Issue 37

History has become too subversive. The past has too much knowledge embedded in it. — Tariq Ali

Everything secret degenerates … nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity. — Lord Acton


Reuters reports: “Wan Usman, head of strategic studies at the University of Jakarta in Indonesia [says]… ‘The network [Al Qaeda] had penetrated institutions, and managed to fan destructive radical anti-Western teachings in some Muslim schools … He said a sense of unfairness was the force that motivated terrorists, who seek to destroy the modern globalize system they regard as unfair.’ ‘The fight against terrorism can only succeed when the ideology upon which it is based is shown to be wrong,’ added Maj. Gen. Zhu Sheng Hu, a Chinese expert and former director of the Institute for Strategic Studies at the University of Beijing. ‘Double standards in fighting terrorism will not work,’ he said. ‘The focus should be on removing the root causes of terrorism.’ Pakistan Defense Minister Rao Sikandar Iqbal said political and economic disparities and the denial of the right of self determination to the people … were key causes of terrorism.” G301 There is definitely unfairness in a world with 97% of the population close to destitution controlled by wealthy 3% oligarchs. In no other country is this inequality so glaring than Saudi Arabia where you have a one family dictatorship stealing the oil reserves of the citizens. These are the matters that President George Bush Jr, at the seeming behest of his Father, is attempting to address. How can the Bush family confront the Saud family dictatorship when it has been the primary patron of the Bush family? Saud family Washington retainers cannot continue their double standard in dealing with the Saud family dictatorship, no matter how much they like Bandar’s largesse. We will see what happens as history unfolds.


The World Tribune reports: “The United States has ordered the expulsion of dozens of Saudi diplomats suspected of helping promulgate Al Qaida ideology, diplomatic sources said. The State Dept. has refused to either confirm or deny the action. The State Department revoked the diplomatic credentials of the Saudi diplomats in Washington over the last month in an effort to crack down on Saudi efforts to promote Al Qaida interests in the United States. … They did not include Saudi ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the longest serving diplomat in the United States. The Washington-based Saudi Information Agency … said Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has refused to take responsibility for the Saudi embassy in Washington. The agency cited a source as saying he hasn’t entered the embassy in years. ‘Many diplomats have not seen the ambassador for years,’ the source said. Bandar spends most of his time at his mansions around the U.S. and the world, instead of carrying on his ambassadorial duties.” G302 Why are Bandar’s Ambassadorial credentials not canceled? His only job description is Washington and London bagman for his Saud family. It is a disgrace that Bandar is allowed to ply his dubious trade of bribery in Washington and London while ignoring his diplomatic responsibilities.


An Egyptian national made his initial appearance in federal court today in Alexandria after being arrested last month for using his position as a driver at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. to secure fraudulent Saudi diplomatic visas to help aliens enter the United States illegally. … Yakoub was known to individuals in Egypt as an employee of the Saudi Embassy who had the ability to secure fraudulent Saudi diplomatic visas to help Egyptian aliens get into the United States. … Yakoub wrote letters on Saudi Embassy letterhead falsely stating that a Saudi diplomat was requesting an A-3 visa for Egyptians to work for the Saudi diplomat in the United States. These fraudulent letters, complete with Saudi government stamps, were then sent to the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to help Egyptian aliens receive U.S. visas for entry into this country, the ICE affidavit alleges. … the U.S. Embassy in Egypt approved the visa applications, believing that these Egyptians would be working for Saudi diplomats in the United States.” G303 So much for US Embassy due diligence! The Saudi Arabian Embassy has been out of control for some time with an absentee ambassador. Reliable sources say Saudi Arabian Embassy officials regularly purchase drugs in Washington and transport them through diplomatic pouches to Saudi Arabia for the Saud family to consume as well as ply foreign officials at their sex slave parties. We believe the Saud family corruption of Washington will only end upon overthrow of their dictatorship and denial of the secretly planned asylum.


Picketing the Saudi Arabian Embassy

These are parents of parental and non-parental kidnappings of US children to Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Prince Bandar and his confidant Adel al Jubair give the perpetrators visas to expedite the US child kidnappings. The US children are then used either for procreation or as child sex slaves within Saudi Arabia. The US State Department will neither confirm nor deny these occurrences.


The Guardian reports: “Police officers from Stockholm are flying to Bangkok amid reports that a 12-year-old survivor of the tsunami has been kidnapped from a Thai hospital. Fears are growing that Kristian Walker has been taken by those involved in the sex trade … (Father) said police had told him that similar kidnappings had taken place near Khao Lak and the kidnappers may have been taking advantage of the chaos after the tsunami to try to fly Kristian to another country without a passport.” G304 This is evidence of how fast the child sex slave procurers can respond towards a destabilizing family crisis. Again, they know the Saud family will pay dearly for the high end child sex slaves. This should put every parent in Northern Europe and the US on notice. In one moment of crisis their children can be gone forever.


