Issue 08


We see any revisions to the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act as a lesson in futility since the State Department refuses to cooperate in enforcing laws already on the books. For example, the State Department refuses to recognize US jurisdiction over the Boston based Saudi Industrial Supply & Construction Corporation (Federal employer #04-2690911). As discussed in Issue#2, the US corporation was wholly owned by King Fahd’s nephews.The Massachusetts judiciary meted out criminal judgments against and warrants for the arrest of the US corporation’s principals after AFL-CIO members were sent as employees to Saudi Arabia where they were enslaved and tortured with one poisoned. The State Department continually calls the torture of these Vietnam Veterans by members of this corporation “private disputes better left to the Saudi Courts” even though the the US has jurisdiction over the corporation and its owners. The State Department allows these fugitives to come and go from US at will. We are told the State Department attempted to tamper with the results of the Massachusetts Court decisions against the corporation and it’s principals. We believe the State Department will make up a ruse or similar negative reaction to circumvent any Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act revision and Congress will, yet again, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.


The Saud family led by Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz are attempting to sell a polo field and surrounding land it bought in Maryland. When they first bought the land in 1994 it caused an uproar in the rural Poolesville community. The citizens were afraid their town would become a haven for Saud family princes and their dissolute behavior. The town is very well aware of the “special relationship”granted to the Saud family by their Washington retainers. One local woman summed up the feelings when she said: “What if one of those degenerate princes rapes my daughter or runs over my child while drunk or on drugs? I tell you what will happen.Those imbeciles at the State Department will illegally grant them retroactive diplomatic immunity like they have done in the past.” H60 We do not think the pertinent State Department employees imbeciles since such an incident would enable them to join the Saud family deferred payment scheme and become a consultant to the Saud family upon retirement.


A yearly custom in Washington is for the Embassies to have a dinner for CARE to assist in feeding the poor of the world. Even though the Embassies rotate participation,it would seem diplomatic for the Saud family to contribute since the event was hosted by neighbor Ambassador Mohammed Al Sabbah of Kuwait. They did not. We were told such lack of consideration could be considered a slight against the Kuwaiti hosts. We do not know if Bandar was in Washington at the time or enjoying himself at one of his other palaces. We do know Ambassador Bandar presents himself as a champion of charitable causes, when in fact he cares only when he gains favorable media exposure. Perhaps the Saud family are becoming insular!


An ex convict from South Korea named John Lee was aided by a Saud family prince. The Washington Post says Lee: “concluded a deal to rent the Beverly Hills mansion of Saudi prince Faisal Abdul Aziz for $7,500 a month”. H61 The Washington Post further says; “Mr. Lee spent many nights entertaining South Korean nightclub hostesses at his California abode”. H62 We do not know if the Prince took part in any “social events” at the palace while Mr Lee was renting it.


As a result of the Saud family enslavement, torture and murder of US citizens; a group is making a concerted effort to say these Saud family actions reflect a general Muslim prejudice towards Christians. This group is predominantly neither of Christian nor Muslim heritage and is subtly attempting to initiate a conflict between the two religions. This sophisticated strategy has been afoot for some time through a well placed media campaign.This emphasizes the danger of the Saud family remaining in control of most of the Arabian Peninsula. H63


We have seen this past Ramadan yet another group of devout worshipers killed needlessly in Mecca. One wonders,if it had not been for greedy tour operators allowed to skimp on safety precautions, if this and other similar incidents would have happened. Why does the world Muslim community not complain about the incompetence of the Saud family administrators? If the Arabian Peninsula Arabs controlled by the Saud family do not mind their fate in life directed by Saud family whims, that is their problem. If the Arabs controlled by the Saud family do not mind picking over the economic bones after the Saud family has gorged itself through illicit schemes, so be it. It is another thing,though, when the entire Muslim world allows the corrupt Saud family dictatorship to be the custodian of the two holy places — using Western military to enforce status quo.


