Issue 41


We see First Lady Michelle, her White House aid Bobby Schmuck’s card, Abdul, Abdul’s friends et al in the above uncontested pictures taken at a Chelsea, Massachusetts hospital after the 4/15/13 Boston Marathon bombings. These pictures tell a vivid underlying story heretofore unexplained by any vested interest or concerned party. There is neither plausibility of denial nor “we can neither confirm not deny” Presidents Obama or Bush Jr 1 statements that can be valid. We do not know if First Lady Laura Bush was ordered to visit the Saud, bin Laden and other Saudi Arabian family members sequestered in the area Tampa and other safe houses from USA Federal interrogation after 9/11 and subsequently secretly spirited out of USA. If it did happen, it has been successfully kept from the USA citizens and the World. Plausibility of denial and “we can neither confirm nor deny” evasive statements were never needed because there are no pictures or other evidence available. If it were not for the Abdul/Michelle photo opportunity and overt Michelle hospital entry, it is doubtful the First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s collaboration visit to Abdul would have ever have been known by USA citizens and the World.

Laura Bush photo opportunity with religious conservative Saudi Arabian women


Why were First Lady Michelle Obama pictures purposefully allowed by the White House? What were White House accompanying operative Robert E Schmuck’s orders from the White House? Why did Bobby Schmuck allow his White House card cell photo taken by Abdul’s friends? How did Abdul live in the Boston suburb of Revere while attending college in Ohio? Is it not mandatory with Homeland Security and various other Washington agencies that USA colleges report no-show foreign students? Did Michelle visit any of the other injured USA and foreign citizens after the bombing? Why are President Obama and USA Attorney General Holder allowing immunity from USA Federal interrogation as Holder is on record as doing for Obama other benefactor UBS (see, issue 1)? With whom was Abdul meeting during his frequent White House visits? Why did the White House not allow Abdul to willingly answer his detractors as Abdul wanted? Why was Islamic media cut off from requesting Abdul give his true and correct response to USA media? Why was Abdul given immunity from USA Federal interrogation when both Abdul and Islamic media wanted him to properly respond?


Bobby Schmuck (Robert E Schmuck) is Associate Director of Scheduling and Advance, White House, Washington DC 20502. He receives $50,000 per year for that job description. Abdul Rahman Al Harbi’s family has accumulated great international wealth, some of which is donated to Islamist causes like al Qaeda. Abdul has bragging rights throughout the Islamic World for putting his life on the line to observe the Boston Marathon bombing. Abdul has since spoken to various groups in Saudi Arabia where Mr Schmuck’s name has been used in a derogatory manner. for lead-in laughs. We do not know if Abdul has both informal talks and a covertly prescribed speakers circuit. A reliable Saudi source listening to one of Abdul’s recent talks in Saudi Arabia said Abdul’s mantra is admitting he just got too close to ground zero. Abdul is held in high regard as a man of action within his Saudi family, clan, tribe and country. Another Saudi reliable source has said many oil wealthy Gulfie (Gulf Cooperation Council) students knew of the up-in-coming Boston Marathon bombing event but deferred from being anywhere near the congested finish line. As part of the Gulfie student circuit, Al Harbi had big shot status he had to uphold among the Middle East Moslems in college within the Boston area. Even though Abdul was slight and wimpy, he portrayed himself as having immunity from USA law. After all, for some reason he was a frequent visitor to the Obama White House.

Abdul Rahman al Harbi White House passes


The Islamic Monthly reports: “CBS correspondent and former FBI associate director John Miller stated that after the bombs went off, a spectator noticed that Alharbi was “acting suspiciously” and tackled him to the ground; other media reports continued this same narrative, citing these early, and what we now know to be erroneous, reports. … He said that no one looked at him suspiciously and that a runner noticed him walking in the street covered in blood and offered to help him walk. … the media discovered his full address and publicized it while filming the FBI search of his apartment. … By the next day, it was clear that Alharbi was just a witness and among the injured. … Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated that Alharbi was at the wrong place at the wrong time. … When it was determined that he “had nothing to do with the bombings,” he was quickly removed from the list. “He was never a subject. He was never really a person of interest,” … We could also not confirm from the FBI if it is standard protocol to add a person’s name, without completing the investigation, to a terrorist watch list in these types of crimes, only to be removed hours later. … The many discrepancies between Alharbi’s story and what the media reported raise a number of unsettling questions. How exactly was the media given access to his full address and name? Is the FBI investigating this? Why is his official status as a suspect or person of interest or in custody still unclear? … Alharbi suffering the effects of sensationalist (and often-times racist) media reports, enough to disturb him and prevent him from moving back to his home and resuming his normal life. … his name and ID were initially only with the FBI and authorities questioning him. … Alharbi who was twice victimized through no fault of his own. He understood the importance of cooperating, but could not leave the hospital unidentified.” J346 Abdul, his detractors, Islamic media and the World wanted a chance for Abdul to give his explanation of what happened. This was denied by Obama/Holder immunity from investigation given Abdul without his expressed consent, for some alleged “brief encounter” reason.

