Issue 42


“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American Ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.” — King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993

“The American soldiers are a new kind of foreign worker here. We have Pakistanis driving taxis and now we have Americans defending us.” — Saudi teacher

“If I can do this to American Vietnam Veterans, I can do it to you. What chance do you think you have? I have power. I have connections.” — King Fahd’s prior business partner to his foreign workers pointing to the USA Marine and Army Veterans he had tortured after they were denied safety by the USA Dhahran Consulate. A Marine Consulate entry guard was under orders to deny them entry.

“I was sent over by Washington to Saudi Arabia and forced to defend the Royal family murderers of my Father.” — USA Veteran Anthony Maes referring to his guest worker USA Army Veteran Father murdered by King Fahd’s prior business partner. Anthony was forced to serve in Saudi Arabia defending the Saudi Royal family.


“If the reputation builds that the Saudis take care of their friends when they leave office, you’d be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office.” — Ambassador Prince Bandar

“The United States has ‘vital national interests – strategic, economic and military in Saudi Arabia.” — State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns

“American policy makers consider the health of the Saudi Royal family to be vital to American security.” – State Department Arabist

“The kingdom [Saud family] will always need the United States to defend it against the ever-present external enemy.” — Anthony Cordesman, military analyst

“By striking a blow at a US military target, you’re attacking the Saudi regime.” – State Department Arabist

“There are places in the world where our national interest is in doubt. This [Saudi Arabia] isn’t one of them. That’s because of the impact oil has on the world economy and on our economy. We went to war over that principle.” — Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mabus

This is not a popular regime. It’s a huge patronage system that has spread the wealth around. If you take that away, you could contribute to a political crisis. -– William Quandt, White House Bush Jr Arabist

“Ambassador Bandar and the government he represents continue to mock our requests for justice and fair play.” — Congressman Earl

“We have many in Washington sucking on the Saudi Royal family tit, not only prior presidents. When you scratch the murky surface you will see and hear the sucking.” — Presidential advisor


WND reports: “Army Major Gen. Paul E. Vallely similarly has been very vocal in his opposition to the Obama administration. Vallely said the White House won’t investigate its own officials but finds it easy to fire military commanders ‘who have given their lives for their country.’ ‘Obama will not purge a civilian or political appointee because they have bought into Obama’s ideology,’ Vallely said. ‘The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.’ ” (WND // 11/20/13) Issues 1-40 show the only USA citizens who were compensated for their mental and physical tortures by the Saudi Royal family were those of Jewish heritage. Leonard Garment and other Washington insiders have been actively involved in negotiating their settlements with the Saudi Royal family. USA members of the Jewish community courageously and rightfully protect their own. USA Military, Military Veterans and related victims outside this sphere of influence have been continually ignored by other Washington insiders, for some reason!


WND reports: “Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, as well as other top retired officers, say President Obama’s agenda is decimating the morale of the U.S. ranks to the point members no longer feel prepared to fight or have the desire to win. … ‘They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,’ one source told WND. Not only are military service members being demoralized and the ranks overall readiness being reduced by the Obama administration’s purge of key leaders, colonels – those lined up in rank to replace outgoing generals – are quietly taking their careers in other directions.’ (WND // 11/2/13) We will see what happens when the Saudi Royal family come begging for USA Military protection from the Arabian citizens they subjugate. Hopefully the USA Military will remember the above remarks, tortures to USA Veterans and the continuing USA bombing victims. We hope the USA Military immediately determine their present position and future strategy regarding the Saudi Royal family fuzzy diplomatic language herein mentioned. USA Military must rely more heavily upon the Arm Forces and related Committees in Congress. USA Military must not succumb to USA Commander in Chief White House unilateral orders for the defense of Saudi Royal family.

Saudi Royal Family Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah


AP reports: “Saudi Arabia’s king has converted the national guard command into the National Guard Ministry and appointed his son Mitab, the commander … The national guard serves as an elite force to protect the regime. … King Abdullah appointed Mitab, 60, as minister of state, Cabinet member and national guard commander. (AP // 5/28/13) The Saudi Royal family military has never been considered a threat to anybody but for their unarmed subjects. Military moral has always been low because of nepotism, among other things. Ambassador Prince Bandar’s 1/2 brother Commander General Prince Khalid has always been considered dysfunctional, especially during the Iraq invasion. He physically and mentally personally got in the way of USA General Schwarzcropf but was given a good public relations double speak team for the Saudi Royal family homeboys. The difficulty for the USA citizenry will be keeping those in Washington sucking on the Saudi Royal family tits from ordering USA Military “boots in Arabia” to protect the Saudi Royal family from the citizens they subjugate. If history is to be followed this will invariably cause more bombings directed towards USA citizens.