We have seen the Saud family and their Washington retainers attempt to force the US military to come up with a scape goat for the Al Khobar Towers killings. This seamy maneuver failed both times with the US Air Force steadfastly refusing to sacrifice one of its own to facilitate Saud family expediencies.The Saud family in turn still refuse after one year to allow the FBI to interrogate the killing suspects in the control of the Saud family. A Washington Post editorial says: “This put Washington in the untenable position of being unable to discharge its obligation of inquiry to men who died while serving their country.” H64 The world has been receiving press releases for almost a year from Washington saying a breakthrough is inevitable but it never comes. “We are not totally happy, no, but we are making progress, said John Lewis, assistant director of the FBI for national security affairs, in assessing the Saudis’ unwillingness to turn over witnesses and evidence in the June 25 (1996) bombing of an Air Force housing complex that killed 19 American servicemen.” H65 Soon after this statement Newsweek said: “FBI officials believe they are close to a breakthrough in last year’s bombing of a U.S.military barracks in Saudi Arabia.” H66 How can the FBI make these statements without being able to interview the alleged suspects under Saud family control? The Washington Post says; “Saudi officials reportedly have received confessions from a number of suspects, but U.S. authorities worry that some of the statements might have been coerced through torture” H67 We are finally seeing Washington admit the Saud family torture people. We hope at some time Washington ignores the Saud family retainers and admits that the Saud family tortures US citizens.


The Arabs under the control of the dictatorial Saud family regime may take heed the process being used to confiscate the Mobutu family billions stolen from the people of Zaire. The Washington Post says: “With Mobutu Sese Seko’s power waning,the Swiss authorities have come under pressure to disclose, and freeze, whatever part of the vast sums he is believed to have looted from Zaire that he may have deposited or invested here…. Swiss legislators across the political spectrum have called for an inquiry into how much Mr Mobutu may have deposited here,and the Zairian leader Laurent Kabilla said … he would demand an accounting from the Swiss once he took power.” H68 The Saud family also have attempted to disguise the whereabouts of the money they have stolen from the Arabs they control. The Washington Post said: “Dictators, drug dealers and tax evaders can and do use false names or send relatives or friends to do their banking…. Swiss Banking Commission … managing director (said) ‘There is no excuse to take money from someone who is known to be corrupt.” H69 This statement would certainly include the corrupt Saud family. Washington Post said: “Zairian rebel representatives extended a demand … ‘We want justice to be done. We urge the United States to set an example to the world and take measures to freeze Mobutu’s funds.’ … ‘This demand will also be extended to France and Belgium and to other countries, including Portugal and Austria.’ … Representatives said they had evidence of alleged corruption and embezzlement by Mobutu, as well as witnesses” H70 Shortly after the now Republic of Congo representatives made these demands the Washington Post reported: “Swiss Socialist politician.. said it would be preposterous to accept the word of Swiss banks that claim not to hold any of Mobutu’s assets. He said there is substantial evidence that Switzerland’s leading banks long have served as a safe haven for the stolen fortunes of Third World dictators such as Mobutu, … Noriega, … and Marcos”. H71 Hopefully, we will be adding King Fahd and the rest of the Saud family to this group in the near future. We do not see any future alternative than for the Swiss, Washington, London et al to return the money stolen by the Saud family from the Arabs they control.We hope an Arabian Peninsula government in exile is formed as soon as possible and insists in the strongest language that Washington account for the billions stolen by the Saud family. We would like would like this to include all the illicit money Washington lawyer/lobbyist,consultants and politicians have been given by the Saud family.We also see no need of keeping the Saud family name for the country.

One can see strange parallels to Mobutu who in 1990 was adulated by President George Bush who said “President Mobutu is our best friend in Sub-Sahara Africa”. President Bush also said at relatively the same time that the Saud family was a vital interest to the United States. We have seen in just seven years the United States policy change to covertly aiding Mobutu’s rival Mr Kabila. The name of Zaire has been changed to the Republic of Congo. The money stolen by Mobutu is being frozen in the off-shore accounts. All of this could very well be a prelude to what is going to happen to the Saud family of Nadj. A responsible opposition government to the Saud family must be initiated to make the transition happen.