Middle East Quarterly reports: “For a while Washington was pleased with the appointment of Horan as ambassador, the Saudi rulers were less so. To an extent Horan was their worst nightmare. Horan’s Falasha escapade may have been water off a duck’s back to the Saudis, but the last thing King Fahd and his cronies wanted was a hands-on type of American in Riyadh, one who knew Arabic, who was streetwise, and who consequently would be able to challenge the rosy-eyed vision of Saudi Arabian life being peddled in Washington by the Saudis’ all-powerful ambassador, Prince Bandar bin Sultan ….Millions of young men-isolated from any normal contact with women-seethed with sexual frustration. Saudi wives, mured [sic] in nasty bungalows, suffered from depression. The tragedies of some American women married to Saudis gave the embassy occasional but instructive insights into the pathology of Saudi folkways. The U.S. was rarely of help to these women…U.S. discussions with Saudis at the highest levels often dealt with security, military sales, economic cooperation, and sometimes intelligence exchanges. But in the back of the king’s mind was the belief that, so long as the kingdom remained helpful in oil production and pricing (20 percent of U.S. oil imports come from Saudi Arabia) and in purchasing billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment and training, he could deflect our requests on domestically sensitive issues (such as kidnapped American children) to an always-later time. The record has shown the Saudis to be right.” G305 When will it end? When will the Saud family Washington retainers decide they have enough of the money stolen from the Arabian citizens’ oil reserves? When will the Saud family Washington retainers be exposed to the world? When will the US children kidnapped by the Saud family be allowed to come home to their parents? When will the vulnerable US citizens be compensated for their tortures by the Saud family dictatorship?


Herb Mallard adressing international press in Washington, DC

Herb Mallard is shown addressing international press at the Washington Capital. Speaking were US torture victims, their family members as well as several concerned Congressmen. The Saud family and their Washington retainers have used their dirty tricks on the subsequent press conferences at the Washington National Press Club.


Prince 3 reports: “I am one of the Saudi Royal Family who has been assisting your newsletter. I wish to tell you something of intelligence nature. The information I have is scarce. Briefly, here is what I have been able to put together: Taiff is in the western part of Saudi Arabia, high in a very rugged mountain range, near the Red Sea. It is not listed on all maps. In fact, I can’t even find a reference to it in Google, but it probably has several spelling variations. It is pronounced Taa’eef. From about 1973 until the late 1980’s a mammoth construction project went on near Taiff, Saudi Arabia. The scale was so enormous as to defy belief. The scale was evidently so massive that my sources of this information indicated to me that they could not adequately verbalise it. In spite of the enormity of the project, it was done in almost total secrecy. Essentially, a complete underground city was built, spanning literally miles. There is also an extremely large runway which can in some fashion be hidden from aerial view and capable of handling more than even the largest aircraft. Airplanes that land can be hidden in a cavernous hanger built in an entire mountain. Parts of the runway aprons can also be lowered so that airplanes can be stored in hangers that are actually under the airport itself. All entrances to the city are hidden and impregnable. The primary contractor for this project was Bechtel. During the construction phase the area itself was closed to all access by outsiders. It was referred to by people in the know as “the forbidden city.” It is clear to me that the city was built as a refuge. The question I have always pondered is a refuge for *whom*, and for *what*. A clue was given during the Gulf war. It seems Saudi and Kuwati royals waited out the war at…. (you will never guess) – Taiff! My theory is that this city was built as the destination of my family and unknown outsiders in event of a takeover of my family’s government or a nuclear war. I wish you would expose this further. I have tried myself but the old ones have the secrets and I am not trained as a journalist.” G306 We do not know if the Neocon allies of “the old ones” are responsible for this refuge or will benefit from it. We have heard unconfirmed rumors within the beltway of Washington.


The Guardian reports: “Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) – the US agency which governed Iraq between April 2003 and June 2004. The inspector general’s job is to make sure that the money the authority spent was properly accounted for. It wasn’t. In just 14 months, $8.8bn went absent without leave. … The authority, the inspector general found, was ‘burdened by severe inefficiencies and poor management’. This is kind. Other investigations suggest that it was also burdened by false accounting, fraud and corruption. … Contracts to US companies were awarded by the CPA without any financial safeguards. They were issued without competition.” G307 We have seen many within the Saud family and their Washington retainers get rich stealing from the US military logistical supply. We reported during the first Iraq invasion that Commander General Prince Khalid and his half brother Ambassador Prince Bandar made a considerable amount of “bakshish”. We reported Commander General Prince Khalid bought land in Palm Beach in expectation of building a palace like the one his half brother Bandar has in Aspen. We exposed the scheme and he was told to sell the property immediately in order not to embarrass the Bush family.


