media in the past, we are changing our strategy. We have found the Saud family is spending millions from the oil reserves they control on US media and public relations. Curiously, the Saud family has deemed it necessary to be on good terms with the US taxpayer. Like the Pahlavi family before them, the Saud family is deeply concerned about using the US as a port-of-refuge when they are deposed. To counter this effort we have decided to develop a US media strategy noting the Saud family misinformation. We do not want Ambassador Prince Bandar’s patronage of both the Kennedy and Bush families to go unnoticed. History seems to be repeating itself but instead of the Shah calling the chips in on David Rockefeller to facilitate a US port of refuge we have the Saud family ready to call upon Senator Kennedy and President George Bush Sr for assistance. This scheme is being secretly implemented under the very noses of Washington establishment media. Are there no bounds to which Washington politicos will go in order to insure their monetary gains? We are inserting small advertisements throughout the US noting our web site. We think it noteworthy that the US taxpayer knows how the Saud family is scheming with their Washington retainers.

We have heard from one of our reliable sources that Ambassador Bandar and his Saud family are ready to use any means possible to thwart a Democratic White House. As an influential patron of the Bush family, Bandar has the continuing capability to indirectly infuse limitless sums into the coffers of the President Bush reelection campaign. In consideration, the Bush family has done everything possible to keep the US citizenry from knowing the true nature of the Saud family dictatorship. The Saud family has a very good chance of perishing with a Democratic White House. Oh yes, Senator Edward M Kennedy seems to be the best thing the Republicans have going for them to keep the White House.

We have heard from reliable Washington sources those within the State and Justice Departments on the Saud family deferred payment scheme are becoming concerned as to whether or not they will get the promised retirement consulting fees from Bandar. They know Bandar has a penchant for stealing monies meant for others. If the Saud family does in fact soon perish Bandar will have no need for their continued services. We believe this will cause antagonism and exposure of the continuing deferred payment scheme. But, as usual, the Washington “two step” will apply and after sham investigations the perpetrators will not be convicted and will get to keep their ill-gotten gains.

We often hear in Washington the term neocon as a code word for “overseas Israelis”. It is often said in confidential settings that they have extensively embedded themselves within the fabric of US Middle East foreign policy. One cannot blame “overseas Israelis” for seeking a semblance of control over US Arab/Iranian policy, especially military. They are content to allow Ambassador Prince Bandar’s theatrics as long as he does not get in the way of real matters pertaining to the Israeli sphere of influence. In fact, they are pleased to have such a weak spokesperson for the Arab Middle East. Although, why are they are eerily uncritical of the Saud family dictatorship?


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member