Issue 35

* The Newsletter the Saud family and their Washington retainers love to hate *

I have often wondered why Saud family Washington retainers are not in fear of being prosecuted. I once asked one of them who said: “The media is just pesky. Justice is political and the US taxpayer has a short attention span, nothing ever comes of it.” — Herb Mallard


Reuters reports: “The U.S. general who was in charge of Baghdad’s notorious Abu Ghraib prison said on Saturday she had met an Israeli interrogator in Iraq, a claim Israel denied but which was likely to irritate many in the Arab world. … ‘He was clearly from the Middle East and he said: “Well, I do some of the interrogation here and of course I speak Arabic, but I’m not an Arab. I’m from Israel’,’ she said. … Israel has denied similar reports in the past of involvement in U.S. operations in the Middle East. G286 Washington Neocons have initiated a policy whereby leased foreign interrogators are allowed to question incarcerated Moslems. This allows foreign governments like Israel, Saudi Arabia et al to have the Washington plausibility of denial when confronted with the truth. We do not know if the secret alliance between Neocons and the Saud family allows these foreign interrogators to question Saudis within Saudi Arabia. We do know the Saud family government allows Saudis to be questioned outside Saudi Arabia. Again, this gives the Saud family government, Washington, Israel et al the plausibility of denial trick. We do know that Bandar is the pivotal individual within these secret scenarios. This is a very dangerous game Bandar and his family are playing?


Bloomberg reports: “Five suspected terrorists were released from the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and returned to Saudi Arabia as part of a secret agreement last year … In return, Saudi Arabia released five U.K. citizens and two others who had been convicted of terrorist strikes in Saudi Arabia … Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency and Justice Department officials at first objected to the transfer of the Saudi suspects, who they said were possibly too great of a threat to be released from U.S. custody … ‘There is no recollection here of any linkage between these two actions’ … [said] a spokesman for the National Security Council.” G287 For good or for not, we emphasize the use of plausibility of denial words common to Saud family Washington retainers who do not want the truth known. We think off hand of those now implicated Saud and bin Laden family members allowed to escape interrogation immediately after 9/11 by the President George Bush Jr and Ambassador Prince Bandar. We have no recollection, to the best of our knowledge, we cannot recall, we can neither confirm nor deny ad nausea are tools of Bandar’s Washington misrepresentation policy. Whenever these terms are used one can be assured those who are using them are, yet again, lying. It will work until the US taxpayers catch onto the sham and then Congress will be hard put to rectify itself.


The Guardian reports: “The US still props up hideous, human rights-abusing regimes so long as the top man remains ‘our son of a bitch’. Look no further than Bush’s closest chum, the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. When Bush severs his links with the House of Saud over their beheadings, oppression of women, rank corruption and denial of basic human freedom, then his words will have meaning. … The west could put current Arab and other tyrannies on notice that their only way back into the global community is not simply to arrest al-Qaida suspects, but to grant basic freedoms to their own people. Do that and then Bush will have every right to his Washingtonian rhetoric. He can chant ‘Let freedom reign’ at the top of his voice. But not till then.” G288 It is no secret within international media that the Bush family is economically beholding to the Saud family. Unfortunately, this has severely blemished and skewed Washington foreign policy. Other nations are concerned about the ever increasing Saud family corruption of Washington. It could be debated whether or not at any time in US history has a foreign family dictatorship had so much power over Washington as the Saud family.


The Guardian reports: “A Christian charity has accused the coalition authority in Iraq of failing to account for up to $20bn (nearly £11bn) of oil revenues which should have been spent on relief and reconstruction projects…. claims that the US-controlled Coalition Provisional Authority … is in flagrant breach of the UN security council resolution which gave it control of the country’s oil revenues. … The charity quoted an unnamed UN diplomat as saying: ‘We only have the total amounts and movements in and out of the development fund. We have absolutely no knowledge of what purposes they are for and if these are consistent with the security council resolution.’ Last October, Christian Aid revealed that $4bn of oil revenues were unaccounted for, but although procedures have been tightened up, the charity said, “we still do not know exactly how Iraq’s money has been earned, which companies have won the contracts that it has been spent on, or whether this spending was in the interests of the Iraqi people.” G289 We iterated in past issues the Saud and Bush families would most probably implement yet another war profiteering US military logistical support scam similar to Iraq I War. There, the Bush Sr White House strangely transferred logistical supply overseeing from a reluctant Pentagon to the State Department. A flim flam of inflated costs was then paid by the State Department to companies controlled by Bandar and his family. The Saud family government then wrote a check to the State Department. Bandar and his half brother Commander General Prince Khalid pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars as “agents”. The scam was successful and never fully reported to the US taxpayer by the media.


