Issue 36

The record of human rights abuses and violations for Saudi Arabia still far exceeds the advances. — State Department Human Rights Report

Ambassador Bandar and the government he represents continue to mock our requests for justice and fair play. — Congressman Earl Hilliard


Center for Public Integrity says: “In the world’s oldest democracy, pressure on investigative journalists is usually exerted in sophisticated, non-lethal ways, under the public radar. Every day in Washington, D.C., thousands of government and corporate public relations flaks and lobbyists purvey their “talking points” with a friendly smile, no matter how odious the client, no matter how intellectually dishonest or morally dubious their message. Journalists must trudge through the shameless ‘spin’-that vanilla word admiringly used these days instead of ‘lying’, which has a harshly judgmental, jarringly rude ring in Washington power circles.” G292 We and others have experienced the devious nature of Prince Bandar, his confidant Adel al Jubair and his Washington retainers. Since Bandar and his family made a secret concordat with the Neocons he has had no one to contradict him in Washington.


Globes Online reports: “Adel al-Jubeir has been selling his snake oil in Washington for quite some time. This is not the first time his polished words have rung hollow. … On Tuesday, at a press conference at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, al-Jubeir launched a campaign to improve Saudi Arabia’s image in the US, under the slogan, ‘We’re fighting terrorism.’ The fact that someone of his stature has been assigned to orchestrate the campaign shows how Saudi Arabia’s image has deteriorated in US public opinion …. Now, however, al-Jubeir wants Americans to believe that Saudi Arabia is remaking itself that what it has been is not what it will be. … Asked how Saudi Arabia defines terrorism, al-Jubeir said that the kingdom had adopted the UN’s formula, which defines terrorism as an act that causes victims among civilians, ‘anywhere’.” G293 If what Adel says be truthful, how does he explain the US victims of Saud family torture and child kidnappings? How does he explain the documented facts within our newsletters. Do Adel and his princeling patrons believe what they say? We only have to look at Bandar’s letter in our Issue 6.


The Washington Times reports: “Iran is a totalitarian state; ask the EU3, what does that make Saudi Arabia? What is worse than totalitarian? There is even less freedom in Saudi Arabia than in Iran. Iranian women are allowed to drive. Anti-U.S., Saudi-funded pamphlets and booklets have been distributed in mosques all over the United States, advising Muslim travelers they are ‘in enemy territory.’ But we still talk directly to the Saudi royals.” G294 Center for Public Integrity says: “Private gain from public life at the national level is legal and not uncommon in the United States and those in or around government officialdom in Washington would be shocked if anyone had the temerity to refer to it as ‘corruption’. It’s rather just ‘business’ and ‘how things work’.” G295 The Saud family has spread so much money around Washington that they, along with their Neocon allies, create their own US public relations. The Saud family, aided by their Washington retainers, continues to kidnap US children and torture US citizens.


Al Jazeera interview with Iraq UN Ambassador Al Duri: “A country’s constitution must be national, while Iraq’s interim constitution which laid the foundation for Iraq’s future constitution was put forward by Noah Feldman, a Jewish American university professor. All the documents that rule Iraq today were made in the US, translated to Arabic and forwarded to Iraqis who could not even discuss them properly. How can a country adopt a constitution imposed by a foreign power? Even the elections were set by Feldman’s document, and thus the elections have no legitimacy because it is based on illegal documents written by an occupying force.” G296 Why have not the Neocons responded to criticisms of the Saud family repressive dictatorship? Why have the Neocons not written a constitution for Saudi Arabia? We have reported in the past the Saud family like to pay lip service to Islamic interests while secretly joining “Satan” Washington Neocons to survive.


The Guardian reports: “Four Britons who said they were tortured in a Saudi jail have won an appeal against a ruling that they could not claim damages in the UK. … Lawyers said today’s ruling by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Phillips, sitting with Lord Justice Mance and Lord Justice Neuberger, means that while the men will not be able to pursue their actions against the Saudi government, and they will be able to do so against the individual alleged torturers. … Lord Justice Mance concluded that a foreign state cannot have any ‘absolute right to claim immunity in respect of civil claims against its officials for systematic torture, even committed outside the country of suit’. …The judge ruled that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia ‘has not made good its blanket claim to state immunity in respect of the civil proceedings for torture brought against the individual defendants.’ ” G297 We see this is a reluctant move against the Saud family torturers but there are loop holes. The Saud family London retainers will just put obfuscations in place for plausibility of denial. Their torture chambers will continue to ply their trade against vulnerable US and British citizens.


This old master depiction of the Arabian child sex slave market is as relevant today as it was a thousand years ago. Today the Saudi princes have gone more international purchasing Swedish and other Northern European as well as US children behind closed doors and not in a community square. The money they steal from the Arabian oil reserves allows their procurers to prowl the world is search of high end children.


