Issue 05

We have been told that our newsletter has been prophetic since our very title connotes the flagrant abuse by both major parties of the federal foreign contribution laws. We were amazed the Republicans would make foreign contributions a campaign issue in an act of last minute desperation. Indonesian contributions are paltry compared to the amounts of money the Saud family continually give to Washington politicians, either directly or indirectly through their lobbyists, lawyers, consultants or the deferred payment scheme. These foreign special interests are skewing Washington foreign policy. Jack Anderson and Jan Moller in the Washington Post report: “If it’s true, as Robert Dole and Ross Perot insinuated in the closing days of the campaign, that President Clinton overlooked human rights violations in Indonesia in exchange for campaign cash, this would be a scandal of the first order.” E37 What is remarkable about this situation is Clinton did not use the time proven Washington tricks such as using a third party to give him the plausibility of denial. The White House also dealt directly with the foreign entities rather than go through the usual Washington lawyer – lobbyists to cut any causal chain in an investigation. In the end, nothing will happen but for media bruised Washington personalities who will be sacrificed. The DNC will reluctantly give back that which comes to light. There will be no prison terms to which the rest of the US citizenry would be subjected. The Saud family will continue giving illicit monies, albeit by a different route, to Washington insiders in order to perpetuate their “special relationship”. The Saud family will continue to enslave and torture vulnerable US citizens. The US military, whom the Saud family calls “our new slaves”, will continue to be sacrificed to prop up the corrupt Saud family. By and large, the US taxpayer will foot the bill for this Washington charade. Let us see what happens when the media get more information on the sale by Washington of the human rights of US citizens to the Saud family!


We may now see that the cultivating of Ambassador Prince Bandar by Washington has been for nothing since chances are he will be a net loser in the next kingly power play. Perhaps he will keep the position of overseeing the Saud family Washington deferred payment scheme as an elder statesman from his palace perches at Aspen and Glympton.


It has been a maxim in Washington that you give to Democrats through their individual bagmen. For example, House speakers Lyndon Johnson and John McCormick along with their bagmen were exposed by the media in a national scandal. Sam Rayburn just stuck money in his own pockets – presumably avoiding middlemen. There is an old joke in Washington that Democratic politicians invented the two pocket jacket, one pocket was for payoffs receivable and the other for payoffs payable. Republicans have more finesse in handling payoffs. They get it in larger sums but through peripheral organizations. The Republicans attempt to sanitize it before it is given to a particular politician. The Saud family have been by far the biggest donors. The abuse of federal law by both parties has enabled the Saud family to give money to individual Democrats of their liking while, in essence, supporting the Republican party with big donations. The net losers are other Democrats who do not receive Saud money but whose Republican opponents have, albeit indirectly. At present there is one Saud family liaison to the Republican party who stands out. This man has funneled hundreds of thousands of Saud family dollars into the Republican party coffers for years, especially during national elections. He was very active this election year. This man and his Saud family employers forced an Arab bank in London to open on a Muslim holy day last spring to meet privately with the manager out of sight of the usual Arab clients who were dutifully observing the holy day. Regarding the Clinton fund-raising tactics, professor Ross Baker of Rutgers University reports in the Washington Post: “If it turns out we had a major foreign policy decision that was influenced by foreign contributions, then that’s a big deal.” E38 We do not have a Clinton “major foreign policy decision” but in the case of George Bush Sr we do. We have information which indicates that the Bush family have been accepting Saud family monies for years both for political donations and personal use. William Safire in the New York Times called President George Bush and Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz “Bandarbush” because it seemed they were joined at the hip. Our voluminous evidence makes a reasonable argument that George Bush should have declared himself an agent of the Saud family government during his stints in Washington. George Bush first said the Saud family have a “special relationship ” with the US. He then went on record in an international television interview saying the Saud family are a “vital interest” to the United States. These statements were never pursued by US media. Given the Saud family member sitting near Governor George Bush Jr at the Republican Convention, it would appear he is continuing in the family tradition. It may be worthwhile for the international media to look into this matter.


The Saud family have had a commission scheme worked out for them which is just the old payoff/bakshish scheme in different clothing.The arrangement allows the Saud family to indirectly collect huge amounts of money from the oil revenues they control. The London Observer says: “More than $200 million was paid to a close associate of Saudi Arabian ruler King Fahd’s eldest son, Prince Faisal, after his government department awarded a $550m contract to an Anglo-German company. The payments have been disclosed by the British architect for the lavish King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh … The payments went to two companies connected with Hassan Enany, the project’s Saudi ‘sponsor’. Mr Eneny … has long-standing links to prince Faisal, who heads the Presidency of Youth Welfare. Budgeted at $350m, the stadium cost $558m. … In certain cases the money went directly into Swiss bank accounts. … Mr Enany’s company, Al-Manara Construction, … did no work on the contract. ‘It just received money’ ” E39


Persistent Washington trial lawyers interested in attacking the deep pockets of the Saud family are quietly pushing for an alien tort statute modification allowing US lawyers to sue governments and individuals within those countries in US courts. The prime targets of this modification are the Saud family who enslave and torture US citizens. What is remarkable about the legislation is that the Saud family Washington retainers allowed the legislation to go to the brink before interceding. Perhaps this ploy is to make it look good and to justify those high fees charged to the Saud family. The State Department successfully engineered an eleventh hour defeat of this legislation which had been proposed by Senators Spector and Moynihan. We will watch to see what these lawyers do next, especially if the Saud family is abandoned by Washington.


