Issue 34

The abuse of political power for private gain deprives the neediest of vital public services, creating a level of despair that breeds conflict and violence. It also hits the pockets of taxpayers and shareholders worldwide. The problem must be tackled at the national and international level. —Transparency International


WorldNetDaily reports: “Maria Altmann, an 88-year-old resident of Los Angeles, was entitled to sue Austria in the US for the return of a clutch of Art Deco paintings by Gustav Klimt. The decision was a huge blow to both the US administration and the Austrian government, which opted to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court in a failed attempt to have it dismissed. The surprise ruling could open the floodgates to lawsuits from Americans against foreign countries involving claims for compensation or restitution because of alleged injustices over the past 70 years.” G277 This would open the Saud and bin Laden families as well as their Washington retainers to legal actions by abused US and foreign citizens. As we reported, at Bandar’s assistance, Justice Scalia and President George Bush Sr. were instrumental in shutting down the last related case regarding the Saud family. We have a copy of the CNN list interviews of US citizens yet, if ever, to be aired; our list of US citizens tortured, kidnapped and murdered by the Saud family; US corporations economically harmed by Saud family Washington retainers. These abused US citizens/corporations will be ideal for a class action against the Saud family and their associates.


Ambassador Prince Bandar had one of his many tantrums when he found the US Federal Court had overruled a torture case against the Saud family government. Prince Bandar called President George Bush Sr. who in turn called Secretary of State Jim Baker. Baker said he would have to get paper work from the White House to proceed in assisting Bandar. A White House letter was received and Baker then called Justice Scalia. The Supreme Court docket was then changed to allow the Saud family case to be speedily heard. Procedurally, this is unusual since the US Federal lower court hears more than 120,000 cases per year while the Supreme Court hears approximately 160. Secretary of State Baker’s office provided a “friend of the court" brief on behalf of the Saud family government and the lower court was reversed in favor the Saud family government. Saud family Washington retainers flaunted the separation of powers between the Administration and Supreme Court. The Saud family torture victim was given a quiet settlement which ignored others represented by his lawyers. The Saud family torture victim talks to very few about the matter and Bandar’s resulting settlement since he has to maintain secrecy else lose his allotment.


Los Angeles Times reports: “The case before the Supreme Court could compel Cheney to release documents relating to his energy task force. … Scalia’s relationship with Cheney has come under scrutiny because he flew to Morgan City, La., with the vice president on Jan. 5 to hunt. The two were also seen dining together outside Washington in November. The law requires a judge to remove himself when there is ‘the appearance of bias,’ the appeals court said. It does not require the showing of actual bias. The federal statute requiring a judge to recuse himself ‘in any proceeding where his impartiality might reasonably be questioned’ applies to Supreme Court justices and other federal judges alike.” G278 Editor & Publisher Journal reports: “On April 7, during an appearance by Scalia at a Hattiesburg high school, U.S. Deputy Marshal Melanie Rube seized a tape recorder from Konz and removed the tape. Rube also demanded the surrender of a digital recorder from Denise Grones of the Associated Press. The machines were later returned to the reporters, after Scalia’s comments were erased. ‘It is ironic this seizure took place while Justice Scalia was making a speech about preserving the Constitution,’ said Gary L. Watson, president of Gannett’s Newspaper Division. ‘We’re taking this unusual action because the justice system must step in and bring these illegal actions to an immediate halt.’ ” G279 Although there has been a litany of Justice Scalia indiscretions, the establishment media continues it’s censuring of Bandar’s dubious activities.


We have seen of late where the White House, the FAA and the FBI all said their assisting the Saud and bin Laden family members in their airlines escape flights from 9/11 interrogation did not happen. These misstatements of the truth, coupled by the penchant for Washington to abandon allies, do not endear the world citizenry in general and US citizenry in particular to the credibility of Washington. Is it no wonder the US citizenry indifferently allows their government to be hijacked by small vested interests like the Neocons? James Bath denies that he fronted for the bin Laden family in purchasing stock of Arbusto Energy, the precursor of Harken Energy, when President George Bush Jr. was CEO. Bath is attempting to make the incontrovertible controvertible. Yet again, Bush family operatives are attempting to shield the Bush family from their onerous bin Laden and Saud family dealings.