Abdul al Harbi leaving Boston Marathon bombings ground zero


The Blaze/Glenn Beck reports: “A congressional source, however, says that the file on Alharbi [Abdul Rahman Al Harbi] was created, that he was “linked” in some way to the Boston bombings (though it is unclear how), and that documents showing all this have been sent to Congress. … Fox News’ Todd Starnes reports that Alharbi was allegedly flagged on a terrorist watch list and granted a student visa without being properly vetted. … Alharbi’s file was altered … to disassociate him from the initial charges. Saudi’s student visa specifically allows him to go to school in Findlay, Ohio, though he appears to have an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts … It is a story that the mainstream media has all but completely ignored … Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, noting that the the NTC issued an event file calling for his deportation using section 212, 3B which is proven terrorist activity. … President Obama had a ‘chance’ encounter with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud and Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir. … Sources tell us this will most likely now be kicked from the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] to the DOJ [Department of Justice] and labeled an ongoing investigation that can no longer be discussed. J347 DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder has given Obama on record benefactors UBS (see, Saudi Royal family and their designated associates immunity from USA investigation and prosecution. It is now common for White House “chance encounters” to be created to avoid embarrassing media questions. Usually these encounters have been offshore. Bush Jr Secretary of Treasury Paulson 2008 unexplained “chance encounter” in an Moscow Hotel room with his Goldman Sachs prior employees. Obama with Prince Saud and Adel Jubair “chance encounters” after Boston Marathon bombings. Bush Jr, Obama and allegedly Prince Bandar “chance encounter” in Tanzania.


Examiner reports: “Questions remain on Saudi national tagged as suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing — Flying under the radar screen ever since the very minute the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon is the widely unreported story of a Saudi national at the scene who had been tagged as a terror suspect by U.S. officials. The major news organizations will not report the story, and those that did report it have basically dismissed the information as irrelevant or unimportant. But from the beginning the Examiner has relayed information indicating that there may be much more to this story than what meets the eye. … The Russian government reportedly had warned the United States that the Saudi had been involved in terrorist activities. But the United States had given the green light to the Saudi to come into the country on a student visa. … Early reports indicated that what should have been a low level matter handled by agents on the ground quickly became a high level matter that got the attention of the top echelon of the Obama administration, including the president himself and Attorney General Eric Holder. … sources indicate that the Saudi was not appropriately vetted prior to his being given a student visa to enter the United States. Why was this not done? … why is there such secrecy surrounding this case? Why has the government not come forward to clear his name? J348 Why did Obama and Holder not allow Abdul to willingly answer his detractors, as Abdul had wanted to do? The Islamic world deserves and answer from these men, but as in the continuing UBS scandals they give the alleged perpetrators immunity from USA Federal interrogation/ prosecution, even if those of interest want to comment on their innocence.

PROPOSED CONGRESSIONAL CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST OBAMA/HOLDER! reports: “Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) … is exploring avenues by which members of Congress could try to pursue criminal charges against President Barack Obama. “If the chief law enforcer of the country [Holder] will not enforce the law,” said Marino, “and the president decides to break the law because he doesn’t like it, there has to be another mechanism by which we in Congress can … see if there are criminal charges we can file.” J349 Obama/Holder will not enforce laws against benefactors, at the expense of USA citizenry. This is common behavior of rulers within third world countries. It is considered disgraceful among first world democratically elected leaders.


Russia Today reports: “According to an exclusive report published by Britain’s Daily Mail … , the Saudis sent the US Department of Homeland Security a “government-to- government” letter … that specifically identified the older Tsarnaev brother and cautioned that he could be plotting an attack on American soil. an unnamed Saudi official speaking on condition of anonymity — told Daily Mail. “It was very specific” and warned that “something was going to happen in a major US city.” … Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC released a statement condemning the Daily Mail report as inaccurate, denying they warned US authorities about either Tsarnaev brother. … Russian intelligence previously confirmed that American law enforcement was alerted about both Tsarnaev and his mother in 2011 after red flags were raised in the Kremlin, but a subsequent Federal Bureau of Investigation probe concluded without US authorities convinced of a clear threat. On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama told reporters, “Based on what I can see so far, the FBI performed its duties. The Department of Homeland Security did what it was supposed to be doing,” Obama said. J350 The point of accentuating this article is to clearly show continuing internationally disruptive misrepresentations of the truth by Obama/Holder in actions involving either Saudi Royal family or UBS Swiss bank on the record benefactors (see A reliable Saudi source told us many years ago that King Abdullah appointed Adel Jubair as assistant to then Ambassador Prince Bandar to spy on Bandar. Adel has had to hesitatingly compromise both his convictions and ethics as Saudi Ambassador. His actions have been considered so egregious that Iran allegedly made an attempt on his life. A Saudi reliable source (see will later report on Saudi Royal family and UBS secret Obama presidential library money+ allegedly infused into an offshore secret Swiss account shortly after the Tanzania and “another chance encounter”, for something.


