Issue 21


As we have noted in the past, the Saud family are deliberately attempting to expunge any tribal affiliations in Saudi Arabia while increasing their own tribal bond. The most blatant example of this is the Saud family “Prince and Princess only” web site. We have noted Adel Jubail remarkably call himself and those Arabs with other tribal affiliations controlled by the Saud family “Saudi commoners”. The Saud family are sowing the seeds of their own destruction by synthetically creating a group of Arabs with no tribal identity. The only allegiance these Arabs will have is to the Arabian Peninsula when al Saud name is erased from the Arabian Peninsula. We believe the new country will be appropriately named Arabia. We have thus decided it would be pertinent to purchase the Internet domain names Arabian and to be ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, a farsighted gentleman from Jordan has already purchased Perhaps an enterprising Arabian Peninsula citizen controlled by the Saud family should purchase in hopes it replaces the name Saudi Arabia.

Prince Turki
Prince Turki


The Cairo Times says: “Prosecutors demanded the maximum sentence of three years for the royal brothers-in-law, Turk and Fahd Al Fassi … Lieutenant Emad Mohammed Abaza, allegedly got his retina detached last June after being struck by a walkie-talkie when he didn’t get our of the way of the Turki party quickly enough in the cafe of the Ramses Hilton, where the Prince rents floors 28, 29, and 30 on a more-or-less permanent basis. … One of Abaza’s lawyers, police general Mohammed Abdel Aal, claimed that Turki’ entourage had been involved in at least 50 incidents of assault and torture against hotel employees, servants and bystanders in recent years. … Last year, a half-dozen servants were allegedly imprisoned for five months in a hotel suite after having run afoul of Turki’s wife, Hind Al Fasi.” U172 We reported in a prior issue similar incidents were being prosecuted within the United States by a young Miami District Attorney named Janet Reno. In that case the United States State Department gave Prince Turki’s relatives retroactive diplomatic immunity. When she came to Washington as Attorney General she quickly forgot her disgust at Washington corruption and her commitment to the US victims of the Saud family. It is amusing to see that the Saud family can avoid US criminal prosecution with the use of Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers while Egypt abides by it’s criminal laws and protects it’s citizenry from the likes of the Saud family princelings.


The Afghan war with Russia toughened the Saudi Arabian volunteers who fought and made them into almost mystical characters. We see Khattab (name de guerre) has risen to key commander in the Chechen war with Russia. The New York Times reports: “Khattab is thought to come from a wealthy Bedouin family in Saudi Arabia but when interviewed would not give his full name, nationality or place of birth. He said only that he was 30 and that his mother’s family came originally from the Caucasus. A veteran of wars in Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well as Chechnya, he revealed a passionate hatred for the Russian armed forces. ‘I do not say that American democracy is any better, but the Russian army was terrible. In Afghanistan what they called the enemy was the entire people,’ he said. He said he first went to Afghanistan in 1987, at 18, spurred by the sight of millions of refugees. ‘I wanted to be a surgeon,’ he said, ‘but then I took part in a couple of operations and decided to be a mujahid.’ He used the Arabic for “holy warrior.” After Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan, he went to Tajikistan and fought for two years with the Islamic opposition there against Russian-backed government forces. In 1995 he heard about the war in Chechnya and went to take a look. ‘When I opened the map and saw how small it was, I thought there would only be 1,000 men there fighting. But it seems there were a lot of wolves living here,’ he said with a laugh. He wears the Chechen emblem of a wolf on the front of his dark blue beret, has been accepted as a son by Basayev’s family and has married a woman from Dagestan. A slight figure dressed in camouflage fatigues with Arabic script emblazoned on his lapels he is known to be a strict Muslim. He drives a black Land Cruiser. Ordinary Chechens approach him for help with money or to try to win the release of captured relatives. Khattab says that he knows bin Laden from Afghanistan, when they both fought in a big offensive in northern Afghanistan, but that he has no contact with him now. Yet he seems to share something of bin Laden’s world view. In the interview he attacked the United States for its bombing war against Iraq, asking why it did not assassinate Saddam Hussein rather than make civilians suffer. Asked about past attacks on the U.S. military in Saudi Arabia, he said: ‘There is no difference between the American Army and the Russian army. They seized our territory, and, Muslims have the right to seek such a solution.’ ” U173 We are told the Saud family and their foreign intelligence support fear these men. It is said that if these “holy warriors” turned their attention towards liberating Mecca and Medina from the corrupt Saud family control, supported by the nearby US military garrisons, they would be “accidented” by foreign intelligence operatives. These men and their countrymen suffering the hardships of Chechnya are receiving direct support from Saudi Arabians. The London Times commenting on Russian military timetable for Chechnya reports: “A pro-Moscow Chechen leader said that it would be months. By then the rebels will be pinned down in the Caucasus, their only supply lines dangerous mountain passes. But a Saudi Arabian telethon has raised $12.5 million for their cause.” U174 It seems these fighters are renewing the Saudi Arabian tribal associations, a feeling of confidence as well as a sense of worth in an otherwise distraught and suborned Saudi Arabian citizenry. These men and, for that matter Osama bin Laden, could represent a future problem to the corrupt and hypocritically religious Saud family. It should make these stalwart men with both religious and tribal convictions sick to their stomachs to see their countrymen controlled by the degenerate Saud family supported by US foreign troops garrisoned so close to Mecca and Medina. Yet again the US soldiers may have to make the “supreme sacrifice” defending yet another discredited authoritarian regime. This is because the Ambassador Prince Bandar has the ability to pay special interests in Washington to keep the US military in a dangerous environment by interfering with the human rights of citizens in a foreign state. It will be interesting to see how Ambassador Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers explain the body bags coming back to the US. But then again, it has happened before. Washington is good at double speak as long as the deferred payment scheme and the lobbyist retainer fees are kept current.