As we have repeated before, the Republican and Democratic parties are two heads of the same dragon. There are many Washington tricks used to elude the US media and taxpayer. One trick is to make a ruse so as to cover the real intent of a meeting. We have just seen this successfully implemented when President George Bush Sr. beckoned Teddy Kennedy to College Station, Texas to receive the Bush international excellence award for Teddy’s public service to the world. As we reported the establishment media were highly perplexed as to why Kennedy was chosen solely by George Bush Sr. The answer, plain and simple, is money. Bagman Bandar has been giving embezzled Arabian Peninsula oil reserve monies to the Bush and Kennedy families for some time. Their family members are among, what we call, the Saud family Washington retainers. We have been informed the Saud family hierarchy wants to be reassured that no matter if either Kerry or Bush wins the election the Saud family will continue their Washington “special relationship” privileges of freedom from US criminal prosecution as well as eventual political asylum. Rupert Murdock says: [Saudi Arabia] “If there was a revolution there it would happen overnight.” G280 In order to cover both parties and please his Saud family, Bandar confirmed in the presence of both men that the “special relationship” and asylum perks would be maintained. We know George Bush Jr. has upheld the ‘special relationship’ during his tenure in the White House. McAlvany Intelligence Advisor reports: “Saudi Arabia [Saud family] is the number one financier of the global Islamic terrorist network. It is a bit embarrassing how the Bush family continues its close ties with the Saudi royal family [bagman Bandar] right up through the present.” G281 We now believe that Teddy Kennedy has received assurance from John Kerry that Kerry would uphold the continuing Saud family arrangement if elected President. The results of money given Saud family Washington retainers such as the Kennedy/Bush families has been truly devastating upon the United States citizenry, especially those US citizens enslaved, tortured and kidnapped by the Saud family.


Aspen Daily News reports: “Prince Bandar bin Sultan is expanding his Aspen base, adding a $10 million residence to his already massive complex of buildings on Starwood Drive. According to permits and paperwork from the Pitkin County Community Development Department, the new three-story, 15,000-square-foot building is deemed a ‘single family residence,’ and when completed will have six bedrooms and a 10-car garage. The permits are issued to Bricol Corp., one of Bandar’s representative companies. The $10-million price tag is the value of the construction work quoted by the Aspen developers of the project, Silich Construction Inc. According to work permits, construction began in October 2002 and is scheduled for completion at the end of this year. Visitors to Starwood can currently see a large crane over the construction site. The development, though massive in size, is dwarfed by Bandar’s main home, which is located on a neighboring plot of land. That residence spans 53,000 square feet and has 15 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms and a racquetball court. The prince has been the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States since 1983 and, although he doesn’t live in Aspen full time, he has been developing property on several different plots of Starwood land since the 1980s. Located in Pitkin County on the opposite side of the valley to Buttermilk Mountain, Starwood is a gated community that houses Aspen’s ultra-wealthy. The addition of the new building further strengthens recent expansion into Aspen by the prince. Last May, an occupancy certificate was granted for a new single-family residence on another neighboring plot. That house totals 7,500 square feet. Despite Bandar’s investment in his Aspen home, the amount of time he spends here is something of a mystery, as he keeps a low profile and is closely guarded by tight security.” G282 There should be no mystery why Bandar keeps secure at the expense of Aspen citizens. The article does not tell about the gas masks, bomb shelter, etc for Bandar and his family. Bandar has expelled all Arab guards in all of his palaces for fear of a terrorist in their midst. Bandar uses the father of President Gerry Ford’s grandchildren to provide his secret security. One is perplexed at the Colorado media’s incomplete coverage of Bandar resulting in naiveté of Colorado citizens to the Saud family’s devious and criminal actions. Bandar and his visiting Washington retainers have made Aspen one of the top five terrorist targets within the United States. There have been Aspen terrorist alarms already. Just east of Denver is a family decimated by the continuing torture of their daughter with the direct assistance of Bandar’s office.