The Blaze Glenn Beck reports: “after 9/11 that prominent Saudis were allowed to leave the country, even as all flights were grounded. “The Bush administration would later block the investigation into Saudi involvement into 9/11, even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, and would eventually force the redaction of a 28-page chapter of the 9/11 Commission report regarding foreign, specifically Saudi, support for some of the Al-Qaeda hijackers,” … “There is a relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia the American public doesn’t know about. The case of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is only the latest example.” J351 We continue to report on the verified deferred payment scheme between recent USA Presidents and Saudi Royal Family regime. As we see on the our above banner, Prince Bandar has readily admits “taking care of friends”. The immunity given Saudis use to be based upon a Diplomatic Immunity fabrication. Bandar’s presidents no longer quibble and just give Saudis and their associates immunity, for something. The deferred payment bakshish (bribes) are laundered through in various mechanisms including USA legal secret presidential library+ donations, speaker fees, consulting fees et al.


WND reports: “Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national first identified as a “person of interest” and then downgraded … to “witness,” would be deported from the United States “on national security grounds. … we have seen Saudi nationals spirited out of the country en masse in the past rather than be exposed to any part of an investigative process. … following a private meeting on Sept. 13 between President George W. Bush and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, “something strange began to happen,” as former Florida Sen. Bob Graham writes in his 2004 book “Intelligence Matters.” (As Senate Intelligence committee chairman, Graham co-chaired the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11.) …“Although the FAA had ordered all private flights grounded, a number of planes began flying to collect Saudi nationals from various parts of the United States.” Within a week, Graham continues, 140 Saudis, including members of the bin Laden family, had been flown out of the country without ever having to answer a single question about anything. What’s almost worse is that for nearly three years, as Graham reports, “the White House and other agencies insisted that these flights never took place.” Bush lied, Saudis flied. … It seems beyond question that such Saudi collusion will be omitted from the archives at the George W. Bush library … thanks to $500 million from anonymous donors. … But such collusion was just the beginning of the perfidious role the Bush administration played to strong-arm and block the investigation of Saudi involvement in 9/11 … The Bush administration cover-up would climax with the redaction of a 28-page chapter of the 9/11 Commission report regarding foreign, particularly Saudi, support for some of the al-Qaida hijackers. … the Saudi hold over the U.S. government has been exposed. … It was Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal who, the New York Times reported, “hurriedly” flew to Washington in 2003 to meet with President Bush over Saudi concerns that classified sections of a released congressional report linked senior Saudi officials to the 9/11 attacks. As noted, these sections and more remain under government lock-and-key. … Reuters reported that President Obama held an unscheduled meeting with both Prince Saud and Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir at the White House. J352 Obama has continued a pattern of presidential sweetheart deals with the Saudi Royal Family, for something.



The Weekly Standard reports: “Let’s take my husband, for example. He has dragged me kicking and screaming into things that I wanted no parts of. (Laughter.) And a lot of it was because of fear — the fear of making mistakes, the fear of not knowing, the fear of uncertainty, the fear of leaving your comfort zone.” J353 This is said to be common among prior USA First Ladies as well.