Daily Reckoning says: “In Saudi Arabia … hundreds of billionaire princes live in stunning luxury … while the vast majority of the population barely scrapes by. The princes ship in whiskey and women, laughing in the face of Islam. They rule the people with a tyrannical, unforgiving grip. … They (citizens) don’t like that the princes are allies with America. And they don’t like the debauchery such massive riches have brought to the royal family. And they don’t like living in disastrous poverty when they (Saudi Royals) live on trillions of dollars worth of oil. … the family now lives in a complete panic. We can’t coddle the evil Saudi regime any more.” (Daily Reckoning // 12/10/4) The Saudi Royal family and the oil they control are continually subjected to chicken-little media authorities, specialists and other wonks who say the end is near. We can truly say the Saudi Royal family may be aiding and abetting their own destruction at the hands of Saudi Islamic fighters scattered around the Middle East and beyond, maybe. We have more enlightening facts on this very subject.


The Guardian reports: “The allegations are backed by documents from BAE’s own files recording that its chief operating officer, Steven Mogford, authorised covert payments of millions of pounds via false invoices. A large quantity of documents already seized by Ministry of Defence police show cash transfers, luxury foreign hotel stays, yachts and Rolls-Royces being provided on a spectacular scale, largely to the Saudi official in charge of continuing arms purchases, Prince Turki bin Nasser.” (Guardian // 10/6/4) We have heard this story connected to logistical supply and various arms purchases in various countries ad nausea. In fact, institutions like Transparency International can effectively predict the next USA or NATO conflict zone corruption areas and principals.


AP Reports: “A 14-year-old California boy testified Monday that he was “freaked out” when a Saudi Arabian air force sergeant made sexual advances toward him in a Las Vegas casino on New Year’s Eve, but he couldn’t figure out how to get away before the man sexually assaulted and raped him on a hotel bathroom floor. … Police reported collecting DNA evidence from a used condom and a soiled towel found in the bathroom. The prosecutor said DNA swabbed from the boy’s neck, ear, chest and other body parts was consistent with two people, including Alotaibi.” (AP//10/14/3) Within USA a minor cannot consent to sex with another 18 or older. Saudi Royal family employs rape as an official torture. Our issues comment upon this and other Saudi Royal family regime deviant acts that the USA State Department says: “It is part of the Saudi Royal family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society.” The difficulty is when Saudi men attempt to export their “mores and filches” as well as terrorism to USA. This necessitates deferred bakshish to presidents for on the record “immunity from investigation” and resulting quiet deportation.

Mazen Alotaibi


London Daily Mail reports: “After several minutes of denials, [Mazen] Alotaibi acknowledged to police that he engaged in sex with the boy. … Alotaibi was too intoxicated after drinking all night at a strip club to know if he was doing anything wrong. … He was also found guilty of felony burglary for entering a building with intent to commit a crime, and of misdemeanor coercion. … The boy testified that he was waiting to go to breakfast with a friend when he … smelled marijuana on their clothes and wanted pot. … Alotaibi was seen on elevator surveillance video leaning down and apparently kissing the boy’s neck on their way back to the hotel room. … [Prosecutor Jacqueline] Bluth told the jury that Alotaibi wanted sex and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The Saudi Royal Consulate General in Los Angeles didn’t respond … to messages about the case.” (London Daily Mail // 10/24/13) Reliable Washington sources have said quiet Ambassador Adel Jubair deals have been made for deportation after serving partial sentence, for something.


Arab News reports: “A strong deterrent force under a unified military command of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will be made up of 100,000 personnel including combat soldiers, [Saudi Arabian] National Guard Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah has announced. … He said the GCC unified military command would be set up soon with the mission to deter and respond to any possible act of aggression against any member state of the GCC. … The GCC has already decided to locate the headquarters of the new military command in Riyadh. … The Peninsula Shield has its base at King Khalid Military City near Hafr Al-Batin in the Eastern Province. … The National Guard, under the control and leadership of Prince Miteb, serves both as a defense force against external attack and as a security force deterring internal threats.” (Arab News // 1/16/14) We hope the USA Military is aware of this oblique language that could have serious implications regarding their role protecting the Saudi Royal family, again. USA military clarification should be demanded of the USA State Department.It is important to note that the Saudi Royal family has purposefully blurred statements by saying the Saudi National Guard protects against the both external and internal threats, as determined by the Saudi Royal family. This is known diplomatically as a justification or escape clause allowing the Saudi Royal family use of “over the horizon USA Military”. This also allows a beholding USA president to defend the Saudi Royal family hegemony against internal citizens they suborn, for something.