The Aspen Daily News reports: “Undisputed are Bandar’s generous contributions to Aspen charities and foundations. ‘Aspen is one of his favorite places,’ the embassy official said. Bandar, who is married to Princess Haifa Bint Faisal and has four sons and four daughters, is second generation in the monarchy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, formed in 1932. The son of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Bandar built his Aspen mansion in 1990, and his contributions here are well established. His $325,000 donation to Aspen Valley Medical Foundation helped fund construction of a new trauma center at Aspen Valley Hospital, said Kris Marsh, foundation president. He also gave $500,000 to the foundation for a CAT scanner several years ago, she said. ‘He’s a lovely man,’ Marsh said, ‘and a really good person. But unfortunately he’s in the midst of the maelstrom of whatever is going on in the world. ‘From our standpoint, and the hospital’s, he’s been nothing but generous and supportive and kind.’ Mountain Rescue-Aspen also has been a recipient of Bandar’s generosity. The prince was a “major contributor’ to the organization’s building and expansion of its cabin on Main Street, said Dr. David Swersky, Mountain Rescue’s president from 1988-90. Bandar also was known for buying ‘hundreds’ of tickets for the Fire House Block Party, a local fund-raiser held in the ’90s to support Mountain Rescue and Aspen’s fire department, said Ray Peritz, the current head of Mountain Rescue. Bandar also supports the Ducky Derby, Aspen Valley Community Foundation, and the Aspen Youth Center, among others. About six or seven years ago, former Aspen Mayor John Bennett saw a list of Bandar’s local contributions, and, Bennett said, ‘I’m not exaggerating. My jaw dropped. It was extremely impressive. And what I remember is how many of the things he supported were youth oriented.’ But even in the heart of his local philanthropy, Bandar has not shied away from discussing politics in local circles. At a dinner party for nonprofits in 1989, when Bandar was living elsewhere in Aspen before building his mansion, Swersky recalls the prince making a comment that seems to still stand today. ‘He said the problem with the Middle East is that everybody maintains their posture and does not compromise that because of how they will be perceived,’ Swersky said. When Bandar comes to Aspen, it’s usually on a Gulfstream business jet, said Cliff Runge, president of Aspen Base Operations, which supervises private aircraft at Aspen-Pitkin County Airport. ‘And he is met by a secured vehicle at the door,’ Runge said. At The Aspen Institute’s Aspen Meadows campus, the name of Bandar, who is on the institute’s board of trustees, is etched on one its meeting places. The building was given the prince’s name ‘after he was one of several contributors to the capital campaign in 1992 when the facility was renovated,’ said Jim Spiegelman, director of public affairs for the institute in Washington, D.C. Despite his local philanthropy, Bandar likes to keep a low profile in Aspen, those interviewed said. And the work staff at his mansion, said an unnamed former employee of his, must all sign confidentiality agreements if they are to work for him. His mansion — it has 26 bathrooms, legend has it — also is under very tight security, according to sources. ‘He’s extremely low profile,’ said Bennett, who met Bandar several times as mayor on social occasions. ‘He’s interested in supporting the community but he’s not interested in having a high profile. I think like a lot of people who come to Aspen, he comes here to get away from it all. He doesn’t want to make a splashy statement.’ A 1968 graduate of the British Royal Air Force College at Cranwell, England, and a decorated pilot, Bandar has an affinity for flying, those who know him said. ‘I’ve heard him say several times his real love in life is flying,’ said Bennett, who met him on several occasions as mayor. ‘I’ve heard him say, ‘My responsibility is to my country and I’m a diplomat, but in my heart I really want to be a pilot.’ Bandar’s fondness for flying has been felt locally as well.’ Aspen Base Operations’ Runge said past air shows at the airport, which had been held in the spring for some 15 years until new Federal Aviation Administration guidelines prohibited them, were largely supported by Bandar. ‘He’s the reason for the air shows we had,’ Runge said.” G283 Bandar uses the Saud family Washington retainers to hide the Saud family criminal behavior from Aspen citizens. Confidentiality employment contracts are but one way of keeping his devious activities away from Aspen citizens. Bandar only thrives in secrecy. It is astounding that the Aspen citizens do not know how precarious their situation is as ground zero in the terrorist world. It is obvious officials of Aspen institutions are selling out the security of the Aspen citizens for monies from Bandar and his family.


Soldier of Fortune 'Letter to the Editor'

This “letter to the editor” is but one that occurred in the Soldier of Fortune Magazine which did a series of articles on child sex slaves. Soldier of Fortune, like many other written media, incorporated our documentation within several of their articles. It is ironic that the bulwark of Soldier of Fortune type media is to protect one’s family from such predation as the Saud family is allowed by Saud family Washington retainers on vulnerable US families. This will not go down well among the US citizenry when they are allowed to know by the US media. One has to wonder who the enemy of the US family really is. Why is the Saud family reluctant to enslave Islamic children? Are Moslems men more willing to protect their families than the US Christian and Jewish men?


Princess Michel

It seems that Saud family members gravitate towards the free loving lifestyle of Southern California more than any other area of the US. Hypocritically, this is the opposite of what they subject those Arabs under their control within the MIddle East. We do not want to detract from Princess Michel’s desire to enjoy a US college education in her chosen anything-goes Los Angeles area. She special orders clothes while the Princes special order US children, all to be brought back to Saudi Arabia. She has been given US freedoms which are being denied the US child sex slaves confined to the palaces of Saudi Arabia. These US children are incapable of receiving their inalienable rights as US citizens. Their parents have been shunned and demeaned by the Saud family Washington retainers. Again, one has to be amazed at the power Bandar has accrued through his Washington retainers. When will the US establishment media ever be allowed to air these matters?