WND reports: “Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the 20-year-old ‘student’ who was acting suspiciously enough after the Boston bombing to be ‘detained’ under guard at the hospital and named a person of interest in the April 15 attack. That same day, law enforcement searched Alharbi’s Boston-area apartment for seven hours, leaving with bags of evidence at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16. On Tuesday afternoon, a sub-agency of the Department of Homeland Security created what is called an ‘event file’ on Alharbi, calling for his visa to be revoked due to ties to terrorism. That same afternoon, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would inform the Senate Intelligence Committee that Alharbi was now merely a ‘witness.’ … Steven Emerson refocused our attention on Alharbi when on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ show, the terrorism expert broke the news that Alharbi was scheduled to be deported on ‘national security grounds.’ … The administration has categorically dismissed it, and the media have followed suit – which is better than anything the Saudi dignitaries sweeping through Washington after the Boston bombing could have hoped for. … Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano … exploded when Duncan, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, asked why the Saudi witness, apparently connected to terrorism by his deportation order, was slated to leave the country when the Boston investigation was just beginning? … a page from the original April 16 file on Alharbi. In terse government lingo, this document makes clear that 1) Alharbi was a terrorism risk to the public, and 2) federal authorities who permitted him into the country were negligent. … ‘Subject is an exact match to NO FLY TPN# 1037506192.’ … ‘Derogatory information reviewed by (Watch Commander) Mayfield and (Chief Watch Commander) Maimbourg was found to be sufficient to request Visa revocation. NTC-P is requesting revocation of Foil No. e3139541.’ A ‘foil’ number is a visa number. ‘NTC-P’ is the acronym for National Targeting Center – Passengers. … ‘ubject is inadmissible to the U.S. under INA 212(a)(3)(B)(i)(II).’ This red-hot ‘3B’ designation specifically connects Alharbi to terrorism. … the Alharbi ‘event file’ also indicated to be ‘armed and dangerous.’ Alharbi’s student visa, by the way, permitted him to study in Ohio. Meanwhile, he was living in Boston. J354 It is plain to see past presidents used USA diplomatic immunity with many Saudis to escape USA Justice. From information and belief Saudi USA Diplomatic Immunity became such an international joke it complicated the very principles of USA diplomatic immunity with other countries. Obama could not give the usual Diplomatic immunity classification to Abdul for the same reasons Bush Jr could not give blanket Diplomatic Immunity to the Saud, bin Laden and other families after 9/11.


CBS reports: “Shortly after midnight Tuesday, seven people were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir. State Police say the five men and two women are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and “cited their education and career interests” for being in the area. The men told police they were chemical engineers and recent college graduates. The Quabbin, in Belchertown, is one of the country’s largest man-made public water supplies. Boston’s drinking water comes from the Quabbin and the Wachusett Reservoirs. J355 A reliable USA intelligence source has said “one of the most vulnerable areas within USA infrastructure is the potable water supply”. This should have been considered a breach of national security investigation. There was difficulty giving the involved Saudis immunity from investigation without the same treatment to the Pakistani and Singaporean. Hence, only a trespassing violation has been filed.

From the Readership:

There are no letters to the Director at this time since the above subject matter is new.

Dear Readership:

Young Gulfie (Gulf Cooperation Council member citizens) students crave to come to USA, not so much for education as to experience an Alexis de Tocqueville cultural excursion. At no time in the history of the USA have so many wealthy foreign students from a specific area been enrolled within USA higher learning as Gulfies. The Gulfies attending USA colleges have large disposable incomes with an urge to enjoy USA freedoms not available in their own countries because of family, clan and tribal cultural structures. In turn, USA freedoms and skills engrained within their minds have been exported back to their countries. It has been our experience that these and other foreign students see the USA in more realistic terms since they are international and can compare and contrast at very least with their country of origin. Many of these Gulfies have said that just the experience of living within the USA is the best education they received. In fact, they readily see the realities of contradiction within the USA. These Gulfie students are generally risk takers. These are young men who will take thrill seeking chances as most other young men but have the disposable income to go to extremes and occasionally get into trouble that causes their families expensive Washington procedural costs. This is when they experience the seamy Washington underbelly side few USA citizens ever experience. They see Washington as made up of many interests that attempt to manipulate agendas of those outside the beltway. This is done so skillfully that victims rarely know how to respond. This behavior has recently been seen by 9/11 sequestered Saudis and the Boston Marathon persons of interest Saudis who have paid Washington dearly. These persons of interest are then allowed immunity from investigation and are spirited out of USA. They then have bragging rights to informal and formal speeches throughout the Islamic world negative to the USA.

The net winners of 9/11 and Boston Marathon agendas have been Presidents Bush Jr, Obama, their designated associates and other likely suspects. Benefactor Prince Bandar has been in a position of prominence at both Bush Sr and Jr Presidential library receptions, for a reason. The net losers have been the 9/11 and Boston Marathon bombing victims. Other losers include those forthright USA civil servants who have been manipulated. The disgrace to the USA is apparent within the international community. USA continues to fall internationally on quality of life charts. We do not know how long Washington and in particular White House and Congressionally contrived under the radar “brief encounters” have been occurring.

We do know Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama and some members of Congress continue to successfully use them to their personal benefit. We do know Washington “brief encounters” have been used in foreign countries and private airplanes where witnesses can be intimidated and media sparse. Prior President Clinton has allegedly involved in a series of private airplane “brief encounters” just outside USA airspace. We have recently seen a competent USA Senator become involved with a series of foreign “brief encounters” allegedly with underage young girls. The investigation came to an abrupt halt, do to something. From information and belief USA First Lady Michelle is distressed by being subject to these “brief encounter” orders.