Adrianne Haslet lost her left foot and part of her lower leg vows that she will dance again.

Emotional Erika Brannock after loosing her leg.

Young Jane Richard lost her leg.

Jeff Bauman lost both legs.


Kryste Campbell, Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi


Huffington Post reports: “Wounded veterans from across the U.S. and survivors who lost limbs in the Boston Marathon bombing drew inspiration from one another … Marc Fucarile, who had one leg amputated and severe injuries to the other after bombs exploded near the marathon finish line … “It’s reassuring to talk to a wounded warrior that has the same injuries that I have and see their success and see their progress, it’s reassuring to me that I can get there and life will be better … said he was honored to meet the veterans. … brought together by a Chicago- area nonprofit called Operation Warrior Wishes … Wounded veteran B.J. Ganem, part of a group that met with survivors days after the bombings … Veteran Michael Fox of San Diego, a 28-year-old who lost both legs when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan … Celeste Corcoran of Lowell, who lost both of her legs in the bombing … her daughter Sydney, who had a severed femoral artery … Mery Daniel, a 31-year-old medical school graduate who lost part of her left leg in the marathon bombings. (HP // 9/12/13) Again, Saudi Royal family members and their associates have been given immunity from investigation after 9/11, Boston Marathon bombings and other events. Saudi Royal family cannot respond for fear of causing negative publicity to the sundry USA presidents and their associates who accept deferred payment bakshish.

Affiliate Claims Bush Ignored ‘Enslavement’ Of U.S. Workers in Gulf

From the Readership:

We’re grateful you’re back on track with more info. We read your issues over and over looking for your hidden meanings. You’ve just given us issue 41 and hope there will be many more. Nowhere else do we receive such solid unknown information. You are saviors of our beloved US of A.
Active duty US Military fans

US Military personnel are thankful for your newsletter. You tell it like it is. You give us vital information to defend our positions against those who would otherwise jeopardize our lives by contorting and jading our mission. We are to protect our citizens and great Country. We are not puppets of presidential graft. There are many angry in our Military at how we’re being treated by presidents and their buddies “sucking on the Saudi Royal family tits.”

Another US Military Dismissal

Lt. Col Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and highly decorated combat veteran, was an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University.

He had 19 years of service and experience, and was considered one of the most highly qualified military instructors on Radical Islam & Terrorism.

He taught military students about the situations they would encounter, how to react, about Islamic culture, traditions, and explained the mindset of Islamic extremists.

Passing down firsthand knowledge and experience, and teaching courses that were suggested (and approved) by the Joint Forces Staff College.

The course “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism,” which was suggested and approved by the Joint Forces Staff College, caught the attention of several Islamic Groups, and they wanted to make an example of him.

They collectively wrote a letter expressing their outrage, and the Pro-Islamic Obama Administration was all too happy to assist.

The letter was passed to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey. Dempsey publicly degraded and reprimanded Dooley, and Dooley received a negative Officer Evaluation Report almost immediately (which he had aced for the past 5 years). He was relieved of teaching duties, and his career has been red-flagged. “He had a brilliant career ahead of him. Now, he has been flagged.”

Richard Thompson, Thomas More Law Center “All US military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and Joint Chiefs are under Dempsey’s Muslim Brotherhood-dictated order to ensure that henceforth,

no US military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive, or just too informative.”

Former CIA agent Claire M. Lopez (about Lt. Col. Dooley)…” The Obama Administration has demonstrated lightning speed to dismiss military brass that does not conform to it’s agenda, and not surprisingly, nobody is speaking up for Lt. Col. Dooley.

Col. Dooley has now been added to the 9 generals the Obama administration has summarily dismissed for no other reason than they are great American military citizens.”


Share this if you would. Let’s bring some attention to this.