Ex-CIA operative Robert Baer in his book Sleeping with the Devil says: “With America’s [Washington’s] complicity, the Saudis [Saud family] have provided aid, shelter and material comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood. Almost everyone who’s anyone in Washington – from George Bush Sr. to Henry Kissinger, Al Gore and Dick Cheney – has stuck a hand in the Saudi cookie jar. The Saudis [Saud family through bagman Bandar] contribute to both political parties, and they reward their supporters lavishly.” G284 We now believe that the Saud family has imbedded so much corruption into the web and weave of Washington infrastructure so as to be irreversible. We have even seen Clark Clifford and other “Wisemen” of Washington corrupted. No Saud or bin Laden family members have ever been convicted of crimes committed within the United States under either Democratic or Republican administrations in the past several decades. Always State Department officials interfere with the US judicial system on their behalf. How extensive is the Saud family deferred payment scheme within Washington? Why are the Saud family Washington retainers allowed to flaunt not registering as foreign agents of the Saud family government? Herb Mallard asked best selling author and retired FBI White House Security officer Garry Aldrich at a DAR luncheon how President Bill Clinton could invite an international fugitive into the White House while avoiding an arrest. The fugitive was representing the Saud family deferred payment scheme commitment to Clinton for turning a blind eye towards Saud family abuse of Moslems and US citizens. Aldrich said the US President can invite any fugitive he likes into the White House and the FBI cannot arrest the person because the President has supreme authority. Oh yes, Clinton still had to chase down Crown Prince Abdullah in Houston for his deferred payments commitment. We believe after the Saud family is overthrown their Washington retainers will forget them quickly. The Washington corruption procedure will support yet another like the Shah, Noriega and Saud family. Young US soldiers will again be pitted against young Moslems. We see this as never ending because of the Washington corruption procedure perfected by Bandar and the Saud family Washington retainers. The perpetrators and their families will continue to live lavishly, insulated from any retribution.


Aspen Daily News reports: “The woman who sparked a stormy turn in U.S.-Saudi relations is a force in Washington diplomatic circles – a benefactor who has given generously to charities and citizens in need, both abroad and in the United States. Now U.S. officials are investigating whether Princess Haifa al-Faisal, wife of the Saudi ambassador, gave too loosely and ended up helping two of the Sept. 11 hijackers. She calls the accusations ‘outrageous’ and notes she lost her own father, the assassinated King Faisal, to such violence. Prominent defenders have come forward. Former first lady Barbara Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell’s wife, Alma, have called to offer their support after it was revealed that thousands of dollars from her bank account went to Saudi students suspected of aiding the terrorists. A private woman who chooses not to attend state dinners with her husband, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and who avoids being photographed for cultural reasons, the 51-year-old princess is nevertheless well known in the nation’s capital, where she has lived for almost two decades. The prince maintains a large home on 90 acres in Aspen, where he has been a part-time resident for about 20 years. ‘She’s not a hermit,’ said her longtime attorney and friend, Nancy Dutton. ”She is known to official Washington, but she is very discreet.” A mother of eight children aged 8 to 29 and grandmother of two, the princess attended private girls schools in Saudi Arabia and Switzerland, marrying 30 years ago. In the late 1970s, she spent several years in Alabama with the prince during his training with the U.S. Air Force. She normally wears Western-style clothes, unlike women in Saudi Arabia, but dons traditional Saudi garb during Ramadan or for a rare official function or reception. Victor Shipley, editor of The Washington Diplomat, a publication that covers Embassy Row, said Saudi officials typically asked his paper not to photograph the princess at public events. The embassy does publicize her ambitious charity work, including her activity with the Mosaic Foundation, which she leads. The foundation, founded in 1998 by spouses of Arab ambassadors, gives money to women, children and institutions worldwide, including U.S. hospitals. Al-Faisal’s family and friends say she’s been startled by the frenzy swirling around her in recent days. She released a statement saying: ”I find that accusations that I contributed funds to terrorists outrageous and completely irresponsible. She is the youngest child of the late king, shot and killed in 1975 by one of his nephews. ”My father, King Faisal, was killed in a terrorist act,” she said. ”This is the time for people to come together to combat the scourge of terrorism so that others will not suffer the loss of loved ones.’ In typical fashion for the Saudi ambassador’s wife, she is a private woman who chooses not to attend state dinners with her husband, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The giving that got her in trouble involves a woman she never met, but to whom she sent more than 30 checks totaling almost $100,000 from 1998 until May, her lawyer said. ‘It’s customary in Arabic culture not to ask a lot of questions, not to invade privacy,’ Dutton said. Dutton said Prince Bandar sent the woman, Majeda Dweikat, an initial $15,000 for medical care, and the embassy later paid about $20,000 in further medical bills from the University of California at San Diego. Saudi officials said the princess did not know the woman was married to Osama Basnan. U.S. officials believe Basnan and Omar al-Bayoumi got thousands of dollars from the princess and used some of it to support the hijackers. The princess now says the investigation may curtail her charity in the United States. But she would continue to donate elsewhere, Dutton said. The recipients of her largesse have nothing but praise for the princess. She does a lot of work for us, God bless her,’ said Richard Shadyac, who heads the fund-raising arm for Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has met the princess several times. ‘I could never see her being involved in al-Qaida or 9-11 or anything of that nature,’ he said. She’s just not that kind of lady.’ ” G285 Prince Faisal is known to have commented that he regretted giving Bandar his daughter in marriage. In fact, Bandar is despised because of his decadence by other Saud family members. This is remarkable considering their profligacy. We believe she has suffered as much as Joan Kennedy with Bandar’s womanizing young blond girls pimped to him by his Washington retainers. This is clearly a scrub job by the Saud family Washington retainers circling the wagons around Princess Haifa. We believe this is being done by Saud family retainers to mollify the US taxpayer and thus easing Bandar’s family into political asylum within the US.

