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We are told a roster of Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz’s Aspen palace visitors would read like a who’s who of the Washington insiders, that is, if it existed. The Washington insiders who are treated to Ambassador Bandar’s plane rides and palace visits are of the highest level. George Bush frequently visits Prince Bandar at his Aspen palace. George Bush was at Bandar’s Aspen palace during June of 1993 when the London Observer broke the story that Bandar had given money to the Thatcher Administration through Michael Hazeltine. George Bush brought his friends to Bandar’s palace October /November 1995 to ostensibly celebrate the Desert Storm Saud family bailout while the Desert Storm Syndrome Poisoning soldiers and their families suffered Washington denials of aid. Recently, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Jesse Helms who, like many in Congress, has been seen directly accepting Prince Bandar’s gratuities. Lower level Washington bureaucrats are more concerned with a job after their Federal career. Leonard Garment in the Washington Post reports: “The Saudis also spend millions providing employment to influentials on the Hill , like ex-staff aides to important members of Congress.” F50 Ambassador Bandar Bin Sultan has pleased his father, half brothers and uncles so well he was made a minister in the Saud family government during the summer of 1995, ostensibly for his good work in recruiting Washington insiders through the Saud family deferred payment scheme. A very pertinent question could be: Does the Saud family deferred payment scheme to Congressional ex-staff aids skew US foreign policy so as to endanger US military in Saudi Arabia? US citizens as well as Arab citizens under the control of the corrupt Saud family are fed up with this type of behavior. How many more US soldiers have to die defending the Saud family before the Saud family deferred payment scheme in Washington is stopped and the past and present participants prosecuted?


Prince Bandar is the senior ambassador in Washington. He is now the dean of embassy row even though he is absent from his job most of the time; preferring his Aspen, Colorado and Glympton, England palaces over his palace near CIA headquarters. There are many Washington insiders who dislike Ambassador Bandar because he has neither lavished gifts upon them nor invited them into his family’s deferred payment scheme. There are many past and present ambassadors who are just out and out envious of Ambassador Bandar for receiving palaces and billions of dollars as inordinate compensation for his tenure in Washington from a grateful King Fahd. There are also those ambassadors who see Prince Bandar as the Washington example of his corrupt family’s excesses, especially within the Arab community. Many Arabs see Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan as a counter productive influence and an embarrassment to their unified policies, although forced to look to him as their senior ambassador. Perhaps this resentfulness is known by Bandar and that is what explains his avoidance of Washington. Perhaps his absences can be explained by the fact that, like the other Sudairis, he is out to make personal self indulgent deals away from the eyes of his peer group in Washington. Ambassador Bandar has lost his White House clout ever since he controlled the deferred payment scheme for the Bush family. It is a well known fact President Clinton does not like him, preferring to work the deferred payment scheme through the Atlanta/Little Rock/Riyadh connection instead. Bandar is a sad man these days. Some say Bandar has never been the same since his English confidant who worked very closely with him died at a relatively young age. Few knew of their personal relationship. We are told she was one of a kind, an elegant and intelligent woman who kept in the background while competently aiding Bandar weave his web of business/diplomatic intrigue in Washington and London. When the media exposed a few of Bandar’s questionable dealings, he never used her as a scapegoat as so often is the case in Washington.


The Albuquerque Journal reported a story by Harold Weeks, a Vietnam Veteran who said; “he and four other Americans were given a public flogging — after seven years in prison for drinking wine … They took us out in front of about 150 people … put us up against a wall and took out a cane, about three 1/2 to 4 feet. It was coated with plastic of some kind of fiber glass and was flexible. … received 45 lashes each man … the same procedure was followed the next day. … he also said they also got no help from the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia.” F52 We see, yet again, the Saud family pattern of torturing the vulnerable among the US guest workers, especially Vietnam Veterans. The main reason the Saud family, with the acquiescence of the State Department, torture vulnerable US citizens is to make the Saud family look independent of US policy. The State Department Human Rights Report never acknowledges the torture of US citizens. Al Welch, mentioned as one of the flogging victims, committed a fatal mistake after being released by the Saud family. Unfortunately, Al went to Thailand instead of to the United States like the others. It has been said by a former high ranking irritated State Department official that the Saud family were tipped off by a State Department Arabist to Welch’s Thai destination whereupon he was hunted down by Saud family agents and “suicided”. Embarrassingly, State Department Arabists confirmed the “suicide” the day before it happened. The State Department then reconfirmed it as a “suicide” after the fact without investigating. Again, nothing was ever reported in the State Department Annual Human Rights Report on any of these events. Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz in the subsequent letter to Senator Chaffee says the enslavement and torture of US citizens never happens in Saudi Arabia.

Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue. – – – La Rochefoucauld

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When asked how he could afford such a sizable palace in Aspen, Ambassador Prince Bandar said he had been given the money to build it by a grateful King Fahd. Obviously King Fahd got the millions needed by looting the oil reserves of the Arabs he controls. It must be told that Aspen builders have to ship everything in many miles of one mountain road. It is costly to build such an edifice in isolated Aspen. In order to circumvent the ecologically conscious Aspen, Bandar gives freely to various institutions be it a hospital or a world tennis star’s personal charity. The gated palace with round-the-clock guards is out of sight from public roads. Bandar needs such a building to entertain Saud family Washington retainers lavishly far away from the glaring eyes of the envious and righteous.

State Department Annual Rights Report:

“The Kingdom as a matter of policy does not permit torture or other abuse of the person by its officials or agents.” F52


We have decided to reproduce the end of Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan’s original letter, rather than quoting it, so the readership may get a more personal flavor into Prince Bandar’s character. We see Ambassador Prince Bandar deliberately lying not only to the United States Senator to which it is addressed but to the world. The Saud family have been able to perpetuate this lie through their corruption of public officials for more than a decade. If the Saud family lie as blatantly as this letter suggest, are they lying about their evidence extracted from the 40 or so unfortunate citizens allegedly linked to the al Khobar Towers bombing? Could the Saud family be attempting to goad Washington into military strikes against Syria and Iran? The Washington Post reports: “Another problem for the Saudi officials who want retaliation is overcoming a suspicion among some governments that the kingdom is trying to foist responsibility for the blast on Iran, a convenient foreign target, so that Saudi Arabia does not have to acknowledge that the blast was a homegrown act of domestic terrorism.” F53

Dear Reader:

As Americans we should question the wisdom of establishing relationships like the one with the Saud family. We do it over and over. We did it with the Shah, Latin American dictators, et al. It always turns out badly. Under the protection of the Washington umbrella they become ruthless and corrupt. Eventually they get overthrown and Washington loses yet again. All of this is aside from the moral and ethical considerations – – values for which the United States is supposed to stand. Is it any wonder Iranians call Washington the great Satan. It would appear Crown Prince Abdullah has seen the writing on the wall and will not allow this to happen to him. He will move away from Washington and salvage his position before Washington moves away from him.

Herb Mallard

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