French intelligence analysts Brisard and Dasquie claim in their book Bin Laden, The Forbidden Truth that after interviewing Federal Bureau of Investigation’s deputy director John O’Neill: “An unconscionable scenario would be that Washington special interests as well as Saud family retainers wanted a 9/11/01 to happen as an excuse to eliminate the Taliban and al Qaeda in order to install a more pliant regime. It would not be the first time Washington special interests sacrificed US citizens for profit.” G290 As time goes by this scenario becomes more plausible. We can now include the false coupling of al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein by the Neocons in order to install a pliant Iraqi regime for Israel.


In Washington when an individual becomes too much of a liability to too many they are either accidented or suicided. Bandar has corrupted so many Washington and London politicos, as well as supporting governmental staffs, so as to make his very existence uncomfortable to the corrupted. It is well known procedure in Washington that before and after are the most crucial procedures of an arranged death. The perpetrators look for vulnerability within the lifestyle of the proposed target. They then initiate the accident. All implicating evidence is then shredded and the victim receives accolades from those comforted by his death. We saw what happened to Bandar’s look-alike friend Ron Brown. We have seen several who have known too much accidented or suicided with much Washington rumbling and little media investigation. If need be; the “wisemen” of Washington provide blue ribbon committees, standing commissions, special prosecutors, independent investigators, etc, etc, etc to assuage the US citizenry. As we have mentioned upon numerous occasions, the motto in Washington is the one who controls the investigation wins. Few US taxpayers care after the establishment media refuses to fully investigate. The “wisemen” of Washington defuse, yet again, another scandal. Are the scandals becoming too numerous for world attention? We have heard from reliable sources that Bandar’s presence is becoming increasingly uncomfortable to many of his retainers in Washington and London. We do not know if he will suffer a snow mobile or solo flying accident in Aspen, a hunting accident at Glympton, be heart attacked, VX dabbed or other mishap but we most assuredly believe it is coming. Remember, Bandar was the first to receive the Ron Brown “excellence award” created by the “wisemen” just after Brown’s death. Perhaps there is a Bandar “ethics in government award” already being planned! In any event, it will be interesting to see if our predictions on Bandar’s longevity are correct.


The Guardian reports: “The former home office minister Barbara Roche today called on the Saudi government to waive immunity for a Saudi diplomat alleged to have indecently assaulted a young girl. The Saudi man, a 41-year-old, was last week arrested after being accused of attacking an 11-year-old girl. He was taken to a west London police station, but was released after claiming diplomatic immunity. The Metropolitan police said no further action could be taken. Officials at the Saudi embassy in London promised a ‘rigorous investigation’ into the accusations, and said the diplomat concerned would be tried in Saudi Arabia if there was a case to answer. Ms Roche called for a review of the system of diplomatic immunity – which protects diplomats from prosecution in the country in which they are serving – and specifically called on the Saudis to waive immunity in this case. ‘I cannot believe that we’ve signed up to diplomatic immunity on the basis of thinking it would cover such serious cases as this,’ she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘We have a real difficulty with the public if someone who is alleged to have committed a crime as serious as this is allowed to get away with it.’ In a statement, the Saudi embassy said: ‘Trial by media is not part of the British judicial system, nor is it part of the Saudi judicial system.’ Ms Roche was echoing calls by two child protection charities, who said the man should be tried in the UK. Donald Findlater, the deputy director of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, said: ‘It seems appalling that someone who may have committed a crime against a child will not have to face the appropriate consequences.’ Megan Bruns, the project manager for Kidscape, said: ‘I cannot comment on individual cases, but diplomatic immunity is ludicrous. It would be a miscarriage of justice to give someone special privileges. Crimes are committed by people of all statuses.’ The alleged assault happened during a party at the home of a diplomat who works at a different embassy in London, according to unconfirmed newspaper reports. ‘We have the police report and we are in contact with the Saudi embassy, and we are waiting for them to get back to us. We won’t expect this to move along very quickly,’ a spokesman for the foreign and commonwealth office said.” G291 We have not shortened this article so as to give the readership the full extent of the machinations at work. The case will be drawn out and the perpetrator will be allowed to unobtrusively leave England. The Saud family London retainers will then stop the criminal prosecution “in Absentia” because of a legal technicality. We have reported time and time again the Saud family Washington retainers successfully perpetuating the Saud family above-the-law status at the expense of US citizenry, especially children.