Emails to the Editor

You people make some astounding prognostications which become true. We wish you would write more regularly. You mention few dates which is perplexing. Where do you get all of this information besides Saud family princes? Our Department considers it an enjoyable task to decipher your read-between-the-lines remarks. We like how you rightly call the Saudi Arabian Government the Saud family dictatorship controlling a segment of the Arabian Peninsula. We like the way you keep mentioning how the Saud family steals oil reserves of Arabian Peninsula Arabs and gives some of it to their Washington retainers, Swiss bankers and other personal investments. We don’t agree with how the U.S. media refer to Saudis and Saudi Arabians, as if the Arabian Peninsula Arabs belong to the Saud family. Did you mention Ambassador Prince Bandar’s secret meetings with the overseas Israelis at his farm in Virginia and Aspen palace? We have already seen what these meetings have done to the Iraqi people. Do you have any more information on the Saud family/Israeli alliance brokered by Bandar? Please tell us how you think Israel will come to the aid of the Saud family dictatorship?
Keep up the good work.
Interested readers

Dear Readership:

We are currently investigating and exposing Ambassador Prince Bandar’s actions in Aspen. We are currently contacting foreign media and giving them a “heads-up" on how Bandar is manipulating, with the aid of his Washington retainers, US foreign and domestic policy regarding his Saud family. We do not want to comment upon any concord between the Israelis and the Saud family than we have already. Let history take its course. We realize the “overseas Israelis" have their own agenda linked to the preservation of Israel. We see this as instinctive and patriotic.

We have spent an inordinate amount of content on media quotations of Bandar’s actions. We believe it is very important the US and Middle East citizenry know the Saud family scheming within the US. This impacts upon them severely. We alluded upon several occasions of the Saud family unholy alliance with the Neocons. We have seen for some time how Bandar, the Saud family, their Washington retainers and the Neocons have been willing to sacrifice US and Middle East young men and women. We are concerned that US Neocon architects of the Iraqi quagmire are increasing their numbers at the Trilateral and Bohemian Club meetings as well as the recent Bildersberg conference in Italy. These secret groups put out touchy feely media reports of their general speakers while small groups behind closed doors secretly discuss matters impacting world citizenry. This does not bode well for Middle East Arabs.

As we have mentioned sundry times before, the Saud family pays their Washington retainers for continuing their “special relationship" capacity. This has caused immeasurable anguish and strife to the US citizens who have been tortured/kidnapped/murdered by the actions of this group. Is there anyone in Washington with the authority to expel Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin abdul Aziz as well as other Saud and bin Laden family members from the United States? Bandar is not really an Ambassador of anything. Bandar has not showed up for work at the Saud family embassy for more than two years. Bandar’s job is bagmen supporting Saud family Washington retainers. While in the US he languishes his time at his palace in Aspen as well as the farm and palace in Virginia where secretly meets with his Washington retainers out of site of reporters and Middle East detractors.

We have been told Osama bin Laden was repulsed at how his family ignored their religious and ethical beliefs to become suborned to the Saud family profligacy. How can the Saud family corrupt Washington retainers combat Moslems willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs? Why should US and Middle East youth be sacrificed for autocratic greed? It is perplexing indeed at how the youth are sent to kill the innocent instead of seeking out the perpetrators.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member