Associated Press reports: “The US army bungled the planning and management of a multi-billion dollar contract with Halliburton to provide food and other services to troops in Iraq, congressional investigators today concluded. … Separate federal investigations are examining whether Halliburton had overcharged the army for fuel and meals, and looking into allegations that former company workers could have taken bribes from a Kuwaiti subcontractor. … Halliburton has said that Kuwait’s government-controlled oil company would sell gasoline only through the firm, named Altanmia, adding that it ‘did the best it could’ amid the chaos of war. … However, the report said Halliburton’s staffing problems and ‘antiquated accounting system’ had hampered the process of finalizing costs for portions of the contract. It said the company’s cost estimates were frequently inaccurate or lacked the proper documentation, and added that Halliburton was often behind schedule on its work. In a statement, Halliburton said it had ‘placed continuous pressure’ on itself to ‘do better’ and was following constantly-changing directions given by military officials.” G308 This is a classic of theft through the agency scam. We have seen how Congress under funds agencies in order to allow noncompliance. In particular, we saw how the US Congress under funds the foreign agent oversight agency in order to hide their lobbyist foreign agent paymasters. Who owns Altanmia? Why does Halliburton have one of its sets of books “antiquated”? How did Halliburton attempt to do better but fail? Why are the humans behind the scam anonymous? We saw this same behavior when the Bush family and others went to Kuwait after the war to do business through newly created agencies with off-shore accounts and anonymous owners. We can recall Enron and Neil Bush involved in that particular episode. The Saud family led by Commander General Prince Khalid and his half brother Bandar followed a similar path during Iraq War I. We reported reliable sources mentioned to us a similar scam would be perpetrated in the Iraq War II but no one listened. The same will happen again if the Washington Neocons decide to invade either Iran or Syria.


Kommersant-Vlast reports: “Menatep head and Yukos shareholder Leonid Nevzlin, who resides in Israel, shares his views. ‘I want the judicial investigation in our case to be targeting not some abstract government or administration, but specific people. This small group of people has been identified. The lawyers are taking care of it. … I will not warn them, let them be warned with a court case or an arrest when they cross the border. Also, we are not the only ones that this circle of people has robbed. The time has come to coordinate our forces, and this process has already started. I am prepared to engage in this on a wider level. If these people who have suffered under the regime are prepared to defend their interests in court, this is already a position.'” G309 Nevzlin and other Russian/Israeli principles in Menatep/Yukos are in refuge within Israel plotting the downfall of the Putin regime. Nevzlin has mentioned some very interesting strategies that may be used against the Saud family Washington retainers, especially exposing them to the world. When Middle East detractors refer to the US as the “Great Satan” they should be more specific and mention the Saud family Washington retainers and other culprits by name. The world will be surprised how few their number.

From the Readership:

I would like to communicate with sheik M.H.Al-Amoudi. So if you have his address and if it is possible please help me by telling his email address. May be this is something very silly but believe me I am not harmful I need him to save my life and my family from Saudi Royals. You people understand Saudi Royals kill innocent family members of their enemies.
So many thanks

Our child is home. Our son became his own hero, and began to initiate his own way of leaving by visiting the U.S. Embassy, and began to develop friendships to help him leave. Never underestimate the power of a child who wants to be reunited with his parents. It became a “risky” plan for him, because this type of exit is ‘illegal’ and the U.S. Embassy could not assist our 15 year old. It is sad what he had to do, more of the same. By secretly keeping in touch, he has always been assured of his families love. We are still a bit in awe of the fact that he is back, and know there will be challenges and adjustments ahead, but know they can be solved with love, understanding and faith in our Lord. Through these long, sad, heartbreaking years we always knew it would be a miracle of the Lord if he was ever to return, and I was often reminded of the story of Moses (in the book of Exodus Chapters 1 through 14). Please have hope in every circumstance of child abduction, and trust God to “make a way where there seems to be no way”! As our boy and his family come to your mind, remember to pray for him, and that he will readapt to his family, this country, and that he will want to be continually reunited with us. Our hearts are so overwhelmed with the miracle that has happened, and we are so thankful, and so full of love to the Lord for His mighty power, shown through this might act of our boys return.
Bush/Clinton letters

Dear Readership:

One international conundrum rarely successfully addressed is why those United States detractors do not become more specific in their pronouncements? Why do they blame the entire United States citizenry for the self serving policies of the Washington few? We have commented ad nausea about the US victims of these Washington lobbyists and their political counterparts. Who in Washington sold the odious agendas to the Saud family of allowing the torture of US citizens as well as the kidnapping of US children? Who are the Neocons who “hijacked” the US Middle East agenda, “stove piped” the Pentagon and are now responsible for attacking Middle East countries? Who has put United States youth yet again in jeopardy by being ordered to fight for these anonymous men with dubious policies? The individuals within Washington responsible for these and other purportedly deceitful self serving agendas should be considered the “Great Satan”, not the average US citizen. Leonid Nevzlin’s strategy is correct, let us name names. We know the World Court is presently interested in some of these august men. Let the US citizenry stand up and refute these charlatans by stripping them of their anonymity. Let the World Court judge them.

It is easier to state for whom the “secret city” of Taiff was not built. It was not built for the citizens of Arabia whose stolen oil reserves paid for it. Who benefits from Taiff? Who will inhabit it during strife? Does anyone wonder that those who will benefit, besides the Saud family, will readily give it up? Who is to defend it and from whom? It is so huge with miles living space that it was not built just for Saud family members. Who else? Does the Taiff agenda change from month to month? Is their a directorship, other than Saud family members, that control it? All of these questions should be addressed by the citizens of Arabia who should be the likely heirs to Taiff.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member