The Investor’s Business Daily regarding the war with Serbia reports; “an American general ordered a British general to send French troops to attack Russian troops at the airport in Pristina … French President Jacques Chirac [said] ‘I wish the United States would once more take on all its responsibilities on the international scene, and as soon as possible’ … At the same time, French officials have complained of arrogant American … hyper power. … ‘They can’t expect Europeans to simply pay more for policies that are formulated in Washington,’ said Ted Carpenter, director of defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.” U175 The Saudi Government is in a similar dilemma. The US troops based in Saudi Arabia are independent of the Saudi Government while their presence is paid for by the Saudi Government. The Pentagon says it will be next to impossible to defend Saudi Arabia without these bases.


We have recently received the following message from a Saud family insider, commenting on an article and photograph in issue #11, which seems prophetic. He says: “It has come to my understanding that during recent developments, the Saudi Government has in effect claimed the bank [National Commercial Bank] as their own and placed Khalid under house arrest. This was initiated by his eldest son Abdul-Rahman. The Saudi Government currently runs the bank and Khalid cannot leave his home in Jeddah. The home in River Oaks is actually owned by Mohammed Bin Mahfouz, Khalid’s eldest brother. It is quite a shame that these recent events occurred. It is also apparent that the actions of Abdul Rahman have caused the collapse of one of the greatest business minds of our time.” U176 Fouquette was King Louis (another absolute monarchy) of France’s treasurer. When Fouquette decided to have a large party to display his new estate King Louis became jealous, confiscated Fouquette’s estate and threw him in prison. Perhaps Khalid bin Mahfooz should read the history of prior authoritarian regimes. We all know what happen to the Bourbons shortly after the people rose up against their dictatorial regime. The Saud family have an edge on the Bourbons in that they not only have US military protecting them but they have foreign intelligence from Washington and London neutralizing any opposition to them.

Dear Reader:

Remember, the Washington memory is as good as the last lobbyist payment or deferred payment to a retired politico. In the past, Bandar has done a superlative job keeping the Saud family corruption out of the media. Just the other day at a National Press Club press conference I posed a question about Saudi Arabia to a representative of Transparency International (monitors international corruption). He said his organization did not have much information on Saudi Arabia. Looking through their annual report we could not even find Saudi Arabia on their graded corruption index list. As in all alike Washington conferences, we assisted them in obtaining a truthful picture of the Saudi Arabian Government. The citizens of the United States in particular and the world in general have a right to know of the corrupt Saud family regime. The US citizens should be given enough truthful information to be prepared to resist Prince Bandar’s Washington retainers from manipulating US military they have garrisoned in Saudi Arabia. Remember, Bandar has just refined Iran’s prior Ambassador Ardeshar Zahidi’s Washington corruption scenario to include US military garrisons in Saudi Arabia as part of the “special relationship” perks. We all know the continuing hatred Iranians have for the “Great Satan”.


Herb Mallard
National Press Club member