Issue 07


“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.”

King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993


The explosives used in the Al Khobar bombing were very sophisticated and powerful. These explosives are rarely available to other than military departments of governments. It is highly unlikely the explosives were imported because the Saud family with Washington’s assistance have created a disciplined high tech police state. Throughout Saudi Arabia movements of large equipment, ie. tanker trucks, are a noticed phenomenon by skilled observers operating cameras strategically placed at intersections as well as check points. This raises the statistical probability there was official Saudi acquiescence in obtaining the explosives, loading of the volatile mixture and movement of the tanker truck.

The Clinton administration sent female FBI investigative personnel in pants to work with married senior Saudi security personnel. The Saudi government was highly offended because of this complete insensitivity to Wahhabi religious and cultural values. These females were not considered qualified to conduct a professional independent investigation in the eyes of their Saudi co-investigators. The Clinton administration refused to discriminate regarding women FBI agents sent to Saudi Arabia but will not aid US Vietnam Veterans enslaved and tortured in Saudi Arabia.


There is a group in Washington pushing Congressmen to blame yet another US military officer for yet more Saudi killings. It is not known if this group is either on the Saud family deferred payment scheme or directly on their payroll as lobbyists, lawyers or other special interests. What is known is they have exerted tremendous influence. The Washington Post reports: “While the Air Force has agreed under pressure to reopen an inquiry into last June’s terrorist attack on U.S. airmen in Saudi Arabia, the original report on the bombing shows investigators already have provided a detailed rebuttal to allegations of neglect against officers responsible for ensuring security. … a Pentagon employee who supports its conclusions and fears the Air Force is being forced for political reasons to find a scapegoat for what happened in Dhahran.” G54 The reasoning behind blaming someone in the Air Force seems to be that it deflects scrutiny away from Saudi government incompetence, corruption and complicity in the killings.


Harvard educated Gaith Pharaon became angry at a New York Times article classifying him as a fugitive from US justice. Gaith in a letter to the editor said he had never been served with any papers by the US government and thus is not a fugitive from US justice. It did help that he left the country after being tipped off about the intentions of the Justice Department. The initial New York Times article said: “Gaith Pharaon, former front man for the Bank Credit and Commerce international and its illegal purchases of financial institutions in the United States, was indicted on fraud and racketeering charges in 1991. He now flits between his native Saudi Arabia and Pakistan … Mr Pharaon, of the B.C.C.I. case, is believed to have both Saudi and Pakistani passports.G55 Gaith knows where the skeletons are buried regarding BCCI and various other scandals which would implicate many in such places as Atlanta, Washington and Little Rock. He knew if he was in US custody he most probably would have been “accidented” by his fellow conspirators before he could cop a plea by informing on the others who are held in national prominence at this time. The fateful lessons of Messieurs Sindona, Calvi, etc are only too well remembered by those caught. We have seen the lengths these prominent figures will go to keep the likes of Clifford and Altman(n) out of prison and thus from copping a plea.


We have seen Khalid Bin Mahfooz and Gaith Pharaon try to distort the US criminal justice system. Now we are told of yet another Harvard educated BCCI/Saudi Arabian intelligence figure successfully having CIA misrepresent his (Roger Tamraz) criminal past so that he could gain entry to the White House. The Washington Post reports: “According to intelligence officials, the Tamraz report that the CIA sent to the NSC in December 1995 was missing certain information that might have hurt Tamraz’s chances of getting into the White House. An earlier report … included information about Tamraz’s involvement with the Saudi intelligence service and a billion-dollar fraud case involving the collapsed Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), as well as charges that he embezzled some $200 million from investors in a Beirut business venture.”G56 Has the Saud family penetrated the CIA with their deferred payment scheme? Look for CIA retirees working as consultants for the Saud family related entities. Of course, expect obfuscation, diversion and the resulting closing down of the investigation because of “national interest” if the investigation gets to close to the truth. The theft of Arabian oil reserves by the Saud family has created a mass of privatized money some of which is used to corrupt Washington to a point of intolerance. We have mentioned Saud family associates now corrupting legislative assistants and other third tier US government employees with the deferred payment scheme. We do not see any end to this until the Saud family are deposed and made to give the money back. If the international community allow the Saud family to keep the money they have stolen from the Arabs they control they will continue to wreak havoc on world citizenry and their governments.


The ultimate in Washington hypocrisy has happened. Not only is their now a Ron Brown Award but Ambassador Prince Bandar has received the first award. Upon receiving the award Washington Post quotes Prince Bandar as saying: “Trust me … The American people who are having good jobs because of Ron Brown’s work are not talking that way about him. People are so cynical in this town.”G57 Ambassador Prince Bandar was referring to the Democratic fund raising scandal in which Secretary Ron Brown was shaking down third world oligarchies with the threat of sending in Congressman Bill Richardson into their countries on “human rights fact finding tours” if they did not make contributions to the DNC and deposits in his Grand Cayman account. Bandar’s public relations stunts be they at a US military hospital or charity gifts may becoming a little worn on the US citizenry considering the hypocrisy of it all.


AP reports; “FBI said — Sheik Allal al-Fassi — of Saudi Arabia was arrested ‘as he attempted to sell a stolen ring valued at $1.2 million, to undercover FBI agents’. The ring containing a 22.7 carat emerald and 16 diamonds, was reported stolen by the Harry Winston Inc jewelers — al Fassi is a brother-in-law of Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz. “G58 Prince Turki is now the Minister of Interior in Saudi Arabia responsible for the security police used by the Saud family to torture vulnerable US citizens.


Charles Peters in his New York Times article reports; “It is an ugly word that describes some very ugly facts. Working class Americans would be suckers to do the dying for America’s ruling elite. — And what of the Saudis? Do they too see us as suckers as they grow richer every day from oil profits?”G59 By reading King Fahd’s initial quotation in this issue, the answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Perhaps Peters should have said the Saud family instead of Saudis. It is no secret in Washington the net losers in the sordid Washington/Saud family foreign policy scenario are the Arabs whose oil reserves are being looted by the Saud family and the US military ordered to protect the Saud family. Both of these groups being pitted against each other are on the verge of making the Supreme Sacrifice, one for religious and ethical convictions while the other to perpetuate Saud family corruption.

Village of Glympton, Oxfordshire, England

Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has bought the village of Glympton in Oxfordshire, England using “gift” money from King Fahd. The villagers work for Prince Bandar who also owns their cottages, a truly feudal setting to Bandar’s liking. Unfortunately, the past owners of the town suffered grievous losses which has put a bit of a hex on the property.Bandar bought the town sight unseen after Alan Bond’s business empire fell apart driving him into bankruptcy and a stint in the clink. Other owners include Stephen Towler who died an unnatural death and Colonel Barnet who died at Dunkirk leaving no sons. We just hope Bandar’s run of good luck is not now hexed. By the looks of his Washington press coverage he could be on his way to joining the fate of other owners. If Bandar has to give all the money he and his family have stolen from the Arabs they control back, he will be following Alan Bond.

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