Issue 38

Neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely, or to think sanely, under the influence of agreat fear. —Bertrand Russell

The great darkness is the Islamic interpretation of the United States. — Dar al harb

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. — Socrates


Reuters reports: “Saudi Arabian billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said Tuesday he now holds a 5.5% voting stake in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and is ready to raise his stake… Investment vehicles controlled by the prince’s Kingdom Holding Co. have converted what was last reported to be a 3% non-voting stake in the entertainment conglomerate into the new voting holding.” G310 To successfully stifle reporting detrimental to their wishes, the Saud family have been purchasing media in countries they wish biased support, US and Britain. By and large this has worked very well. Adel Jubair traipsed around the US espousing Saudi Arabian Royal family propaganda without one opposition voice allowed. This is media influence par excellence. Unfortunately, the US citizenry have been not given contrasting views. This has left a US citizenry ignorant of issues effecting their and their children’s’ welfare, especially when voting.


The Observer reports: “The Saudi Arabian embassy in London is to advise its nationals to boycott British universities in protest over financial irregularities, exorbitant fees and poor teaching. … The Observer revealed how degrees were being sold to failing foreign students in return for lucrative tuition fees. … Of the 33,000 international students who come to Britain every year, generating an income estimated at £600million, 2,500 are Saudi nationals.” G311 We have seen Saudi students given inflated marks within US universities as well. Harvard, among others, provides what are called “touchy feely” courses for Saud family princelings who then tout them back home. This enables the CIA through the universities to keep a control on these style without substance pseudo sophisticates. For wealthy commoners the jist seems to be that citizens who cannot defend their own rights from a dictatorship have no redeeming qualities worth teaching.


Daily Pennsylvanian reports: “Nance, a counterterrorism specialist says ‘terrorists’ primary goal is the overthrow of the Saudi government, but the United States stands in their way…. ‘You have to respect’ terrorists, Nance said. ‘We are just a speed bump in the road to their ultimate objective,’ ” G312 It is no hidden secret that the Saud family is most vulnerable without US “over the horizon” military protecting it from Arabs it controls. If the few “old ones” in charge of the dictatorship were to be purged the citizenry would be able to assert themselves, ostensibly. Washington dependent dictatorships like to call any democratic events opposing them acts of terrorism.


It is alleged US and Israeli mercenary security personnel working for private contractors are being used by the Saud family dictatorship to guard Saud family princelings. This Praetorian Guard use balaclava and other disguises during security operations which allows for anonymity. The Saud family propaganda tells their deceived Arab citizens these mercenaries are Saudi Arabians nationals. The anonymity gives the Saud family a plausibility of denial if confronted by either citizen groups or media. We saw these Israeli private security forces effectively used to protect Jewish property in New Orleans during the hurricane Katrina aftermath

Herb Mallard moderating a press conference in Washington, DC
This picture depicts Herb Mallard on behalf of moderating a press conference at the US Capital for parents of US children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia. Also present were several Congressmen who gave brief speeches on behalf of their constituents.


BBC News reports: ” ‘We are Iraqis and we are responsible for solving our problems, we will not allow anyone to interfere,’ said Mr Jabr, who sits in Iraq’s parliament for the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a Shia party.

Prince Saud al-Faisal has said Iranian groups are infiltrating Iraq

He added: ‘This Iraq is the cradle of civilisation that taught humanity reading and writing, and some Bedouin riding a camel wants to teach us.’ … Mr Jabr rounded on the Saudi regime, which he accused of treating millions of women and Shia Muslims as second-class citizens. …”‘ have one god, he is the king, he is the god, and he rules as he likes. A whole country is named after a family.’ ” G313 The charismatic Prince Faisal is one of the more competent Saud family members. Unfortunately, he attempted to assert the influence of the Saud family onto Iraq without the use of the Saud family Washington protectors. This caused the ire of at least Mr Jabr. When there is anger displayed a glimpse of truth usually is displayed for all to see.