It’s great that you don’t just talk about Obama and Holder as being so corrupt by lining their pockets at the expense of the American citizens. We see that this endemic problem goes way back to other presidents and their friends. It is bad seeing these two men exploiting the African American citizens whose quality of life has gone markedly down since Obama and Holder.
LA lawyer

Dear Director:
I’m an African American mother who has taught her children to be proud of First Lady Michelle. They have asked me about these pictures of her as part of a school project and who made our First Lady do this. I can’t reply to my children because I don’t know. They know it is bad and evil to support people who kill other Americans. Their teacher couldn’t explain it either.
Springfield, Virginia Mom

Will a new Arabian government be able to successfully ask Switzerland to return Saudi Royal family more than $3 trillion USA stolen oil revenues hidden in UBS and other Swiss offshore # bank accounts? Should all USA presidents be asked to return bakshish given them for allowing the Saudi Royal family regime to exist? Should USA citizens ask that Saudi Royal family assets be frozen and family members refused asylum? This would be a great international law case. We want to ask Ambassador Adel Jubair to defend the Saudi Royal Family position in a debate. We hear Harvard is also sucking on the Saudi Royal family tits you mention. Those Saudi Royal Family tits must be pretty worn out considering all the presidents and their associates sucking. If the wind is just right, we can here the sucking coming from downtown. Sometimes it is more like slurping.
Georgetown Int’l Law student

I’m a black man who has served our Country in Africa. It is disgraceful seeing our first black President Barak Obama and his black Attorney General Eric Holder corrupting our Country more evidently than other presidents. They do this so they can make money from UBS and other corrupt companies. UBS should’ve been kicked out long ago. Our Country is turning like African governments where I served corrupted by UBS types. I’ve seen UBS do the same things there with dictators while there is poverty all around. Still serving our Country so don’t print my name or else they will get me.
Go get em.

Successful murder of 3 Jewish men was known by Saudi and Middle East students. It was known something was going to happen at Boston Marathon. Chechen brothers are known in Islamic Boston group as crazies continuing to commit harm in name of Islam. Saudi guy who was captured had to show up at Boston Marathon finish line to see what is happening to be big back in Saudi. His family are connected. They are saying he wanted to say he was there and report back to his family he was proud and fearless witness.
Truth Teller

Dear Readership:

It is imperative the World see the causes and effects of the Saudi Royal family giving “on the record” bakshish to USA presidents and their associates for Saudi Royal family defense in Arabia against those they subjugate. Some will say it is legal to have offshore secret numbered accounts in Switzerland for pharaonic presidential libraries+. It is also imperative to see the “on the record” correlation between the bakshish and Saudi Royal family Obama/ Holder immunity from USA investigation. Benefactor Bandar has been been filmed front and center within presidential library inner circle at VIP receptions. At the very same time USA citizens are given gobbledegook meaningless words in order to implement Saudi Royal family quid pro quo wishes. The effects have been catastrophic upon innocent USA citizens during 9/11, Boston Marathon and other events. Saudi Royal family and their cronies will continue to receive immunity from investigation after such events. In tandem, UBS has been allowed to continue decimating USA elderly estates with their “on the record” Obama/Holder USA immunity from investigation. UBS has been one of or the largest benefactor of Obama and is said to control Obama’s Swiss offshore presidential library+ secret accounts for double blind shy donors. In our next issues we will walk the dog backwards and give our readership more on these applicable matters. As usual, there will be no allowance for plausibility of denial by the perpetrators.

A reliable Saud family source has said the successful Chechen murder of 3 young Jewish males was quite well known among the Boston Saudi and other Middle East students. They also knew something was to happen at the Boston Marathon. The Chechen brothers were well known in the Islamic Boston community as crazies who were continuing to commit atrocities in the name of Islam. The Saudi who was captured could not help but show up at the Boston Marathon finish line to see what would happen.

His family were well connected as active Saudi radical Islamic fighters and financiers. Abdul wanted to be able to say he was there and report back to his family as a proud witness. Abdul received not only the First Lady Michelle at his bedside but was granted immunity from interrogation by Obama/Holder, for something!

What is startling is that USA mainstream media spiked the First Lady Michelle pictures and written content so quickly. This is similar to the post 9/11 scenario. The World has a right to transparency, especially USA citizens. The story was continued by a few international media but they were stonewalled at the gates of the White House.

The White House and pertinent agencies/departments were neither extensively interrogated on the picture nor the story, for some reason. This could not have been justified as USA national security, otherwise the White House would never have allowed the pictures be taken. We have been accumulating related information verified by our reliable UBS, Saudi Royal family and Washington sources.