“I was forced to have my nipples and what was left of my clitoris pierced. I was tattooed with Saudi Royal sign. I am bought and payed for by Saudi Royal family. I show myself and my scars to women of the world. Help us from being slaves.”G 298 When are these Saudi Royal family disfigurements going to stop? When are the Saud family’s Washington torture/kidnap lobbyists going to be exposed to their families, private clubs, neighbors, churches, synagogues and to the world?


The Guardian reports: “The Saudi Arabian security forces have arrested 110 men at a “gay wedding” party in Jeddah, according to a Saudi online newspaper. Al-Wifaq, which has connections with the interior ministry, said the authorities had raided a wedding hall on Monday night after a tip-off and found the men – all Saudis – dancing and ‘behaving like women’. … The raid was made a day after two men described as gay lovers were executed at Arar, in the north of the kingdom, for allegedly murdering a Pakistani who had found out about their relationship. … Last year the Saudi police raided another event described as a gay wedding party for two African men from Chad at a hotel in the holy city of Medina. About 50 people were arrested. … a Saudi … said he had provided money to meet the marriage expenses. … Despite the heavy penalties for homosexuality, most Saudi cities are said to have underground gay networks which organise parties in private villas, and sometimes in hotels.” G299 The Saud family is so rife with homosexual activity that they demean real females. For the most part, they portray themselves in the girl role as “fluffies”. It is not uncommon to find foreign dignitaries partaking in these deviant festivities replete, with drugs and child sex slaves. As we have reported in the past, this is one reason the Saud family government does not have real Queens. There are enough princes masquerading as females to make the need for a Queen redundant.


The World Tribune reports: “Prince Hayef bin Fawaz al Shalaan used the Saud family royal 727 to smuggle drugs with some of the profits going to fund al Qaida.” G300 The Saud family cannot seem to stay away from drugs. Within Saudi Arabia they both consume and sell them. Their parties for pliable foreign dignitaries are replete with drugs and child sex slaves. Videos are taken to insure future blackmail capabilities.

Emails/Letters to the Editor
I am saudi citizen living in europe and have read your newsletter. I am pleased to know that the saudi royal family is finally exposed to the world. I am financially very capable of contributing money to help in making this effort more successful if needed. Thank you.

Dear Herb:
Thank you for helping my family by having your Washington press conference on the Saud family parental and non-parental kidnappings of US children. My kidnapped child has been so depressed and now is suicidal. I’m trying to be the strong one for my family but it has been very hard, especially with the holidays coming up. She is ready to take her life. It is so sad that I may loose my baby in Saudi Arabia when Ambassador Prince Bandar is free to play with his family in Aspen. Why can’t we get our US children back from Saudi Arabia? Why is Bandar’s family allowed to freely play in Aspen while he gives visas to procurers for our kidnapped US children? Please continue to give us help. We pray for you every day in hope you can get our baby back. We are a devout church going Christian family who just don’t understand why Washington is so evil. They are like Satan, as our Moslems friends often say.

Dear publishers:
A friend of mine told me to read your issue 34 of about how prince Bandar and his family have kidnapped children from the US with the aid of their Washington retainers. They kidnapped my little sister several years ago and she lives in constant fear of being beaten and tortured by these Saudi men. I live in Colorado and think it is disgusting that these degenerates are able to kidnap US children just because they have money to pay corrupt politicians in Washington. My family and friends are very angry that Bandar can live with his wife, 8 children and their stolen money in an Aspen palace. We think they should get a taste of their own medicine. I would like to see that scum in Washington kept from stopping us from trying to save our children.
Help us.

Good morning;
I am from the Middle East and I live in Aspen. I saw your promotion at the newspaper, and I am interested in working for you reporting on Prince Bandar in Aspen. So I would like to check if you have any position available. Please dont hesitate to call me, if you have an available position for me.
With my best regards

Dear Sir
We are in need of your help for bringing the Saudi ambassador in US (prince) Bandar Bin Sultan to Justice. Please help us by every way that you can, and if this petition can be signed by you.
Thanking you very much.

Dear Readership:

There is an urgent procedure we would like to institute for the protection of those who are attempting to communicate with us, especially Saud family members. We realize many readers require anonymity. We would like you to call 703-979-4236 and leave an email address which you will anonymously use, such as hotmail. Then send the email to We will watch out for the email and, in turn, email you back. This is how we can communicate while giving maximum anonymity to the sender.

One can readily see a pattern emerging within our recent newsletter issues. This pattern of intelligence oriented material actually raises more questions than it answers. One must read between the lines to conjure the scenarios put forth. The Arabian citizens controlled by the Saud family dictatorship more than any other group should be concerned since it is their destiny and that of their children that are at stake. We carefully expound upon the underlying pattern of deceit and secrecy which is ominous to their future.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member
Co-Chairman </p