There is a strong sense within the Islamic world that the Saud family are allied with outside interests to marginalize the other Gulf governments and their people. The Washington Post reports: “One prevalent conspiracy theory in the Gulf, even among policy elites, holds that the United States assured the survival of Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War in order to justify an increased military presence in the region. This fits in with a larger suspicion that the West is out to marginalize the Islamic world.” E40 It has been said King Fahd plays one Arab leader against the other, thus dividing the Gulf states. Washington believes that Gulf oil is a vital interest to the US and it’s Western allies since there is no economical energy replacement for oil. Washington has declared the Gulf area of such importance that it billets US military within the Gulf states. To justify it’s presence, Washington has propped up the corrupt Saud family regime at the expense of the Arabs they control. King Fahd has been a willing junior partner to this endeavor. The Saud family has been bankrolling the security of Salmon Rushdie thus rendering the Iranian threats against his life impotent. Any decent person believes these threats outrageous. Nevertheless, is it the best use of the Saudi treasury spending all these dollars defending Mr Rushdie? Al Watan says: “Everyone is now convinced that the present Arab regimes can’t solve anything. There is no hope for them anymore.” E41


We have seen recent evidence brought to light about how extensively Washington has lied to the world in general and to US citizens in particular regarding US POW’s. We now know that Washington knowingly abandoned US POW’s in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Washington also deserted Agent Orange and Desert Storm Syndrome poisoning soldiers, along with their families, in their hour of greatest need. Washington still abandons US citizens enslaved and tortured by the Saud family. All of this has been done in the name of vital interests, while the only ones to profit through this expediency are Washington special interest groups, lawyers, consultants, politicians and lobbyists. The Saud family continues to enslave, torture and murder US citizens while Congress turns a deaf ear and a blind eye. How long will it be before Washington decides the Saud family are expendable and are then abandoned?


Washington continues to play with the lives of US soldiers billeted in Saudi Arabia. The Saud family government continues to slight the US military by not allowing a proper investigation of the Khobar Towers killings. Washington Post reports; “much of the State Department, including officials responsible for diplomacy in the Middle East, and officials at the CIA have been kept in the dark about certain results of the probe – to the particular frustration of some of the diplomatic officials. But even some of the U.S. law enforcement officials cleared to receive the Saudi information have expressed frustration of what the Saudis know. Some U.S. officials have grown concerned that information they get will likely be tainted by cultural and geopolitical influences within Saudi Arabia.” E42 It is ironic the State department used similar gobbledygook in their 1993 State Department Annual Human Rights Report. There they justified Saud family slavery by saying; “it is part of the Saud family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society”.E43 The New York Times reports: “Western diplomats said that Saudi authorities had neither shared all of their findings with the F.B.I. team nor allowed American investigators to interrogate suspects in the case who are now being held in Saudi jails.” E44 Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal is quoted in the New York Times as saying: “The loss of life, of American life, is not something we take lightly.” E45 We think it rather hypocritical that a Saud family prince would make such a statement in light of his family’s history of enslaving and torturing US citizens. We remind you of our documented examples of Saud family atrocities perpetrated upon US citizens in our prior issues


Do to the lack of cooperation by the Saud family in insuring the safety of US soldiers, the killings may continue. One Air Force member is quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer as saying: “The bottom line is that we all feel we are not being protected … that the leaders have very misplaced priorities, and that someone is going to die because of ignorance and neglect.” E46 Another said: “We are going to get hit again. … Many of us are going to die. … It is much less safe here than Khobar Towers … If things are not fixed and soon, Beirut and Khobar will only be two of three victories for the terrorists. … The third will be at Al Kharj.” E47 It is not known at this time how much control the Saud family have over US Middle East foreign policy through their political contributions and deferred payment scheme. By appearances, it seems rather extensive since Washington continues to sacrifice US military personnel as well as continue to expand their “special relationship” with the Saud family.


Prince Khalid bin Sultan was the commander of Saudi forces position during Desert Storm. The Saud family members in the military were given safe assignments and good public relations advisors to make them look good when they paraded in front of cameras. Prince Khalid and his family were happy to let the US military do all of the dirty work during the war. Of late Prince Khalid has been attempting to put distance between himself and his US handlers, at least publicly. In Al-Hayat he said; “the United States and its ally, Israel, are trying to redraw the geopolitical map of our region in Israel’s favor.” E48 We now see Khalid hypocritically criticizing the same US policy that kept his family from annihilation during Desert Storm.


The “special relationship” and deliberate blending by Washington of the vital interest of Saudi oil with the Saud family interests may be all for naught. Washington has looked the other way when the Saud family enslaves, tortures and murders US citizens. The Saud family Princes through this “special relationship” have been allowed literally to get away with murder, bring their slaves into the US, circumvent customs with their drugs and other contraband etc, while being given retroactive diplomatic immunity when the media catches them in some criminal act. When the chips are down, the Saud family hierarchy behave in a hypocritical manner. We have seen the Saud family refuse US military access to their airfields thus further jeopardizing US military personnel. We have seen the Saud family refuse to allow US security to ask Saudi neighbors questions about the Khobar bombing. We have heard of many other Saud family acts jeopardizing US citizens. We have heard Saud the family call US soldiers “our new slaves”.


Because of State Department intercession Saud princes are not prosecuted for illegal drugs in the US. Other countries do not tolerate this behavior. The London Times reports: “A member of the Saudi royal family accused of possessing heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and cannabis in his London hotel room … did not have anyone to stand surety for him. Prince Khalid Faisal Saud, 41, a relative of King Fahd, was arrested” E49

Dear Reader:

The corrupt Saud family continues to demean the US military ordered to defend them from veritable annihilation. Yet again, the US military are being used as cannon fodder and political dupes. The Saud family will not share with the FBI their investigation of the US deaths at al Khobar. Based on evidence known only to them they are blaming outsiders