Perhaps Washington will in the future use the same procedure on the corrupt Saud family as it seems to be formulating against Saddam Hussein. The Washington Times reports Kuwaiti Ambassador Mohammed al-Sabbah as saying; “he has noted that the U.S. policy was inclined to formulate a mechanism to bring about the downfall of the current Iraqi regime … This… was an important element in the mechanism now being polarized to cause the downfall of the Iraqi regime.” H72 The Times continues by reporting; “Secretary of State Madeleine K.Albright affirmed Washington’s intentions to back the political opposition in Iraq and for the first time announce a clear commitment to improve ties with a new leadership in Baghdad.” H73 It is of the utmost importance that a credible opposition to the Saud family dictatorship be formed in order to “formulate a mechanism” to make a transition between the Saud family dictatorship and a more consensus oriented government. This opposition will have a difficult objective since the Saud family retainers in Washington will use disinformation, character assassination and other Washington tools to discredit it. The influence of the Saud family dictatorship goes strong and deep in Washington. It may be easier to count those who are not Saud family retainers in Washington rather than those who are.


When the Saud family kill a British or US citizen in Saudi Arabia either during rape or complications from torture, they often blame another foreign worker who was a friend or associate of the victim. This policy causes a great deal of trauma among the loved ones of not only the victims but the accused. We see below two cases in which the trauma of Saud family injustice has caused such anxiety. The Daily Record of Scotland says: “The fiance of murder charged nurse Lucy McLauchlan was fined a (Lbs) 100 yesterday for a breach of the peace. Grant Ferrie, 30, of Dundee — convicted at the city’s sheriff court of shouting, swearing and threatening police with violence. The trial had been delayed to let Ferrie visit his fiancee in Saudi Arabia where she is accused of killing colleague Yvonne Gilford.” H74 Perhaps Mr Ferrie was stressed out because of the potential death of the woman he loves at the hands of the Saud family.

Elmer L Kadry (Skip) had an older roommate from the Portland, Oregon area who had “disappeared”while Skip was working hundreds of miles away. When Skip returned he was taken by the Saud family security police to one of their facilities. He spent six months in a Saudi jail with no formal charges being pressed against him. Kadry in an interview said he was mistreated after he refused to confess to having murdered his roommate. He was tied down and his ears bombarded with high frequency waves from a sophisticated electronic device. We do not know if this machine was made in the United States specifically for torture. This torture has caused permanent and visible damage to his mind and body. He shakes and stammers. The “disappeared”roommate was said to have been tortured by the security police while Skip was away. The man was old and presumably died of his tortures. His body was most probably dumped in Rub al Khali with others to avoid embarrassment to the State Department. The State Department, soon after Skip’s refusal to sign a confession, confirmed the torture victim had “disappeared” and ended any further inquiry.

We know that after 60 Minutes declined to air an interview with a Saud family torture victim who had a nervous breakdown, the Saud family shifted its torture of US citizens to mind altering tortures so as to compromise credible interviews. Stephen Emerson in American House of Saud says: “The often brutal treatment of American citizens incarcerated in Saudi Arabia is a major scandal, but neither the American embassy in Riyadh nor the State Department has ever issued any public criticism of Saudi arrests—of which there have been many—-or even commented on this as a general problem. An even greater problem encountered by Americans arrested in Saudi Arabia is the general indifference to their plight by the American embassy and consulates.” H75

Dear Readership:

As you are aware, there is an ongoing United States Congressional investigation into foreign donations to US political parties. We have contacted the Committee for Governmental Affairs investigating the matter but believe after talking to them that the investigation is a political sham. We have the capability of divulging Ambassador Prince Bandar’s network of campaign contributors to Washington politicos. We will only work with a credible Washington group. We will keep you informed of any future developments.

Herb Mallard

National Press Club member
London Press Club member
Royal Society fellow