The Guardian reports: “Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) – the US agency which governed Iraq between April 2003 and June 2004. The inspector general’s job is to make sure that the money the authority spent was properly accounted for. It wasn’t. In just 14 months, $8.8bn went absent without leave. … The authority, the inspector general found, was ‘burdened by severe inefficiencies and poor management’. This is kind. Other investigations suggest that it was also burdened by false accounting, fraud and corruption. … Contracts to US companies were awarded by the CPA without any financial safeguards. They were issued without competition.” G314 Again, we had predicted when investigating Iraq War I Bush/Saud family logistical supply corruption that there would be rampant Washington war profiteering during the Iraq War II campaign. We were ignored but not disappointed. We do not know how much the Saud family benefited off of defeated fellow Arabs but we do know US corporations working with Saud family interests continue to benefit handsomely from Iraq War II. In the tried and true Washington ways, the guilty are anonymous, no person is blamed and the culprits get to keep the money. We do not know how much of this money ended up for, among other things, presidential libraries. The Saud family corruption of Washington is unprecedented and may be to the point of no return.


Daily Reckoning reports: “How the Saudis manage to boost their proven reserves by 150 billion barrels since taking over ARAMCO is still a mystery. To complicate matters further, for the past 25 years, Saudi proven reserves have remained constant at 260 billion barrels. How can Saudi reserves stay the same at 260 billion barrels when it has pumped almost 60 billion barrels of oil since 1980? This is one question, which begs an answer. … Not many people realize that over 90% of Saudi oil comes from only six oilfields, which were all discovered before the 1970’s. So, all these fields are now extremely old, and experts argue that they are now well past their prime. Ghawar oil field is the super -giant and has provided 55-60% of Saudi oil over the past five decades! According to experts like Matthew Simmons, Ghawar is past its peak already and likely to enter into a major decline.” G315 Rude Awakening further comments: “Even the world’s largest oil producer may be running low on ‘cheap oil’ … or any kind of oil, for that matter. Saudi Arabia pumps 13% of the world’s oil and is responsible for 23% of the globe’s reserves, making it the most important player on the supply side, followed by Iran with 11% of the world’s reserves and Iraq with 9%. According to official Saudi state calculations Saudi Arabia could produce at current levels of 10 to 11 million barrels per day for 50 years. However, we view that number with a certain degree of skepticism. Matthew Simmons, chairman of Simmons and Company International – an investment bank specializing in the oil industry says the official Saudi numbers are too high and that Saudi fields are aging much faster … According to Mr. Simmons, the Saudis need to strip water out of nearly every well and this is a sign that Saudi fields are aging much faster than the industry has planned for. … In other words, most of the easy-to-get stuff is gone and only the hard-to-get stuff remains.” G316 The Saud family continues to skim an ever increasing percentage of the oil revenue profits. We have heard forebodings that the “old ones” are keeping the marked depletions secret. Once these oil reserves get more noticeably depleted the Saud family members have their prearranged asylum within the US.


Rude Awakening reports: “Saudis reveal they won’t be able to meet oil demand – first time ever they’ve admitted the awful truth. … Drilling for oil underwater is very expensive. You’d expect the Saudis to be drilling out their cheapest oil first. Don’t they have a desert full of this stuff? So why are they suddenly digging deep for underwater oil, and willing to pay a premium to do it? Unless… maybe the Saudis don’t have as much oil as they say they do. We already know that the Saudis have confessed that OPEC won’t be able to meet western oil demand in 10 to 15 years. I’m starting to think they might come up short a lot sooner than that. Are the Saudis lying? Well, at least it seems like they’re not telling the whole truth. What’s more, I believe there’s a whole lot our own government isn’t telling us.” G317 We do not know what the Arabian citizens will do when they find out that their stolen oil reserves have been almost completely depleted by the Saud family regime. We have mentioned the Saud family Washington retainers have already prepared for asylum within the US similar to that given the Shah’s Sephardic merchant class not living in Bel Air, California. Planned Saud family asylum within the US has to be stopped.