Emails/Letters to the Editor


Royal wives, American palace child sex slaves and me are telling you that is right and has been stopped in Saudi Arabia by our family because they are afraid of you. The Saud family do not like that you get the truth and tell it to Americans. We go to London and download your all the time. The American child sex slaves are helping us write all that we give you in American English so your readers can understand what we say. We thought of this idea after reading about Saudi princes who give you information and nature protestors who take off their clothes. What you say about the Royal family stealing American children and making them into sex slaves is true. Most princes like little boys for sex. They use little girls for making babies and to give to foreign officials when they visit Saudi Arabia. We think it is bad that Bandar and his Washington employees have kept these things away from the American citizens. We would be a better government if princes could not buy so much in Washington but everybody wants our oil money in his pockets. We saw pictures were powerful by telling the world of American intelligence agents torturing and raping Iraqi Moslems. We send you our pictures.


We work for a foreign embassy in Washington and like reading your knowledgeable information. You people see the Saud family and their partners for what they really are. We see that overseas Israelis have been taking American secret documents for years and years. We can remember Rosenbergs, Jonathan Pollard, John Deutch and his secretary, the Neocons and now Sandy Berger who stuffed secret documents in his shoes. Their Neocon group in the Pentagon controls the American war against Muslims. We know the Saudi royal family has secret deals with them that allow the royals to steal from Arab oil reserves in the Arabian Peninsula and have special status in America. You scratch my back and I scratch your back. Did you also know American drug companies were told to give Israelis a 40% – 60% discount over American Muslims and Christians? What is wrong with American media that Muslims and Christians don’t get to know these things?
Please continue to write the truth.

I am a non-practicing member of the proportionally large Aspen Jewish community. I sent your organization an email many months ago asking you to expose the actions of Bandar in Aspen. We are pleased that you finally reported some of these actions. I am sending you more material on Bandar and his associates who have been corrupting Aspen institutions since they arrived. Bandar is a magnet to terrorists, a disgrace to his religion and a danger to our community. He is causing nothing but trouble for those not on his Aspen payroll. Our goal is to get Bandar and his associates out of Aspen.
Keep up the good work.

Dear Readership:

The US intelligence community substantiated some time ago that the Saud family is well aware the initial matter causing our existence emanates from a commercial dispute to be handled accordingly not an ideological dispute. Since our inception we have been receiving increasing amounts of information from strategic parties. Of late, we have been receiving information from disgruntled Saud family members with convictions. Relying upon us, we owe these individuals the duty to publish documents and/or pictures deemed important to our readership. A while ago we received controversial pictures from Saud family princesses. They believe by us publishing these pictures positive human rights changes will take place among the Saud family and perhaps their Washington retainers. Be it as it may, we have for some time been debating this subject. We have decided to leave this determination to the Saud family. If for any credible reason a responsible Saud family member would like these pictures or other material expunged, we will take it into serious consideration. In the past, we have canceled three articles when asked to do so by the Washington intelligence community.

We congratulate Craig Unger for his best selling book House of Bush, House of Saud. We see that Saud family London retainers have attempted to keep the book from being sold in England. The Saud family should know this stunt will only increase the black market book sales in Arabia. When the Saud family has to rely upon blatant censuring of US and British citizens, they clearly are becoming destabilized while loosing their grip on the Arabs they control. It is only a matter of time. Warren Buffet says, a change will happen quickly.

We are not receiving recognition from the US establishment media who have been lifting our stories and comments as their own. We are a secondary news source and as such are available for all to use. We would like to receive literary recognition for our work. If this behavior continues, our reaction will be not to acknowledge the sources of the quotations. This would necessitate establishment media directly asking us for the source.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member