BBC News reports: “Adul Sani al-Thani was tried in Prague after a Czech judge turned down a request from Qatar to have him sent back home to face trial. Al-Thani was found guilty of paying to have sex with four girls aged under 15 between 2001 and 2004. He was arrested after one of the girls told her mother about the offer of sex. Czech officials have admitted that the refusal to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar could strain relations between the two nations, which do not have an official extradition treaty. Al-Thani has lived privately in the Czech Republic for 10 years and has no diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Czech prosecutors accused him of arranging for young girls to be brought to his home for sex. He allegedly paid three Czech women to offer girls on the street Kc2,000 ($84, £46) to visit his apartment for sex. The women, described by the presiding judge as ‘both guilty and victims’, were allegedly paid Kc1,000 for each girl they provided. Al-Thani was arrested last year and has spent 10 months in custody awaiting trial. In April, Czech Justice Minister Pavel Nemec agreed to allow al-Thani to return to Qatar after receiving assurances he would face prosecution in his homeland. But prosecutors objected and he was forced to stand trial in Prague.” G318 We admire the Prague authorities for defending the human rights of their citizens, especially their children, in the face of readily available lobbyist bribes; unlike London and Washington.

Emails/Letters to the Editor

Dear sir:
I work at ARAMCO and have something to say about it. Ghawar and other few good oil fields are almost gone. My boss Ali Niami was told by the Sauds to tell the world there is much more oil to be pumped. It’s a lie by him and the Sauds. I work with the numbers. We have to secretly pump more salt water to get pressure everyday. The Sauds don’t want Arabians to know their stolen oil reserves have been used up. At some time when things get hot for Sauds they will get on their planes ready at Saudi airports and sneak out to America. It is all planned for them with Washington friends. There will be many palaces like Bandar’s in Aspen all over America. Saudi Arabian citizens should get the Sauds to give back money they stolelike you say. Me and others like reading these things you write on the internet. It gives us hope.
Good friends.
Would you be able to put me in touch with these vulnerables as I am also thinking of writing a book on the matter so as to expose these Princes and their dealings? You are doing a great job by exposing these people and their corrupt practices. Your site possesses tons of info which could not be found anywhere else as everyone seems to be frightened of the Saudis. I have a few contacts as well and they have given me some info. Anonymously. The things that these Saudis are doing to your country and its citizens are appalling and would not be tolerated here in Britain. Our government here would have shown them the door unlike in America. You are doing a great job exposing. You are also a brave man. Keep up with the great work you’re doing. Do let me know as I need to get writing this project. Many Thanks.

You know saudi royals only have given money to U.S. Jewish torture victims and its no chance that they were supported by AIPAC Neocons and you have told about it. We are sorry for Christian and Moslem U.S. citizens tortured by Saudi royals who never received payments. Many of us don’t like old ones dealing with U.S. Neocons and Israelis. They make it look in media like they are enemies but secretly deal. They try to hide it from us but we are not stupid.

Dear Readership:

A cartel like that in oil is never a pure cartel. There is always one member that has more individual control. The Saud family “old ones” have become covetous of their power over prices. They like to be able to add or subtract a certain quantity for price stability. They keep their oil statistics secret because they have almost depleted the Arabian light crude and are left with world abundant heavy crude. They play with illusions to please Washington. This allows them their needed perks from their handlers in Washington. The perks include, among others, the capability of torturing prescribed powerless US guest workers and kidnapping US children. The advertised torture of sacrificed US citizens allows the “old ones” to say to their Arab constituents they are not stooges of Washington. The sanctioned kidnapping of US children mollifies the lesser sexually deviant degenerate princes. In both of these cases the Saud family Washington handlers and retainers obfuscate the US victims and their families from any recourse. The closest the US victims have gotten to any exposure was a brief Congressional hearing chaired by Congressman Dan Burton on Saud family US child kidnappings.

What the Saud family does not know is that some of their Washington retainers have been selling them out to class action lawyers. They do not realize that when they are deposed and receive the planned political asylum within the US they will be vulnerable to loosing the money accrued from the Arabian oil reserves they have worked so hard to steal. At that time they will have little power with many legal schemers after them. The rumblings are getting louder and louder.



Herb Mallard
National Press Club Member